WWF All Star Wrestling – February 14, 1981

Last week on All Star Wrestling we saw the debut of Angelo Mosca who destroyed his opponent. Captain Lou Albano challenged the tag champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea, on behalf of his Moondogs for a title match. When and where we get this match hopefully we find out soon. Tonight a new tag team is formed as Fred Blassie combines the Hangman with Killer Khan, can he find the success that Albano has with teams? Let’s go to the ring.

Pat and Vince welcome us and announce the matches for tonight. In addition to the newest tag team, we also have Hulk Hogan in action and the Moondogs join us.

1. Rick McGraw v. Sgt Slaughter

This is from Championship Wrestling, from the same day, as Slaughter and Wizard make their way to the ring. The crowd all over Slaughter right away with the Gomer chants, and Rick firing up the crowd. Vince confronts Slaughter and asks if he’s afraid of McGraw, and taunts Slaughter who losses his cool. Slaughter and Wizard refuse the match and return to the backstage area, and the ref is asking what to do now. Gorilla Monsoon makes an appearance and says something to the ref, who transfers the message to Joe McHugh who returns to the ring. Joe announces that Slaughter refuses the match, so Rick will face a new opponent, Larry Sharpe. Well, that’s a serious drop in quality. They lockup, as we finally get some action, and Sharpe gets Rick in the ropes and we get a clean break. Sharpe with a waistlock and they wrestle to the mat. Rick tries a waistlock, as Vince calls him Martel now, last week he mistook Martel for McGraw. Vince says he thought he was going to wind up in the Cobra Clutch, that would’ve been awesome. Sharpe sends Rick in, Rick ducks under the chop and dropkicks Sharpe to the corner. Sharpe whipped into the opposite corner and over the top he goes. McGraw follows and they slug it out on the floor to a double countout as they brawl to the dressing room.

1. Rick McGraw and Larry Sharpe go to a double countout

2. Black Demon & Johnny Rodz v. The Moondogs

I like how the jobbers are never really face or heel and just face anyone, as usually Rodz and Demon seem to be villains but tonight they face the evil team. Rex and Demon start, as Vince points out all three are from Parts Unknown, as Rex takes Demon down and tags in King who pounds on Demon. Albano gets a cheap shot in on the Demon, and Danny Davis sees it but doesn’t call a disqualification! Foreshadowing, or just bad refereeing? Moondogs double team the Demon, with a little help from Albano who ties Demon to the ropes. Davis finally gets him untied, but the Moondogs are relentless on Demon, who finally gets to his corner but Rodz is removing the tape from the top rope that Albano left. Moondogs are just tearing away at the Demon’s arm, Demon makes the tag but Rex distracts the ref but the ref lets it go as I think he’s given up trying to maintain order. Rodz gets caught in the wrong corner and triple teamed as Albano gets his share of shots in. Rodz sent in and catches Rex with his head down, then a pair of dropkicks Rex into King. Rex doesn’t tag and Rodz snapmares Rex over and King kicks Rodz. Demon tagged in and hammers the head of Rex, but Rex slams Demon and tags in King who hits the splash for the win.

2. The Moondogs crush Black Demon & Johnny Rodz

Patterson ringside with Hulk Hogan, and asks about the animosity between the members of Fred’s stable. Hulk says anyone of them can beat Backlund, and calls out Vince telling him he put Hulk on the air and the ratings will go up. Hulk says he should get all the TV time and he’s the only undefeated wrestler. Patterson says next to Andre, Hogan is one of the best, and Hogan asks about Pat’s credentials as an interviewer. Patterson asks about Hulk’s training, and he says Pat has never trained and he trains eight hours a day. Pat asks if Andre is the toughest guy he faced, Hogan says he’s up there but the only person who would give him a challenge is himself as he calls himself perfect.

3. Pedro Morales v. Mike Smith

Mike Smith certainly looks a lot like Mike Shaw, aka Norman or Bastion Booger. Pedro powers Mike to the ropes, and a clean break, Pedro quickly goes to a hammerlock and Mike again makes the ropes. Mike hammers Pedro, who quickly fires back. Snapmare from Pedro, into the rear chinlock. According to websites it is a young Mike Shaw, that’s cool to see. Pedro just pops Smith in the face, fires him in for the double sledge and into the Boston Crab for the win.

3. Pedro Morales beat Mike Smith

4. Killer Khan and Hangman v. Domenic Denucci & Rick McGraw

Really, two McGraw matches in one show? Also Khan and Hangman are out there alone, without Fred Blassie which is odd. Denucci and Khan start, with Denucci hammering Khan in the corner. Khan catches Denucci in a facelock and tags in Hangman who chokes Denucci. Side headlock and Hangman sent into Rick who pops him. Hangman furious goes after Denucci and chokes him again. Denucci cracks Hangman across the face, and he makes the tag to Khan, and Denucci gets him in his corner for Rick to hit him and gets tagged in. Rick with a side headlock on Khan, who lifts Rick with ease and nails a backbreaker. Khan quickly unloads on Rick, who comes back and nails Hangman as well, Rick gets caught in the wrong corner as he gets double teamed. Hangman tagged in and continues to smash the face of McGraw. Khan tagged back in and screams and kicks away at Rick, but gets sent to the corner and Rick unloads then tags in Domenic. All four in the ring, and the ref takes a while to restore order. Khan gets a hold of Denucci and drags him to his corner, tagging Hangman back in and Hangman sends Denucci to the outside. Khan goes after Denucci and Rick makes the save, a Hangman continues to unload on Denucci. Denucci makes a comeback sending Hangman into Rick, and into the abdominal stretch. Rick tries to stop Khan interfering, but the ref sends him back and this allows Khan to kick Denucci. Rick tagged in and a drop toe hold takes down the bigger Khan, he then tries for a back suplex but can’t lift him. Khan chops McGraw down and tags in Hangman who nails Rick with a backbreaker and tags in Khan who hits the double kneedrop for the win.

4. The Hangman & Killer Khan defeat Rick McGraw & Domenic Denucci

5. Angelo Mosca v. Steve King

Mosca goes after King and snapmares him down then cranks the neck. Whip in and back elbow takes King down, Mosca with a series of shoulders rock King who eats the turnbuckle. King has been beaten from pillar to post as Mosca is just destroying him, before lifting him into the backbreaker for the easy win.

5. Angelo Mosca destroyed Steve King

6. Jim Duggan v. Hulk Hogan

Surprisingly this is the last appearance for either man for a while. Hogan overpowers Duggan sending him to the ropes, then locks on an armbar and hammers the arm. A big slam followed by a kneedrop almost finishes it for Hogan, but he’s not done yet. Hogan whips Duggan in and hits a big elbow and follows with a backbreaker, but again pulls Duggan up. Duggan tries to fight back but no effect on Hogan as he sends Duggan to the ropes and nails Duggan with a high knee. Axe Bomber finishes Duggan off and Hogan leaves us for a while undefeated while Duggan leaves winless.

6. Hulk Hogan pins Jim Duggan

1. Rick McGraw and Larry Sharpe go to a double countout
2. The Moondogs crush Black Demon & Johnny Rodz
3. Pedro Morales beat Mike Smith
4. The Hangman & Killer Khan defeat Rick McGraw & Domenic Denucci
5. Angelo Mosca destroyed Steve King
6. Hulk Hogan pins Jim Duggan

Not a bad show, but two McGraw matches was a little much. Hangman and Khan made a fun little team, wonder how long that lasts. Surprised to see Hogan and Duggan both go out on the same show, Next week we get more from both Slaughter and Mosca.

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