WWF All Star Wrestling – February 7, 1981

Last week we had a six man tag and a Cobra Clutch Challenge take place. Jim Duggan was unable to survive the Cobra Clutch and did not win the five grand. Tonight someone takes the chance, as we open a new taping cycle. Also scheduled for tonight is Stan Hansen in action and more. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat open the show, I guess they decided blue was their color, instead of the yellow Vince and Bruno wore. They talk about the Moondogs title aspirations, plus the champions are here in our opener.

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea v. Ron Shaw & Baron Mikel Scicluna

They really don’t need to announce it as a non-title match, does anyone actually expect these make shift teams to win the gold on the syndicated shows? Mikel & Martel start the match with Mikel quickly taking Rick down with the armdrag into the armbar. Rick reverses the hold and Mikel shoots him in, Martel with a shoulderblock takes down the big Baron. Mikel tags in Shaw, and Shaw goes to a top wristlock, countered into a hammerlock and Garea tagged in and maintains the hammerlock. Shaw driven down to the mat, but makes the ropes and Tony breaks his grip. Martel back in and he quickly goes after the arm of Shaw, just cranking on it. Shaw gets a knee in and rams Rick’s head into the turnbuckle. Tag made to Baron who continues the offense on Martel, a perfect butterfly suplex sends Rick to the mat. Baron holds Martel and Shaw gets a few shots in before being legally tagged in. Martel breaks free and and tags in Garea who quickly takes Shaw down with the armbar, Shaw gets the ropes so Tony pulls him off the ropes hard. Garea with a pair of shoulderblock maneuvers, and back to the arm, tagging in Martel, who Vince keeps calling McGraw! Martel goes back to the arm, Garea back in and Shaw pops him, so Martel back in and dropkicks Shaw. Garea back in for a dropkick and Martel returns with a crossbody for three,

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Ron Shaw & Baron Mikel Scicluna

Time for the Cobra Clutch Challenge as Johnny Rodz is going to try his luck. Slaughter gets in the face of a fan, who gives him the finger as they loudly chant Gomer at Slaughter. Wizard hands something to Slaughter, it’s cotton balls so he can’t hear the chants and Rodz complains to the ref about it. Rodz tries to nails Slaughter with the chair, and the ref finally calms him down and tells him to sit. Finally Slaughter applies the Clutch and Rodz tries to fight free but finally has no choice but to give up. Well that was something I guess. Jim Duggan comes out to check on Rodz, as he readies for his own match.

2. Sgt Slaughter v. Jim Duggan

They lockup and Duggan with a side headlock, but Slaughter overpowers him and rams Duggan into the turnbuckle multiple times. Duggan gets nailed with a backbreaker and multiple kneedrops. Slaughter with another backbreaker and then ascends the ropes for the diving kneedrop and quickly into the Cobra Clutch for the easy win.

2. Sgt Slaughter crushed Jim Duggan

Patterson is ringside with the tag champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea, as Patterson asks about their background. Martel talks about his amateur days and Garea talks about playing Rugby. Patterson talks about the former champions the Samoans, and top challengers The Moondogs and asks if it’s harder to keep the belts then win them. Garea says defending the belts is very hard as they defend them all the time. Martel calls the Moondogs trash and they will prove it.

3. Stan Hansen v. Angelo Gomez

Hansen wastes no time jumping Gomez and starts to crank on his arm. Hansen snapmares Gomez down and drops a knee for the super fast finish.
3. Stan Hansen destroyed Angelo Gomez in 98 seconds

4. Steve King & Domenic Denucci v. Moondogs

Rex and Denucci start the match, and Rex just cranks on the neck of Denucci. King tagged in and continues working the neck of Denucci, as Rex back in and holds Denucci for King to hammer him, but Denucci ducks and Rex eats the shot. Denucci sends Rex to the corner and follows, he holds Rex and Steve gets a few shots in. Rex tries the same thing and King clobbers Denucci before being tagged in. Denucci gets King in the corner and smashes him across the face. Steve tagged in and they double team King. The ref gets Denucci out, while King sends Steve to the turnbuckle and tags in Rex. Back elbow from Rex followed by a press slam dropping Steve across the top rope. Rex with a powerslam brings King in for the big splash and pin.

4. Moondogs beat Steve King & Domenic Denucci

Vince at ringside with Lou Albano & The Moondogs, Albano calls Steve & Denucci fine opponents but they humiliated and beat them with ease. Vince says the Moondogs bones stink, and Albano says the fans don’t appreciate talent. Rex loudly growls into the microphone, and Vince asks about King’s big splash and says no one has done it as well. Albano calls Haystacks a fat slob, while King is a coordinated athlete who can jump and makes up math equations. Vince says if Moondogs win the gold, they’d be his eleventh champions and Albano says it’s not if but when.

5. Jack Carson v. Angelo Mosca

Look, a debut as King Kong Angelo Mosca makes his WWF debut along with Lou Albano as his manager. Mosca quickly goes after the newest jobber and rams him into the turnbuckle and just keeps hitting the guy. Mosca sets Carson in the corner and pounds away, then snapmares him out. Carson tries to fight back but Mosca just smashes his face and lifts Carson into the over shoulder backbreaker for the win.

5. Angelo Mosca annihilated Jack Carson

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Ron Shaw & Baron Mikel Scicluna
2. Sgt Slaughter crushed Jim Duggan
3. Stan Hansen destroyed Angelo Gomez in 98 seconds
4. Moondogs beat Steve King & Domenic Denucci
5. Angelo Mosca annihilated Jack Carson

A pretty good show with opening tag being very good plus a couple fun squashes. We also got a debut this week, with Canadian star Angelo Mosca making his first appearance. Next week Fred Blassie unites two members of his stable as the Hangman teams with Killer Khan plus Hulk Hogan in action.

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