WWF All Star Wrestling – January 31, 1981

After a surprising appearance from the World Champion, Bob Backlund, how long till we see him again. I’m guessing not till the house show we have in April! Last week Hulk Hogan destroyed two men with ease, and tonight he tries it again. How long till he gets three guys at once? Also tonight someone tries to break the Cobra Clutch and earn the big money, can it be done? Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to the show, tonight we get a huge six man tag team match as SD Jones teams with the Champions. Also Killer Khan is in action and we open with the Cobra Clutch Challenge!

1. John Callahan v. Sgt Slaughter

This is from Championship Wrestling from the same day, as Slaughter gets right in the face of his opponent. The Gomer chants start early and that angers Slaughter who goes right after John and snapmares him over then drops multiple knees across his face and right into the Cobra Clutch for the win.

1. Sgt Slaughter destroys John Callahan

Vince at ringside and calls Slaughter “Gomer” and Slaughter grabs Vince by the lapels and we get a great shot of angry Vince. Something we’ve seen a lot of about eighteen years later. Jim Duggan storms to the ring and accepts the Cobra Clutch Challenge. Vince says Slaughter has never done the clutch when someone is down and hurt, and Slaughter looks stunned. They get in the ring and the ref has a chair, which he sets up in the middle of the ring. Duggan sits down and the crowd loudly chants Gomer even more, as he starts to go for the Clutch and Duggan jumps up. Duggan back down, and Slaughter locks it in, and Duggan fights hard and slowly fades out and the ref calls in.

2. Johnny Rodz v. Rick McGraw

Danny Davis, with very shaggy hair, is your referee as both men go through some nice counters at the start. Rodz powers Rick to the corner and nails him, Rick takes out the leg but Rodz gets a right hand in. Rodz into the front facelock, Rick reverses to one of his own and both men get to their feet. Rodz with headbutts in the corner and drives in multiple knees then chokes Rick in the corner. Scoop and slam drops Rick, as Rodz has been in control most of this match. Rick tumbles out of the ring, hitting the steps, and Rodz follows smashing Rick’s face on the steps. Rick struggles to the apron, only to be hit by multiple knees from Rodz. Rick shot in and comes back with a boot to the face of Rodz and rolls him up, but Rodz kicks free. Rodz tries to throw Rick out, but Rick reverses and Rodz to the floor. Rodz lands on his feet and comes back in, Rick with some nice rollups for near falls, but can’t finish Rodz off. Rodz with another headbutt and stomps on Rick, but Rick comes back with shots to the midsection and hits a nice dropkick. Rodz slams Rick hard in the middle of the ring and drops the knee for a near fall. Another slam but Rick drops behind and rolls up Rodz for three.

2. Rick McGraw pins Johnny Rodz

Patterson ringside with the tag champions, Rick Martel and Tony Garea, asks about their traveling and title defenses. Tony says it’s hard as they have open contracts and will face anyone, anywhere, anytime. Patterson says it’s hard to win a belt, but harder to keep a belt. Martel says the pressure is on but they will be successful. Patterson says Albano has one thing in mind, getting the Moondogs the title and says they will have to face them. Martel says he sick of Albano and his Moondogs, and Albano comes out and yells at the champions. Albano gets in the ring, and Garea says he won’t lower himself to get in the ring with him.

3. Charlie Brown & Manny Siaca v. Hulk Hogan

This should go exactly the same way as last week’s handicap match with Hogan. Both go after Hogan and he just tosses them aside, Siaca tossed to the floor, Brown hit with a back elbow. Vertical suplex from Hogan takes Brown down hard, Siaca makes it in and gets stomped to the apron. Brown whipped in and gets nailed with a knee to the chest, Siaca stomped some more. Slam and kneedrop on Brown, as Siaca tossed to the floor again, as Patterson says Siaca doesn’t know how to run the ropes and Vince makes fun of his size. Patterson is just laughing at how bad Siaca is, as he gets tossed out again. Brown gets slammed down hard, and Hogan kicks Siaca away. Axe Bomber on Brown and Siaca tries to save Brown so Hogan just destroys him. Backbreaker on Brown for the easy win.

3. Hulk Hogan crushes Sonny Siaca & Charlie Brown

Patterson at ringside asks Hogan about the match. Hogan says that was pathetic and calls Patterson a goof. Hogan challenges Patterson and says he’s tired of Patterson and Vince’s comments about him. Patterson says next to Andre, Hogan is the biggest and strongest but doesn’t mean he can’t be beat. Hogan says he can’t be beat and wants more challenge.

4. Tony Garea, Rick Martel & SD Jones v. Jose Estrada, Baron Mikel Scicluna & The Hangman

Well, I guess the Hangman is no longer being pushed, or managed by Fred Blassie. Guess they lost interest in him, like they did with Angel Marvilla last year. Martel and Jose start and Martel quickly takes him down, but Jose with a headscissors. Martel fights free and works the leg, so Jose gets the ropes, Martel goes to the arm and tags in SD who gets caught in the wrong corner. Mikel tagged in and works over SD, but SD gets the tag to Tony who goes after the arm of Mikel. Mikel gets to his corner and bring in Hangman, but Tony gets the arm and quick tags from the faces work over the arm of Hangman. Hangman finally gets the tag to Jose, and Garea just goes after his arm, tagging in Martel who continues to work the arm. The match has been all the faces working the arm first of Hangman and now Jose, nothing exciting for a six man. Hangman catches Garea, but the ref catches him and Garea shoulderblock Jose down, but Jose powers him in the corner and all six men in the ring. Mikel tosses Garea across the ring as the ref finally restores order, SD tagged in and Hangman gets the tag, SD stuck in the wrong corner as all three take liberties on SD. SD fights to his corner and tags in Martel who unloads on Jose, Garea tagged in and Jose eats a dropkick, SD back in and now he dropkicks Jose. Big headbutt from SD and that gets three.

4. SD Jones, Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Jose Estrada, Hangman & Baron Mikel Scicluna

5. Killer Khan v. Steve King

Khan just goes right on the offense on King, slams him down and drives a knee into the back. Side backbreaker from Khan, as King tries to fight back, but Khan just stomps him down as Vince calls him ugly. King whipped to the corner, and Khan with a kneelift and a nice kick topples King. Khan chops King repeatedly, while screaming, Double chop from Khan, followed by the kneedrop for the easy three.

5. Killer Khan demolishes Steve King

1. Sgt Slaughter destroys John Callahan
2. Rick McGraw pins Johnny Rodz
3. Hulk Hogan crushes Sonny Siaca & Charlie Brown
4. SD Jones, Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Jose Estrada, Hangman & Baron Mikel Scicluna
5. Killer Khan demolishes Steve King

An okay episode, but the six man a letdown, for a six man it was slow and methodical and not the fast pace expected. Nice continuation of the Cobra Clutch Challenge with Duggan, and next week another challenger steps to the Sarge. Also next week are the Moondogs and Stan Hansen.

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