WWF All Star Wrestling – January 24, 1981

Last week we saw a great tag team match with Martel and Garea defeating the Baron and Jose. This week I don’t the feature tag match will be as good with Moondogs face Denucci and a new partner. Also tonight is Jim Duggan versus Stan Hansen, which could be interesting. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat open the show and talk about Stan Hansen, as Patterson says he’s going to meet his man one day. Vince spoils the tag match, by telling us what we will see, that was dumb.

1. Moondogs v. Rick McGraw & Domenic Denucci

This match is from Championship Wrestling, thus a different building, ring announcer, and layout. Moondogs storm the ring and we have chaos right at the bell with Rick and Denucci clearing the ring. The ref finally restores order, and we start with Denucci & Rex, Rex powers him to the corner and hammers away, but Denucci headbutts his way free and hooks the arms of Rex, allowing Rick to pop him. Rex makes the tag to King and they double team Denucci in the corner. King chews on the head of Denucci, splitting him open, as it’s three on one in the corner but Denucci powers his way out of trouble for a second but Albano nails Denucci with the bone. The Moondogs continue to double team, as Rick tries to help Denucci and this allows the tag to to Rick who dropkicks both Moondogs and then backdrops Rex for a near fall. Denucci accidentally distracts the ref, allowing King to nail Rick with the bone. King with the big splash and pin for the victory. After the match the Moondogs continue to go after a bloody Denucci, and Albano stomps on Rick but here comes Bob Backlund for the save. The Moondogs bail out but Albano eats a few dropkicks from the Champion. Bob and Denucci check on a barely conscious McGraw. Bob and Domenic help Rick to the back.

1. Moondogs defeat Domenic Denucci & Rick McGraw
Vince at ringside to talk with Bob Backlund and Arnold Skaaland. Bob says that is unnecessary as they won the match and didn’t need to do that. Vince asks Arnold if he’s pushing Bob to hard with title defenses all over the world, and Arnold says this is how he keeps the champ in shape. Bob says he loves wrestling, the fans and his manager, and wants to take on anyone and show he’s the best. Vince wishes Bob the best of luck in the future.

2. Ron Shaw v. Pedro Morales

Pedro is the current Intercontinental Champion, as the belt looks so tiny. They circle and lockup, with Ron powering the champion to the ropes and a clean break. Top wristlock from Shaw, but Pedro flips him over with ease. Lockup and Pedro with a quick hammerlock, Shaw makes the ropes to break the hold. Side headlock from Shaw as they talk about Pedro beating Ken Patera for the belt, after the way Patera won the belt from Patterson. Into the ropes and a slugfest ensues, Shaw just bails out of the ring which angers Pedro. Shaw back in and rakes Pedro’s eyes, but Pedro does the same and tosses Shaw across the ring. Shaw back to the eyes and then bites Pedro in the corner, and that angers Pedro who nails Shaw. Big double sledge from Pedro, followed by a backbreaker into the Boston Crab for the win.

2. Pedro Morales beats Ron Shaw

Patterson ringside with Pedro, as they congratulate each other on their abilities. Patterson welcomes Pedro back from his vacation and asks about his title reign, Pedro says he wants Hogan, Hansen and Slaughter because he loves the challenge.

3. SD Jones v. Johnny Rodz

SD and Rodz lock up and Rodz powers him to the ropes for the clean break. Rodz with a go behind, but SD counters and they do some nice counters and reversals. Top wristlock from SD sends Rodz to the mat but Rodz takes out the legs and begins working the knee of SD who kicks Rodz off. Rodz throws a jab to the throat of SD and drives a knee into the face of SD before unloading on him. SD gets choked on the ropes and Rodz whips him then drives another knee in and slams SD before dropping the elbow. Rodz misses a second elbow and SD quickly stomps on him then into the front facelock. Rodz able to take SD over, but SD with a quick headscissors and Rodz makes the ropes to break the hold. SD quickly unloads on Rodz with rights and lefts, then a big headbutt staggers Rodz. Rodz rakes the eyes and whips SD to the corner and follows in with a shoulder. Rodz then get sent into the opposite corner, and rolls out. SD gets distracted by the ref, and Rodz pulls him out. SD rams the head of Rodz into the steps, and both men back in. SD whipped in and Rodz with a back elbow then chokes SD with the tag rope, snapmare sends SD to the mat and Rodz keeps choking but that just angers SD who comes back and chokes Rodz with the rope. Rodz rammed into the steel bolt and SD pins him.

3. SD Jones pins Johnny Rodz

4. Jim Duggan v. Stan Hansen

Hansen wastes no time hammering away on Duggan, then a snapmare into the rear chinlock. Hansen drives a knee into the back of Duggan and works the arm, and uses the ropes for leverage. Duggan breaks free with an elbow and whips Hansen in, but gets caught with a big knee. Hansen slams Duggan and drops a knee, then shoots him in and back body drop on Duggan. Duggan eats the turnbuckle repeatedly, Hansen follows with a big knee to the face and stomps on the fallen Duggan. Duggan tossed to the outside at the feet of Blassie, and Duggan slowly gets to the apron where Hansen smashes him into the turnbuckle then drags him in. Hansen hits the lariat for the win and Blassie gets a few shots in after the bell.

4. Stan Hansen crushes Jim Duggan

5. Steve King & Angelo Gomez v. Hulk Hogan

Hogan back for another formulaic handicap match, this will go the same as the other I assume. Hogan rams both men together and then stacks them in the corner and drives a shoulder in. Both men have their heads rammed together as Hogan manhandles both men with ease. Hogan with a double backbreaker and then a backbreaker for King, Gomez tossed to the floor. King eats a high knee and then whipped to the corner, Gomez makes the apron and Hogan yanks him in and shrugs off the dropkick from Gomez. Gomez nailed with a back elbow, and the Axe Bomber for King, who gets dumped onto Gomez. Hogan sits on both men for the win.

5. Hulk Hogan destroyed Angelo Gomez & Steve King

1. Moondogs defeat Domenic Denucci & Rick McGraw
2. Pedro Morales beats Ron Shaw
3. SD Jones pins Johnny Rodz
4. Stan Hansen crushes Jim Duggan
5. Hulk Hogan destroyed Angelo Gomez & Steve King

A good episode this week, with a nice surprise seeing the World Champion Bob Backlund make an appearance. Other than that thought there is nothing major on this weeks show. Next week we get another Hulk Hogan handicap match and someone takes on the Cobra Clutch Challenge!

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