WWF All Star Wrestling – January 17, 1981

It’s time for the first new taping of 1981, in Hamburg, PA as usual. Wonder how long till we move to a new locale, been here for a long time? Hopefully it’s an updated opener too, as tired of seeing Putski, Andre, etc but I feel like that isn’t happening. With this being a new taping rotation we might some new blood tonight, but we know for sure we are seeing the tag team Champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea. Let’s go to the ring.

New taping, same opener, sigh, was optimistic about a change. We jump right to the opening match.

1. Jim Duggan & Domenic Denucci v. The Moondogs

Denucci goes right after the Moondogs, while the crowd is all over Albano. Rex and Denucci start and Denucci rakes the eyes and holds Rex so Duggan gets a shot in. Rex staggers to his corner and Denucci gets caught and double teamed. King tagged in and chokes down Denucci, and they slug it out but King uses his size to dump Denucci to the floor. Distracting the ref allows Albano to get a shot in and toss Denucci back in. Rex gets the tag and continues to hammer on Denucci, but Denucci rakes the eyes and tries to make a tag but gets overpowered. Moondogs double team Denucci but he’s able to tag in Duggan, and now the faces double team King. Rex shot into King, and now all four in the ring. Albano almost gets nailed by a flying King, Duggan tries to hammer King but gets caught in the wrong area and triple teamed. Denucci goes after Albano and chases him away, as again all four in the ring. Patterson says in a few years Duggan will be a real tough guy and a star, he’s not wrong on that at all. However right now he’s getting dismantled by the Moondogs and Albano, Denucci chases Albano outside and pops him hard. Double team on Rex, but King catches Duggan from behind. Headbutt from Rex on Duggan, followed by the powerslam. King tagged in hits the big splash and pin for the victory.

1. Moondogs over Jim Duggan & Domenic Denucci
2. Angelo Gomez v. Stan Hansen

Hansen starts quick with the arm, as he just about rips it out of Angelo’s shoulder. Gomez in trouble early as Hansen is just cranking the arm, a very different style from Hansen this week. Hansen rams Gomez into the turnbuckle as Blassie looks on proud of his charge. Gomez gets sent into the ropes and nailed with a back elbow, Hansen follows with a slam and then the lariat for the easy win.

2. Stan Hansen crushed Angelo Gomez

Patterson with Blassie and Hansen, goes over the stable of Blassie and says there is trouble with the army. Blassie says there is no trouble in his army and Hansen is the future. Hansen repeats that he was banned for five years and he wants the belt and calls out Bruno, Bob and Pedro. Hansen says it’s only a matter of time till he’s the champion and Patterson says Hansen has beaten everyone overseas but the US has the best wrestlers. Hansen again challenges everyone and calls Bruno a closet queen?

3. Steve King v. Sgt Slaughter

Massive size difference between the two, as King is about the size of Grand Wizard as the crowd chants Gomer at Slaughter. That’s not going to help King. After a long stalling session they hook up and Slaughter with a fireman’s carry then slams Gomez into the turnbuckle. Patterson talks about the Cobra Clutch challenge, as King sends Slaughter to the corner and unloads on him. A nice dropkick staggers Slaughter as King is all over him, but Slaughter rakes the eyes and tosses King across the ring. Slaughter quickly locks on the Cobra Clutch and the match is over.

3. Sgt Slaughter decimated Steve King

4. Rick Martel & Tony Garea v. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Jose Estrada

Mikel & Garea start out with some nice amateur style work, before Mikel tags in Jose. More nice mat work from both men, as Jose shows off his skills. Garea flips Jose across the ring, which sends him to his corner to tag in Mikel. Armdrag into the armbar on Mikel, but he sends Tony in and Tony hits a shoulderblock, in again and jumps over Baron who back up. Baron rakes the eyes and unloads on the back of Tony, tagging Jose back in who sends Garea into the corner, second time reversed and Garea makes the tag. Martel quickly takes over on Jose working the arm, and then drops a series of elbows. Mikel kicks Martel from behind and this allows Estrada to get a few shots in and tag in Mikel, and we get a slugfest with Martel winning sending Mikel ties up in the ropes. Jose helps untie his partner, and Mikel quickly pulls the leg out of Martel and begins to work the knee. Jose back in and continues working the leg, Martel kicks Jose off, and he makes the tag, but this allows Martel to tag in Garea who comes in hammering the Baron. Mikel rakes the eyes and that will slow anyone down, as he unloads on Garea and sends him to his corner, which allows some double teaming as Martel accidentally distracts the ref. Vince and Pat talk about Baron’s old tag partner, King Curtis Iaukea, as they were tag champions in the seventies. Double teaming from Mikel & Jose continue to keep Garea in their corner, we’re going to the time limit I think, just as I say that Garea backslides Baron for a near fall. Garea makes the hot tag to Martel and he’s all over Mikel, who tags in Jose and Martel kicks out his leg. All four in the ring and Martel gets his eyes raked by Jose, but he falls in his corner tagging in Garea. Garea whips Jose to the corner and a monkey flip sends him to the mat, Martel back in and a backbreaker on Jose, but Baron breaks the pin. Jose almost makes the tag, but instead Martel tags in Garea who rolls up a confused Jose for the win. Fantastic match, wasn’t sure how that was going to go, thought we’d get a time limit, but forget it was fifteen minutes not ten, as the match went eleven.

4. Tony Garea & Rick Martel beat Baron Mikel Scicluna & Jose Estrada ***1/2

5. Killer Khan v. John Callahan
I don’t like John’s chance here, as Khan all over at the bell. Khan snapmares John over and continues to just hammer the poor guy, screaming the whole time. Vince says Blassie will have a champion because of all the guys in his stable, Hansen, Hogan, Khan and Hangman, yet it won’t be any of those guys! Khan with a double chop and double knee for the easy win. After the match Khan drops more knees on the guy and an elbow as well before leaving, while Blassie distracts the ref.

5. Killer Khan destroyed John Callahan

1. Moondogs over Jim Duggan & Domenic Denucci
2. Stan Hansen crushed Angelo Gomez
3. Sgt Slaughter decimated Steve King
4. Tony Garea & Rick Martel beat Baron Mikel Scicluna & Jose Estrada ***1/2
5. Killer Khan destroyed John Callahan

A really good show, as they seem to have cut the length of the squash matches down this year, which is a good idea. The tag match was fantastic, as all four guys worked really hard. Next week the Moondogs face Denucci, again, but with a new partner.

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