WWF All Star Wrestling – January 10, 1981

Last week we saw a lot of destruction from the Moondogs, Hulk Hogan and Killer Khan as they annihilated their respective opponents. Tag Champions, Tony Garea and Rick Martel, had a good match with Baron Mikel & Ron Shaw as well. This week we are joined by Stan Hansen who will face Jim Duggan, plus SD Jones returns and Killer Khan in action. Let’s go to the ring.

This would be the last episode from the final taping of 1980, so hopefully we get a new opener next week. Hope they don’t keep this until Backlund loses the gold, or we got almost three more years of this opener. Pat and Vince go over the matches for tonight as we can hear a match happening in the ring.

1. Baron Mikel Scicluna v. Rick McGraw

So we’re reheating Rick again I see, as the poor guy has the most yo-yo like career I’ve ever seen. Baron quickly overpowers Rick, but Rick uses a headscissors to stall him. Rick starts to go after the much larger man’s arm, Baron shoots him and shoulderblock takes Baron down. Off the ropes for Rick who gets hiptossed, hiptoss from Rick right back at Baron. Rick goes back to the arm, as Vince says Baron can only go downhill at this point while Mikel can go up and be a star. Baron fights back and tosses Rick out of the ring and Rick flies a good distance. Rick slowly gets to the apron and Baron rams him into the turnbuckle repeatedly and yanks him back in. Baron shoots Rick in and continues hammering him down. This has been a really competitive match, as Baron keeps coming back and Rick trying to use his speed. Pat and Vince talk about how much tougher wrestlers are due to no padding and the vicious bumps they take, I totally agree on that. Baron misses a big right and Rick with a nice dropkick staggers Baron. Big kneelift knocks Rick to the mat and Baron whips Rick in and catches him with a big boot. Rick comes back off the ropes with boots and Baron gets tangled in the ropes. Rick continues to pound Baron while tied in the ropes, but Baron gets a boot in and the ref unties him. Baron misses a kneedrop and they start slugging it out, snapmare from Baron as he takes control again as the time must be getting close. Speaking of close, Baron gets a near fall, but keeps trying to comeback. Baron with a headlock and nails Rick in the face, he continues to hammer the smaller man. Rick able to get Baron in the corner and drives a knee in, but Baron fires out and back on Rick. This is way better then I expected. Both men try roll ups for the three, but no three, backslide from Rick and the bell rings as the time expires.

1. Baron Mikel Scicluna and Rick McGraw go to a time limit ***

2. Stan Hansen v. Jim Duggan

Hansen quickly goes after Duggan and they lockup, Duggan with a side headlock and into the ropes. Hansen just hammers the face of Duggan and snapmares him out, following with knees and elbows. Hansen relentless on Duggan as he just hammers away on him and rams Duggan into the turnbuckle. Duggan fights back but Hansen drives the elbow into the top of the head. Hansen whips him in and catches Duggan with a high knee and chokes Duggan while Blassie distracts the ref. Hansen hits the lariat and pins Duggan with ease.

2. Stan Hansen crushes Jim Duggan

Ringside with Patterson joined by Fred Blassie and Stan Hansen, and Patterson asks Blassie if he will ever get a title in his stable. Blassie says he is the wealthiest manager in the business and his men have consistently beaten champions but never receive the title. Hansen beat Bruno and Hogan beat Backlund but neither one was given the gold. Patterson says Blassie is dreaming, and Hansen steps in and makes fun of Patterson’s blazer. Hansen says it’s a conspiracy against him because he beat Bruno, and Vince and the WWF don’t want the belt going to Texas. Hansen says his goal is to take out the foreigners and that rednecks have been here longer. Well, that would never be allowed on the air nowadays.
3. Black Demon & Johnny Rodz v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea

Lou Albano spotted wandering around ringside as the bell rings, and Rodz says something to Albano. Martel and Rodz start, Rodz stalls right away which angers Martel. Lockup and Rodz with a waistlock, Martel counters and Rodz slides out of the ring. Back in and Rodz takes Martel down, but Martel escapes and Demon tagged in. Double team on Martel, and Garea tries to help, but allows more double team action. Rodz tagged in and enter from the top rope, Martel slides under the legs and tags in Tony who unloads on Rodz. Rodz gets away and exits the ring again, before slowly entering and catching Garea with forearms. Garea quickly comes back with a side headlock takeover. Both men make tags, and Martel dropkicks the Demon and tags in Tony who also dropkicks Demon. Martel back in and another dropkick. Garea back in and rolls up Demon for three.

3. Rick Martel & Tony Garea beat Johnny Rodz & Black Demon

4. Ron Shaw v. SD Jones

Lockup and Shaw tries a waistlock but SD just bounces him off. SD with a side headlock, and Shaw whips him in and shoulderblock takes down Shaw. SD starts working the arm and Shaw makes the ropes, SD sends him in and nails him with a big right. Jones unloads on Shaw, who powers him to the ropes. Shaw slams SD in the middle of the ring, so SD comes back with one of his own and quickly goes to a rear chinlock. SD drives a knee into the ribs of Shaw, and Shaw rakes the eyes but SD comes back with lefts and rights. SD drops a leg on Shaw, as this match is going way too long. SD finally hits the rolling neckbreaker for the three.

4. SD Jones pinned Ron Shaw
Patterson at ringside with SD Jones, who says he’s been all over the south and says it’s Christmas. Well, it was when the show was taped, now it’s two plus weeks after. He talks about Moondogs and Hansen and says he’s back and here to stay. SD says hello to all the fans and shakes Pat’s hand.

5. Killer Khan v. Steve King

Lockup and King powered into the corner when Khan tosses him out. King whipped in and Khan drives a knee into the midsection then stomps on a fallen King. Khan is all over King just chopping, kicking and choking the poor guy. Vince asks about the language in Mongolia, well Patterson makes fun of Khan’s hair. Khan whips in King and chops him down, then lifts King with ease dropping him into a stomach breaker. King shot in, double chop and kneedrop for three. Patterson points out that Khan wins every match the same way, which is true it’s always a double chop then the kneedrop. Says people are scouting him and will figure him out in time.

5. Killer Khan destroyed Steve King

1. Baron Mikel Scicluna and Rick McGraw go to a time limit ***
2. Stan Hansen crushes Jim Duggan
3. Rick Martel & Tony Garea beat Johnny Rodz & Black Demon
4. SD Jones pinned Ron Shaw
5. Killer Khan destroyed Steve King

A good show this week, with a surprisingly good opener. It was a great start for the year, and at least they had enough footage to not have to warp back. The SD match just dragged on way too long, with a majority of the match being restholds, while the other two single matches were quick and painless. The tag match was good, as Rodz is very impressive in the ring, Demon, not so much. Next week we go to the first taping of the year, and are joined by the tag champions again.

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