WWF All Star Wrestling – January 3, 1981

Welcome to a new year for the World Wrestling Federation, as we enter 1981. Coming off the heels of a great year end episode last week, with the debut of SD Jones, plus victories for Moondogs, Sgt Slaughter, Stan Hansen and Hulk Hogan. We enter a new year and tonight we’re headlined by an appearance from the new WWF Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales. Let’s go to the ring.

New year, same old opening video. Maybe when we get to the next new tapings in a couple weeks it’ll change. Vince and Pat go over tonight’s show, as we will also see Killer Khan, Hulk Hogan and The Moondogs.

1. Hulk Hogan v. Steve King & George Rosello

I feel like we get a handicap match on every taping rotation, just different person Andre, Hogan, Slaughter. It starts like all of them, both guys grab an arm and Hogan slams them into each other. Slam on George and a knee for King, then one more George. Hogan easily manhandling both men as neither can work together. Hogan stacks them in the corner and drives the shoulder in, then a double bearhug. King tossed to the outside and George follows as Hogan stands tall in the ring. Both men try to get in and Hogan catches George with a boot, King tries to fight back but Hogan shrugs him off. George whipped in to the turnbuckle and crumples to the mat, King shot in to the ropes and eats a high knee ala Harley Race. Hogan just toying with the two men, George whipped in and eats a back elbow. Hogan slams George down and whips in King, nails him with the Axe Bomber, aka clothesline for the easy three.

1. Hulk Hogan crushes Steve King & George Rosello

2. Black Demon v. Pedro Morales

Someone needs to tell Black Demon what color black is, he’s got a gray singlet and hot pink boots. Pedro gets a nice ovation from the crowd, and quickly goes to work on the arm of Demon. Demon makes the ropes and into a top wristlock, Pedro reverses and Demon re-reverses. Pedro counters to a hammerlock and Demon makes the ropes. Side headlock from Demon, and Pedro lifts him up with ease into a kneebreaker. The commentators spend the entire match putting over Pedro as a great athlete, I just don’t see it. His matches are so boring and predictable, just not an exciting guy to watch. Pedro slams Demon to the mat with ease, and Demon struggles to his feet as now they are talking about wallpaper. Vince and Pat seem very bored by this match too. Pedro goes back to working the arm as he slows down the match, not that it was fast paced to start. Pedro with a big left, hip toss, double sledge, and into the Boston Crab for the win.

2. Pedro Morales defeats Black Demon

Patterson is ringside with new Intercontinental Champion, Pedro Morales. Pedro says he worked hard for the title and he’s glad that he beat Patera. Pat asks if Pedro will change his style, Pedro says no and calls out Slaughter, Hansen and Moondogs. Pedro says he loves when the matches are rugged and tough and wants a challenge from anyone.

3. Domenic Denucci & Angelo Gomez v. The Moondogs

Well, Denucci starts the year teaming with a jobber, that’s not a good sign for his year. Denucci and Rex start the match, the crowd as on Albano already as Denucci shoves Rex into King. Full nelson from Denucci and he taunts King, as Rex reverses and King swings but Denucci ducks and King nails Rex. King tagged in and they double team Denucci, with help from Albano as well and Denucci goes after Albano with the bone. Denucci rolls in the ring and chases off the Moondogs, Albano comes back with a crutch. The ref finally restores order and King unloads on Denucci, but Denucci comes back and hammers both Moondogs. One big headbutt from Rex staggers Denucci, but Denucci with chops takes down Rex. Denucci nails King, who’s not paying attention but Albano grabs Denucci and Moondogs get the advantage back. Denucci sent to the floor, and he slowly rolls in but Rex right back on him, as Gomez has yet to do anything. Denucci finally gets a tag to Gomez and that doesn’t help. Rex powerslams Gomez and King with a splash for the win. Well that maybe the most useless tag ever.

3. Moondogs decimate Angelo Gomez & Domenic Denucci

4. Ron Shaw & Baron Mikel Scicluna v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea

The World Tag Team Champions make another appearance on All Star, in this non-title match. Shaw starts with Tony and they lockup, into the ropes for a clean break. Lockup again and Shaw with a top wristlock, Tony reverses to a hammerlock and Shaw makes the ropes. Mikel tagged in and works over Tony, but Martel gets the tag and headlock on Mikel. Vince goes over the tag partners of Garea over the years, Haystacks, Dean Ho and Larry Zbyszko as they take turns working over Shaw. Shoulderblock from Garea knocks down Shaw, and Martel back in and maintains the pressure on the arm. Shaw rakes the eyes and slams Martel’s head into the turnbuckle before tagging in Mikel. Mikel continues to unload on Garea and drives a knee into the back. Snapmare and a stomp on Garea, as he needs a tag and stumbles to his corner for the tag. Martel fires Mikel to the corner and charges but runs into a boot and Mikel gets one. Martel off the ropes and a sunset flip gets a near fall out of nowhere. Shaw tagged back in and Martel unloads on him, big slam drops Shaw followed by a knee drop. Shaw whipped into the elbow of Garea, who’s tagged in and works over the knee. Martel back in and continues working the knee. Garea tagged in and an Indian Deathlock causes Shaw to tap.

4. Tony Garea & Rick Martel defeat Ron Shaw & Baron Mikel Scicluna

5. Killer Khan v. Manny Siaca

Manny tries to use his speed to avoid the massive Mongolian, but Khan quickly catches him. Side backbreaker from Khan who then follows with a sit down splash on the back. Khan stumbles and falls out of the ring, it’s a botch-a-mania moment! Khan looks furious and just hammers on Manny, who tries a dropkick but Khan just stares at him. Khan having a bunch of issues as Manny doesn’t seem to be in right place for things Khan wants to do, and that’s just angering him. Khan with a whip in, double chop and the kneedrop for three.

5. Killer Khan massacres Manny Siaca


1. Hulk Hogan crushes Steve King & George Rosello
2. Pedro Morales defeats Black Demon
3. Moondogs decimate Angelo Gomez & Domenic Denucci
4. Tony Garea & Rick Martel defeat Ron Shaw & Baron Mikel Scicluna
5. Killer Khan massacres Manny Siaca

A lot of brutal squashes kick of the year as Hogan, Moondogs and Khan just destroyed their opponents. The tag match was good, but Pedro was his usual boring. The Khan botch was quick but funny to see as he tried to cover it, nowadays they’d just retape the match. Next week gives us Stan Hansen v. Jim Duggan.

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