WWF All Star Wrestling – December 27, 1980

We made it to the end of 1980, and what a fun journey that was. Tonight’s episode finishes out the year, and what a year. My next post will be a recap of 1980 including my pick for Match of the Year, based on only what was show on these shows. I’ll also list the wrestler with the best win/loss ratio, most matches and most wins and losses. I plan to do this for each year as we go along, plus later years we’ll compare the years. I hope this goes as good as it seems in my mind. Anyways, let’s finish the year as tonight’s show is headlined by Hulk Hogan facing Jim Duggan in a match I would never have expected. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to tonight’s show, the first round of tapings from December 17th in Hamburg, PA. Maybe in 1981 we go somewhere new? Also announced for tonight’s show we will see Special Delivery Jones, who is returning to the WWF after some time away, and Sgt Slaughter who faces Rick McGraw.

1. Special Delivery Jones v. Black Demon

Jones left the WWF September of last year and worked in Mid-Atlantic during his time away. He quickly goes after the arm of the Demon, and into the side headlock. Jones returns to the arm and cranks on it, but Demon goes for the leg, that earns him a bodyscissors. Patterson and Vince talk about Jones losing a lot of weight while he was gone, and that he’s in great shape. Jones lifts Demon with his legs and drops him on his rear repeatedly, Demon breaks the hold and tries for a Boston Crab, but Jones threatens to punch him so he releases the hold. Demon with a side headlock and Jones fights free with ease, Back to the side headlock and Jones just dances free, as Vince and Pat make fun of Demon’s outfit. Armdrag and into the armbar from Demon, but Jones easily breaks free. Vince talks about Jones having a hard head, as Demon hurts his hand hitting Jones. Jones with a headbutt sends Demon across the ring, and Demon slow to get up. Demon quickly goes for a full nelson and Jones uses his butt to break free, for a return Demon sure is getting a lot of offense in. Jones sends Demon to the corner and catches the Demon’s foot and kicks him. Hiptoss from Demon, as this has been a very even match. Hiptoss from Jones, as Vince talk about the previous Black Demon from about a decade ago, and Pat mentions the Red Demon from a while ago. Jones slams Demon’s head into the turnbuckle and hits a rolling neckbreaker for three.

1. SD Jones over Black Demon

2. Hulk Hogan v. Jim Duggan

Blassie has returned after missing the last taping, and Duggan returns as well, now with a mustache! Hogan has Japanese writing on his trunks, as Blassie slowly leaves the ring. Gary Michael Capetta announces that in the arena is World Champion, Bob Backlund and Blassie is irate. Bob comes in and shakes hands with Duggan and offers a handshake to Hogan who waves him away. Patterson at ringside talks with Backlund, as Duggan and Hogan have to wait in the ring. Backlund says Hogan is a big man and Hogan stops the interview and demands he get in the ring with him. Hogan and Duggan lock up and Hogan powers him away, another lockup and Hogan with a top wristlock sending Duggan to the corner. Hogan gets Duggan on the ropes and elbow to the head followed by a shoulderblock. Scoop and slam plants Duggan, followed by an elbowdrop for two. Hogan with a bearhug and drives Duggan into the corner, then whips him to the opposite corner. Hulk works over the arm of Duggan, as Patterson and Vince discuss the body of Hogan and debate his age. Patterson says he’s about 24, actually he was 27 at this point as he controls Duggan with ease. It’s been all Hogan since the start, as he whips Duggan in and nails Duggan with the lariat for three.

2. Hulk Hogan pins Jim Duggan

Patterson is ringside with Fred Blassie & Hulk Hogan, asks about the new Hulk Hogan. Blassie says he’s in the greatest shape of his life, better then when he left, and goes over his measurements. Blassie says he defeated Backlund, so Patterson asks where is the belt, Blassie says Backlund paid off the commission to reverse the decision. Hogan calls Patterson a former wrestler and he beat Patterson he will beat Backlund at MSG. Patterson says he can say anything he wants and he still wrestles, Hogan responds by calling him a former wrestler and tells him to meet him in the ring. Hogan calls himself the champion, and Patterson tells him he has a big mouth. Blassie calls him a pencil neck geek and says Hogan defeated everyone in Japan and is undefeated.

3. Rick McGraw v. Sgt Slaughter

Slaughter takes his time getting ready and mocks the size of Rick as he dives for him and Rick sends Slaughter to the outside. Rick slams Slaughter’s head into the ring apron and Slaughter is stunned. Slaughter back in the ring and he powers Rick to the ropes and swings, but Rick ducks and Slaughter his air. Another lockup and Slaughter gets him in the ropes and Rick blocks the shot, which angers Slaughter who can’t get anything going. Rick catches him with a side headlock and cranks on the neck of Slaughter, but Slaughter sends him in and shoulderblock moves no one. Armdrag from Rick, followed by two more and into the armbar as the crowd explodes. Slaughter powers Rick to the corner but misses the charge and Wizard is irate as Rick is humbling Slaughter. Lockup and Slaughter drives multiple knees into Rick, sending him to the floor. Slaughter slams Rick on the wood floor and drops a knee, then breaks the count. Slaughter on the top rope and then drop back in the ring, Slaughter catches Rick on the apron in a slam and places him across the top rope. Rick in trouble as Slaughter uses his massive size advantage to control the smaller man. Rick rammed into the turnbuckle as Slaughter continues to work over Rick, who comes off the ropes with a forearm but gets popped. Slaughter with a snapmare and smacks Rick around, Rick gets to the apron but Slaughter stays on him. Rick smashes Slaughter into the turnbuckle and gets back in, Rick with a dropkick sends Slaughter to the corner and Rick sends him to the opposite side. Rick tries for a bulldog but Slaughter reverses to a back suplex followed by the shoulderbreaker. Slaughter ascends the ropes and drops and elbow from the rope for three. Fantastic back and forth match, very impressive from both. After the match Slaughter tries to lock on the Cobra Clutch from Rick slides away.

3. Sgt Slaughter beats Rick McGraw ***

4. Moondogs v. Steve King & Angelo Gomez

My guess is King and Gomez finish the year out losing this match. Rex in there and hammers on Steve King while biting the ropes. The fans quickly start in on Albano, as we get King and King in the match again. I think Vince just likes doing this. Rex just stomping away on Steve, then tags in King who continues pounding on Steve. Rex back in and clobbers Steve to the corner, where Gomez gets tagged in. Rex powerslams Gomez and King follows in with a kick then tags Rex back in for another slam and splash for three. Different as Rex gets the pinfall, usually it’s King that splashes the opponent for the win. Albano hands the bones back to the Moondogs so they leave happy, disgusting Vince.

4. Moondogs crush Steve King & Angelo Gomez

5. Stan Hansen v. Manny Siaca

Mario in Luigi clothes faces the bad man from Borger, Texas in the final match of 1980. Hansen just hammers away at Manny right from the bell and hits a backbreaker followed by a back elbow. Stan pulls him up and elbows the man in the face then drives his head into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Vicious pulling piledriver on Manny and then he pulls him up, and feeds him to the turnbuckle again. Headbutt from Hansen then he whips him in and hits the lariat for the easy win.

5. Stan Hansen destroyed Manny Siaca

1. SD Jones over Black Demon
2. Hulk Hogan pins Jim Duggan
3. Sgt Slaughter beats Rick McGraw ***
4. Moondogs crush Steve King & Angelo Gomez
5. Stan Hansen destroyed Manny Siaca

That finishes off 1980 and we ended with a very good match between Slaughter and McGraw. They end the show mentioning new champion, Pedro Morales. Nice way to end the year. Next is the year in review and then we resume All Star Wrestling as we enter 1981 and we have 50 of 52 episodes of All Star, plus later in the year we start Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, however there is only two house shows for 1981 from April and November. Should be another great series of shows.

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