WWF All Star Wrestling – November 29, 1980

We finish of the month of November, where we’ve seen one title change, with a huge title match. For the first time this year we get a World Title match with Bob Backlund facing Spiros Arion. Also tonight the Moondogs and Tony Atlas join us among other names. Let’s go to the ring.

Pat Patterson & Vince McMahon welcome us to Hamburg, PA for the third part of this taping. Alongside the matches mentioned previously, we’re also going to see Tony Garea and Killer Khan.

1. Bob Backlund v. Spiros Arion

This is from Madison Square Garden in New York City and takes place on June 26, 1978. So it’s not even a recent match, what a ripoff. I guess back then this was still a big deal, since you never saw the champion on television. The crowd goes wild for the announcement of Backlund, and boos Arion unmercifully. Backlund quickly shows his power sending Arion to the ropes, Arion powers Bob to the corner and Bob reverses and a clean break as expected with Backlund. Snapmare sends Backlund flying but he comes back with a backslide. We clip to Backlund with an legbar on Arion, and the crowd is insanely loud. It’s like a Wrestlemania level pop just for the legbar, it’s crazy. The current roster, pretty much anyone in wrestling, wishes they could get a pop like that just for a legbar. Arion struggles for the ropes, so Bob pulls him in the middle and stretches the hamstring. Arion makes it to his feet and Bob kicks his leg out and goes back to the legbar. Every time Bob cranks the leg the crowd gets louder and louder, the man knew how to control a crowd. Arion finally makes the ropes so Bob yanks him to the middle, but Arion able to kick Bob off sending him crashing to the cement floor. Arion catches Bob coming in and stomps on the fallen champion as now the crowd wants his head on a pike for this, as Bob struggles to get back. Arion drives Bob into the post and then slams him from the apron in, Arion in full control. Atomic drop on Bob followed by a splash gets a near fall, and almost a new champion. Arion scoops up Bob, but Bob drops behind and an atomic drop on Arion gets the win! That was quite the match as the crowd is exploding for Backlund retaining the gold. That’s how you make a popular champion!

1. Bob Backlund pins Spiros Arion ***1/2

2. Angel Marvilla & Ron Shaw v. The Moondogs

Captain Lou leads his Moondogs to the ring for this contest, as some kid tries to get an autograph from the Moondogs. Rex and Shaw start and Rex goes right for the eyes and then hammers down Shaw. Shaw rammed into King, who’s then tagged in and works over Shaw. Moondogs double team Shaw, who has yet to get a move in. Shaw with a dropkick, but Rex comes back with a big elbow and a headbutt sends Shaw to his corner. Angel in now and unloads on Rex, but King tagged in and destroys Angel in the corner, while Albano gets a shot in as well. Angel tries to unload on King, and tags in Shaw who misses a dropkick. Rex in and back elbow takes down Shaw, followed by an elbowdrop. King back in and Albano on commentary talks about how great his teams, Samoans and Moondogs, are as King tags in Rex. Rex slams Shaw’s head into the mat, then shoots him in, backbreaker from Rex and King tagged in. King with a big splash for the easy win.

2. Moondogs crush Ron Shaw & Angel Marvilla

Patterson at ringside with Moondogs and Lou Albano, as Patterson tells them they can’t touch him. Albano charges in the ring and screams at the fans, while the Moondogs circle Patterson. Albano is asked where he found the Moondogs, and Albano says that is his business and they are the greatest team of all time. King and Rex keep howling at the sky and staring at the lights, as Albano says the Moondogs have the agility, size and power and don’t care who the champions are. Patterson says their names and Albano charges around the ring again, Patterson asks about the Samoans. Albano says he was tricked into a one fall match where they lost the gold, Albano says he will comeback. Patterson asks if they speak and what he feeds them, Albano says they are under psychiatric care and they are homicidal as he shows off the injury from King. That was fun, as usual with the Captain.

3. Jose Estrada v. Tony Garea

Garea comes to the ring with partner and co-champion, Rick Martel and the crowd explodes. Estrada quickly goes after the arm of Garea, but he reverses and takes down Estrada. Garea shot in and comes back with a shoulderblock and back to the armbar. Estrada sends him in again, and catches Garea in a slam but Garea right back to the armbar. Vince says Garea is the first ever four time tag champion, with different partners, back then this was a big deal. Now title changes happen so often there is no prestige to being champion. Meanwhile Estrada with a side headlock on Garea, who sends him in, and Estrada with a shoulderblock and a slam gets a near fall. Estrada sends Garea crashing into the corner and continues to work him over, but Garea fires back. Both men pounding each other, but Estrada hits a back elbow for a near fall again. Garea makes a comeback with a series of forearms, but Estrada rakes the eyes. Off the ropes and Estrada gets caught with his head down, and now it’s Garea on the offense as Estrada eats the turnbuckle, back body drop and cover gets a near fall for Garea. Estrada catches Garea in a scoop slam, but a second one countered into a small package for the win.

3. Tony Garea defeats Jose Estrada

Ringside with Pat Patterson joined by Tony Garea, as Patterson asks how it feels being champion again. Tony says it’s great and Martel is so experienced and they were ready for the Samoans. Patterson says the match was very exciting and he was pulling for Garea and Martel. Garea says their strategy paid off as they used their speed to tire them out and win the gold.
4. Killer Khan v. Marc Pole

Khan attacks Marc before the bell and just hammers away on him with stomps and kicks. Pole tries to fight back but Khan just ignores the punch and chops away on Pole. Big boot from Khan knocks Pole down, and Khan with a chop off the second rope. Khan is in complete control just pounding away on Pole, who stands no chance. Khan sends Pole into the ropes and hits a double chop followed by the kneedrop for three.

4. Killer Khan annihilated Marc Pole

5. Tony Atlas v. BB Coleman

This is another old match from October 27, 1979. I guess they ran out of stuff from the taping as this was the last show from the November 12th taping. Lockup and Atlas sends Coleman to the ropes and slams him down. Coleman retreats to the corner and Atlas catches him coming out with a side headlock. Atlas gets forced to the ropes, and Coleman gets a cheapshot so Atlas fires back. Atlas sends Coleman to the opposite corner hard and back to the side headlock. Coleman rakes the eyes and Atlas fires back with rights and sends Coleman in, Back body drop from Atlas, followed by a perfect press slam. Atlas drops a big elbow for the easy three.

5. Tony Atlas destroyed BB Coleman

1. Bob Backlund pins Spiros Arion ***1/2
2. Moondogs crush Ron Shaw & Angel Marvilla
3. Tony Garea defeats Jose Estrada
4. Killer Khan annihilated Marc Pole
5. Tony Atlas destroyed BB Coleman

A good show, as it’s nice to see the champion but wish it had been a more recent match. They could’ve shown the match with Patera or Harley Race instead. It was a good match though as the crowd was intense for everything and that really makes or breaks a match. We move along to the final month of 1980 and we’re joined by the Moondogs, Slaughter and the tag champions.

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