WWF All Star Wrestling – November 22, 1980

After crowning new tag team champions last week we move along. I assume the Samoans are gone for a while and now Albano builds up his Moondogs as the dominant heel team. Tonight we have the return of Sgt Slaughter plus another Rick McGraw match. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to the show and go over tonight’s card. Along with Slaughter and McGraw we also get to see Domenic Denucci and Stan Hansen. Patterson says Hansen doesn’t need Blassie as he’s already mean enough.

1. Sgt Slaughter v. Angelo Gomez

Where does the Grand Wizard gets those crazy looking outfits? His pants are green and yellow while he’s also wearing a purple tie and jacket. Slaughter quickly takes out the leg and Gomez slides free, Gomez goes for the arm and Slaughter avoids. Slaughter with an armdrag into the armbar, he then does a nice fireman’s carry. Scoop and slam sends Gomez across the ring, Gomez fires back with a dropkick which doesn’t budge Slaughter who catches Gomez in a series of side backbreakers. Gomez shot in and Slaughter with an impressive dropkick, he then returns to just hammering the back of Gomez. Running back suplex and cover, but he lets him up. Pulling piledriver plants Gomez, and Slaughter doesn’t want the end yet as he hits the shoulderbreaker and then shoots Gomez in, back elbow drops Gomez. Slaughter locks on the Cobra Clutch for the easy win. After the match Slaughter maintains the hold as the Wizard keeps the ref busy. Slaughter drops a knee off the top rope on Gomez as well, which is just angering Patterson on commentary.

1. Sgt Slaughter defeats Angelo Gomez

Patterson at ringside with Slaughter and Wizard, as Slaughter says he wants competition or someone will get hurt. Slaughter demands respect and that people on their feet, as he says he is taking over. Patterson cuts them off and says he doesn’t trust the Wizard behind him?!?

2. Black Demon v. Rick McGraw

So are we reheating Rick up again after losing interest or what? After a draw with Rodz last week that was then changed to a win, where do they go with him? Rick flips Demon over and Demon goes for the arm, with a nice hiptoss but Rick takes out the leg. Why is he the Black Demon when he’s in white with a purple mask? Rick applies a hammerlock and drives Demon to the mat, Demon tries to fight free with a snapmare but Rick maintains the hold. Another snapmare but Rick is relentless with the hammerlock, Rick releases the hold and gets hit with a shoulderblock, a second time and Rick blocks and goes back to the hammerlock. Demon finally gets free and goes off the ropes, Rick jumps over Demon and catches him on the rebound back into the hammerlock again. Patterson says he’s enjoying the match, but honestly it’s been a one move match. Rick comes off the ropes and shoulderblocks Demon down and then goes right back to the hammerlock, enough of this move seriously. Rick again off the ropes but misses the dropkick and Demon stomps on the back of Rick. Demon slams Rick down and follows with a backbreaker for two. Demon finally makes the match exciting as he’s doing things, as we get a slugfest and Demon backs off. Rick hammers Demon in the corner, but Demon reverses and works him over. Rick shot in and Demon charges in with a shoulder. Rick shoots Demon in and hits a flying headscissors then ascends the ropes for the flying body press and the win.

2. Rick McGraw pins Black Demon

Patterson ringside with Fred Blassie & Stan Hansen, as Patterson asks where Blassie found him. Blassie says he found him in Mexico, Patterson asks about Japan and Hansen says he’s been banned because he broke Bruno’s neck. Hansen says it’s a conspiracy against him as people imitate him but no one is able to do the lariat like he does it. Patterson says everyone who gets in the ring with Hansen gets hurt and asks why Hansen wants to be the number one redneck. Hansen says he doesn’t like anyone, black, white or Mexican and he will take down anyone, anywhere. Hansen says he wants to nail the lid on the coffin of Bruno and destroy Bob Backlund and Pedro Morales. Hansen demands real challenges not the geeks he’s been facing and he’ll take out anyone that he faces.

3. Jose Estrada & Johnny Rodz v. Angel Marvilla & Steve King

It’s a jobber-a-thon here, as we get two teams of true jobbers so it’s anyone’s guess how this will go. Rodz and Angel start with Rodz slamming Angel who applauds him, Angel hiptosses Rodz to retaliate. Side headlock from Angel and Rodz grabs the hair, but the ref catches him. Angel shot in and shoulderblock takes Rodz down, off the ropes again and back to the side headlock. Angel sent in and catches Rodz back in the headlock, King tagged in and continues the side headlock. King grinds away and Rodz drops to the mat, King goes to a rear chinlock. Estrada makes a tag and rakes the eyes of King the slams his head into the turnbuckle, double team and quick tags work over King. Estrada & Rodz are the most underrated guys on the current roster, and make a fun team. Angel keeps costing his partner as he keep coming in and allowing the heels to double team King. King with a pair of dropkicks and tags in Angel who tosses Rodz across the ring and dropkicks Rodz. All four in the ring and the heels collide with Rodz covering Estrada, as the fans love it. King back in and works over Rodz, sending him in but gets caught with his head down and now Rodz stomps on King. King whipped in and Rodz with a nice kick to the jaw, another whip in and King comes back with a body press but Estrada breaks it up. Double team on King again, and King off the ropes, he catches the boot of Rodz and King dropkicks Rodz twice and covers, but Estrada makes the save. Double team on King again and Rodz covers for the win. Great unexpected match.***

3. Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada over Steve King & Angel Marvilla ***
4. Sylvana Sousa v. Domenic Denucci

Denucci with a side headlock into the hammerlock and Sousa to the ropes to break. Sousa with an armbar, and Denucci counters but Sousa takes down Denucci who quickly gets to his feet. Sousa into the side headlock, as Patterson talks about Denucci being a good cook. Denucci hiptosses Sousa across the ring, and Sousa takes a breather. Back in and lock up, they get to the ropes and Sousa with a side headlock and pops Denucci in the face. In the corner and Sousa with a forearm to the back of the head. Denucci powers him to the corner and smacks Sousa then hiptosses Sousa. A second hiptoss sends Sousa to the floor, where Domenic follows and slams Sousa into the post before rolling him in. Denucci grabs the arm and cranks it, sending Sousa to the mat. Sousa pops Denucci sending him to the apron, and Sousa quickly stomps on him repeatedly. Denucci grabs a chair and almost crack the ref, he then smashes it over the head of Sousa and hits across the back and rips with it before handing it to the timekeeper. Why is that not a disqualification? He did it in front of the ref. Sousa surprisingly comes back with an eye rack, but Denucci shoots him the corner and catches him in an abdominal stretch for the win.

4. Domenic Denucci over Sylvan Sousa

5. Stan Hansen v. Marc Pole

Marc Pole returns for another round of punishment from both his opponent and the commentators. Hansen powers Pole to the ropes and a clean break, second time and Hansen drives a knee in. This is going to be a massacre, as Hansen whips him from corner to corner and then drops a series of knees. Big slam and another knee across the throat before ramming Pole into the turnbuckle. Pole fires back with a kick, but Hansen shrugs it off and hammers Pole then hits a back elbow as Pole is down and out. Hansen sends Pole to the floor and follows, dropping an elbow on him. Blassie taunts Pole to get back in, and he makes it to the apron but Hansen pops him. Hansen with the atomic drop and another elbow drop. Shot in and the lariat finishes the match.

5. Stan Hansen crushes Marc Pole

1. Sgt Slaughter defeats Angelo Gomez
2. Rick McGraw pins Black Demon
3. Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada over Steve King & Angel Marvilla ***
4. Domenic Denucci over Sylvan Sousa
5. Stan Hansen crushes Marc Pole

A good match, other then the Denucci match. The tag match was an unexpected surprise, as it was really good and nice to see Estrada get a win. Next week we get an appearance from World Champion Bob Backlund as he defends the gold against Spiros Arion!

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