WWF All Star Wrestling – September 14, 1980

We’re missing the September 7th episode unfortunately so we move on the 14th. Tonight we’re joined by Sgt Slaughter and the World Heavyweight Champion, Bob Backlund makes a rare appearance. With History of WWE down right now, I can’t find out what happened last week. We’ll just enjoy this episode. Let’s head to the ring.

Vince McMahon is alone to open the show, as he cover the card. Hangman will be joining us, along with Pedro Morales and more.

1. The Black Demon v. Pedro Morales

Pedro gets a nice hand from the ground as Gary Michael is back as ring announcer and it’s a different building then last week. The Demon is very short and squat and is Don Serrano, who was known as Hector Serrano. Pedro in full control with a quick armbar, and Demon makes the ropes. Vince sounds very subdued on commentary, and no mention of Bruno, this is weird. Vince talks about the tag division as Pedro slams Demon’s head into the turnbuckle. Into the ropes and Demon gets a shot in which angers Pedro, who rolls Demon to the mat with an armbar. Demon tries to fight free and Pedro just unloads on him, sending Demon to the outside but he quickly gets back in. Pedro powers him to the corner and Demon sends him into the buckle twice, Pedro retaliates with a series of forearms and a big slam into the Boston Crab for the win. After the match Gary introduces Bob Backlund to the crowd, as he enters the ring in a powder blue suit. Backlund shakes hands with Pedro and head ringside.

1. Pedro Morales defeats Black Demon

Vince at ringside with Backlund, who says he’s heading to New York for a show tonight. He stopped to say hi to the fans, as Vince calls him a fighting champion. Bob says he will face all challenges and Vince says the crowd loves him no matter where he goes.

2. Steve King v. Sgt Slaughter

Once again Sarge towers over his opponent as he takes him time getting ready to start the action. Lockup and Slaughter easily powers King to the ropes and nails him in the face. The ref tries to get in Sarge’s face, but only barely reaches his chest. Slaughter with a hammerlock on King and lifts him easily as the Wizard appreciates the power of Slaughter. King tries a dropkick and Slaughter doesn’t even move, a dropkick from Slaughter drops King, he pulls him up and hits another one. Slaughter just bouncing King around the ring, Slaughter hits the shoulderbreaker and covers but pulls him up at two, back elbow and Slaughter again pulls him up. Slaughter locks on the Cobra Clutch for the easy win.

2. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Steve King

Vince is ringside with Grand Wizard and Sgt Slaughter, as Wizard says he is very proud of Slaughter. Wizard says Slaughter is on his way to the top and the fans are lucky as Slaughter is ready to talk. Slaughter demands the fans stand at attention and calls the fans slobs. Slaughter says the fans need to show him respect and tells Vince to get his shoes shined and haircut before next time he sees him. Vince says he is not in the military, and doesn’t need to be called Sarge, Wizard says he earned that name and Slaughter says the Marines were not tough enough for him. Slaughter says he hasn’t begun to be tough and brutal yet, as the fans and opponents haven’t seen anything yet.

3. Angel Marvilla v. Larry Zbyszko

Angel has fallen like McGraw as now he is the jobber level too. Guess they didn’t see anything in him. Larry does his usual stalling, as that just angers the fans and Angel. Larry catches Angel with a knee and drives his head into the buckle and then the opposite buckle. Larry snapmares Angel over, but he comes back with a left and pounds Larry in the corner. Larry counters and sends Angel to the floor, he rams his head into the apron before rolling back in to break the count. Angel staggers on the floor before slowly getting to the apron, and Larry catches him sending him back to the floor. Angel finally gets in and sends Larry to the corner but misses the splash, and Larry with a vertical suplex for three.

3. Larry Zbyszko pins Angel Marvilla

4. Rene Goulet v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

Rene quickly attacks and they wind up in the corner for a clean break, Mikel grabs the arm and Rene flips out of the hold. Baron catches Rene in a side headlock and uses the foreign object, as Baron gets the advantage and hammers Rene down. Rene finally kicks Baron off and Baron hides in the corner, as we see the foreign object. Rene gets an armbar on Baron who sends Rene in and shoulderblock takes down Baron, Rene comes back to the headlock and Baron pulls the hair to break. Rene quickly goes to the arm and tries to wear the bigger man down. Baron cracks him with the object sending Rene tumbling to the floor, Baron yanks him back in by the hair and stomps away on Rene. Baron drives the object in the throat of Rene who stumbles to the corner, and Baron tosses him across the ring. Rene sent in and Baron misses the knee, as Rene stops suddenly. They lock up and Baron powers Rene to the corner and drives a knee in. Forearms to the back followed by a nice roll out of the corner gets two, Rene comes back with chops and slams Baron into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Baron gets the cheap shot in with the object and rakes the boots across Rene’s eyes. Rene almost gets the shock pin with a backslide, Rene has had enough and bites Baron on the ropes. Baron sends Rene in, and Rene comes back with a sunset flip for three, but Baron raises his hand. Gary announces the match went to a time limit draw. Solid match between two tough men, lack of finish was not good, but the match was good.

4. Baron Mikel Scicluna and Rene Goulet go to a draw **1/4

5. The Hangman v. Ricky Stallone

Hangman wastes no time with forearms to the back and Stallone eats the turnbuckle. Big boot from Hangman gets a near fall, Hangman continues to hammer away at Stallone. Scoop and slam and then Stallone tossed to the floor where Blassie gets a shot in. Stallone struggles to the apron and Hangman chokes him then pulls him back in with scoop slam. Hangman drives a knee in and Stallone is down and out. Hangman just tosses him back out again, and follows stomping away on Stallone before pulling him on the apron and slammed back in again. Press slam from Hangman as he just drops Stallone down hard and into the Hangman for the win.

5. The Hangman crushed Ricky Stallone

1. Pedro Morales defeats Black Demon
2. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Steve King
3. Larry Zbyszko pins Angel Marvilla
4. Baron Mikel Scicluna and Rene Goulet go to a draw **1/4
5. The Hangman crushed Ricky Stallone

A very odd version of All Star this week, as no Bruno, Vince seemed very subdued and a different look to the show. Not sure what caused all the changes to the show, but we continue on. Next week our main event is Tony Garea versus Johnny Rodz.

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