WWF All Star Wrestling – August 30, 1980

Currently the WWF has no Tag Team Champions after the Wild Samoans lost the gold to Bob Backlund & Pedro Morales at Showdown at Shea. Bruno and Pedro were stripped of the gold due to the ruling that a person can only hold one title at a time, and Backlund is the current WWF Champion. A tournament will take place to determine the new champions. Meanwhile Ken Patera is still the Intercontinental Champion, and has a powerful grip on the gold. Tonight on All Star Wrestling our main event is Pat Patterson & Rene Goulet versus Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna. Let’s go to the ring.

Bruno & Vince go over the card for tonight. We’ll be seeing, in addition to the tag match, Sgt Slaughter, Tony Garea & Rick Martel. Rick again, they’re going to wear the poor guy out.

1. Billy Coleman v. Rick Martel

Joe McHugh is our ring announcer tonight, instead of Gary Michael. Coleman attacks quickly and gets Rick in the corner but Rick comes back and hammers him down, then into the rear chinlock. Martel in complete control with a side headlock and grinds away at the head of Coleman who pops him in the midsection to break the grip. Coleman chokes Martel in the corner, and Martel fires back knocking Coleman to the mat. Martel tosses Coleman across the ring and charges in the corner after him, working the arm. Coleman powers Rick to the ropes and drives a forearm across the chest, then rakes the eyes. Martel quickly comes back with a shot of his own and back to the side headlock. Rick gets sent to the corner and springs off the second rope with a flying bodypress for three.

1. Rick Martel pins Billy Coleman

2. Sgt Slaughter v. Paul Figueroa

This is our second time seeing the Sarge, who just towers over the poor jobber. Slaughter quickly applies the side headlock and Paul is unable to fight free so Slaughter releases the hold and stomps on the man. Vince says Slaughter can easily slaughter his opponent, as Paul driven head first to the turnbuckle. Paul has got no offense at all as Slaughter is just pummeling the man, shoulderbreaker into the cobra clutch for the easy win.

2. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Paul Figueroa

Bruno at ringside with The Grand Wizard and Sgt Slaughter, as Wizard goes over Slaughter’s military career. Slaughter tells Bruno he needs to stand at attention just like the people in the crowd and at home. Slaughter says he has one mission, to become the Champion of everything, as he calls the Wizard the General.

Bruno at ringside again, this time with Patterson and Goulet, who he says act like they’ve been a team for years. Rene says they wrestle the same and that’s why they work so well together. Patterson says it helps they both speak French and the opponents have no idea what is happening. Bruno asks about their opponents tonight and says it will be a test, Rene says they have their advantages because they are a team and Jose and Baron are just together tonight.

3. Tony Garea v. Mike Mahaiko

This would be our first time seeing Tony this year, as he returns to the WWF. Mike powers Tony to the corner and Tony fires back and into the armbar, but Mike uses his size to control Tony. Tony fights free and Mike gets tied into the ropes, the ref helps him free and Mike wants a handshake. Mike quickly applies the top wristlock, as Bruno makes fun of the body shape of Mike, Tony yanks Mike over and down to the mat. Mike comes back with a hammerlock but Tony again flips Mike over. Tony goes to an armbar to control Mike, but Mike powers to the ropes and Tony pops him. Tony shot in and catches Mike with his head down with a shoulderblock and then a backbreaker for two. Mike makes a comeback with the side headlock and sends Tony in, but Tony comes back with a pair of dropkicks into the abdominal stretch for the win.

3. Tony Garea defeats Mike Mahaiko

4. Pat Patterson & Rene Goulet v. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Johnny Rodz

Mikel & Patterson start and Baron takes Patterson down using the tights. The ref checks the hold for a choke, and it’s deemed okay, as he takes Patterson down again. The crowd solidly behind Patterson as Baron is trying to wear down Patterson but Rene comes in to break the hold. Patterson caught by Rodz and gets double teamed in the corner, Patterson rakes the eyes and run for the tag, but Mikel yanks him back just in time. Rodz distracts the ref as Baron chokes Patterson, so Rene comes in and breaks the hold. Rodz in and drops multiple knees on Patterson then sends him in, Patterson catches Rodz with his head down but fails to make the tag. Rodz with a front facelock and Patterson powers to the corner and tags in Rene, but Mikel has the ref so the tag is invalid. Bruno is irate about that, as Rodz and Mike work over Patterson in the corner. Mikel drives the forearm across the face of Patterson, Patterson again fails to make the tag, but when he does Rodz has the referee again and Bruno is losing it on commentary. Rodz continues to hammer away on Patterson, who staggers to the wrong corner and Rene finally tagged in. Rene goes after both men, as Rodz goes to the wrong corner for a tag and Patterson takes him to the floor, slamming Rodz into the timekeeper table. Rene and Mikel going at it in the ring and with the ref distracted Baron uses a foreign object to take down Rene. Rodz drops a forearm across the back of Rene’s neck but Rene able to tag in Patterson, who rolls up Rodz for the win. Good match but the heels controlled the majority and Patterson got a quick rollup to win.
4. Pat Patterson & Rene Goulet over Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna **1/2

We get a promo video for Andre the Giant before being joined by Andre the Giant being interviewed by Vince, who comes up to Andre’s stomach. This was taped before the show as there is no crowd and it’s dark. Andre says his goal is to make the fans happy, as Vince mentions Andre’s speed, power and agility. Vince asks about Andre teaming up with friends, and Andre says he like tagging and is willing to do any match he’s asked about. Andre says he has won more Battle Royals then anyone in history and calls it an easy way to make money. Vince says if anyone can beat Andre they would make a name for themselves, Andre says he know that and that’s why he has watch what happens at all times.

1. Rick Martel pins Billy Coleman
2. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Paul Figueroa
3. Tony Garea defeats Mike Mahaiko
4. Pat Patterson & Rene Goulet over Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna **1/2

A good show, but seemed odd ending with the interview with Andre. Usually we get five matches, but instead only four this week. The tag match was solid enough, but the ending felt like it came out of nowhere. Next week’s episode is another lost episode, so we jump to the 13th of September. We get a Bob Backlund appearance which is super rare, so that should be exciting.

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