WWF All Star Wrestling – August 23, 1980

Time for the fourth part of this taping cycle, hope they have enough footage this time so we don’t time warp. Last week we had another victory for Rick Martel, plus the debut of Sgt Slaughter. Also Afa crushed Rick McGraw and Lou Albano had a fight with a fan, what will happen tonight? Let’s go to the ring.

Like every week, Bruno and Vince welcome us to the show. Look forward to a change one of these days. This week we get appearances from the Hangman, Hulk Hogan & Rick Martel again, among others.

1. Angelo Gomez v. Ken Patera

Well, at least we get the bad part out of the way right away. Never mind, we have a Pedro match too tonight. Vince says Gomez has two change in this match, zero and none, which is true. Gomez with a side headlock and Patera counters to a rollup and cover for two. Back to the side headline and Patera to the ropes he hammers Gomez then drives him into the turnbuckle. Patera with a headlock as he jaws with Wizard at ringside, he transitions to the armbar and takes him down hard. Patera connects with a stalling vertical suplex then rams Gomez into the buckle before tossing him to the floor. Patera follows and slams Gomez on the floor, Gomez struggles to get back in and gets sent in. Clothesline from Patera followed by the big elbowdrop. Patera locks on the swinging full nelson for the win.

1. Ken Patera destroys Angelo Gomez

2. Baron Mikel Scicluna v. Pedro Morales

So, we’re following bad with bad, interesting tactic from the WWF. Someone in the crowd is cheering for the Baron, so that’s new. Pedro with an armbar as Bruno says they have faced off many times. Mikel makes the ropes, with a little help from the hair. A few weeks ago was Showdown at Shea where Pedro Morales teamed with Bob Backlund and they won the Tag Titles from the Wild Samoans, but no mention of that. They were stripped of the gold because Bob was World Champion at the time and back then the rule was you couldn’t hold two belts at once. So the Tag Titles are vacant at this time. I wonder why they have yet to mention anything about the Shea show? Meanwhile Mikel is hammering away on Pedro, who fires back and both men take turns working the others arm. Pedro shoots him in and hits a sledge, followed by a shoulderblock then finishes with a sunset flip giving Pedro the win. OK match, just nothing exciting but at least they kept it competitive.

2. Pedro Morales pins Baron Mikel Scicluna *

Bruno at ringside with Captain Lou, as Bruno calls him the manager of the Tag Champions, The Wild Samoans. Bruno says they’ve known each other for years and wonders if he ever though of seeking psychiatric help. How rude! Albano is irate and says when he looks at Bruno, he never had respect for him but he was a good champion and wrestler, but is not mentally competent. Albano says he want to talk about business, and Bruno calls him Shamu the Whale. Bruno is just being a jerk the Albano, Albano throws his shirt at Vince who retaliates by throwing a drink at Albano. Vince comes to ringside as Albano stomps away, he comes back and says without his Samoans he is being humiliated by a bumblebee and a punk. Albano calls Bruno a former living legend who was beaten by Larry and grabs the microphone from Bruno as they cut him off.

3. Charlie Sharkey v. Rick Martel

Martel making his fifth straight appearance, and quickly goes for the arm of Charlie who kicks him off. Side headlock and takeover from Martel, as the commentary is quiet now, Sharkey lifts him up but Martel maintains the hold, Sharkey shoots him in and Martel comes back with a shoulderblock. Hammerlock from Sharkey, but Martel flips through and front facelock from Martel. Into the corner and Sharkey drives the shoulder in, so Martel retaliates with forearms and a slam. Backbreaker from Martel gets a near fall, he scoops out the legs of Sharkey and locks on the Boston Crab. Sharkey makes the ropes, and quickly goes to work on the leg. Sharkey gets him in the corner and Martel slams him head into the buckle. Martel tosses Sharkey across the ring and hits a pair of dropkicks then drops an elbow for three.

3. Rick Martel pins Charlie Sharkey

4. Hulk Hogan v. Lindsay Lyle & Steve King

Hulk Hogan faces two men in a handicap match again, and I don’t see this going any different then any of the other ones. Lots of stalling before the match from Hogan as he talks with Blassie. Both men go for Hulk’s legs, and he flings them away. They go for a pair of top wristlocks, and Hulk again tosses them aside. Now they’re trying for a pair of armbars, so Hulk slams them into each other. Lyle tossed to the floor, and King to the other side, as Blassie nails Lyle. King back in and whipped in, back elbow takes him down and Hulk clobbers Lyle as he gets in. Hulk just manhandling both guys, They try and double team Hogan but that fails, as Hogan whips both buys into the corners and stomps away on Lyle. King tossed into Lyle and both men collapse, King whipped in and a clothesline takes him down, one for Lyle as well. Hulk slams Lyle on top of King and sits on both men for the win.

4. Hulk Hogan pins Lindsay Lyle & Steve King

Vince at ringside for an interview with Blassie & Hogan. Blassie calls Hogan unstoppable and unbeatable as Hulk poses in front of them. Vince asks about the elbow pad that Hulk wears, and Hulk says he won’t take it off. Hulk talks about the 24 inch pythons and he will cripple whoever Blassie tells him too. Blassie asks what Vince is implying, he says Hulk is all muscle and doesn’t need any help. Blassie says doesn’t matter how you win, just win and Hulk says he will do anything Blassie says. Hulk’s voice is really high at this point, just funny to listen to.
5. The Hangman v. Fred Marzino

Hangman quickly overpowers Fred and gets him in the ropes, he rams him into the turnbuckle from corner to corner. Hammerlock and Fred slammed into the buckle again as the Hangman works the arm. Scoop and slam sends Fred crashing to the mat, hiptoss from Hangman as he destroys the arm of Fred. Boot to the face sends Fred to the corner and whipped to the opposite corner, as Hangman in complete control. Fred whipped in and eats the big boot. Hangman wrenches the mouth of Fred then sends him to the corner again. Shoulderbreaker and cover, but Hangman pulls him up at two, then press slams Fred dropping him on the top rope. Hangman applies the Hangman noose for the easy win.

5. The Hangman crushes Fred Marzino

1. Ken Patera destroys Angelo Gomez
2. Pedro Morales defeats Baron Mikel Scicluna *
3. Rick Martel beats Charlie Sharkey
4. Hulk Hogan pins Lindsay Lyle & Steve King
5. The Hangman crushes Fred Marzino

Not the best episode, but at least the bad matches opened the show and it improved as we went along. Next week starts the new taping cycle and or main event is Pat Patterson and Rene Goulet facing Baron Mikel Scicluna and Johnny Rodz, also an appearance from Andre the Giant.

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