WWF All Star Wrestling – August 16, 1980

We jump forward a week with August 9th episode missing. On that episode was The Hangman defeating Rick McGraw, I guess any push for Rick is done. Tony Atlas over Billy Coleman, Rick Martel gets his third win over Johnny Rodz and Pat Patterson & Rene Goulet score a win over Baron Mike Scicluna & Jose Estrada. This week we are joined once again by Rick Martel, for I believe the fourth week in a row, that is amazing. Let’s go to the ring.

The men in the yellow suits are looking for Curious George, no that doesn’t seem right, instead they welcome us to the action again. This week Tony Atlas is here, Larry Zbyszko in a previous match and more.

1. Larry Zbyszko v. Billy Berger

This comes from Championship Wrestling on August 9th. Well at least it’s not from last year, I assume if they’re showing this on here something must happen. Larry yells at Joe McHugh to introduce him as the new Living Legend. After the usual amount of stalling from Larry, they finally lock up and into the corner for a clean break. As we get an inset shot of Tony Garea, Larry is just destroying Berger and Vince calls the situation a tragedy. Garea is the former tag partner of Larry, who suplexes Billy for the easy win. After the match Garea comes in to try and talk to Larry and Larry attacks him and nails the referee as well. Arnold Skaaland comes out to check on Garea who’s down on the floor. Bruno heads to ringside to check on Tony, who says he wants Bruno to break every bone in his body.

1. Larry Zbyszko crushes Billy Berger

2. Johnny Rodz v. Tony Atlas

Lockup and Rodz takes down Atlas who powers out easily. Atlas into the hammerlock and Rodz rakes the eyes to break the grip. Rodz unloads on Atlas in the corner, but Rodz makes he mistake of headbutting Atlas and that staggers him. Some serious video issues happen as the picture staggers and speeds up, with the audio being perfect still. Atlas with a shoulderblock takes Rodz down, as Vince gives an update on Garea who’s okay. Rodz again goes to the eyes and stomps on Atlas, as the video is really bad. Atlas powers his way back to his feet, Rodz shot in and gets backdropped down. It’s like listening to wrestling on radio, as the video keeps staggering really badly. Atlas gets the full nelson on Rodz for the victory.

2. Tony Atlas beats Johnny Rodz

3. Afa v. Rick McGraw

Wow, Rick has fallen down the card fast as I guess he’s a jobber now. Rick with a series of armdrags to stagger the Samoan, which gets Albano on the apron. Lock up, and Rick with a side headlock, and Afa shoots him in, shoulderblock doesn’t move Afa. Afa comes back with a headbutt then whips Rick in, and Rick eats the back elbow. Albano just being a goof at ringside dancing around, while Afa in complete control. Rick shot in the corner and Afa misses the charge, Rick with the armdrag into the armbar which gets Albano on the apron again. Afa goes to the eyes and there goes the video again, as Afa has the advantage slamming Rick on the top rope. Afa tosses him outside and Albano helps him back in, so Afa sends him back out again. Albano gets a cheap shot in while Afa has the ref busy, Rick struggles to get back in and blocks Afa’s forearm. Rick with a series of shoulderblocks, but Afa takes down and drops a big headbutt for three.

3. Afa pins Rick McGraw

4. Rick McGraw v. Jose Estrada

Martel makes his fourth straight appearance on All Star as Jose catches and slams Rick to start, so Rick does the same. A pair of armdrags sends Jose to the floor, and Rick is on fire early. Lockup and hiptoss from Estrada, but Rick quickly back up. Hiptoss from Martel, as the game of anything you can do I can do better continues. Estrada with an armbar and uses the hair to take down Rick. Estrada transitions to a headscissors, and he squeezes Martel’s head. Martel counters into a leglock, and Estrada tries to pull the hair to break the hold. It’s almost like an STF on Estrada, as he rakes the eyes to break the hold and now Estrada hammers him, but Martel fights back. Martel drives Estrada’s head into the turnbuckle and then the opposite one for a two count. Estrada again goes to the eyes and uses the tape to rake across Rick’s eyes. Crucifix pin almost gets a victory for Estrada, as he goes to choking Rick on the ropes. Martel has had enough and bites the ear of Estrada. It’s been a very good back and forth match, as I expected with Estrada. Martel decides to fight fire with fire and chokes Estrada on the ropes, then snapmares him over. Both men are slugging it out, as we see Lou Albano come out to the ringside area. Chaos at ringside as a fan takes a swing at Albano with a chair and Albano fights him off. Albano gets in the ring and Martel dropkicks both men repeatedly before pinning Estrada with a hurricanrana!

4. Rick Martel pins Jose Estrada

Bruno at ringside with Martel, and asks about Lou Albano getting involved in the match and the finisher he used. Martel calls it the victory roll and he doesn’t need people interfering in his match and he will fight fire with fire. Bruno asks if he saw him as he caught him with dropkicks, and Rick says he saw him and had to beat him to the punch. Rick says this is the best athletes in the world and you have to be ready for anyone.

5. Sgt Slaughter v. Ricky Stallone

This is the first appearance of Slaughter on All Star Wrestling as he almost has a full head of hair! Ricky tries to get in the face of Sarge, who towers over him. Stallone gets a shot in and Slaughter just laughs at him, as nothing budges the bigger man. One shot from Slaughter staggers Stallone, as Slaughter armdrags him down and locks on an armbar. Stallone tries to fight free so Slaughter clobbers the daylights out of him, then a huge powerslam. Slaughter locks on the Cobra Clutch for the easy won.

5. Sgt Slaughter destroys Ricky Stallone

1. Larry Zbyszko crushes Billy Berger
2. Tony Atlas beats Johnny Rodz
3. Afa pins Rick McGraw
4. Rick Martel pins Jose Estrada
5. Sgt Slaughter destroys Ricky Stallone

A good show, as it looks like McGraw is officially in the jobber category. That is one of the fastest plummets I’ve seen. Nice to see some new blood on the show with Martel and Slaughter. Maybe we’ll get some more new faces?

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