WWF All Star Wrestling – June 28, 1980

Coming off a pretty impressive show last week, we return to Hamburg, PA for the next episode. Tonight we have Pat Patterson versus Johnny Rodz plus Ivan Putski and Rene Goulet in action. I guess Putski gets the big run of matches this taping cycle, at least it’s not Larry Sharpe. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno go over the card, as we get an appearance from Rick McGraw as well tonight. They send it to commercial before the first match.

1. Moose Monroe v. Rick McGraw

Let’s see how bad they rip apart poor Moose this week. Last week was just a butcher job on the poor guy. Lockup and Moose overpowers Rick, as expected as there is quite the height difference. Moose gets a fist right into the eye of Rick, as they begin attacking Moose from commentary again. Bruno says he’s very ineffective in the ring and has nothing other then size, calling him slow and not very knowledgeable. Brutal, as Vince makes fun of Moose and his body hair as well. Rick takes Moose down with his speed and works over the knee. Moose sends Rick to the corner and misses the charge giving Bruno and Vince a chance to make fun of his speed, including Bruno calling him a fool. Moose finally takes down Rick and begins to stomp him and choke Rick on the ropes, and Bruno says he can’t do anything but cheat even with the size advantage. Moose sent to the corner and Rick catches him with a series of dropkicks, then nails Moose with flying crossbody for three.

1. Rick McGraw pins Moose Monroe

2. Angelo Gomez v. Larry Sharpe

Thought I’d get through a taping rotation without Sharpe, no luck. Gomez with a nice hammerlock, but Sharpe counters to a wristlock, Gomez counters to a side headlock and Sharpe back suplexes Gomez down. That was a nice move from Sharpe as he sends Gomez to the corner and begins hammering the back. Gomez comes back with a snapmares into the rear chinlock as tries to wear down Sharpe. Into the ropes and Sharpe gets a knee to the midsection then snapmares Gomez down. Sharpe drives a knee into the back, but Gomez fires back and Sharpe eats turnbuckle. Gomez takes to long to decide what to do next and Sharpe pops him then sends Gomez in, Sharpe with a back body drop and Gomez comes back with a dropkick. Gomez getting a lot of offense in on Sharpe, could we see an upset as Sharpe send hard to the corner. Second time and Gomez charges in but Sharpe moves. Sharpe quickly snaps off the sitting piledriver for the three.

2. Larry Sharpe beats Angelo Gomez

Bruno at ringside with Rene Goulet, asks about Rene teaming with Domenic. Rene says they’ve known each other a long time and both speak French thus they make a good team. They are gunning for the Samoans and believes they can take the gold. Rene says they are undefeated as a team and they want the Samoans in the ring, as they both are former tag champions with other people and have the experience. Bruno says the Samoans can take punishment like no one else, and Rene says it looks like they feel no pain but once you get someone in the right hold they will submit.

3. Rene Goulet v. Jose Estrada

It feels weird having the interview before the match, as Rene didn’t have his jacket on in the interview but then has it on in the ring before the match. It just messes with the flow of the show for me. Both men start with some nice amateur style counters and Rene with a armdrag and a shoulderblock but runs into a knee to the gut from Jose. Rene gets caught in an armbar from Estrada, who is very underrated, Goulet sent into the ropes and comes off with a flying headscissors takeover, very impressive looking. Rene holds the headscissors to wear down Jose, but Jose finally fights free, and comes off the ropes. Rene leaps over Jose and catches him in the headscissors again. Jose breaks the hold and comes off the ropes with a sunset flip for a near fall, he quickly hammers away on Rene. Rene comes back and slams Jose for a near fall, Jose with a slam of his own for two, he quickly locks on a armbar as this has been a very close match. Not sure if this is a push for Jose or a demotion for Rene?!? Shoulderblock from Jose, a second try leads to Rene using a drop toe hold, Jose with a series of rights and Rene shoots him in again. Rollup from Rene scores the victory from out of nowhere. Really good match.

3. Rene Goulet defeats Jose Estrada

4. Johnny Rodz v. Pat Patterson

This is our feature bout of the night, and should be good. Rodz complains to the ref about something, as does Pat and the ref checks the elbow pad of Rodz and finds something. Lockup and Rodz nails him so Patterson fires back as we get a look at the block of wood Rodz had in his elbow pad. Rodz takes down Patterson and stomps on him, as the ref stops to check Rodz again. Patterson takes the chance to roll out of the ring, as Rodz has something else as Patterson gets to the apron and Rodz catches him. Rodz sends him back to the floor and Rodz follows as he clobbers Patterson with a chair. Rodz is just destroying Patterson on the floor as the fans look on aghast. Patterson has his head rammed into the apron, the hardest part of the ring, and Rodz back in to break the count. Rodz goes after Patterson who drags Rodz out of the ring and crotches him on the ropes. Patterson back in the ring and stomps on Rodz then sends Rodz to the floor. Patterson follows and sends Rodz across the timekeeper table, then brings in a chair. The ref grabs for the chair and Patterson keeps it, he misses a shot as Rodz bails. Rodz back in and Patterson with a jackknife cover for two, as Rodz rolls to the ropes. This has been a brawl since the bell as Rodz on the apron has something which he clobbers Patterson with. Rodz removes the turnbuckle pad to expose the steel, and Patterson blocks sending Rodz into the steel twice. Patterson covers for two, scoop and slam but Rodz gets a foot on the ropes to break the pin. Rodz has the object again and drives it into the midsection of Patterson then shoots him to the corner. Rodz charges and Patterson moves, sending Rodz over the top to the apron. Patterson chokes him and Rodz comes back with the object, he throws Patterson back to the floor again. Rodz takes the opportunity to pose and taunt the crowd, then catches Patterson on the apron, but a dropkick misses and he hits the ropes hard. Patterson with an abdominal stretch but too close to the ropes, Rodz with a pair of headbutts sends Patterson to the floor again, Patterson makes the apron so Rodz stomps him back down. Rodz argues with the ref, and Patterson comes in from behind rolling up Rodz for the win. A wild back and forth brawl, very cool.

4. Pat Patterson rolls up Johnny Rodz ***

5. Marc Pole v. Ivan Putski

Another one of Vince and Bruno’s whipping boys as they love to pick on Pole as well. Lockup and Putski with a side headlock Pole makes the ropes for a clean break. Putski hiptosses Pole across the ring and then does it again as Pole is overpowered. Side headlock from Pole then punches him, Putski with a side headlock and Pole makes the ropes. Back to the side headlock from Putski who pops Pole. A third time to the side headlock, as Putski grinds the hold in tightly. Shot in and Putski with a side headlock knocks down Pole. Someone in the crowd yells out “Polish Power” and Putski acknowledges him. Putski sticks with the side headlock and shoots Pole in, Putski hits the Polish Hammer for the easy win.

5. Ivan Putski crushes Marc Pole

1. Rick McGraw pins Moose Monroe
2. Larry Sharpe beats Angelo Gomez
3. Rene Goulet defeats Jose Estrada
4. Pat Patterson rolls up Johnny Rodz ***
5. Ivan Putski crushes Marc Pole

A couple good matches, squished in between two bad matches. Overall a good hour of TV, but the commentary from Bruno and Vince is just awful. They just deride the poor jobbers so badly, you actually feel sorry for the guys. Next week we get a six man tag with Denucci, Patterson and Goulet plus Hulk Hogan joins us.

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