WWF All Star Wrestling – May 31, 1980

It’s time for another great episode of All Star Wrestling as we close out May of 1980. Tonight we have another appearance from the Wild Samoans as they look to continue their tag team dominance in the World Wrestling Federation plus more great action. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno welcome us to the show and talk about tonight. We’ll be seeing Ken Patera, The Wild Samoans, Pedro Morales & more.

1. Rick McGraw v. Jose Estrada

This is the first wave of a new taping, as we open with the newcomer Rick McGraw and Estrada gets him in the ropes and drives the knee in repeatedly. In the corner and Estrada hammers McGraw but Rick blocks the turnbuckle shot, but Estrada with a drop toe hold. Slam from Estrada and Rick kicks him off. Estrada back off in the corner and gets a shot in over the ref’s head as Rick is in trouble. Rick fires back and tosses Estrada across the ring, he hammers Estrada in the corner. Estrada gets a cheap shot in and applies the side headlock, Rick off the ropes with a pair of forearms and a small package only gets one. Estrada gets Rick in the corner, but Rick pops him. McGraw shots Estrada to the corner and charges, but Estrada moves and Rick crashes hard. Estrada starts to work the arm and shoulder, Estrada with a hammerlock slam as Rick is in deep trouble. McGraw finally breaks free, but Estrada like a pit bull right back on the shoulder. Rick goes for the monkeyflip but Estrada holds the ropes and McGraw crashes down hard. Estrada sends McGraw to the corner and continues hammering him, but Rick comes back with a dropkick and a unique headscissors takeover cradle for the pin.

1. Rick McGraw pins Jose Estrada

2. Ron Shaw v. Pedro Morales

Ron Shaw makes his WWF debut in this match, as he was one of the jobbers who was around during the Hulk-a-mania era. Pedro with a quick hammerlock takes Ron down, and works over the arm. Ron makes the ropes, he really towers over Pedro as he drives a knee in and Pedro moves him to the ropes and a sledge to the stomach. Another lockup and into the ropes, we get a clean break. Side headlock on Morales, as Ron cranks the pressure but Pedro powers out with a vicious side backbreaker. Ron rakes the eyes and rams Pedro’s head into the buckle, then back to the eyes. This just angers Pedro who goes right after Ron and just unloads on the guy. Ron tossed across the ring and then shot into the ropes, double sledge and into the Boston Crab for the win.

2. Pedro Morales defeats Ron Shaw

Bruno at ringside with Pat Patterson, asks about the title loss and how it happened. Pat says he doesn’t blame the ref, it was a mistake, but Patera keeps bragging about beating him and says Patera never beat him fair and square. He challenges Patera and says he will take the gold away from him. Pat says the Samoans didn’t beat anyone either, as Tito went in injured, and says they are not a good team, as a good team can beat them. He says he’s talked to Andre and Putski about teaming, as he’s trying to get a team together to beat the Samoans. Pat says everyone wants to be a champion, as it’s a wrestlers goal.

3. Johnny Rodz v. Pat Patterson

They really had a small roster back then, as it feels like it’s the same guys every week, even the jobbers. Rodz quickly gets Pat in the ropes and Patterson grabs the throat so Rodz shoves him. Top wristlock from Rodz and a hair pull sends Pat to the mat. The ref catches Rodz with the hair and breaks the hold, so Rodz stomps him. Rodz keeps working the shoulder and arm, much like earlier with Jose Estrada on Rick McGraw. Rodz again uses the hair to take Patterson down. Rodz drives a headbutt into the shoulder and Patterson on the apron, Rodz drives him shoulder first into the steel post. Rodz stomps on Patterson, who pulls him to the floor but Rodz again drives the shoulder into the steel. Rodz catches Patterson rolling in but Patterson comes back and sends him in, they collide head to head. Both men struggle up and Patterson catches his feet and sends Rodz into the buckle with the slingshot. Patterson is irate and unloads on Rodz sending him over the top to the floor, Patterson thinks about following and takes too long. Rodz catches him and throws him into the post, but Patterson reverses and Rodz crashes into the post hard. Rodz slowly gets to the apron and Patterson slings him in and starts to work the leg. Patterson drives the leg into the steel post and Rodz tumbles to the floor. Rodz slowly makes his way into the ring, stomping and tossing the wooden stairs. He charges and Pat sweeps the leg, then rolls him up for three.

3. Pat Patterson pins Johnny Rodz

4. The Wild Samoans v. Jim Duggan & Frank Williams

Yes, that Jim Duggan, Hacksaw himself makes his WWF debut. He looks so young and he’s clean shaven. He’s less then a year into his career at this point, that is just amazing. Vince compares the Samoans & Albano with the Three Stooges as they get ready in the corner. Duggan is so skinny and taller then either Samoan, as Vince says he’s a newcomer to the WWF. Duggan and Sika lock up and they wind up in the Samoan corner, which doesn’t end well for Duggan. Quick tag to Afa, who nails Duggan with a back elbow as Bruno talks about Duggan being a football star and says he needs to be more aggressive. Afa chokes Duggan on the ropes and drives him into Sika’s head. Double teaming on Duggan who tries to fight free but Afa shrugs him off and headbutts Duggan. Another back elbow sends Duggan to the mat. Albano joins commentary to talk about the Samoan’s agility and skill. Williams tagged in and he won’t do much better as the Samoans are just having fun with the jobber team. Sika tosses Williams out to Afa who rams Williams into the ring apron, Williams barely gets in and Sika chokes away. Albano is just screaming and yelling at ringside, while the Samoans double team Williams. Williams sent crashing to the floor again as Duggan looks on, Afa and Sika continue to double and dominate Williams who made it back in the ring. Samoan Drop on Williams for the win.

4.The Wild Samoans destroy Frank Williams & Jim Duggan

Vince and Bruno discuss the power of Ken Patera. Bruno calls him the greatest weightlifter and toughest wrestler in the US.

5. Ken Patera v. Steve King

Patera jogs around the ring and does jumping jacks just messing around. Side headlock from King, and Patera lifts him up and places on the top turnbuckle. Patera gets King in the ropes, but doesn’t bother with a cheapshot, instead choosing to pose. Patera powers him down and stomps him. Patera pulls him up just to clothesline King back down then drives the elbows into his head. Quickly into the swinging full nelson for the easy win.

5. Ken Patera demolishes Steve King.

1. Rick McGraw pins Jose Estrada
2. Pedro Morales defeats Ron Shaw
3. Pat Patterson pins Johnny Rodz
4.The Wild Samoans destroy Frank Williams & Jim Duggan
5. Ken Patera demolishes Steve King.

A pretty good hour of Television, as a couple good matches plus the debut of Jim Duggan. At least the Patera match was short. Next week more Patera, plus Tony Atlas. Where is Tor Kamata?

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