WWF All Star Wrestling – May 24, 1980

Here we go with another exciting episode of All Star Wrestling. Tonight we are joined by the World Tag Team Champions, the Wild Samoans as they face Domenic Denucci & Rene Goulet in a non-title match. Also on tap tonight is Tony Atlas among others. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince & Bruno welcome us tonight and announce we will see Pedro Morales, former Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson and the Tag Champions The Wild Samoans.

1. Pat Patterson v. Jose Estrada

Lockup and into the corner, we get a clean break. Estrada with a top wristlock and Patterson hiptosses free. Estrada gets him in the ropes and drives a knee in, this angers Patterson and Estrada ducks away. Patterson with a side headlock takeover and starts to hammer on Estrada. Patterson with a full nelson and Estrada climbs the ropes, so Patterson drops him. Estrada charges and Patterson takes out the leg, later tonight we get the debut of Rick McGraw as well! Patterson yanks the beard of Estrada who’s irate and yelling at the referee. Lockup and into the corner, Estrada gets a cheap shot in and unloads on Patterson in the corner. Estrada with an armbar and sends Patterson to the opposite corner but Patterson fights out and Estrada back off. Patterson is relentless hammering Estrada, tosses him across the ring and a dropkick, a second one sends Estrada crashing into the turnbuckle, Patterson catches him in quick pin.

1. Pat Patterson pins Jose Estrada

2. Pedro Morales v. Marc Pole

Marc returns, having not been on the last rotation of tapings, with a new look, very biker like. Vince wastes no time mocking Pole, like before, as he calls him no challenge for Pedro. Lockup and Pedro sends him to the ropes, hammerlock and Pole makes the ropes for the break. Pedro with a side headlock takeover, Pole fights free and eats a hard left from Pedro. Pole having no luck in there with the former World Champion, as Pedro just keeps hammering the man. Pole with a side headlock and then chokes Pedro in the corner, but Pedro reverses and gives a clean break as Vince compares Pole to a jobber from the seventies and says he did nothing of mention. Wow, Vince is just roasting this poor job and now even Bruno is joining in on this, poor guy. Bad enough he’s getting stretched by Pedro, but to be humiliated on camera by the announcers. Pole choking Pedro in the corner, and Pedro rakes the eyes then drives the knee in to Marc’s back repeatedly. Pedro locks on the Boston Crab for the win.

2. Pedro Morales destroys Marc Pole

Bruno at ringside with Rick McGraw who has the deer in the headlights look. Bruno asks where he’s from and Rick stumbles through his promo, mentions coming from Charlotte, North Carolina and talk about his training. Ric says he was trained by Jack Brisco and Eddie Graham in Tampa and wants to be as great as Bruno. Bruno says there are a lot of rough characters here and Rick says he studies his opponents and can go with anyone.

3. Moose Monroe v. Rick McGraw

This would be Rick’s WWF debut match against the monstrous Moose. Rick is shoved away with ease by Moose who overpowers him, but Rick takes out the leg, Moose kicks him away. Side headlock from Moose who hammers Rick to the mat. Rick catches Moose in the corner and tosses him down, Moose begs off and Rick gives him space. Rick gets caught by Moose in a cobra clutch like move, but Rick flips out and works the arm. Moose uses his power to lift up Rick, but Rick holds on to the head and rolls through, Moose with a headscissors. Moose slams Rick in the middle of the ring and chokes him, then sends him to the corner and again the opposite side. Rick springs up the ropes and comes off with a crossbody press for the win!
3. Rick McGraw pinned Moose Monroe

4. The Wild Samoans v. Domenic Denucci & Rene Goulet

Now we get a couple former tag champions, with different partners, facing the current champions. Outside the ring the Samoans have a headbutt party with each other, that’s always fun. Domenic and Rene steal the belts and threaten the Samoans with them, then after the Samoans bail out they put the belts on. All four in the ring and chaos ensues, Albano gets in and Rene beats the tar out of him, sending Lou to the floor hard. The ref struggles to get control, Sika comes out to help Lou Albano get his flip flop back on and Vince is not impressed. Finally the match begins and Denucci gets a full nelson on Afa, Sika charges in and nails Afa accidentally. Rene gets a couple shots on Afa, while Sika eats Lou’s cigar. Afa finally gets a hold of Denucci and clobbers him, and fast tags from the Samoans help take down Denucci. Albano gets his share of shots in as well, which they earned as they attacked Albano first. Denucci whipped into the corner, he goes high enough he hits the ringpost. Afa holds Denucci and Albano smacks him across the face, double team from the Samoans and Denucci is in a world of trouble but tags in Goulet. Afa tossed across the ring by Goulet but Sika catches him and they double team him, along with Albano getting his shots in. Denucci comes in and nails Afa to break the claw and Goulet finally free tags in Denucci. Denucci unloads on both Samoans, as all four in there. Denucci on the floor and Albano goes after him, Denucci nails Albano, but this leaves Rene alone with the Samoans as the ref calls for the bell. Denucci slams a chair on Sika multiple times and no effect as they brawl through the ringside area, security finally breaks it up.

4. The Wild Samoans defeat Domenic Denucci & Rene Goulet by countout

Bruno with Rene & Denucci, and Denucci says they don’t care if it’s a fair fight but Albano is asking for it. Rene calls him a yellow rat and challenges him to a match. Denucci says they will defeat the Samoans and Bruno tries to calm him down.
5. Tony Atlas v. Frank Savage

They lockup and Savage gets Atlas in the corner for a clean break. Atlas with a go behind takes Savage down into the ropes and another clean break. Into the corner and Savage with a cheap shot, so Atlas fires back on him. Side headlock from Atlas and Savage makes the ropes to break the hold. Savage catches Atlas in the corner and chokes him, but Atlas fires back and slams Savage into the buckle. Slam on Savage and Atlas pulls him back in, shoots him in and sledge to the stomach. Hiptoss from Atlas as he controls the match with another slam and Savage tries to fight back. Atlas with a vertical suplex for the easy win.

5. Tony Atlas over Frank Savage

1. Pat Patterson pins Jose Estrada
2. Pedro Morales destroys Marc Pole
3. Rick McGraw pinned Moose Monroe
4. The Wild Samoans defeat Domenic Denucci & Rene Goulet by countout
5. Tony Atlas over Frank Savage

A good show with a nice debut from Rick McGraw and a great tag match. That tag match was more of a vicious ECW style brawl then what I expected it to be. I assume a rematch in the future. Next week the Samoans are in action again for another non-title match.

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