WWF All Star Wrestling – May 17, 1980

It’s too bad we’re missing the previous episode as that one contains the Intercontinental title change. Would’ve been nice for completion, but we move on. Tonight we get a very rare appearance of the World Champion, Bob Backlund, back when we didn’t see the Champion every week. It was a special occasion, something sorely lacking now. Makes the show feel special knowing Backlund is on it. Let’s go to the ring.

Bruno and Vince welcome us to the show and announce tonight we see the undefeated Hulk Hogan, Intercontinental Champion Ken Patera, Tor Kamata who faces Rene Goulet and of course Bob Backlund.

1. Steve King v. Ken Patera

Patera holds the belt up and asks where is Pat Patterson now? Way to get heat on the new champion. Patera jumps King as the bell rings, slams him from way up and drops an elbow. Another slam and another elbow, King sent in and back dropped as Patera is destroying the man. Vertical suplex sends King crashing to the mat and quickly locks on the swinging full nelson for the easy win. They announce the win as a new record on All-Star Wrestling at 43 seconds. They bring out the stretcher for Steve King and get leaves in the meat wagon.

1. Ken Patera destroyed Steve King

2. El Olympico v. Bob Backlund

Our first time seeing the champion on TV this year, as Bob comes out to a loud ovation from the crowd. This is a ten minute exhibition, the rules sound like an Iron Man match, which is just odd. Lockup and Bob sweeps out the leg, Olympico tries the same and Bob goes behind him. They sure are saying this will be scientific a lot, I wonder if it will be? Neither man can get a good grip on the other, as Bob with a go behind and takes down Olympico for one. Handshake and they circle again, Olympico grabs the arm, and Bob flips through and breaks the hold. Another handshake, and lockup, Olympico with a full nelson and Bob stomps him foot to break it. Bob takes out the leg and locks on a legbar. Bob releases the hold and helps him up, as he’s just playing with the masked man. Olympico grabs the leg and Bob powers into a monkey flip. Bob just keeps making Olympico look bad, I’m waiting for Olympico to snap. Olympico with a side headlock, Bob powers him up in a back suplex but doesn’t cover him instead letting him up. Almost looked like we were going to have fisticuffs but never mind, as Olympico slaps him instead. Bob takes the leg and ties it up. You can tell even with the mask Olympico is getting fed up, as Bob keeps knocking him down. Side headlock from Olympico and Bob again back suplexes the man. Whatever Olympico tries Bob counters and tosses him around. The bell rings and they shake hands. Well, that was unique to say the least.

2. Bob Backlund and El Olympico go ten minutes in the exhibition match

Bruno at ringside with Grand Wizard and new Intercontinental Champion Ken Patera, says that Ken’s foot was on the rope during the three count. Wizard says it was not a foot, it was a shadow from the camera, and Patera says he won fair and square. Wizard says there is no one Patera fears and no one he won’t face anytime, any place. Bruno says he talked to Putski and Atlas and both have tried to get title matches and Wizard is blocking the matches.

3. Tor Kamata v. Rene Goulet

This would be the toughest challenge to date for Kamata. Rene attacks Kamata quickly and grabs the arm, causing Kamata to spill his salt. Rene stomps and chokes Kamata on the ropes, side headlock from Rene and Kamata rolls through for one, but Rene keeps the hold on. Rene off the ropes and a shoulderblock sends Kamata to the outside, and he is irate. This is the most trouble he’s had so far. Kamata on the apron catches Rene and rakes the eyes. Rene slammed into the turnbuckle and Kamata in control as he works over Rene. Rene tries for a slam but Kamata blocks so Rene with a small package for two. Kamata fires back and Rene sends him to the corner, Rene catches him coming out with a slam sending Kamata to the floor again. Kamata slow to get back in the ring, he grabs some of the salt in the corner, unbeknownst to the ref or Rene. Rene does the same in the other corner, and Kamata doesn’t know as we get a standoff. Rene grabs Kamata in the top wristlock to take Kamata down, and uses his speed to armdrag Kamata multiple times into the armbar. Kamata counters to the headscissors and squeezes the head of Rene. Rene flips free and locks on the side headlock, Vince calls Kamata a big Japanese whale, wow Vince keeps it classy as usual. Rene sent in and sunset flip almost beats Kamata who crawls to a corner. Lockup and Kamata gets Rene in the ropes, one chops sends Rene to the floor as the bell rings?!? Both men still slugging it out and the ref tries to separate them. Rene dropkick Kamata, who gets tied in the ropes and Rene gets a couple shots in as the ref fights to release him.

3. Rene Goulet & Tor Kamata go to a time limit draw

4. Angelo Gomez v. Larry Zbyszko

Haven’t seem Larry in a while, glad it’s not Larry Sharpe. Larry takes down Gomez a few times as he’s toying with him. Fireman’s carry takeover and Larry just messing with Gomez. Larry drives a knee in and slams Angelo’s head into the buckle then snapmares him down. Big scoop and slam sending Gomez to the mat as Bruno still refusing to comment. Larry with a vertical suplex for the easy three.

4. Larry Zbyszko defeats Angelo Gomez

5. Mike Masters v. Hulk Hogan

Hogan offers a handshake and Mike decline, wisely, and they lockup. Hogan powers Masters to the corner, another lockup and Hogan hammers the back. Big slam on Masters and Hogan pulls him up just to hammer him down. Mike’s head driven into the turnbuckle, Hogan with a backbreaker, cover but pulls him up. Masters tries to fight back but Hogan rakes the eyes and nails him with a back elbow. Slam on Masters, Hogan drops a big leg for the pin, but Hogan pulls him up again. Hogan slams him again and drops another leg, pulling Mike up again. A vertical suplex sends Masters crashing to the mat but again refuses to pin him. Hogan locks on the bear hug for the win.

5. Hulk Hogan crushed Mike Masters

1. Ken Patera destroyed Steve King
2. Bob Backlund and El Olympico go ten minutes in the exhibition match
3. Rene Goulet & Tor Kamata go to a time limit draw
4. Larry Zbyszko defeats Angelo Gomez
5. Hulk Hogan crushed Mike Masters

A good episode with two lengthy matches. Surprised Tor and Rene went a full ten minutes, but was much better then expected. Next week The Samoans face Domenic Denucci & Rene Goulet in our main event. That should be fun.

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