WWF All Star Wrestling – May 3, 1980

We move into a new month and with that we have some new champions. As seen previously The Wild Samoans won the WWF Tag Team Championship from Ivan Putski and the departing Tito Santana. On April 21st Pat Patterson lost the Intercontinental title to Ken Patera at the last Madison Square Garden show. Meanwhile Bob Backlund continues his reign as WWF World Heavyweight Champion, with no end in sight. Tonight’s main event is Tony Atlas squaring off with the Unpredictable Johnny Rodz. Lets’ go the ring.

Vince and Bruno welcome us to the show and announce tonight we will see Tor Kamata, former Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson, Larry Sharpe and Tony Atlas. Bobby Duncum faces Domenic Denucci in our opener.

1. Bobby Duncum v. Domenic Denucci

Captain Lou accompanies Duncum to the ring, and doesn’t see to want to keep his shirt on. Audio seems really low on this week’s episode, hard to hear commentary. Duncum overpowers Denucci to the ropes and gets a cheap kick in. Lockup and into the ropes, Denucci gets a shot in this time. Side headlock from Denucci, as Lou Albano is yelling at him from ringside, Duncum sends him in and armdrags him down but misses the elbow. Denucci starts to work over the arm and hammers Duncum in the ropes. Duncum powers Denucci into the buckle and Duncum misses the charge, this gives Denucci a chance to go after the now injured arm. Duncum rakes the eyes to slow down Denucci and hammers him down. Albano outside the ring posing, which really annoys Vince, seems they really didn’t like each other, like Bruno and Hogan. Duncum sends Denucci to the outside, where Albano gets a few cheap shots in and sends him in the ring. Duncum covers and Denucci gets his foot on the ropes to break. Denucci meets the turnbuckle hard and whipped in, big boot sends Denucci crumpling to the mat. Another whip in, but Denucci gets caught with his head down and Denucci sends him to the floor. Denucci quickly follows and Duncum slams his head into the steel post before rolling in for the countout win. **1/4 solid match between two big guys, cheap finish though.

1. Bobby Duncum defeats Domenic Denucci via countout **1/4

2. Larry Sharpe v. Charlie Brown

Larry Sharpe returns after a couple weeks we didn’t have to deal with him. How he was such a good trainer when his matches are so bad is beyond me. Sharpe powers Brown to the ropes and drives a knee in, then hammers at the man before sending him to the ropes. Double chop and a high knee sends Brown to the mat. Sharpe pulls him up and slams him, then drops a knee as Bruno says Brown has no charge to him. Sharpe sends Brown to the buckle and continues to work him over, as Brown has no idea where he is. Brown finally fights back and sends Sharpe to the corner repeatedly, but misses the charge and Sharpe headbutts him in the gut sending Brown to the outside. Brown back in and out the other side, this angers Brown who comes back firing and slams Sharpe. It’s a comeback from Brown as he slams him but misses a diving splash and Sharpe rakes the eyes. This match is really dragging, not surprising considering who it is, as it keeps going. Suplex from Sharpe gets a near fall, as Brown actually kicks out making this match go even longer. Brown sends him in but gets caught and Sharpe with a quick piledriver for three.

2. Larry Sharpe pins Charlie Brown

Bruno at ringside with Fred Blassie & Tor Kamata, asks why Tor left Sumo and Blassie says money and knowing Blassie would take care of him. Blassie says his name is a household word in Japan, and Bruno says the Japanese people don’t like Blassie. Kamata says Bruno is number one in Japan and Kamata is happy to speak with Bruno. Kamata says American wrestlers use whatever tactics they need, and Bruno says that’s not true. Fred says he prefers the foreigners for the respect and Bruno says he can move then, Fred says he loves the money.
3. Jose Estrada v. Pat Patterson

Patterson takes his time removing his jacket before they lock up, to the ropes and a clean break. We get the classic criss cross, Patterson stops and goes to pop Estrada, who holds the ropes. Side headlock from Patterson, Estrada fights free but Patterson fires back and Estrada bails. Estrada leaps over the top back in and applies the side headlock on Patterson who grabs the nose of Estrada and applies his own. Estrada tries to shoot him and Patterson holds his beard sending Estrada to the floor. Estrada back in and offer a handshake, Patterson yanks him into the side headlock and again Patterson holds the beard. Patterson keeps yanking on the beard and the ref physically breaks it, as even Vince feels bad for Estrada. Patterson rings the ears and gets powered to the ropes, Estrada drives the knee into Patterson sending him outside. Patterson comes back in and Estrada catches him sending Patterson to the opposite corner and continues hammering him. Patterson has had enough and nails Estrada, who hides in the corner so Patterson knees him and Estrada rakes the eyes and dropkicks Patterson who gets locked in the ropes. Estrada flies across the ring and Patterson moves causing Estrada to gets stuck in the ropes. Patterson pulls him out and rolls him up three.

3. Pat Patterson beats Jose Estrada

4. Johnny Rodz v. Tony Atlas

They lockup and Rodz with a top wristlock on Atlas who easily fight out into a hammerlock. Rodz gets Atlas in the ropes and begins to pound on him, but Rodz hurts his elbow and now Atlas fires back sending Rodz to the buckle. Rodz with a nice kneelift knocking Atlas down, then drops an elbow. A second one misses and now Atlas with a front facelock, and Rodz tries to fight out but instead they get to the ropes where Rodz gets a knee in. Atlas off the ropes and a back elbow from Rodz followed by a couple stomps off the middle rope. Elbow misses again as Atlas slams and misses his won elbow. Rodz slams Atlas but misses the big splash and Atlas off the ropes with a sunset flip for a near fall. Rodz rakes the eyes and gets caught with his head down, Atlas scoops and slams Rodz, but Rodz gets a shot to the throat and slams Atlas. Another slam but Atlas rolls him up in the small package for the victory.

4. Tony Atlas defeats Johnny Rodz

Vince and Bruno talk about Rodz toughness and Atlas’ win. They talk about the talk of banning Tor Kamata’s big splash, which Bruno is in favor of. Vince says it is a dangerous move but if someone moves it’s the advantage to the opponent. Bruno says the ropes are not to be used for moves and needs to be banned. Vince asks about Blassie managing Kamata and Hogan at same time, and if he can work with both. Bruno says he can as both men are going up the ladder and Blassie is doing what needs to be done.

5. Tor Kamata v. Joe Mascara

Joe tries to hammer on the much larger man, but it has no effect as Kamata rakes the eyes. Kamata uses the martial arts to take him down, and then tosses Joe out of the ring and he just misses the steps. Joe back in but gets distracted by Blassie, Kamata drags him in. Kamata with a chop and then the running splash for the easy win.

5. Tor Kamata crushes Joe Mascara

1. Bobby Duncum defeats Domenic Denucci via countout **1/4
2. Larry Sharpe pins Charlie Brown
3. Pat Patterson beats Jose Estrada
4. Tony Atlas defeats Johnny Rodz
5. Tor Kamata crushes Joe Mascara

Not a great episode as a couple matches went way to long and dragged the show down. Next week’s episode is missing, so we’re jumping forward two weeks. The episode that is missing features the title win for Ken Patera over Pat Patterson plus Larry Sharpe, Samoans, Tony Atlas and Pedro. Next episode we get to see the World Champion for the first time!

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