WWF All Star Wrestling – April 26, 1980

Last week’s show was the start of a new taping cycle as I thought, wish they’d tell you that. One good thing with WWF Superstars/Challenge in the mid eighties was they would welcome you to the arena so you knew when it was a new rotation. These shows were from April 16th 1980, but still the same building just a slightly different layout in Hamburg, PA. Lots of good stuff on this final episode of April, so let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno welcome us to the show and announce tonight we will see Pedro Morales, plus we go to Philly for the tag title match. Also tonight is Pat Patterson, Rene Goulet and more.

1. Tito Santana & Ivan Putski v. The Wild Samoans for the Tag Belts

This is from Philadelphia on April 12th as we get a huge tag title match to open the show. Massive crowd in the Spectrum for this match as this was the main event of the evening. All four men in the ring to start and the Samoans sent into each other. Dropkick sends Afa out and a double dropkicks gets a quick near fall. Quick tags from the champions as they work the leg of Sika over. Earlier in the show Hulk Hogan faced Bob Backlund for the WWF Title, would’ve loved to see that. The champions continue to work the leg as they keep the big Samoan on the mat, thus preventing any chance of headbutts. Tito comes in from the top and a big stomp and a cheap shot on Afa. So far it’s just been leg work on Sika, until finally Afa gets tagged in against Putski who quickly goes behind and locks on a full nelson, but Afa reverses and Sika charges in but hits Afa. Putski tosses Afa from one side to the other before bringing Tito back in. Double teams and fast tags from the champions stagger Afa, but Putski misses a charge and now Afa takes over. Headbutt takes Putski down and then into the head of Sika, who then tags in and continues the offense. Putski catches him with a boot and tags in Tito who hits a flying forearm and then a dropkick for Afa. Sika slammed down and Tito up top and a flying bodypress on Sika, but Tito lands hard and this allows Sika to nail him with the Samoan Drop for the pin and the gold! Not a great match, but it’s Putski so it’s expected as we crown new champions.

1. The Wild Samoans beat Ivan Putski & Tito Santana for the Tag Titles **1/2

2. Johnny Rodz v. Pedro Morales

We return to Hamburg, PA for the remainder of the show as Pedro makes his way to the ring. He’s introduced as the former World Champion, as he held the title between Ivan Koloff and Stan Stasiak in the early seventies. Rodz tries to over power Pedro but that doesn’t work. A couple shot fires up Pedro who clobbers Rodz who hides in the corner. Lockup and Pedro with a hammerlock, Rodz pops him so Pedro does the same. Another hammerlock takes Rodz down, Bruno and Vince talk about long title reigns including the eight years of Bruno’s first reign. Rodz tossed outside and Pedro slams him into the buckle. Pedro held the gold for almost three years, as he continues to dominate Rodz. Rodz whipped into the exposed metal twice by Pedro, who’s supposed to be a face, as Rodz has no idea where he is and tumbles to the floor. Pedro gets pulled out as well, Rodz chokes him with the bottom rope. Rodz gets in and keeps choking Pedro, but Pedro fights free and pulls Rodz out. Rodz meets the steel post hard twice, and both men back in. Pedro with a high angle backbreaker then the Boston Crab for the win.

2. Pedro Morales defeats Johnny Rodz

At ringside is Bruno Sammartino with Pat Patterson as they talk about Pat’s team with Andre the Giant. Bruno asks about his tag team career and Pat says he used to team with Ray Stevens who was a tough guy and great partner. Pat says he’d love to team with Andre, but Andre travels a lot and it’s hard but he’s going to try. They talk about how hard it is to go from teaming to singles, and that the best wrestlers are here in the WWF right now. Pat says he like to wrestle by the rules, but if his opponent wants to break rules he will too.

3. Frankie Williams v. Pat Patterson

Patterson not introduced as the Intercontinental Champion and no title with him, what happened there? Patterson out wrestles Frankie with some nice scientific work, as Pat locks on the side headlock. Vince and Bruno talk about the new tag team champions and Albano leading many teams to the gold. Patterson with the armdrag into the armbar, but Frankie in the ropes. Vince says if Patterson gets behind you, you’re in trouble?!? Frankie rakes the eyes and sends Pat to the corner, but Frankie misses the charge and Pat unloads. Patterson with a rear chinlock, and Frankie powers to the corner, then follows with a knee and snapmare, but Patterson reverses out. Frankie dives for the legs and Patterson is able to block the move and pops him in the head. Williams retaliates and hammers Patterson down in the corner. Patterson slammed into the buckle, second time blocked and Williams into the buckle then tossed out of the ring. Patterson waits for Williams to get in the ring and sweeps the leg then works over the knee. Patterson uses the Stump Puller for the submission win, that was a unique submission hold.

3. Pat Patterson defeated Frankie Williams

4. Jose Estrada v. Rene Goulet

They shake hands before the match and lockup, into the ropes and clean break. Rinse and repeat, as Estrada gets a top wristlock which Rene flips through. Estrada with the armdrag and Goulet with a go behind, and they reverse multiple times with Goulet winding up on the floor. Estrada holds the ropes for Rene to come in. Rene with a side headlock and Estrada reverses to a hammerlock, but Rene sends Estrada to the floor and Rene holds the ropes. Estrada comes in and attacks Goulet with a stiff right and then stomps and chokes him. Armbar from Estrada and Rene tries to fight out, but Estrada uses the hair to pull him down. Scoop slam gets Estrada a near fall, second time and Rene rolls him into the small package for the win.

4. Rene Goulet pinned Jose Estrada

Vince and Bruno talk about the injuries you can sustain in the ring. Bruno says you feel it later and the older you get the worse it hurts. Funny to see people smoking in the crowd.

5. Marc Pole v. El Olympico

It’s Vince’s favorite whipping by Marc Cole, bet they make fun of his body. Olympico with an armdrag into the armbar takes down the bigger man who makes the ropes. Test of strength and Olympico steps through and sends Marc to the mat. Side headlock but Marc pops him and the tries to remove the mask. Bruno doesn’t understand the mask, as neither does Vince. Olympico fires back and sends Marc to the corner, Olympico grabs his beard and pulls. Marc hammers Olympico down and applies the full nelson, Olympico breaks it and sends him. Dropkick from Olympico and cover for the win.

5. El Olympico beats Marc Pole

1. The Wild Samoans beat Ivan Putski & Tito Santana for the Tag Titles **1/2
2. Pedro Morales defeats Johnny Rodz
3. Pat Patterson defeated Frankie Williams
4. Rene Goulet pinned Jose Estrada
5. El Olympico beats Marc Pole

A good title match opened the show, but it won’t downhill from there. Nothing else was very good, and a couple matches went too long. Next week Tony Atlas faces Johnny Rodz in our feature bout.

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