WWF All Star Wrestling – April 19, 1980

Half way through the month of April as Tito is now officially gone, with his last match having been three days earlier. Now maybe we get some information on the tag belts? Tonight we get a rare appearance from the Eighth Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant in a tag match with Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno go over the matches tonight, as we get Tony Atlas, Tor Kamata plus Patterson & Andre in tag action. Also tonight Ken Patera and the return of Pedro Morales, didn’t see that coming.

1. Mike Masters v. Ken Patera

Well, at least we get Patera out of the way early, thankful for that. We seem to be in a new locale from last week, as the building looks different. Lockup and into the ropes, Patera clobbers him and takes Master over for a two count. Side headlock from Masters but Patera makes the ropes, and clean break. Patera with a snapmare into the rear chinlock, but Masters fights free and hammers Patera in the corner however Patera with a pair of knees slows down Masters. Patera with a vertical suplex for three.

1. Ken Patera over Mike Masters

2. Tor Kamata v. Manny Siaca

I don’t think Manny stands a chance at all, as Kamata debuts a new robe which Blassie helps remove. After the ceremonial salt Kamata now does the Samoan pose, ala Yokozuna in later years. Kamata quickly hammers down Manny as Bruno questions the salt ceremony. Manny tossed to the outside and slowly he gets to the apron, where Kamata catches him and chokes Manny. Manny gets a few right hands and gets in the ring, continuing the offense but Kamata shrugs him off. Manny whipped in and Kamata with the double chop and a pair of knee drops, an impressive dropkick and running splash gets the easy win. Someone in the crowd yells get the stretcher, as Kamata leaves the ring without crushing the man, that makes me a sad panda.

2. Tor Kamata crushes Manny Siaca

Vince at ringside with Tony Atlas as Vince says he’s undefeated. Tony credits the fans who keep him going, Tony seems to be trying to grow a mustache, as he says no opponent is easy as everyone is different. Vince asks Tony to take his robe off to show his body, that sounded creepy as he then tells Tony to pose. I think Vince might be enjoying this too much, as he moans?!? Jinkies, that was awkward as he compares his to a sculpture, and the crowd starts to boo. Here comes Ken Patera and Vince says he’s not invited. Ken says he has the right to be out there and asks if Tony is strong. Tony says he knows Ken’s background but Tony’s body is built for wrestling not weightlifting. Vince asks Ken about an arm wrestling contest between the two men, and Atlas reiterates the challenge. Patera grabs the microphone and calls Atlas a nothing and accepts the challenge for next week.

3. Andre the Giant & Pat Patterson v. Jose Estrada & Johnny Rodz

Patterson is not wearing his Intercontinental Title, but is introduced as champion, that seems odd. Nobody wants to start with Andre the Giant as they keep tagging out. Patterson comes in to start with Rodz, who offers a handshake, Patterson grabs him and drags him to Andre who comes in. Rodz quickly bails out, but the referee tells him to get in. Andre catches him in a rear headlock and just lifts him. Estrada charges in and Andre swats him away while still holding Rodz. Estrada and Rodz heads driven together by Andre, who begins to work the leg of Rodz, Rodz grabs the hair and rakes the eyes. Rodz kicks Andre in the face, but one headbutt from Andre sends Rodz flying. Estrada in and he gets a headbutt Patterson whips Estrada into Andre’s boot and then slingshots him into Andre’s fist, another slingshot sends Estrada flying into Rodz now. Patterson with a full nelson on Rodz and Andre threatens to punch him. Andre holds Rodz and Patterson swings and pops Andre, which makes Andre laugh. This allows Rodz to tag in Estrada and some fast tags and double teaming takes down the champion. Rodz with a headbutt, and then Estrada tagged in via the top rope as they continue to work over Patterson. Team NYC doing good as long as Andre isn’t in the ring, but Patterson then makes the tag and it’s all over. Andre squishes Rodz and Estrada in the corner, with a little help from Patterson in the rear. Andre misses a charge in the opposite corner, and Rodz off the top with some stomps. Rodz begins to work over Andre, but Andre gets to his feet and sends Rodz in. Big boot from Andre and Patterson in, Andre holds Estrada in the corner as Patterson rolls up Rodz but Rodz gets his shoulder up. Vince says they were robbed, as Rodz rakes the eyes of Patterson and slams him down then drops a few elbows, before whipping him into the knee of Estrada who he tags in. Patterson fires back and tags in Andre who nails Estrada with a boot and splash for three.

3. Andre the Giant & Pat Patterson defeat Jose Estrada & Johnny Rodz

Bruno at ringside with Pat and Andre as he asks who they want to face. Pat says no matter who they face, having Andre in the corner is like having three partners. Pat says they can also French to each other, Bruno asks Andre about tagging. Andre says he likes teaming with Pat and they can converse with no one knowing what they are saying. Pat says he’d like to be a permanent team and go for the belts. They talk about the size of Andre’s hand as he covers Pat’s face with it, and Pat says he’s so confident with Andre in his corner.

4. Frankie Williams v. Pedro Morales

This is Pedro’s return after three years and the crowd gives him a nice hand. Pedro quickly takes down Frankie with the headlock, but Frankie comes back with an armbar. Pedro flips out of the hold and they circle. Pedro with a hammerlock and Frankie makes the ropes, thus breaking the hold. Frankie rakes the eyes and hits him, so Pedro fires back and Frankie takes a step back. Vince says next week we go to Philly for Tito and Putski v. The Wild Samoans for the tag belts. Awesome, can’t wait for that. In the corner and Frankie drives a couple knees in then forearms to stagger Pedro, but Pedro slams Frankie into the buckle and unloads on him. Pedro snapmares Frankie over and applies the rear chinlock, coming up next is Tony Atlas, as Pedro drives a knee into the back of Frankie. Pedro sends him in and a punch to the gut, then a side slam into the Boston Crab for the win.

4. Pedro Morales defeats Frankie Williams

Vince and Bruno talk about next week as we get the tag title match from the Philadelphia Spectrum and they hype it up. Again we’re told Tony Atlas is next.

5. Marc Pole v. Tony Atlas

Surprisingly it’s Tony Atlas next, as we’ve been told twice. Atlas quickly overpowers Pole to the ropes and clean break. Atlas with a side headlock and Pole tries to fight free but nothing. Atlas releases and pops him then back to the headlock as Vince makes fun of Pole’s flabby physique. Pole slams Tony into the buckle and Atlas retaliates with one of his own and shoots him in, forearm to the stomach and back to the rear chinlock. Pole with a thumb to the eye breaks the hold, and Tony is not happy. Big dropkick and then a leaping headbutt score the easy win for Tony.

5. Tony Atlas crushes Marc Pole

1. Ken Patera over Mike Masters
2. Tor Kamata crushes Manny Siaca
3. Andre the Giant & Pat Patterson defeat Jose Estrada & Johnny Rodz
4. Pedro Morales defeats Frankie Williams
5. Tony Atlas crushes Marc Pole
A good hour of TV, as the tag match was fun and we get a storyline between Patera & Atlas. Next week we get a huge tag team title matchup from Philly, which is going to be great to see. Also we’re joined by Pat Patterson and much more to finish out April.

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