WWF All Star Wrestling – April 12, 1980

Tonight we get more of Tor Kamata, which should be fun, I assume they’re building him up for a match with Bob Backlund or Pat Patterson. Also we should have an announcement about the tag titles, with Tito gone unless they wait a while. Not like anyone would really know in the days before internet. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno go over the card, and Bruno says he doesn’t like Kamata and something needs to be done. Also tonight The Wild Samoans and Hulk Hogan will join us tonight. After the break the Wild Samoans join us.

1. Angelo Gomez v. Tor Kamata

Odd, Vince said Samoans coming up, wonder if that was cut, guess we’ll see. I don’t like Gomez’s chance here tonight with the monster who does the classic ceremonial salt before the match. Gomez with a side headlock but Kamata lifts him with ease and drops him, then begins hammering the smaller man. Bruno talks about Kamata being a former sumo wrestler and his strength and martial arts skills. Kamata cranks on the neck of Gomez, as Vince talks about the injuries to Bimbo two weeks ago. Gomez gets a hold of the arm and cranks it, but Kamata fires back with a chop. Gomez with a dropkick, as Bruno says you’re not allowed to use the ropes and the move is illegal, well Bruno’s going to hate the cruiserweights in the future. Kamata chops Gomez down and ascends the ropes for the big splash and easy win. Fred Blassie celebrates with his man as Kamata wants to splash him again but Blassie gets him out of the ring. Gomez gets stretchered out, come on he only took one splash, Bimbo took two before being taken away in the meat wagon.

1. Tor Kamata squashes Angelo Gomez

2. The Wild Samoans v. Steve King & Frankie Williams
Albano looks happy at ringside as he bouncing around just having a good time. Sika quickly overpowers Williams and hammers him in the corner, quick tag made and Williams eats a double elbow. Williams rolls away to tag in King, who rams into Afa and nothing happens, Afa just slams him with ease. Dropkick from King and Afa just stares at him, King tossed into Sika’s head and Sika in begins choking King. Quick tags from the Samoans who tosses King around before locking on the abdominal claw. Double team from the Samoans and back to the claw. King shot in and catches Sika with his head down, this allows a tag to Williams but he’s cut off quickly and double teamed by Afa & Sika. Samoan drop from Afa, after a tour of the ring, and cover for the win, but no Afa pulls him up. Sika in and it’s his turn to hit a Samoan drop for three. That went on way too long.

2. The Wild Samoans defeat Steve King & Frankie Williams

Vince goes to ringside to interview the Samoans and Albano, he asks how they’re training is going for the tag gold. Lou says this is the finest combination he’s ever manager and they are ready for the gold. Albano says he has managed eight former tag champions over the years and he know what it takes. Albano says they are ready for any combination in the world and no one can stop them. I guess you could say it’s their yard and they are the big dogs?!? Vince asks if the Samoans have too much guts and don’t know when to quit. Albano says occasionally Vince shows a little intelligence, and that they are homicidal and need help and immune to pain but no one man can compare to Samoans. Vince cuts Albano off as we go to commercial.

3. Jose Estrada v. Bobby Duncum

At least it’s not Larry Sharpe, sadly that’s the best I can say. Duncum with a side headlock, and Jose counters to the headscissors but Duncum powers out. Duncum quickly goes behind and locks on a full nelson but Jose makes the ropes. Jose with a side headlock takeover, but Duncum reverses. Duncum with a front facelock to take him down, he transitions into a armbar. Estrada flips free and nails Duncum with a pair of dropkicks sending Duncum to the floor. Duncum gets back in the ring and kicks Jose then a shot to the throat slows down Estrada. Jose pulled down to the mat by the bigger man, and Estrada elbows free but eats the knee. Shoulderblock takes Estrada down, and back to the chinlock. Estrada driven into the turnbuckle and shot in, but Estrada reverses and Duncum crashes hard. Estrada quickly hammers on Duncum, but Duncum fires back and a back elbow takes down Estrada. A big knee from Duncum gets a near fall, Albano goes to the commentary and gives Estrada credit. Duncum with the bulldog for the victory.

3. Bobby Duncum pins Jose Estrada

4. Domenic Denucci & Rene Goulet v. Frank Savage & Baron Mikel Scicluna

Scicluna officially on the jobber level now, as he teams with not so Macho Man Frank Savage. Mikel and Denucci start with Denucci snapmaring Mikel over and into an armbar. Goulet tagged in and Mikel rakes the eyes then hammers down Rene. Vince asks how Denucci & Rene would do with the Samoans, and Bruno says what can anyone do with them? Savage in and hammers Rene, but misses the dropkick and Rene slams him then drops the elbow. Denucci tagged in and hammers Savage, Rene back in and snapmare, they double team the legs of Savage as Denucci tagged in. Denucci works the leg and then a high kneelift staggers Savage. Rene comes back in as Mikel is playing with the ring rope, they double team Savage. Isn’t Denucci and Rene the faces, that’s some pretty heelish stuff they’re doing. Mikel has the ring rope tied around his hand, as he gets tagged in and Mikel clocks Denucci with it then chokes him with the rope. Rene tries to help but this distracts the referee allowing more choking. Mikel sends Denucci to the outside as this looks like the battle of used car salesmen! Goulet tagged back in and Mikel uses the rope around his throat now. With the ref busy Denucci hands the rope to Savage. Savage tagged in and eats a shot from Rene. A small package from Rene for the surprising win.

4. Rene Goulet & Domenic Denucci beat Mikel Scicluna & Frank Savage

Vince & Bruno talk about Hogan, and Vince calls him the best wrestler in the company. Bruno says he’s the most powerful but has shown no wrestling skills. They talk about Tor Kamata and the splash, Bruno says the move is illegal and should be banned.

5. Hulk Hogan v. Marc Pole

Massive size difference here, as I don’t like Marc’s chance with the Fabulous Hulk Hogan, as he was introduced as. Hogan with the side headlock right away and pops Pole. Hogan sends him to the corner and Pole collapses, Hogan pulls him up and slams him down as the crowd is leaving. Hogan drops a leg and covers, but pulls Pole up. Pole locked in the bearhug and that’s the end of the match.

5. Hulk Hogan crushes Marc Pole

Vince at ringside calls over Blassie, and asks about Kamata. Blassie is happy about the injuries to Bimbo and possibly to Gomez. Vince says they want to bar Kamata and his splash, Blassie says it’s a legal hold and you can’t ban it. Vince says there is always a chance of injury but no one is expecting to have a three hundred pound man come off the top. Blassie says anyone gets in the ring with his men will get injured and he will fight to the Supreme Court or United Nations he will not allow it.

1. Tor Kamata squashes Angelo Gomez
2. The Wild Samoans defeat Steve King & Frankie Williams
3. Bobby Duncum pins Jose Estrada
4. Rene Goulet & Domenic Denucci beat Mikel Scicluna & Frank Savage
5. Hulk Hogan crushes Marc Pole

Another good show, the Samoans match was good and Kamata just amuses the crap out of me, so I enjoyed it. Could do without Duncum, but no Larry Sharpe is a good thing. Next week’s main event is Pat Patterson & Andre the Giant versus Jose Estrada and Johnny Rodz.

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