WWF All Star Wrestling – March 22, 1980

Once again we’re missing an episode, so we move forward to this episode. This airs two days before the upcoming house show, which is the only one for 1980 on the network. Tonight’s episode features Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson facing off with Johnny Rodz among other matches. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno open the show as usual and go over tonight’s card featuring Patterson, Tito, Larry Sharpe and Tony Atlas in action. Great more Larry Sharpe, curses.

1. Pat Patterson v. Johnny Rodz

Patterson is the reigning Intercontinental Champion but this is a non-title contest. Both men slowly circle each other and Rodz tries to get the ref to check Patterson’s knee pad. With Pat distracted Rodz gets a cheap shot in and hammers Patterson in the corner. Rodz cranks on the armbar, and uses the hair to keep Patterson down. We get a closeup of the stitches that Patterson got recently from an unknown match. Rodz continues to work over the arm using the ropes as well and drives his shoulder into the turnbuckle. Rodz tries a second time and Patterson ducks, sending Rodz into the buckle. Patterson peppers Rodz in the corner and slams his face into the buckle, sending Rodz begging for mercy. Patterson grabs Rodz by the ear and yanks hard which just fires up Rodz who unloads on Patterson. Rodz drives a knee into the face of Patterson, but Patterson blocks the turnbuckle smash and drags Rodz to the ringpost where he slams Johnny’s knee into it. Patterson back in the ring and continues working over the leg but Rodz rakes the eyes and sends Patterson into the ropes. Rodz hits a back elbow and then a stomp off the top rope. He repeats the move multiple times and covers for a near fall. Rodz sends Patterson in and Patterson comes back with the sunset flip for the victory! Rodz tries to attack Patterson after the match and Patterson sends him to the outside,

1. Pat Patterson defeats Johnny Rodz **1/2

2. Jose Estrada v. Tony Atlas

They lockup and to the ropes for a clean break, another lockup and to the corner for another clean break. Estrada with a go behind and Atlas reverses, Estrada makes the ropes for the break. Estrada forces Atlas to the corner and hits him, Atlas reverses and hits him back, tosses him across the ring and takes him down with a flying headscissors. Estrada fights free but gets taken down with another flying headscissors, but Estrada flips out. Estrada takes a powder to the outside to slow down Atlas. Back in the ring and they battle over a wristlock, and Atlas powers him down but Estrada comes back with a nice dropkick. Atlas answers back with one of his own and then both men go for the dropkick at same time. Estrada up first and hammers Atlas in the corner. Atlas gets fired up and makes his comeback with a front facelock, Estrada fights free and slams Atlas. Atlas back up and another slam from Estrada as Estrada goes for the third time and Atlas blocks and slams Estrada down. Atlas with a rear chinlock to wear down Estrada, who rakes the eyes to break the hold. Estrada pounds on Atlas in the corner but Atlas fires back with chops and a headbutt. Three more headbutts later and Atlas locks on the Boston Crab for the submission.

2. Tony Atlas defeats Jose Estrada

Bruno goes to ringside to interview Tony Atlas and a couple young fans. Atlas says he appreciates the fans being behind him and the people of the North East have a special kind of warmth. Guess he hasn’t been to Philly! Atlas says every time gets in the ring he faces tougher competition and he has to train constantly. Bruno asks about Tony’s weightlifting accomplishments, and Tony talks about his high school and college championships. Bruno asks who he wants to face, and Tony challenges Ken Patera as he gives him credit for pressing five hundred pounds.

3. Baron Mikel Scicluna v. Angelo Gomez

Where exactly is the Isle of Malta anyway? Baron starts by choking his smaller opponent down and then hiptosses him before locking on a short arm scissors. Gomez fights free but gets powered back down into an armbar but Gomez catches him with a headscissors. Baron fights out and goes back to the arm but gets caught pulling the hair. Hiptoss sends Gomez to the mat and Baron stomps him before pulling him up for a big slam. Baron pounds away on the back of Gomez but Gomez fires back however Baron catches him with a big boot. Slam on Gomez followed by the big boot as Gomez gets tossed into the corner. Baron continues to hammer the smaller man before shooting him in and a boot to the chest. Another scoop and slam followed by the kneedrop for three.

3. Baron Mikel Scicluna defeats Angelo Gomez

4. Tito Santana v. Jojo Andrews

Tito is one half of the tag championship with Ivan Putski, as we get another Jojo match. Lockup and Jojo powers Tito back, another and Jojo shows his power. Tito with a waistlock and Jojo gets the ropes to break it. Tito catches him with the top wristlock, and Jojo pulls the hair to break it. Side headlock from Jojo and Tito tries to send him in but Jojo holds the hair. Tito sent in and comes back with a pair of dropkicks and a cross body block gets three!

4. Tito Santana pinned Jojo Andrews

Bruno back at ringside with Tito Santana as Bruno asks how he handled a much bigger man like Jojo. Tito says he’s been watching Jojo and he’s strong but slow so he used his speed to score the win. Bruno asks how he feels about being one half of the tag champions, Tito says he was ready and has people like Bruno and Putski giving him advice. Tito says he trains with Putski about eight hours a week of weightlifting and run twenty miles. Bruno wishes him the best in the future.

5. Larry Sharpe v. Mike Masters

Let’s hope this goes quickly as Sharpe is so boring and bland in the ring. Sharpe with the go behind and Masters powers out but Sharpe goes back to it and pulls Masters down. Sharpe works over the arm of Masters and cranks on it. Masters pulled to the mat into a short arm scissors and Masters fights free. Sharpe sent in and eats a fist to the gut but Sharpe quickly comes back and slams Masters before locking on the stomach claw then drops a headbutt to the abs. A slugfest ensues and Masters takes Sharpe down for a one count. Lockup and into the ropes, Sharpe gets a knee into the midsection followed by an elbow as Master is down. Sharpe with a stalling vertical suplex and drives the elbow into the back of the neck but Masters fights back. Masters sends Sharpe in but gets caught with his head down and Sharpe hits the piledriver for the win.

5. Larry Sharpe defeats Mike Masters


1. Pat Patterson defeats Johnny Rodz **1/2

2. Tony Atlas beats Jose Estrada

3. Baron Mikel Scicluna crushes Angelo Gomez

4. Tito Santana pinned Jojo Andrews

5. Larry Sharpe defeats Mike Masters

Other then the last match a pretty good show. Patterson and Johnny was a good brawl, Johnny was always good for making someone look great. A fun hour again. Next show is a house show from Madison Square Gardens with Bruno Sammartino versus Larry Zbyszko.

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