WWF All Star Wrestling – March 1, 1980

We start a new month of All Star Wrestling, and one more episode after this we get a house show. Things to look forward too! Tonight we get a handicap match, and it’s not Hogan, as the Samoans face three men. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno welcome us to the show, as we seem to be in a different locale. They talk about the handicap match coming up, plus another appearance from Hulk Hogan tonight. The Samoans pass by Vince and Bruno on their way to the ring for the opening contest.

1. The Wild Samoans v. Steve King, Bill Burger & John Buford

Even three on two I don’t feel optimistic for that team. King starts for his team with Afa and quickly gets tossed aside, such a size difference, King is being thrown around with ease. Afa tosses his outside and Albano gets a few shots in, Vince wonders if all three at once stand a chance, Bruno says probably not. Afa pulls King back in and Sika tagged in and slams King down as King lands in his corner, tagging in Burger who gets chopped down. Double team on Burger who eats a whopper of a back elbow. Burger seems to be in a pickle with the Samoans, as Buford comes in and flies out. Back body drop on Burger as the Samoans use fast tags to control the tempo of the match. Buford tries to grab the hair of Afa, but the ref catches him as Afa is choking Burger down. Buford in and hammers the head of Afa, who doesn’t even flinch as Sika takes him out. Albano stands proudly of his team, while Burger gets sent in and chopped down, Afa slams Burger and diving headbutt from Sika gets three.

1. Wild Samoans destroy Steve King, Bill Burger & John Buford

2. Rene Goulet v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

Mikel Scicluna, the only wrestler I can think of to come from the Island of Malta. They lockup and battle to the corner where we get the clean break, Baron looks like a high school principal, while Rene looks homeless! Baron takes him down with the armdrag into the armbar and Rene powers up but Baron rolls him back down. Rene fights out into a headlock but Baron counters with the headscissors. Bruno talks about Baron touring Europe and Hawaii before coming back to the WWF as Baron controls Rene with the headscissors. Rene finally flips out but gets hip tossed down, Rene answers back with one of his own. Baron wants a time out, and they lock up again and Rene takes him down with the wristlock, some great amateur style counters. Baron in the corner reaches in his tights and pulls out a foreign object which the ref doesn’t see. Rene gets an armbar on the hand with the object, Baron sends him and and Rene applies the headlock. Rene sent in and a pair of shoulderblocks followed by a sunset flip for two. Baron cracks Rene with the object and sends him to the outside, and the crowd is irate. Baron pulls Rene to the apron and clobbers him then stomps on the head while Rene on the apron. Rene slowly rolls in and tries to fight the Baron off, a big kneelift staggers the Baron. Baron gets the object again and jabs it in Rene’s throat. Rene eats the buckle, but Rene fights back with the full nelson allowing the ref to see the object and calls for the bell. Rene hammers Baron with the object sending Baron to the floor.

2. Rene Goulet defeats Baron Mikel Scicluna by disqualification **

Vince ringside with Rene Goulet, as Vince says Rene could be successful again in WWF. Rene says it’s always rough but he wants to thank the fans. Vince says Rene left a few years ago and was in Europe which has a different style then American. Rene agrees and talks about the round style and says he prefers American style. Rene says he’s glad the referee saw the object after he got hit multiple times and it hurt. Vince mentions Rene is a former tag champion but is now going single and wonders why. Rene says his former partner, Karl Gotch, suffered a career ending injury and he just wants to try solo, but would like to bring in Andre to team with him once in a while. That’s the second time they’ve mention Andre, must be coming soon. They talk about Andre being a national hero in France and playing soccer in his younger days. This promo is almost as long as the match was.

3. Larry Sharpe v. Charlie Brown

Hopefully this is better then the last Sharpe match, as he quickly applies the wristlock on Brown and takes him down with the hair. Brown makes the rope and Sharpe elbows him in the back and then works the arm. Tony Atlas is coming up next as Vince is bored of this match already! Sharpe with the hammerlock as he continues to work the arm. A nice take down into the arm bar, as Vince mentions no Larry Zbyszko this week, as Sharpe continues the work on the arm as Vince has just given up on this match talking about Bruno and Larry. Didn’t think their could be anyone more boring then Putski but here we are. Brown sends him to the corner and charges, but Sharpe moves and Brown hits the buckle. Scoop and slam drops Brown, as Sharpe follows with the headbutt. Brown fights back with elbows to the back and Sharpe sweeps the legs but Brown does the same. Larry grabs a leg and then drops an elbow and then the knee for two. Sharpe chokes Brown on the ropes and slings him back, then powerslams him for another near fall. Sharpe with a side Russian leg sweep and cover but pulls him up at two. Butterfly suplex from Sharpe as he’s just playing with Brown now. Sitting piledriver finally ends this match.

3. Larry Sharpe pins Charlie Brown

4. Tony Atlas v. Jojo Andrews

Lockup and Tony powers him to the corner, Jojo goes for the cheap shot and Atlas ducks. Another lockup and Atlas goes behind, Jojo makes the ropes. Third lockup and side headlock from Jojo who pops Atlas on the nose. Jojo bails out of the ring as Atlas yells at him. Jojo back in and does it again, Atlas chases him out of the ring. Atlas catches him in the side headlock and pops him now. Wristlock from Jojo and Atlas powers out taking down Jojo before applying the armbar. Jojo breaks the hold and headbutts Atlas repeatedly then shoots him in, Atlas comes back with the sunset flip for the surprise win. Sadly I just googled Jojo to find he passed away only two years after this at 26, that’s depressing.

4. Tony Atlas over Jojo Andrews

Vince at ringside with Atlas who Vince says is undefeated and has open contracts. Tony says the fans keep him motivated and that he wants to get to the top. Vince says Tony is doing great and had no trouble with Jojo. Tony puts him over as he could be a champion somewhere else and as long as the fans are behind him he’ll keep on doing it.

5. Hulk Hogan v. Fred Marzino

Fred attacks before the bell and Hogan elbows him down then drives him into the buckle repeatedly. Hogan tosses Fred across the ring and drops the elbow. Another big slam and back to the turnbuckle as Blassie watched proudly, Hogan slams him again and drops the big leg three times for the quick pin. After the bell Hogan drops another leg. Blassie distracts the ref allowing Hogan to drop a fifth leg and Blassie pokes him with his cane. They load Marzino on the stretcher as the show ends.

5. Hulk Hogan crushes Fred Marzino


1. Wild Samoans destroy Steve King, Bill Burger & John Buford

2. Rene Goulet defeats Baron Mikel Scicluna by disqualification **

3. Larry Sharpe pins Charlie Brown

4. Tony Atlas over Jojo Andrews

5. Hulk Hogan crushes Fred Marzino

Not a bad show, it seems odd having just squash matches with no feuds or storylines though. Just an odd era I guess. Next weeks episode is missing as we just forward two weeks and have Pat Patterson facing Johnny Rodz in our main event.

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