WWF All Star Wrestling – February 23, 1980

Here we go with the final show for February, as it’s been a pretty good month of programs so far. Hopefully we end the month on a high note. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno welcome us to the show in classic yellow suits. They go over tonight’s lineup with Atlas, Goulet, Putski, Santana and so much more. Vince mentions Larry is coming up tonight and Bruno says the fans are not as bitter as he is.

1. Rene Goulet v. Manny Siaca

A Gorilla Monsoon sighting as he was talking to ring announcer Joe McHugh as we come back from commercial! A new jobber this week, as Rene quickly sweeps the leg and Manny kicks him away. Lockup and Rene goes behind into a waistlock but Manny with an armdrag into an armbar. Rene counters into a facelock then hiptoss takes Manny down. Short arm scissor from Rene to try and wear down Manny, but Manny makes the ropes breaking the hold. Rene forced to the corner but kicks Manny down and back to the facelock. Vince points out Manny sliding in the ring, as Bruno says Manny has leather soled shoes instead of rubber like everyone else thus his issues. Rene with a drop toe hold into a leglock, as Rene showing off his submission skills. Manny escapes and Rene lets him get up for taking him down again with another drop toe hold into the Indian death lock, but Rene releases it. Manny gets Rene in the corner and a clean break, Rene with a go behind waistlock and then a gut wrench suplex for three.

1. Rene Goulet pins Manny Siaca

2. Larry Sharpe v. Bill Burger

Our first appearance of Sharpe, who would later run the Monster Factory in New Jersey and give us Bam Bam Bigelow. Sharpe overpowers Burger and chokes him on the ropes and hammers away at the man before slamming him down hard. Sharpe with a modified bow and arrow submission, he then releases the hold and sends Burger in. Back body drop on Burger, Sharpe pulls him up and powerslams him down for a near fall. Bruno is surprised by that kickout, as am I. Figured that was the finish of the match, considering that was a big move in this era. Sharpe drives an elbow into the back of Burger and follows with a series of headbutts, which stuns Sharpe as well. Just a lot of stomping, knees and elbows from Sharpe as Burger is not fighting back and Bruno thinks the ref should stop the match. Vince says Larry has been here before but has not faced real competition yet. Sharpe misses an elbow and Burger gets a few kicks in and sends him to the corner. Burger charges in and eats a boot to the face, Sharpe with a back chop followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Sharpe nails a vicious seated piledriver for the win.

2. Larry Sharpe beats Bill Burger

Vince at ringside with Tito Santana and Ivan Putski, as Vince asks about their longevity as champs. Ivan says he searched for a partner and gives credit to Tito and their determination. Vince says both men are a great team and great singles workers. Tito says you need experience in either tag or single matches and both men watch each other no matter what match. Vince says their styles compliment each other well and they make tags at the best times. Ivan says they keep each other fresh throughout the match and want to work like machines and will hold the belts. Tito says everyday as champion get tougher as they study their opponents before every match and no one can take that away. Ivan says the only backup strategy he needs is knowing Tito has his back and he has Tito’s. Vince wishes them well on their title reign.

3. John Buford v. Larry Zbyszko

Larry grabs the mic from Joe and says he’s not from Pittsburgh anymore, he doesn’t want to be from the same town as Bruno. Where he’s from is no one’s business. John powers Larry to the corner and we get a clean break, Larry grabs an arm and cranks it taking John down. Bruno says he’s not sad anymore and if Larry thinks this is how to climb the mountain he’s just bitter towards him. Larry bails out of the ring and yells at the crowd who are still chanting for Bruno. Bruno calls Larry a punk who only get into the business because of him, he says he’s a lot of gall to be bitter. Larry drives John’s head into the buckle and snapmares him down into the rear chinlock. Bruno says Larry wanted to show he was the equal of Bruno, and Bruno says he didn’t want to hurt him but Larry claims he tried to embarrass him. Bruno says he did because he out wrestled him and that’s why he used the chair. Larry slams John down hard in the middle of the ring and mocks the crowd chanting for Bruno as he snapmares John again and back to the chinlock. Vince says Larry claims Bruno used him and Bruno asks how is that possible as he was champion when he started training him. Bruno sacrificed his time and energy to train him and Bruno is getting irate. Larry with a vertical suplex for three as most of the match was just chinlocks while Bruno talked. Larry grabs the mic and yells at the crowd again.

3. Larry Zbyszko over John Buford

4. Tito Santana & Ivan Putski v. BB Coleman & Frank Savage

Savage is a new jobber joining WWF tonight, and I don’t think he’s leaving here victorious. Savage and Putski start, with Putski powering him to the corner and tags in Tito. Tito gets his eyes raked by Savage who hammers him in the corner, but gets sent chest first to the opposite corner. Putski back in and a hammerlock on Savage, Putski works the arm and brings in Tito who maintains the arm but Savage makes a tag. Coleman gets Tito in the corner and punches him in the face and then applies the side headlock, but they make the ropes and a clean break. Putski back in and a rear chinlock takes down Coleman and Savage tries to interfere and Putski pulls him in. Savage sent to the face corner and Putski locks on the chinlock before tagging Tito back in. Tito drives a knee to the back with the chinlock maintained, Coleman fights off and tags in Savage. Tito with a waistlock and controls Savage who makes the ropes. Savage takes out the leg and begins to work it over. Tito fights free and tags in Putski who unloads on him, Savage tags in Coleman and Putski nails him then tags in Tito who comes in via sunset flip for the win.

4. Ivan Putski & Tito Santana over Frank Savage & BB Coleman

Bruno at ringside to interview Tito and Putski, really again. They got interviewed earlier, this seems odd. Putski says he’s happy to rely on Tito but they need to keep their single skills intact too. Bruno mentions their lengthy title reign and Tito says they will take on anyone and they want the number one contenders The Samoans. Bruno cuts him off as they are out of time, how rude.

5. Ronnie Lee v. Tony Atlas

Tony quickly overpowers Lee to the ropes and a clean break, lockup up again and side headlock from Atlas to the ropes for another clean break. Someone is cheering for Lee, must be family, as Tony powers Lee to the mat. Tony with a go behind taking Lee down again, as he lets him up again. Lee with a wristlock and Tony reverses and Lee makes the ropes. Tony takes him down with a fireman’s carry and then a hiptoss. Lee tries to get away and Tony with a side headlock grinds Lee to the ropes, and no clean break this time as Lee pops him. Tony press slams Lee over head and drops him for the easy three.

5. Tony Atlas crushes Ronnie Lee


1. Rene Goulet pins Manny Siaca

2. Larry Sharpe beats Bill Burger

3. Larry Zbyszko over John Buford

4. Ivan Putski & Tito Santana over Frank Savage & BB Coleman

5. Tony Atlas crushes Ronnie Lee

Not the best week of action, lots of stalling and nothing exciting. Odd they interviewed Putski and Santana twice too. A forgettable episode to finish the month. Next week the Samoans, Hogan and Rene Goulet join us!

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