WWF All Star Wrestling – January 19, 1980

As we continue through 1980 with more classic WWF Television action. Last week continued our major storyline of Bruno Sammartino being challenged by his protege Larry Zybsko. This week maybe Bruno accepts the challenge, let’s go to the ring.

Following our opening video we’re welcomed by Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon in matching lemon yellow suits. They run down tonight’s show and talk about Hulk Hogan a little before sending it to the ring for the opening contest.

1. Pat Patterson v. B.B. Coleman

Patterson is the current and first ever Intercontinental champion and the belt looks so tiny. Still amuses me to see the fans right up to the ringside area, no barriers no security as they pass Pat paper to sign autographs before the bell. They lock up and Vince announces this is non-title, as Pat with a series of armdrags to take down Coleman. Coleman gets a shot in but Patterson fires back and follows with a side headlock takeover. Coleman tries to break the hold and Patterson grabs his beard then pops him in the forehead. Vince talks about the hatred between Patterson and Lou Albano as Coleman finally gets some offense choking the champion down. Coleman showing off his moveset as he goes from choking in the front to choking in the rear. Patterson breaks the hold and unloads on him then tosses Coleman to the floor. Patterson follows and slams Coleman’s head into the table before going back in the ring to break the count. Coleman makes it back in and should have stayed out as Patterson unloads on him then a big slam. Patterson dives off the top rope with a knee to the head for the win.

1. Pat Patterson destroyed B.B. Coleman

Bruno at ringside for an interview with Pat Patterson, as Bruno asks about Pat being sold by his manager thus causing his face turn. Pat says he’s been around a long time and never had friends, but things changed and now he feels better as people shake his hand and tell him to go after Albano and the Samoans. Patterson says no one will push him around anymore and Bruno wishes him success.

2. Rene Goulet v. Jose Estrada

Rene’s powder blue boots stand out big time as he forces Estrada to the corner. Estrada tossed to the center and Rene follows with a flying headscissors sending Estrada to the floor. Estrada comes back with a headscissors of his own and locks the head with his legs as he tries to wear down Rene. Rene fights free and hammers Jose down then drops an elbow for two. Some nice amateur style work from both men, but Jose goes back to basics with stomps. Rene shot into the corner and Jose works him over, but Rene sends Jose to the corner and begins to stomp on Jose. Front facelock from Rene but Jose fights out with ease and into a hammerlock. Rene comes back with a headbutt and a nice vertical suplex for a near fall, he goes for another suplex but Jose counters into a rolling neckbreaker, amazing move and gets a near fall. Goulet sweeps the legs and starts to hammer the knee of Jose but Jose fights free. Rene quickly catches Jose in a gut-wrench suplex for the three.

2. Rene Goulet pins Jose Estrada **1/2

That was a really good match actually. Vince is joined by Hussein Arab and Freddie Blassie. Blassie says Hussein is the expert of the suplex and is the reason why everyone does them, but Hussein knows twelve of them. Hussein says he doesn’t like to speak English but tonight he will so everyone understands that he respects his manager and Blassie was a great wrestler. The crowd all over Hussein as he yells at the crowd and calls his country the oldest and the best. Hussein makes fun of Americans who eat burgers and drink beer, as talks about his body. He challenges Bruno, Backlund and Putski, says he’s been here nine months and no one challenges him. Hussein does the Iranian Club challenge and issues the challenge to any American.

3. Ken Patera v. Charlie Brown

Patera comes out with manager Grand Wizard, and takes his time removing his warm-up gear. Brown’s tights are the same color as his skin, making him look naked which is unnerving. Only thing worse then a Patera match is a Putski match. They lock up and Brown with a side headlock, but Patera powers him to the ropes and hammers him. Patera stomps Brown to the floor and Brown takes his time getting in and gets caught. Brown drives Patera to the corner with a series of shoulders and Patera fires back with a forearm to the neck then drops another from the middle rope. A big scoop slam sends Brown across the ring, followed up with a vertical suplex. Patera spends too much time playing with Charlie who comes back with a series of shots but Patera comes back with the swinging full nelson for the win.

3. Ken Patera defeated Charlie Brown

4. Domenic Denucci v. Johnny Rodz

A quick wristlock countered by Rodz but Denucci into a go behind and both men fall to the floor. They continue to grapple back in the ring and back out they go. Both men with chops on the floor before getting back in as we reset. Rodz powers Denucci to the corner and hammers him with forearms and elbows. Shot from Rodz sends Denucci to the table, and both men outside again and the get back in and Denucci is fired up. Denucci gets Rodz in the corner and it’s time for some payback. A lockup and Rodz with a side headlock with a series of rights, a big boot takes down Denucci. Rodz drops a series of knees and stomps on Denucci. Rodz continues to work over Denucci with stomps and kicks, he then chokes Denucci on the ropes. Denucci finally comes back with an atomic drop and then a slingshot sending Rodz into the buckle for three.

4. Dominic Denucci over Johnny Rodz

Well that went longer then it needed and a horrible ending out of nowhere. After the match Rodz goes after him and Denucci just leaves as we go back to Vince and Bruno to talk about the Larry issue. Bruno doesn’t want to fight Larry and Vince asks if he’s a coward and Bruno says it would be like fighting his son. Vince asks Bruno what Larry will think of this and Bruno says he doesn’t know but hopes he’s not angry.

5. Hulk Hogan v. Bill Burger & Steve King

Hogan, managed by Freddie Blassie, faces two men in this handicap match. Both men grab an arm of Hogan and he tosses them aside with ease. Hogan unloads on both men and just tosses them around the ring like rag dolls. Hogan just shrugs off the shots from King and Burger with a side headlock but Hogan just throws him aside. Hogan with a backbreaker for the quick easy win.

5. Hulk Hogan demolished Bill Burger & Steve King


1. Pat Patterson destroyed B.B. Coleman

2. Rene Goulet pins Jose Estrada **1/2

3. Ken Patera defeated Charlie Brown

4. Dominic Denucci over Johnny Rodz

5. Hulk Hogan demolished Bill Burger & Steve King

A good show, but felt like nothing happened as they seem to be dragging their heels on the Larry/Bruno stuff. Hogan showing his dominance as he’s on the road to big things. Was surprised by how bad Denucci did with Rodz as Rodz controlled most of the match. Goulet/Estrada was shockingly a good match, and Patterson’s squash was good for what it was. A quick easy 45 minutes of TV, next week we get a Great Hussein match!

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