WWF All Star Wrestling – January 12, 1980

We move forward to the following week of January 12, and no titles have changed hands since last week. Today we get an appearance from the Wild Samoans and the return of Rene Goulet. Let’s go down to the ring.

Vince and Bruno welcome us to the show after our disco opener. They run down the lineup for this episode. They have matching mustard yellow suits, no one had worse suits then Vince. I think he dressed in the dark!

1. Larry Zbyszko v. Jojo Andrews

Love hearing the introductions of the doctor, timekeeper and referees. Nice to see some respect given to the other people involved. Jojo is a big man and Larry uses his speed to avoid him. Jojo powers him to the ropes, and we get a clean break. Vince asks Bruno why Larry refused the interview, and Bruno says he hasn’t been able to reach him. Jojo tries for a bearhug but Larry blocks and hiptosses the big man. Larry ducks a big right and armdrags Jojo down then applies an armbar. Jojo rakes the eyes and sends Larry in, Jojo misses the dropkick and Larry with the Boston Crab, and Larry wins via submission.

1. Larry Zbyszko defeats Jojo Andrews

After the match Vince goes to interview Larry and asks why he snubbed Bruno. Larry says wrestling is his life and now he feels he’s being stifled and wants to be a main eventer. Larry says he doesn’t hate Bruno but he wants to be more than Bruno’s protege. He challenges Bruno to a match and prove himself to the fans. Vince asks when and where, Larry says he wants a scientific match and step out of Bruno’s shadow. Really good promo from Larry to setup a future match with his trainer.

2, Steve King & Domenic Denucci v. Afa & Sika

Captain Lou leads the Samoans to the ring for this tag team battle. Domenic gets right in the face of the Samoans, as we start with Afa who overpowers him. Afa with a front facelock and Domenic fights free, but Sika tagged in and chops Domenic. The Samoans double team Domenic as Vince asks Bruno about Larry’s comments and Bruno says his heart is broken. Domenic finally makes a tag and King gets caught by Afa and his big chops. Sika back in and they double team King, this is just destruction as the Samoans are playing with the much smaller man. Domenic gets a tag and unloads on Sika with forearms, but the numbers catch him as Albano distracts him. Domenic makes his corner to bring in King who hammers the Samoan while Domenic holds him. Didn’t make a difference as Afa just shrugs him off and hits a Samoan drop for the win.

2. The Samoans over Domenic Denucci & Steve King

Vince interviews Rene Goulet, the former Tag Champion with Karl Gotch. Rene says losing the title was a hard day as Karl got hurt and that’s why they lost. Vince asks where he’s been and Rene says he worked all over the world and he’s going to fight fire with fire. Rene says the wrestling style is different over there as it’s round based and more scientific. Rene challenges Bruno and Bob Backlund and Vince mentions Andre the Giant, but Rene says he will stay away from him.

3. Rene Goulet v. Johnny Rodz

Johnny stalls to start before a cheap shot Rene sends him to the corner. Rene kicks him away and works the arm, Rodz breaks the hold and hiptosses Rene before applying his own armbar. Rene shoots him in hits a dropkick to stagger Rodz, then takes him down with the arm. Rodz makes the ropes and unloads on Rene with forearms and kicks. Rene sent in and eats a big knee, then Rodz drops a pair of stomps off the middle rope. Rene comes back with a headbutt and big slam for two. A nice headscissors takes down Rodz, he rolls over into a near fall, impressive. Rodz with a rear chinlock but Rene fights back and hits a shoulder block. A second time and Rodz drives the knee into his ribs then drives the knee into the side of Rene’s head multiple times. Rene fights back with forearms and then mounts the ropes for the ten punches, Rene charges in and runs into the big boot. Rodz with a nice vertical suplex but misses the leg drop. Rene with a gut wrench suplex and scores the win.

3. Rene Goulet pins Johnny Rodz **1/2

A good back and forth battle as Rodz was actually pretty good. Rene was impressive as well, nice match.

4. Tito Santana v. Jose Estrada

Tito is co-holder of the Tag Titles here, and the belts are tiny. Collar and elbow leads to a leglock from Estrada. Jose unloads in the corner as he continues to work the leg. Tito finally fights out of the corner and begins to work the leg of Estrada. Estrada rakes the eyes to get Tito off him, and Tito with a go behind but Jose with a wristlock to take Tito down. Estrada sends Tito into the turnbuckle and hammers him in the corner. Snapmare from Jose fires up Tito who sends him in and hits a flying bodypress for the win.

4. Tito Santana pins Jose Estrada

5. Angelo Gomez v. Bob Duncum

This should be a quick match, as only minutes left of the show. Bob overpowers him quickly and takes him down with ease. Gomez hammered around the ring and tossed to the floor. Bob catches him coming in and rams him into the buckle. Gomez tries to fight back and Bob just boots him hard, bulldog for the easy win.

5. Bob Duncum crushes Angelo Gomez

Vince runs down next week, with appearances from Hulk Hogan, Ken Patera and the Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson.


1. Larry Zbyszko defeats Jojo Andrews

2. The Samoans over Domenic Denucci & Steve King

3. Rene Goulet pins Johnny Rodz **1/2

4. Tito Santana pins Jose Estrada

5. Bob Duncum crushes Angelo Gomez

Not as good as last week’s show but we did have storyline advancement from Larry’s challenge to Bruno. Guess we’ll see where that goes next week.

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