WWWF All Star Wrestling – March 20, 1976

This would be the final show posted for 1976, as far as All Star goes. We have two house shows from 76 after this, then we enter 1977. It’s been quite entertaining to see how different it was forty years ago, very slow paced, but still enjoyable. Let’s go to the ring.

As usual we hear from Vince and Rocca, hopefully the next year we get a new co-host, as Rocca has not been very good. The color is really bad on this episode, almost like it was record on a UHF channel. Tonight we will see Bobo Brazil facing Bugsy McGraw in our main event, also tonight in action is Pete Sanchez, Skandor Akbar and more.

1. Pat Barrett & Johnny Rivera v. The Executioners

The Executioners, accompanied to the ring by Lou Albano, are dressed in blue with blue masks. Barrett starts out quickly with one, and that gets Albano on the apron. Under the masks it’s Killer Kowalski & Big John Studd, who would go on to be tag champions. The Executioners and Lou Albano do some triple teaming to slow down Barrett, but all that did was anger him. Barrett and Rivera double team one masked man, but he overpowers Rivera and tags in the other one. The masked men continue to work over Rivera, who is getting tossed around the ring. Barrett goes after Albano and gets in the ring, but the ref sends him out, which allows for some double teaming. Rivera gets tossed to the floor and Albano gets some shots in before Barrett makes a save, Rivera back in and gets caught in the giant swing, tag and the other Executioner does the same before tagging again. Diving knee drop scores the easy win. Post match the Executioners go after Rivera and Barrett some more.

1. Executioners defeat Pat Barrett and Johnny Rivera

2. Johnny Rodz v. Frankie Williams

Frankie would go on to infamy for an appearance on Piper’s Pit in the mid-eighties and get destroyed by Roddy Piper. Rodz with a quick side headlock and unloads on Williams. Rodz just destroying Williams with stomps and kicks, not much of a moveset happening here. Williams makes a comeback with a shot to the midsection but runs into Rodz big boot. Rodz drops the leg and gets a two, so Rodz slams him and drops the boot across the chest. Rodz spends too long arguing with the ref and Williams tries to comeback, he sends Rodz into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Rodz comes back with a big slam and then a second one, drops a big leg for the win.

2. Johnny Rodz over Frankie Williams

Vince is joined by the tag champions, Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi, who say they hope they can hold the belts for a long time.

3. Pete Sanchez v. Skandor Akbar

The lockup and Sanchez armdrags Akbar over. Akbar gets Sanchez in the ropes and chokes him down. Sanchez tossed to the floor and Blassie gets some shots in. Akbar catches Sanchez on the apron and clobbers him repeatedly and Blassie again gets involved. Sanchez fires back on Akbar from the apron and sends Akbar into the buckle and a couple dropkicks but gets caught with his head down. Akbar drives a knee in and the drops Sanchez on the ropes, and the ref calls for the bell.

3. Pete Sanchez defeats Skandor Akbar by disqualification

4. Crusher Blackwell v. Kevin Sullivan

The bell rings and Blassie leaves the ring, Blackwell overpowers Sullivan into the ropes. Blassie grabs the ankle allowing Blackwell to pummel Sullivan. Blackwell scores an avalanche in the corner and unloads on Sullivan, as the police arrive to escort Blassie backstage. This gives Sullivan a chance to make his comeback, and the crowd is wild. Sullivan drops a knee across the chest of Blackwell then hammers the big man. Sullivan gets a near fall but Blackwell gets one shot in and Sullivan crumples to the mat. Blackwell drops a leg and Sullivan struggles to get away, but Blackwell is relentless. Sullivan tries to fight back, but Blackwell just shrugs his shots off and continues the offense. Blackwell staggered after a few good shots, snapmare and a double stomp gets Sullivan a two. Sullivan gets shot into the ropes and eats a forearm from the big man. Blackwell gets caught again and Sullivan unloads before sending him to the corner, but Sullivan takes to long and gets kicked by Blackwell. Blackwell overpowers Sullivan but Sullivan still trying to fight as the bell rings. Sullivan tosses Blackwell across the ring and he bails out.

4. Kevin Sullivan over Jerry Blackwell after draw and referee decision

5. Bugsy McGraw v. Bobo Brazil

Bugsy is accompanied by The Wizard and Big Cat Ernie Ladd, which Bobo doesn’t not like. Bell rings and they lockup with Bobo quickly going to a side headlock, Bugsy sends him in and gets knocked down by a shoulderblock. Ernie takes a lunge at Bobo, and the referee warns him, as Bugsy powers Bobo to the corner and drives a series of kicks to the midsection. Bobo sent to the far corner, but Bobo reverses positions and unloads. To the far corner and Bugsy runs into the legs, cocobutt knocks down Bugsy and here comes Ladd for the save. This brings out Billy White Wolf for the save along with Parisi and Cerdan.

5. Bobo Brazil and Bugsy McGraw go to a double disqualification


1. Executioners defeat Pat Barrett and Johnny Rivera

2. Johnny Rodz over Frankie Williams

3. Pete Sanchez defeats Skandor Akbar by disqualification

4. Kevin Sullivan over Jerry Blackwell after draw and referee decision

5. Bobo Brazil and Bugsy McGraw go to a double disqualification

Lots of cheap ending for a weekly television show seems odd, Wasn’t much to see on this episode but that finishes the television segments for this year. Next we return to Madison Square Gardens for a huge house show headlined by the WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino who faces Stan Hansen inside the steel cage!

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