WWWF All Star Wrestling – March 6, 1976

We pick up right where we left off, with the next episode in the series, which is nice to see. It’s such a different style watching these shows from four decades ago, everything seems to have a purpose, matches have flow and order. None of this having to get all your spots in, goofy pointless segments, horrible commentary, just fun shows. Wish it was still like this, hopefully AEW will be more fun then the current WWE. Set the wayback machine for 1976 and let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Rocca welcome us to the show, and Vince’s red suit is brutally bright. Vince announces Bobo Brazil will be joining us again, our main event is Skandor Akbar versus Billy White Wolfe.

1. Jerry Blackwell v. Al Williams

I don’t like Williams chances here, as the bell rings and Blackwell hammers the jobber down quickly. Blackwell chokes Williams in the corner then rams him to the opposite corner. A big elbowdrop crushes Williams, who slowly gets up only to be knocked back down. Blackwell begins to work over the leg, which seems a waste of time as he could’ve finished this already. A big scoop and slam crushed Williams to the mat, Blackwell pulls him back up and slams him again then drops a big leg for the easy win.

1. Jerry Blackwell crushed Al Williams

2. Bobo Brazil v. Johnny Rodz

Johnny was one of the many involved in the attack on Bobo last week, and he attack Bobo before the bell. Bobo overpowers him and unloads in the corner, Rodz hops on the top turnbuckle to escape and dives down on Bobo who kicks him. Rodz hides in the corner, and the referee orders him to get in the middle of the ring. Bobo applies the armbar to Rodz, as Vince announces Stan Hansen is coming up next, while Bobo drives Rodz to the mat. Rodz makes the ropes and lures in Bobo, Rodz stomps Bobo on the ropes and almost knocks him out of the ring. The crowd loudly chants for Bobo, and this helps fire him up as he goes back on the offense on Rodz. Bobo is relentless whipping Rodz from one side of the ring to the other before connecting with the cocobutt for the victory.

2. Bobo Brazil over Johnny Rodz

Captain Lou and Freddie Blassie are at ringside with Vince, and Lou says he has a surprise. Lou announces he has a new tag team who will win the gold shortly. Blassie says his army is growing larger and says he was attacked by six wrestlers causing him blindness in the right eye. He says it was Bruno, Parisi, Cerdan, Monsoon, Putski and White Wolfe who attacked him and that’s why he’s growing his army. Albano says his new team will be the biggest team ever and get back his tag titles.

3 Stan Hansen v. Bobby Schaffer

Hansen wastes no time going right after Bobby, hammers him down then tosses him outside. Bobby slowly gets back in the ring as Blassie and Hansen confer, Hansen with a side backbreaker and kneedrop. Blassie gets on the apron as Hansen adjust the armband, shoots Bobby in and hits a vicious lariat for the easy win.

3. Stan Hansen destroyed Bobby Schaffer

Blassie and Hansen join Vince at the broadcast table, but they get cut off.

4. Johnny Rivera v. Pete Sanchez

Before the match Sanchez signs autographs for kids at ringside, the bell rings and they lockup. Rivera snapmares Sanchez over and locks on the armbar. Sanchez fights free and takes down Rivera with a headscissors and works over the legs, as Vince talks about Hansen and his lariat. Rivera breaks free into a headlock, as Vince and Rocca don’t care as they are now talking about the main event later tonight. Sanchez sweeps the feet of Rivera, as they’ve been doing some nice amateur style. Rivera catches Sanchez in a monkey flip followed by a dropkick. They lockup and wind up in the ropes, and we get the clean break, which the crowd appreciates. Rivera hits a backbreaker for a near fall, Sanchez rolls through for a near fall of his own. Rivera with a monkey flip and dropkick then goes for a slam, but Sanchez with a small package scores the win.

4. Pete Sanchez over Johnny Rivera

5. Skandor Akbar v. Billy White Wolfe

Oddly Billy White Wolfe is actually middle eastern, coming from Iraq and would later be General Adnan, manager of Sgt Slaughter! Blassie tries to distract Billy before the match starts, as Akbar paces before sneak attacking Billy and tosses him out. As Billy tries to get in Skandor unloads on him, slamming his head into the ring post sending Wolfe to the floor. Blassie gets a cheap shot in as well. Billy getting nailed from both guys as the ref can’t keep control, he makes it to the apron and Akbar sends him to the post again. Billy finally fights back with chops and gets in the ring, he chops down Akbar and the crowd explodes. Double chop sends Akbar down for a one count, Akbar bails to the floor. After consultation with Blassie he gets back in the ring, as Billy gets fired up. Akbar escapes the ring again and Blassie gives instructions, Akbar back in and Billy circles. Billy gets distracted by Blassie, and that lets Akbar get a shot in. Akbar sends him to the ropes and drives a knee into the midsection. Blassie gets his shots in, as Akbar has the referee. Akbar with the shoulder claw takes down Billy, and Billy with a chop breaks the hold. More chops from the fake Indian, starts a criss cross, and Blassie grabs the ankle. Akbar stomps on him and throws the referee aside drawing the disqualification. Blassie tries to get involved and Billy takes out both men with chops.

5. Billy White Wolfe defeats Skandor Akbar


1. Jerry Blackwell crushed Al Williams

2. Bobo Brazil over Johnny Rodz

3. Stan Hansen destroyed Bobby Schaffer

4. Pete Sanchez over Johnny Rivera

5. Billy White Wolfe defeats Skandor Akbar

There were a couple real squash matches in there, but the final matches were really good. Hansen would go on to be quite the destroyer but never did get the gold, however he had quite a run in Japan in the eighties. The next episode is missing and we jump forward two week to the twentieth.

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