WWWF All Star Wrestling – February 28, 1976

We head back to All Star Wrestling for more 1976 television goodness. On today’s episode we have an appearance from Stan Hansen, plus a Bobo Brazil match among other things. Let’s go to the ring.

After we’re welcome to the show by Vince McMahon and Antonino Rocca, they go over the action on today’s show. Freddie Blassie will be bringing his newest charge, Stan Hansen to action. Also scheduled is Domenic Denucci facing Louis Cyr, and the tag champions will join us.

1. Tony Parisi & Louis Cerdan v. Cowboy Bob & Baron Mikel Scicluna

Cowboy Bob is not Bob Orton, and this is non title action. Mikel starts with Cerdan and we get a nice little amateur wrestling showcase. Vince seems to have gone mute, which is nice, as Parisi gets the tag. Mikel with a shoulderblock, but the second is avoided and turned into an armbar. Cerdan back in and works the arm, but Mikel makes his escape and tags in Bob. Armbar on Bob brings in Mikel, as the ref stops him, Parisi comes in illegally, but the ref doesn’t call it. Vince announces Bobo Brazil will be joining us later, as it’s just been one long armbar on Bob. Parisi and Cerdan keep tagging in and out, driving Mikel crazy on the apron, and each time Mikel gets a tag they distract the ref. Mikel is getting more and more irate, as they moved on to a hammerlock. Mikel finally gets in and works over Cerdan, but the referee forces him out again, as the champions destroy Bob. Parisi scores the pin on Bob with a top rope vertical splash.

1. Tony Parisi & Louis Cerdan defeat Cowboy Bob & Mikel Scicluna

2. Hans Schroeder v. Bobo Brazil

The match starts quickly with Bobo working the arm of Hans, but Hans pulls the hair and gets Bobo on the ropes. Bobo reverses and unloads on Hans, then sends him into the turnbuckle. Suddenly Lou Albano appears at ringside and says something to Hans. This allows Hans to get a bearhug on Bobo, but Bobo fights free and chokes Hans on the ropes. Bobo is about to be stripped of his WWWF US title, as the belt would be retired the next day. Bobo had held the belt since February 1971, over five years as champ. Bobo is destroying Hans, hits the cocobutt for the finish and Albano charges the ring. Hans and Lou double team Bobo, but Bobo sends Hans out. Albano calls for help, and it’s Johnny Rodz, who goes flying out. Bobo fights off five guys and gets a couple good cocobutts on Albano before he’s pulled out by Hans and Frank Monte.

2. Bobo Brazil beat Hans Schroeder

Vince is joined at ringside by The Wizard and Bugsy McGraw, who Vince calls unusual. Wizard calls Bugsy a walking hydrogen warhead and he can release the full power of Bugsy and make an explosion. Wizard makes a Hiroshima reference!

3. Johnny Rivera v. Stan Hansen

Stan Hansen looks a lot like Bobby Duncum at this point in his career. He looks like a monster in there with Rivera, who’s about to get destroyed. Hansen quickly overpowers Rivera and smashes him into the turnbuckle, then follows with a side backbreaker and a pair of kneedrops. This has been complete destruction so far, as Hansen finishes him with a big shoulderblock.

3. Stan Hansen crushed Johnny Rivera

4. Pat Barrett & Kevin Sullivan v. Billy Coleman & Frank Monte

Sullivan starts with Monte and sends him flying with a hiptoss and dropkicks, sending Monte to his corner. Monte comes back with the armbar and tags in Coleman. Sullivan quickly brings in Pat, who hammers Coleman down. Vince calls them a hot new tag team, as they double team Coleman, but he makes a tag and Pat takes Monte down easily. Sullivan in and a nice double team, but Monte rakes the eyes and begins to work over Sullivan. Sullivan makes his way to his corner to bring in Pat, who goes after the leg of Monte. Quick tags keep Monte on his toes, the crowd is really into this as they pop for everything Pat does. Sullivan hits a sunset flip off the top rope for the pin on Coleman.

4. Pat Barrett & Kevin Sullivan over Billy Coleman & Frank Monte

5. Louis Cyr v. Domenic Denucci

They lockup and Denucci right to a hammerlock, Cyr shoots him off and armdrags Denucci. Denucci kicks Cyr off and applies a headlock, Cyr reverses into a headscissors. Denucci finally fights out but gets stuck right back in the hold, a roll through gets a near fall, but Cyr right back to the move. Cyr finally changes to a chokehold, then pops Denucci in the face which fires him up. Cyr backs off but Denucci shoots him hard into the corner, but gets caught coming in and Cyr headbutts Denucci in the midsection. Louis uses the ropes to get leverage and the referee catches it, as the bell rings and Vince has no clue why. Denucci sends Cyr to the outside as we get the official decision.

5. Louis Cyr & Domenic Denucci go to a curfew draw


1. Tony Parisi & Louis Cerdan defeat Cowboy Bob & Mikel Scicluna

2. Bobo Brazil beat Hans Schroeder

3. Stan Hansen crushed Johnny Rivera

4. Pat Barrett & Kevin Sullivan over Billy Coleman & Frank Monte

5. Louis Cyr & Domenic Denucci go to a curfew draw

Some good, some bad but all of it was entertaining at least. Nice to see a young Stan Hansen in action, as he was one of my favorites. The opening tag match was fun, as was the Bobo match. We move on to the following weeks show.

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