WWE Hidden Gems – 1950’s Part II

The network has added 3 new matches from the 1950s, so I figured I’d go back and watch that before continuing into the seventies. The three matches feature the Original Sheik, uncle of Sabu, Wild Bull Curry, and Maurice Vachon matches all from Texas. Should be some interesting footage, never seen a Curry match before, and Sheik is always fun. So with that let’s go to the ring.

1. The Sheik v. Juan Humberto – December 14, 1954

Sheik is one of the original hardcore brawler, known for blood and weapons. He continued to wrestle into the 90s in Japan in crazy matches involving barbed wire and fire. Sheik garbed in classic Arab gear, stands calmly in the corner during the introductions as the ref demands to check him and he refuses. The referee finally threatens to disqualify Sheik if he doesn’t allow himself to be checked, but just gives up and Sheik prepares for action. Both men circle before the lockup, brutal quality video as expected, as it flickers a lot. Sheik takes him down and works the leg, but Humberto kicks him off. Humberto takes Sheik down with headscissors but gets caught pulling hair. Humberto goes back to the leg and Sheik can’t get anything going, as Humberto goes to a side headlock. Sheik fights out into a neck crank and rakes the eyes and the referee makes him break the hold. Humberto takes out the leg as both men grapple for an advantage, they brawl to the corner and Sheik unloads on him. Sheik gets a cover, but Humberto gets the ropes, as Sheik continues to maul him. Humberto catches Sheik in the corner and nails him, Sheik bails out and throws a chair in the ring. Sheik back in and both men fight on the ropes and tumble to the floor. The ref counts both men on the floor, but Humberto slides in. Sheik slowly gets back in and eats a knee. Single leg craw on Sheik but Humberto uses the ropes and gets caught. He breaks the hold, Sheik takes him down and locks on a leg grapevine and Humberto submits.

1. Sheik beats Juan Humberto by submission *

A lot of stalling and not much else. Just a showcase of the Sheik early in his career without the hardcore stuff that made him famous.

2. Bull Curry v. Danny Savich – February 22, 1955

The footage is really grainy and hard to see, but Bull’s unibrow is pretty easy to see! Both men seem to be bad guys as both resort to cheap shots and usage of the ropes early. Lots of punches thrown as the ref has no control. Bull falls out of the ring but catches Danny as he comes in. Both men fight on the floor, and Danny gets busted open. Bull chased back in by Danny’s manager Duke Keomuka. Danny slow to get back in and Curry gets tripped up and Danny hits a nice slingshot splash for a near fall. Danny begins to work the midsection but Curry fires back taking down Danny. Both men are throwing hands and Danny gets the better knocking Bull to the mat and gets the first fall. We come back for the second fall and Danny quickly hammers the back of Bull, Bull gets an uppercut in and begins to unload. Fists are flying between both men and Bull gets the advantage knocking Danny down. Danny gets shot hard into the corner and crumples to the mat, a second toss to the corner sends Danny to the floor. Bull follows and goes after Duke, Duke clobbers Bull and they begin to brawl, Bull makes his way into the ring and Danny gets caught on the apron and sent back to the floor. Duke eats a right and goes flying to the floor, back on the apron and Bull rams his head into the post then pulls him into the ring for the second fall. Third and deciding fall begins with Bull on the offense and Danny gets a knee in and hammers Bull. Danny stomps on Bull in the corner, but Bull fights back up and nails Danny who falls hard to the mat. Bull pulls him up and clobbers him between the eyes. Danny catches Bull in a bearhug and powers him to the corner, and unloads a series of shots in the corner. Bull gets a quick series of rights sending Danny to the apron and then the floor. Danny gets to the apron and Bull continues the offense, ramming Danny into the post, sending him to the floor. Bull follows him outside and Duke gets involved again. Duke tosses him back in and now Danny has a chance, he beats down Bull and gets the third fall. Bull protests the decision as he says Duke lead to his downfall.

2. Danny Savich defeats Bull Curry **1/2

A solid back and forth brawl, hampered by the outside interference of Duke Keomuka.

3. Maurice Vachon v. The Amazing Zuma – March 19, 1957

Once again coming from the Texas territory as the legendary Mad Dog Vachon does battle. Video looks like the best of the three matches, why did all the referees look like they are about to set sail? Maurice looks funny with hair, as he sneak attacks Zuma before the bell and the ref pulls him off. Bell rings and Zuma kicks at Vachon, who swings wildly. Zuma embarrasses Vachon with his speed angering the Frenchman. Vachon catches him in the ropes and hammers him, but Zuma fires back but Vachon staggers him. Zuma comes back and Vachon is stunned, as Zuma absorbs the shots. Vachon with an armbar and bites the fingers, the ref breaks the hold, and Zuma with a top hammerlock takes down Vachon for a series of near falls. Vachon fights free and stomps Zuma then rakes the eyes. Side headlock takeover on Vachon as Zuma controls the bigger man, Zuma follows with five more takeovers, and Vachon makes the ropes. Vachon shoots him in and catches Zuma with a knee then goes back to the eyes. Zuma overpowers Vachon and gives it right back to him then sweeps the leg repeatedly before applying a kneelock. Vachon makes the ropes and Zuma pulls him back to the middle, Vachon rolls through and goes for a kneedrop but Zuma moves and Vachon hurts himself. Zuma back to the knee, and gets a near fall, Vachon counters to his own version using the ropes. Vachon quickly works over Zuma in the corner and then nails the ref, who nails him back. A dropkick from Zuma sends Vachon to the floor, Vachon slowly gets on the apron and back in the ring. Zuma quickly continues the offense but Vachon rakes the eyes and hammers on Zuma in the ropes again. Zuma comes back a quarter nelson then a chop sends Vachon to the apron. Back in the ring and Vachon tosses him across the ring and nails a dropkick of his own! Vachon holds him down and works the midsection, but gets caught with the closed fist. Zuma grabs Vachon by the ears, so Vachon does the same and the ref pulls hem apart. Zuma all fired up sends Vachon to the floor, Vachon slow to get back in and sends Zuma in, Vachon goes for a slam and Zuma rolls through for a quick near fall. Vachon tosses Zuma across the ring then out of the ring, Vachon taunts the crowd and catches Zuma on the apron with a knee. A second time and the ref blocks him, allowing Zuma to get back in. Zuma catches the arm of Vachon and sends him to the corner, Vachon comes back with a headlock and drives Zuma into the buckle twice, but a third backfires and Zuma dropkicks Vachon to the corner. Zuma with a trio of flying headscissors for the victory.

3. Amazing Zuma over Maurice Vachon ***1/4

A much better match then I expected, both guys were vicious and brutal to each other. Zuma was amazing to watch, with the dropkick and flying headscissors, not what I expected for late fifties. Great ending to this set.


1. Sheik beats Juan Humberto by submission *

2. Danny Savich defeats Bull Curry **1/2

3. Amazing Zuma over Maurice Vachon ***1/4

Once again a nice little time capsule of late fifties Texas wrestling. It got better with each match with the final match being the best of the three. A quick way to spend an hour and see some old school classics. That’s what makes the Network worth the money, for the amazing rare and unusual classics they find, not the horrible current stuff.

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