WWE Hidden Gems – 1970

We exit the sixties and head into the 1970’s with a classic match between World Champion Bruno Sammartino and George Steele. To add to the excitement of this huge match it’s being held inside the steel cage. Taking place on July 20th in Madison Square Gardens it should be a classic. Let’s go to the ring.

1. Bruno Sammartino v. George Steele

We open with them assembling the steel cage which is in large pieces of what looks like chicken wire tied to steel posts. The video is very yellow, almost like it’s in sepia. The announcer states this match is no holds barred and no time limit, the first man to leave the cage will be the winner. Both men are introduced and the announcer leaves, as we get a scrolling ticker on the bottom stating that there is no commentary track for this contest. George finally gets in and Bruno on the attack quickly stomping Steele down. Steele fights free and tries to escape and we get a full moon in NYC, as Bruno yanks him down and chokes Steele in the corner. Bruno yanks Steele to his feet and then clobbers him down and tries to leave, but Steele catches him and pulls Bruno back in. Steele works over Bruno but he comes back with sledges to the gut. Crowd is loud and rambunctious as Bruno chokes Steele in the ropes and tries to leave. Bruno gets caught again and driven into the cage. Steele stands on Bruno but Bruno overpowers Steele and shoves over the ropes tangling Steele, Bruno proceeds to unload on Steele in the ropes, then drives his head into the steel cage. Steele again tries to escape and gets pulled down hard from atop the cage, as the crowd is just roaring for Bruno. Bruno kicks Steele in the face and the drives a boot into the side of the head. Steele gets a low blow in to slow down the champion and rakes the eyes. Bruno staggers around the ring and Steele tries to leave through the door, but Bruno catches him and rakes Steele’s eyes. Steele is down and Bruno boots Steele into the cage, Bruno is relentless in his beat down of Steele. Bruno chokes Steele on the mat but Steele uses a foreign object to take down Bruno. Steele rips open the turnbuckle and grinds the stuffing into Bruno’s face. Bruno in trouble as the crowd voices their displeasure at the Animal’s antics, Steele keeps shoving stuffing into his face. Steele chokes Bruno in the corner and tries to escape but Bruno makes the comeback and takes down Steele. Bruno sends Steele into the cage and ring post multiple times, leaving him laying and walks out the door for the victory.

1. Bruno Sammartino over George Steele in a cage match ***3/4

A really good hard hitting cage match with Bruno and Steele in their prime. No crazy flips and dives, just two guys being the crap out of each other. The crowd was heavily into everything Bruno did and hated George making noise the whole time, which adds to it. The lack of commentary was jarring but nothing to detract from the match itself.

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