WWE Hidden Gems – 1960’s Part Two

Finishing off the sixties portion of the Hidden Gems section of the network with three big matches. We have action from Sputnik Monroe, Jack Pesek, Joe Blanchard, Bob Geigel. Gary Hart, Duke Keomuka, Dory Funk Junior and Gene Kiniski. Let’s not waste any time, and let’s get to the ring for the first match.


1. Sputnik Monroe v. Jack Pesek


Sputnik was a multiple time tag champion and a big star in the Memphis area. Jack is a second generation star and was a big part of the early years of the AWA. Sputnik has the dual colored hair, like Seth Rollins, as he has splash of blonde in the middle. Gordon Solie is the ring announcer as this show comes from the Florida territory. Can’t really hear the ring announcer very well, as his microphone is very low. The referee looks like Liberace, which is going to be very distracting! Bell rings and they lockup, in the corner and we get the clean break. Another lockup and Jack with an armdrag into the armbar takes Monroe to the mat. Monroe fights to his feet but gets taken back down again. Jack drags him to the middle of the ring and pulls him to his feet before dragging him back down, maintaining the armbar the whole time. Monroe makes the ropes and Jack breaks the hold, Monroe with a leg dive takes down Jack. Monroe uses the ropes for leverage as he cranks the leg. This crowd is loud and really hates Monroe, as he finally gets caught. Monroe hammers Jack in the corner but Jack cranks the arm and sends Monroe flying, while holding the armbar. Monroe grabs the ankle and sends Jack off balance to break the hold. Lockup and Sputnik with a go behind takes down Jack and covers with a handful of tights but gets caught. As Monroe fights with the ref Jack gets a couple shots in the midsection and Sputnik bails out. Jack with a side headlock and grinds it in, Sputnik fires him in and Jack comes back with a shoulderblock and back to the side headlock takeover. Sputnik tries to break the hold and gets popped in the face and right back to the headlock. Sputnik tries to leave the ring and Jack drags him in and hits a shoulderblock again and two more times, but the third misses and he hits the post. Sputnik quickly drops a knee for the win.


1. Sputnik Monroe pinned Jack Pesek with a kneedrop DUD


Nothing really to see, was basically an armbar to headlock to the pin. Boring match that wasn’t worth the ten minutes spent on it.


2. Joe Blanchard, Cowboy Bob Ellis & Duke Keomuka v. Bob Geigel, Gary Hart & Waldo Von Erich


Some six man tag action from Texas next up, as we get all sorts of big names in this match. The arena looks gigantic and pretty fun, as the video is good but kind of dark. Two referees as this one fall to a finish as the refs get everyone in their corners. Waldo and Ellis start the match and it’s hard to tell who’s who as the camera is so far away, so can’t really do play by play on this. Ellis with a full nelson and brings Waldo to his corner for each guy to get a shot in. Duke in and a side headlock takeover before tagging in Joe who grinds the head of Waldo. The ring looks enormous actually, as the opposite corner is so far away. Everyone is in the ring including both referees, as they try to restore order and get everyone out. Hart and Duke are ruled legal men and Hart runs him over with two shoulder, a third costs him and everyone in again. Bodies are everywhere as the heels are run into each other. Order restored again and Waldo gets hammered by Duke which brings everyone in again. Hart and Blanchard legal and slug it out, Blanchard tags in Ellis who dropkicks Hart. All six men are in as Blanchard pins Hart for the win.


2. Team Blanchard over Team Geigel DUD


A really boring, hard to follow match. Basically just kept being everyone in and refs push everyone out.


3. Dory Funk Jr. v. Gene Kiniski


We end the sixties with an NWA title match from Tampa. At only eight minutes I assume this is just clips. We open with Gordon Solie introducing the match. We jump in with Dory with a leglock on Gene, as the picture is horrible quality. An unseen collision sends both down, Gene up first and chops Dory, Dory ducks and a backslide almost wins it but Gene in ropes. Dory with a sunset flip, but sends Gene in and gets caught with his head down. Dory with a side headlock and Gene with a belly to back suplex. Gene gets sent in and Dory backdrops him down, then a big slam in the middle of the ring for a near fall. Dory with a second slam and another near fall on the champion. Gene with a shot to midsection and a backbreaker, but Gene to hurt. Dory goes for a toe hold but Gene kicks him off and slams him. A leg dive takes down Gene , Dory follows with a slam into the spinning toe hold. Gene submits to the toe hold and Dory Funk is the new NWA World champion.

3. Dory Funk Jr defeats Gene Kiniski for the NWA title no rating


What we saw was really good actually, although the spinning toe hold is an odd move to say the least. We go back to Gordon who introduces the new champion. Dory says he will defend the title everywhere and against everyone, Dory thanks his father and brother for training him. Dory says he’s twenty seven right now and has years to go. Gordon closes the segment and the sixties.


1. Sputnik Monroe pinned Jack Pesek with a kneedrop DUD

2. Team Blanchard over Team Geigel DUD

3. Dory Funk Jr defeats Gene Kiniski for the NWA title no rating


Well, that was a brutally bad series of matches. The NWA title match was good for what there was, but the rest was awful. Well, that finishes off the sixties as we go back to the seventies with about twelve Hidden Gems before going back to All Star Wrestling.

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