WWE Hidden Gems – 1960’s Part One

We continue our journey through the Hidden Gems section into the 1960’s. I’m going to split this into two parts, this part will cover the non wrestling portion and part two will feature the three matches from the late sixties. Here we cover the Gorilla Monsoon and the Verne Gagne footage, so let’s roll the film.
1. Gorilla Monsoon v. Dave Ruhl

A lockup sends both men to the corner, and Dave with the side headlock gets shot in. A shoulderblock doesn’t move Gorilla, so a wristlock with a pull of the tights takes him down. Gorilla hooks the leg and shows off his underrated grappling skills. Dave reverses into a hammerlock and covers, Gorilla kicks him off and sends him flying. Another lockup and Gorilla with a full nelson and Gorilla just carries him where he wants him. Dave drops down but Gorilla maintains the hold, but Dave on top and gets a one count. Gorilla has to release the hold on get pinned. Dave with a headlock takeover and elbows Gorilla who comes back with his own and tosses Dave across the ring. They lockup again and into the ropes, Dave nails Gorilla but Gorilla comes back and again sends Dave across the ring. Dave goes low and takes down Gorilla, Dave begins to work the leg with a modified STF then rolls him over for one. Both men back up and Dave with a brief bearhug then knees Gorilla in the face but Gorilla just slams him from the knees. Gorilla keeps overpowering Dave, who keeps trying submission holds to wear down the bigger man. Dave tries a backslide but Gorilla powers through like a steamroller as Dave can’t get anything going. Dave takes him down using the tights again but Gorilla just elbows free and tosses him from one corner to the other then back again. Gorilla forearms Dave in the corner and tosses him across the ring as the bell rings.
1. Gorilla Monsoon and Dave Ruhl go to time limit draw **

A good big man/small man battle as Dave tried to wear down the Gorilla, but Gorilla used his power to toss Dave around. Was a fun little ten minutes of early Gorilla Monsoon action from Stampede Wrestling.

Next is something called Gagne-Metrics which is basically Verne Gagne showing different exercises. It’s an intriguing little segment, but really nothing impressive.
Coming up next is three more matches from the late sixties in part two.

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