WWWF All Star Wrestling – September 13, 1975

Four months after the last MSG show, we get the earliest WWWF program on the network, All Star Wrestling. If these are squash matches there would be no ratings needed, but I’ll still recap them. Your current champions are, Bruno Sammartino is the World Champion and Blackjack Mulligan and Lanza, who won the gold on August 26th. Let’s get the show started.

The show opens with quick clips of the various late seventies stars over a cheap sounding disco track. Vince McMahon and Antonino Rocca welcome us to the show and run down tonight’s episode.

1. Tom Stanton v. Superstar Billy Graham

Billy Graham managed by the Grand Wizard takes his time removing his sunglasses and shirt. The bell rings and Graham takes some more time posing before hiptossing the youngster down. Graham hammers Stanton and we seem to have no commentary, as we can hear the crowd loud and clear. Vince’s voice returns as he hypes up the power of Graham, as he sends Stanton’s head into the turnbuckle. Stanton eats a big elbow from Graham who then proceeds to yell at the crowd. Graham tosses Stanton from corner to corner, and it was so impressive we get the replay, we come back to the bearhug on Stanton who submits.

1. Superstar Billy Graham defeats Tom Stanton by submission.

After the match Graham continues to work over the back of Stanton and proudly poses.

2. Buddy Porter & Buzz Sawyer v. Blackjack Lanza & Mulligan

Blackjack’s are accompanied by Captain Lou to the ring and are the new tag team champions. Not the same Buzz Sawyer who was a star in the 80s, just a jobber. Lanza starts out with Buzz and controls the arm as Albano screams at the fans. Mulligan tagged in and continues to work the arm and shoulder, Buzz struggles to make the tag to Buddy, but nothing changes. Mulligan slams a forearm across the chest and tags in Lanza who continues to unload on Buddy. Albano chokes Buddy as Lanza has the ref distracted, Lanza drives Buddy into Mulligan’s boot then tags him in. Mulligan tags Lanza on, and Lanza with the claw hold on Buddy for the easy win.

2. Blackjack Mulligan & Lanza destroy Buddy Porter and Buzz Sawyer

Post match Mulligan nails Sawyer as Lanza slowly releases the claw hold. Albano comes in to congratulate his team on their win. Vince McMahon interviews the Grand Wizard and Superstar Billy Graham. Wizard hypes up Graham as he poses for the camera, and Graham asks Vince how it feels to stand and talk with Superstar. Graham cuts a classic promo and challenges World Champion Bruno Sammartino, hyping up his workout plan. Graham says Bruno was scared to come to California, so he came to the East Coast to take out Bruno. Wizard says Graham is the next WWWF Champion.

3. Manuel Miranda v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

Baron quickly takes down the jobber and stomps on him repeatedly. He pulls Manuel up and snapmare him back down then hammers the back, Manuel tries to fight back and gets clobbered. More stomping and knees to the back, but Manuel fights back up and gets taken down again. Manuel shot to the corner and snapmared down again. Baron rakes the boot across the face of Manuel and another snapmare. Two kneedrops across the throat and Baron wins.

3. Baron Mikel Scicluna over Manuel Miranda

4. Francisco Flores v. Frank Monte

A lockup and Flores armdrags Monte down twice. A full nelson sends both men to the ropes and Monte with a cheap shot hammers Flores down. Monte drives the knee in and then sends Flores to the corner, but Flores fires back and Monte eats the turnbuckle. Monte begs off and Flores pauses and gets caught with a kick and then choked on the ropes. Monte gets caught coming off the ropes with a hiptoss and Flores stretches him out. Flores gets pulled to the ropes to break the hold, as Flores looks towards the ref Monte gets a shot in and begins to work the neck and shoulders. Monte tosses Flores to the floor and Monte goes to follow, but Flores catches him. Both men slug it out on the apron and Flores tied in the ropes, Monte works him over. Flores breaks free and pulls Monte to the outside. Flores unloads on him and sends him back in, then slams Monte hard in the middle of the ring. Flores goes for a snapmare and Monte powers him up and over the ropes. Monte follows and slams Flores’ head into the turnbuckle as the ref calls for the bell.

4. Francisco Flores and Frank Monte go to a double countout

5. Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi v. Bugsy McGraw & Waldo Von Erich

Waldo is managed by Fred Blassie while Bugsy has Captain Lou with him, as both managers working together spells trouble for Tony and Louis. Waldo and Parisi start out with Parisi catching Waldo with a right, then rakes the eyes which the crowd approves off. Waldo smashes the man down and sends him in, but gets caught with his head down. Albano on the apron slows down Parisi, as Blassie tries a cheap shot. The faces leave the ring as Albano smashes a chair and Blassie raises his teams hands. The faces return with an insurance policy, Andre the Giant! The crowd is going crazy for Andre as he chases off all four heels. Parisi and Waldo lock up after much stalling and Waldo catches Parisi but misses a kneedrop. Cerdan tagged in as is Bugsy, Cerdan takes out the leg, but with the ref busy Albano sneaks in for a cheap shot. It’s a four on one massacre, but Andre finally goes after the managers while Tony gets tagged back in and an atomic drop takes down Waldo. Tony misses the big elbowdrop and Bugsy tagged in, Bugsy drives the head into the turnbuckle as Albano gets a shot in and Andre after him again. Bugsy misses a big splash and both men make the tag, Albano gets in and gets hammered, Blassie eats a dropkick as the faces take out the managers and all seven in the ring as we have chaos. The ref finally restores order and gets Andre and the managers out, and Tony unloads on Waldo with a series of shots and a big slam. Bugsy gets involved and Louis takes him down. Tony with a submission hold and everyone in the ring again as the show comes to an end.

5. Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi v. Waldo Von Erich & Bugsy McGraw goes to a no contest


1. Superstar Billy Graham defeats Tom Stanton by submission.

2. Blackjack Mulligan & Lanza destroy Buddy Porter and Buzz Sawyer

3. Baron Mikel Scicluna over Manuel Miranda

4. Francisco Flores and Frank Monte go to a double countout

5. Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi v. Waldo Von Erich & Bugsy McGraw goes to a no contest

An interesting hour of television as we got a surprise appearance from Andre the Giant in the final match. Mostly squash matches, as was the style in those days, but the main event was a fun encounter. The next show jumps us forward to January of 1976, as we have two more episodes before the next Old School.

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