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WWF Prime Time – April 28, 1986

Three weeks after Wrestlemania II, we finally get into the Prime Time Wrestling series. Wish they had the first year of the show, but we start here. Prime Time is the predecessor to Monday Night Raw, and started in 1985 and ran until one week before RAW debuted in 1993. Hopefully the network adds the remaining years as we only get the shows from after Wrestlemania II till the week before Wrestlemania III. Prime Time is fondly remembered by fans for having good matches and most of all, the comedy of Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan. They worked together so well and had such perfect comedy timing they made the show so much fun to watch. As for the titles, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and British Bulldogs are all still the champions going in. Advertised for tonight’s episode is Jake Roberts, Iron Sheik and more, so let’s see what we get.

We open with a really cool opening video showing the current stars, and are welcomed by Gorilla and Bobby in a studio. Bobby is called the special guest sitting in for Jesse Ventura who’s filming a movie. Gorilla says all matches tonight are coming from Madison Square Garden in New York City and featured main event is Corporal Kirchner versus Iron Sheik and a classic match from the seventies as well.

1. Nikolai Volkoff v. Tony Garea

Nikolai graces us with his singing of the Russian National Anthem, and it’s the long version which angers the New York crowd. Garea is a former five time tag team champion with Rick Martel among others and is pretty much a jobber at this point. Nikolai quickly starts working over the back and ribs of Garea and drives a fist into the throat but misses the corner splash. This allows Garea to get some offense including a knee lift and a small package for two. Garea continues to stagger Nikolai with kicks and punches, but Nikolai with a spinning kick and then chokes Garea on the mat. Garea shot in and Nikolai lifts the boot, but gets caught and spun around, Garea connects with the atomic drop for a near fall. Garea gets caught with the big boot and Nikolai back to the choke then climbs the ropes but misses the big knee drop. Garea drives a knee into the mid section which brings Blassie to the apron, but Garea ignores him and starts to work the leg. Nikolai fires back with a chop and unloads in the corner, the ref pulls him back and Blassie gets a few cheap shots in with the cane. Nikolai sends him in but gets punches in the face, Garea follows with a spinning elbow and a knee to the side of the face. Garea with a sunset flip gets a near fall and follows that with the backslide for another close call. Nikolai sent to the corner and Garea charges, but Nikolai moves and then hits the backbreaker on Garea for the win. 2.5/5 a really good match and both guys worked well and kept the pace quick.

1. Nikolai Volkoff pinned Tony Garea **1/2

Back to Gorilla and Bobby, as Gorilla says Ernie Ladd was on commentary during that match and Bobby calls him the first big man in football. Bobby says bad knees ended his football career, which Gorilla says could be Bundy’s future. Gorilla says coming up next is a man who’s slithering his way through the WWF and Bobby says he doesn’t like snakes.

2. Jake Roberts v. Scott McGhee

This is early in Jake’s WWF run as Alfred, Gorilla and Ernie point out that the bag is moving in the corner. Lock up and into the ropes, Jake quickly begins hammering Scott. Jake sends him to the corner and catches him coming out with a right then follows with a gutbuster. Jake slaps Scott and comes off the ropes with a big shoulderblock but second one is avoided. Scott with a quick dropkicks, vertical suplex and gut wrench suplex sends Jake to the outside. Scott follows and hammers Jake who slithers back in but gets caught in the hip toss. Jake begs off for a time out, but Scott is relentless and drags him to the center of the ring. Scott misses a kneedrop and Jake quickly hits the short arm clothesline, which is a new move to the announcers. Jake goes for a slam and Scott slides down the back and goes for a rollup, Jake holds the ropes and quickly spins around into the DDT for the win. 1/5 just a quick squash as a means to showcase newcomer Jake Roberts. After the match Jake pulls out Damian and drapes him over the prone body of Scott. The crowd is not happy with Jake as he keeps tossing Damian on top of Scott, as Gorilla sends it back to Gorilla!

2. Jake Roberts pinned Scott McGhee *

Gorilla says that is the only drawback holding back Bobby Heenan from signing him. Bobby says he does like how Jake intimidated Scott through the match and says intimidation is important. Gorilla sends it to an interview with Tito. Gene is joined by the former Intercontinental Champion and talks about Tito’s football career and Tito says wrestling has been good to him and he like to follow the rules but now he has to deal with someone who does not like the rules. Tito says there is only way to deal with Randy Savage and that is to fight fire with fire and he will face Savage in the ring again and it will be a different Tito. Back to Gorilla and Bobby, Bobby is laughing at Tito’s promo as Gorilla sends it to the ring.

3. King Tonga v. Paul Christy

Tonga is of course the monster Meng, aka Haku and is one of the toughest men in the history of wrestling. Lock up in the corner and Paul quickly backs off, Tonga with a go behind and Paul tries to reverse but has to make the ropes. Paul with a hammerlock into an armbar, but Tonga reverses and Paul recounters but Tonga snaps him over and drops a leg. Tonga with the armbar as Gorilla talks about the fact that Tonga is barefoot and says he could never do that. Paul gets a cheap shot but that angers Tonga who unloads on Paul and chokes him in the corner. Tonga sent into the ropes and Paul with a series of shots into the headlock and Tonga just powers him to the top rope with ease. Paul comes back and chokes Tonga on the ropes and gets the crazy eyes. Tonga starts to fight back with chops and a big slam in the middle of the ring then drops a pair of fists. Paul shot in and eats a crescent kick, Tonga climbs the ropes and hits the diving headbutt for three. 1/5 another quick squash match with lots of choking, nothing major.

3. King Tonga pinned Paul Christy *

Back to Heenan and Gorilla, as Gorilla asks about a match between Studd and Tonga, Bobby says he’s more focused on the title now and says Bundy got screwed. Gorilla says the door was small but Bundy could’ve climbed the cage. Gorilla sends it to the next match.

4. Rene Goulet v. Lanny Poffo

Poffo recites his poem before the match and makes fun of Rene, which angers the Frenchman. Gorilla says Rene hasn’t won a match in seven months, to which Alfred says he won a couple weeks ago and Gorilla says he missed that. Lockup and into the ropes, Rene with the cheap shot and Poffo answers back with one of his own. Into the corner and Rene climbs up as Poffo backs off, Rene climbs down and sweeps the leg but Poffo back up. Rene with a side headscissor takeover and gets one, Rene then hides in the corner, Rene grabs the arm and Poffo kicks him down and applies the wristlock. Rene flips up and reverses the wristlock taking down Poffo. Poffo rolls though into a cover and gets two, Rene begs off into the corner. Poffo with the side headlock and Rene shoots him in, Poffo comes back with a shoulderblock, off the ropes again with a sunset flip for a near fall. Rene bails to the outside and Poffo taunts him, Rene comes back in and takes out the leg, Poffo counters with a headscissor. Poffo kicks Rene off and catches him off the ropes with a monkey flip, Rene quickly hides in the corner. Rene slaps Poffo then bails out of the ring as we go to commercial. Back from commercial and Rene slowly gets back in the ring and then hides from Poffo. Poffo’s had enough and hammers Rene then tosses him to the corner, Rene lands on the top and Poffo knocks him down with a series of shots. Rene slowly returns to the ring and Poffo with the side headlock gets sent in and Rene drives the knee to the stomach then walks across Poffo twice. Rene racks the eyes and then the back before biting Poffo in the midsection. Poffo kicks out at two, then gets clotheslined down by Rene who follows with the claw hold. Poffo powers out and sends Rene to the corner, but misses the dropkick and Rene back on the offense with the claw. Poffo fights off again and misses another dropkick, landing on his head, and Rene quickly hammers Poffo and goes back to the claw. Rene goes for a right but Poffo ducks and hits an atomic drop for two. Poffo begins to hammer Rene and backdrops him down the slams Rene in the middle of the ring, he follows with a moonsault but Rene rolls out of the way and gets a near fall. Rene now climbs the ropes but gets caught and slammed down, Poffo hits a backsplash senton for the win. 1.5/5 not a bad match but nothing major till the last minute or so, lots of stalling.

4. Lanny Poffo pinned Rene Goulet *1/2

Gorilla says Lanny got lucky having missed the high flying moves and Bobby calls him a punk. Gorilla says he needs to drop the high flying stuff or his career will end, as he doesn’t see Bundy do that stuff. Heenan says he’s a monster and doesn’t need to. Gorilla says it’s time for our classic match, as Gorilla talks about being tag partner with Tanaka.

5. Toru Tanaka & Mr Fuji v. Jose Gonzalez & Lenny Hurst

This match is joined in progress as Jose dropkicks Tanaka who’s tangles in the ropes. A dropkick sends Fuji to the floor, Tanaka catches Jose with a chop and tags in Fuji who uses the trapezes hold on Jose, as the crowd cheers Jose on. Jose with a shoulderblock takes down Fuji, but a second one causes Jose to run into a clothesline and be pinned. After the commercial we come back for fall two, as Lenny checks on Jose who’s still down from the clothesline and the bell rings. Fuji kicks Jose in the back of the head and then tosses Jose into the corner where he flips over the ropes to the apron and Fuji kicks him to the floor. Jose back in and gets backdropped before Tanaka tagged in and Tanaka misses the elbow drop. Jose catches Tanaka with his head down and kicks him before tagging in Hurst who starts to work the legs but Tanaka comes back with chops and sends Hurst to the floor. Fuji takes a quick cheap shot and Jose comes over to help Hurst back in. Tanaka continues to chop Hurst then locks on the cobra clutch and slams Hurst down for the easy pin. 1/5 basically a quick two fall squash, could’ve picked a better old school match.

5. Tanaka & Fuji over Jose Gonzalez & Lenny Hurst *

Gorilla calls it a showcase and talks about Tanaka, who Heenan says is in Hollywood working and training. Heenan says he’s in tremendous shape and could come back anytime. Gorilla says a tremendous match coming up next as we go back to MSG.

6. Sivi Afi v. Iron Mike Sharpe

I sense another squash match as Sharpe very rarely won, while they tried to push Afi for a few years but it never really worked. Lockup and Sharpe powers him to corner and goes for the cheap shot, but Afi moves and Sharpe hits the buckle. Another lockup into a side headlock from Sharpe, Afi sends him in and Sharpe hits the shoulderblock. Off the ropes and Afi barely gets over and does a poor looking leg sweep. Afi with a rollup and a dropkick to the side of the head, a second one sends Sharpe to the floor and Alfred can’t stop laughing. Sharpe takes his time getting back in the ring and Afi with the side headlock and shoots him in, Afi leaps over and rolls him up, but Sharpe holds the ropes. Sharpe turns around and gets dropkicked to the floor and the momentum sends him over the barricade. Slowly back in the ring and catches Afi in the hammerlock but Afi sweeps the leg, Sharpe kicks him off and goes for the monkey flip, but Afi lands on his feet. Afi with a dropkick but Sharpe avoids the second one and begins to work over the back. Sharpe sends him to the ropes and backdrops Afi down and covers for a near fall which sends Sharpe after the ref. Afi sent to the corner and Sharpe follows with a chop across the chest, Afi ducks under the clothesline and hits a cross body but only gets one as we go to commercial. When we come back with Sharpe in control as he catches Afi in a bearhug but Afi breaks the hold with the ear clap. Afi rams Sharpe’s head into the turnbuckle ten times and then sends him to the corner but misses the corner splash and his head bounces off the metal post. Sharpe quickly follows with a rear elbow and then drops a elbow across the chest twice, but the third one misses. Afi starts to fight back with kicks and headbutts, then hits a flying headbutt but misses the elbowdrop of his own. Sharpe unloads on Afi in the ropes, but Afi comes back with chops then tosses him across the ring. Afi with a dropkick and ascends the ropes but misses the splash and Sharpe takes down Afi for two. Both men exchange chops and Afi gets the better with a big headbutt and then slams Sharpe and follows with a splash off the second rope. Afi sends Sharpe in and Sharpe runs him right over then tosses him over the top, Afi holds the ropes and Sharpe charges, Afi takes him over the top. Sharpe unloads on Afi on the floor, but Afi holds him on the floor and headbutts Sharpe. Afi flips himself over the ropes back in and wins by countout? 2/5 much better then I expected as both guys just hammered each other. After the match Sharpe attacks Afi and hammers him, but Sharpe sent to the corner and monkey flipped out of the corner and dropkicked to the floor.

6. Sivi Afi beat Iron Mike Sharpe via countout **

Heenan says Afi should’ve been disqualified for tossing Sharpe out and Gorilla says Heenan is the last person to claim someone should be disqualified. Over to Gene with Jimmy Hart who is joined by Hoss Funk and Adrian Adonis. Hoss says to take a look at both of them and what do you see, two men who like to fight. Hoss calls out Junk Yard Dog, Hulk Hogan and Haiti Kid, Jimmy says don’t trust a midget. Adonis says he doesn’t brush his teeth and what if he bites Jimmy and Jimmy loses a leg? That made no sense but whatever, as Jimmy says it’s no one’s business where Terry Funk, Anvil or Bret is as he says they are the most dominant force in 1986. Heenan continues to make fun of Corporal Kirchner and all the military as we go to our main event.

7. Iron Sheik v. Corporal Kirchner

Sheik attacks Kirchner before he even gets in the ring and clotheslines him down then uses his outfit to choke Kirchner. Kirchner gets backdropped and then spat on by Sheik, who takes time to pose. Sheik kicks Kirchner in the face with the curled boot and goes for the backdrop again bur Kirchner jumps over and slams Sheik. Kirchner drops an elbow and then rams Sheik’s leg into the ringpost. Kirchner with a big headbutt and then suplexes Sheik for a two count, a gutwrench suplex gets another two as Kirchner unloads on Sheik but misses the dropkick. Sheik now shows how he does the gutwrench suplex and then kicks Kirchner before locking on the abdominal stretch. Kirchner powers out with a hiptoss and drops a knee, but the elbowdrop misses and Sheik sends him in. Kirchner comes back with a sunset flip but Sheik kicks out and sends him in again, Kirchner catches him with his head down. Sheik stops to pray and this confuses Kirchner allowing Sheik to send him to the cement. Nikolai quickly smashes Blassie’s cane across the back of Kirchner and the ref calls for the bell. 1.75/5 was starting to get good before the sudden ending. After the match Volkoff throws Kirchner in and begin to double team him. Kirchner fights his way out and grabs a chair, which sends Sheik and Volkoff running down the aisle.

7. Corporal Kirchner over Iron Sheik via disqualification *3/4

Heenan says Kirchner is not the same class as Sheik and should not have been in the ring and doesn’t wear approved footwear. Gorilla wraps up the show and says Heenan was not as obnoxious as he expected, Heenan says stay tuned. Gorilla goes over the over WWF shows this week including TNT and All-American, which All-American was on the network, as the credits roll.


1. Nikolai Volkoff pinned Tony Garea **1/2

2. Jake Roberts pinned Scott McGhee *

3. King Tonga pinned Paul Christy *

4. Lanny Poffo pinned Rene Goulet *1/2

5. Tanaka & Fuji over Jose Gonzalez & Lenny Hurst *

6. Sivi Afi beat Iron Mike Sharpe via countout **

7. Corporal Kirchner over Iron Sheik via disqualification *3/4

Not much in the way of good matches on today’s episode but still a fun ninety minutes. Only one really good match, four squashes and two okay matches. Still this is a nice snapshot of the WWF post Wrestlemania II. All the matches, other then the classic one, came from Madison Square Garden six days earlier. Never expected Tony Garea to have the best match of the night! Coming up next is Saturday Night’s Main Event headlined by Hulk Hogan and JYD versus the Funk Brothers and more.


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