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WWF – April 26, 1986

Coming from Boston, Massachusetts we have our next house show. This show takes place only nineteen days removed from Wrestlemania II. With Wrestlemania II in the rear view mirror, and being so recent, nothing major has changed in the title picture. Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and The British Bulldogs are your reigning World, Intercontinental and Tag Team Champions respectively. The only match announced for this show is Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine versus Davey Boy Smith & Pedro Morales, but at only an hour long I assume we won’t have too many other matches, so let’s head to the ring.

Following the most bizarre Rusev commercial before the show, we get our opening video and sent down to ringside with Gorilla Monsoon & Lord Alfred Hayes. Gorilla announces a big six man tag match scheduled for tonight and it should be a classic as they send it to the ring announcer.

1. Don Muraco v. Dan Spivey

Spivey is a guy who should’ve been a huge star but just never was. His comeback in the mid 90s as Waylon Mercy was awesome but bad knees ruined what could’ve been. Muraco is a former IC champion and is managed by the devious Mr Fuji. Muraco offers the handshake and Spivey doesn’t fall for it, as Muraco conspires with Fuji. They finally lock up and Spivey powers Muraco to the ropes and we get a clean break. Gorilla talks about Muraco beating Pedro for the IC title, as the “Beach Bum” chants begin from the crowd and Muraco is angered and goes into the crowd. He slides back in and Spivey stomps him and then slams Muraco in the middle of the ring, which gets the crowd louder. Muraco slides back out and takes his time getting back in, ordering the referee to keep Spivey back. Another lockup into the side headlock by Muraco, who gets shot in and catches him in the big scoop slam sending Muraco to the corner. Spivey pulls Muraco out the hard way and stomps the mid section then locks on a side headlock but Muraco powers him to the ropes and unloads on Spivey before tossing him to the cement. Muraco follows and tosses Spivey into the barricade, which topples over into the crowd, Muraco pulls him out of the wreckage and tosses him into another one. Muraco helps Spivey back in the ring and follows with a forearm off the top rope and continues to unload on Spivey. Spivey gets rocked by a massive vertical suplex and gets a near fall, Muraco then clotheslines Spivey from behind and he bounces off the ropes hard. A slugfest ensues and Spivey gets the better of Muraco who staggers to the corner, and Spivey continues to hammer Muraco and hits a clothesline for a near fall. Muraco with a picture perfect standing dropkick sends Muraco to the apron, Muraco rakes the eyes and goes for a suplex but Spivey reverses however Muraco cradles him on the way down for a win. 3/5 a much better match then expected, as they worked well together and an innovative pinfall.

1. Don Muraco pinned Dan Spivey ***

2. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake v. Pedro Morales & Davey Boy Smith

Greg & Brutus are accompanied by Johnny V and this is of course non-title. This would be the last real run for Pedro as he was demoted to jobber status and left by the fall. Gorilla says Dynamite is not there due to illness in the family and had to leave before the show. Greg and Smith start and Greg takes him down and misses the elbow. Greg grabs the arm and cranks it, Smith rolls through and reverses the hold. Smith shot in and comes back with the sunset flip for two, and Greg goes to his corner for a breather but not a tag. Greg gets Smith to the corner and kicks him in the gut then shoots him in, Smith reverses and clotheslines Greg coming out. Brutus tagged in and goes after Pedro before stalling in the corner, Smith catches Brutus in the finger lock but Brutus with a series of knees to break the hold. Smith powers Brutus to the corner and plants him on the top rope before slapping him, then tags. Pedro unloads on both men and Brutus in the wrong corner gets popped, Pedro with big backdrop and Brutus begs off. Pedro gets caught in the corner and Brutus charges, but Pedro drops and Brutus nails Greg sending him to the cement. The Dream Team try to get it back together on the floor, as Brutus slowly gets back in and locks the full nelson on Pedro, Greg charges now and nails Brutus accidentally. Things not going well for the Dream Team but Brutus catches Pedro with a knee in the corner and then kicks him down before bringing in Greg. Greg drops the elbow and covers for a near fall, Greg follows up with the windup elbow for two. The big forearm dropped across the face of Pedro, as Johnny paces at ringside, unlike Fuji earlier who didn’t move at all. The Dream Team with a series of fast tags work over the triple crown champion, Pedro makes the tag but Greg distracts the ref and tag is invalid. Brutus with a nice vertical suplex and gets a two count as he does a nonchalant cover as called by Monsoon. Greg in and drops the big elbow for two as well, then begins working over the left leg getting Pedro ready for the figure four. Pedro fights off the figure four sending Greg into the turnbuckle and finally makes the tag to Smith. Smith clotheslines Greg and rams the Dream Team’s heads together then a stalling vertical suplex on Greg for two. Small package from Smith gets another near fall, Smith scoops Greg up and hits the powerslam but Brutus breaks the tag, all five in the ring and the Dream team crash into each other. Smith slams Greg and climbs the ropes but Johnny shoves him down as the ref was busy with Pedro. Greg quickly covers and wins the match for his team which angers Gorilla. 2.25/5 lots of stalling as usual with Brutus, the segments of Greg and Davey were good though.

2. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake beat Davey Boy Smith & Pedro Morales **1/4

3. Jimmy Jack & Hoss Funk & Jimmy Hart v. Ricky Steamboat, Junk Yard Dog & Haiti Kid

Jimmy Jack is not a real Funk, taking the place of Terry, and this is a six man tag with Jimmy Hart and the midget in the match. Chaos ensues right from the start as Jimmy Jack tries to strangle JYD and Steamboat saves. Haiti Kid steals Jimmy Jack’s hat and is wearing it, as JYD protects him. Steamboat and Jack start the match and Steamboat chops both Funks and Jack eats a right from JYD as well. Steamboat uses his speed to confuse the masked man and slams him and then Hoss as well. Jimmy Hart charges in and gets caught as Steamboat and JYD go to toss Hart at Haiti Kid, but Funk’s pull him out. Steamboat with a side headlock and flips over Jack, Dog tagged in and tosses Haiti Kid on Jack for a two. The crowd is enjoying this, as they are just loud for everything the face team does, current guys wish they had the charisma of JYD. Hoss and JYD legal now and JYD holds Hoss so Haiti Kid can bite him and then a headbutt from JYD sends Hoss to the floor. Hoss back in with a side headlock on JYD who tags in Steamboat who snapmares Hoss and grinds the face. Hoss shot in and a couple leapfrogs followed by dropkicks for both Funks. Hoss tries to tag in Hart, as Haiti Kid tagged in and Hart says no so Jimmy Jack in along with Steamboat. Jack works the arm of Steamboat who easily reverses the hold and Dog tagged in and headbutts Jack. Full nelson by Dog as he drags him to Kid who chops Jack across the chest. Hoss back in and they criss cross, but JYD stops as Hoss keeps going and he finally realizes and looks furious. Hoss finally catches JYD and unloads on him but JYD comes back with the headbutt, four men in the ring and the Funk’s collide. Haiti runs around the ring and pulls Jimmy Hart down and now Jimmy Hart chases Haiti Kid. Hoss whipped into the corner but JYD runs into a big right hand and Hoss follows with a stomp on the face and tags in Jack. Jack drops the fist across the back of the JYD’s head. Jack with a sleeper almost puts out the JYD, but he rolls though so Hoss tagged back in and continues to work the head of JYD. Dog fights free and Jack back in, but JYD makes the hot tag to Steamboat who chops Jack repeatedly but a corner whip reversed and Jack with a nice lariat takes down the Dragon. Quick tag to Hoss who continues to overpower Steamboat, as Jimmy Hart cheers his team on but has yet to get into the match. Steamboat reverses a piledriver attempt and tries to to tag but Hoss catches him. Hoss goes for the suplex, but Steamboat reverses that move as well and a small package gets a near fall. Jack tagged back in and eats a right but Steamboat unable to slam Jack, Jack hits Steamboat with a high knee and almost wins the match as the Funks continue to do quick tags. Steamboat falls backwards and tags in JYD who clotheslines Jimmy Jack and drops the headbutt, Jimmy Hart breaks the pin and Haiti Kid chases him out. Side Russian legsweep takes down Jimmy Jack, but knocks the wind out of JYD and both men slow to get up. Both men clothesline each other, and both men are down. Dog up first and whips in Jimmy Jack who comes back with the knee and Hart finally tagged in and chokes JYD. JYD starts to get up and Hart has nowhere to go, JYD with an atomic drop and tags in Haiti Kid. Kid unloads on Hart with karate moves and all six men in the ring. Hoss grabs the megaphone and cracks JYD then slams Haiti Kid, Hart covers for the win. 2/5 the last few minutes were fun and the crowd was really into everything but nothing major.

3. Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Jack & Hoss Funk over Junk Yard Dog, Ricky Steamboat & Haiti Kid **

Gorilla and Alfred go over the matches and close out the show.


1. Don Muraco pinned Dan Spivey ***

2. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake beat Davey Boy Smith & Pedro Morales **1/4

3. Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Jack & Hoss Funk over Junk Yard Dog, Ricky Steamboat & Haiti Kid **

Not a great show from Boston Gardens as only match was good, and the rest was just there. Would’ve been better had it been the Bulldogs/Dream Team match, but Spivey and Muraco was a fun match. The missing matches were Tony Garea over Mr X, Spot over Jose Luis Rivera, King Tonga beat Tiger Chung Lee, Lanny Poffo pinned Psycho Capone and Ted Arcidi went to a double countout with Big John Studd. Nothing worth seeing in that mess either, unfortunately most of those matches air on upcoming episodes of Prime Time Wrestling, which is coming up next. We finally get to see some of those classic Gorilla and Bobby Heenan Prime Time’s next, which I’m looking forward to, especially as we get into late 1986 and the build to Wrestlemania III.


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