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Saturday Night’s Main Event – January 4, 1986

With Wrestlemania II coming up in about 5 weeks, tonight’s episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event will set up some of the key matches. Tonight we have Hulk Hogan defending the World Title against Don Muraco, and Mr T will face Bob Orton in a boxing match. Also advertised for the show is the British Bulldogs, I assume in a warm up match for Wrestlemania. The only title to change hands in the last two months is the Intercontinental Championship which was won by Randy Savage in Boston from Tito Santana. Nothing else is advertised so, let’s see what we get.

We open with Mene Gene standing by with Mr T, who’s warming up with the heavy bag. T rips Gene apart and tells him to get lost. Gene tries asking questions but T keeps screaming at him to get out, so Gene finally leaves and we go to the opening music. Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura welcome us to the show and announce that we have two big title matches, World and Tag Team. The Dream Team will defend the belts against British Bulldogs and Hulk Hogan will face Don Muraco. Vince announces we will also see Hulk Hogan’s music video and three other big matches. We go to Piper’s Pit from last month as Hulk Hogan introduces Bob Orton’s opponent as Piper makes fun of Hogan having a friend. Hulk signs for his friend and Piper stares at the contract stunned, and announces it’s Mr T. Backstage to Gene with Bob Orton and Roddy Piper, Piper wastes no time making fun of T and Orton says Hulk is not there for T to hide behind. Clips of T training before we go backstage to Gene with T who says his intensity is up and he’s ready to take Bob Orton out. T calls Piper and Orton chumps and he can take both men at once as we go to ringside.

1. Mr T v. Bob Orton

So this is a boxing match, which is never good for the heel. Bob has his gloves and hat on with his gloves, which Piper helps him remove. Piper throws a towel in the face of T and they separate both men and the bell rings. Orton attacks T before the bell as T is talking to his corner man. Why does T have two different colored socks on? Orton gets caught holding T and gets yelled at by the ref. T unloads on the Cowboy and Orton thumbs him in the eye. The doctor comes in the ring and wants to stop the fight, but T pushes him away and wants to continue. T hammers Orton and the bell rings to end the round, as the ref checks on T, Orton clocks him over the referee’s shoulder. Second round begins and Orton goes right after T and gets over confident, looks back at Piper and T quickly clobbers him. Piper on the apron and Orton holds T, Piper misses and nails Orton, T knocks Piper off the apron and tosses Orton. The ref calls the fight and T wins. Well, that was something I guess, sets up Piper/T for Wrestlemania. Piper wants T and T sends everyone out of the ring, Piper sets T up so his back is to Orton and Orton with a knee to the back of T. Orton and Piper double team T and the crowd is irate, as Orton holds T on the mat Piper whips him with his belt. Jesse makes a tasteless Roots joke as they continue to whip T, as finally the officials get rid of Piper and Orton.

1. Mr T over Bob Orton in round two of a boxing match

Backstage with T who says he’s alright but mad, and no one embarrasses him like that. T says Piper is dirty and he wants Piper as we see replays of T being whipped. Gene is now with Bobby Heenan and King Kong Bundy, who says he wants Hogan. Bundy has eyebrows, that looks odd, as Heenan says they will meet their commitment and not to worry about it.

2. Steve Gatorwolf v. King Kong Bundy

This is going to be a quick squash of the jobber, as Bundy waits impatiently for the bell. Bell rings and Bundy hammers Steve to the corner and sends him to the opposite corner follows with the avalanche. Bundy covers for the easy three count, but he insists on the five which he gets. DUD Just a quick squash. Bundy grabs the microphone and demands Hogan.

2. King Kong Bundy squashes Steve Gatorwolf DUD

Backstage to Don Muraco who says he’s the number one contender and that Mr Fuji has the flu, which he blames on Hogan. Gene asks if Fuji is there and Muraco says he is not, but Fuji found a replacement for the night, Bobby Heenan. Smell the intrigue as Heenan’s man, Bundy, wants the title shot but instead he’s managing Muraco tonight. We see Fuji backstage with a hot water bottle and the bowler hat is still on his head. Gene is with Hogan and he says he’s ready and he’s worried about Heenan but the Hulkamaniacs have his back.

3. Hulk Hogan v. Don Muraco

As Hulk comes to the ring Jesse asks about the music, which Vince says is Hulk’s new music, Real American. So this is the debut of Real American I assume. After the commercial we come back and they lock up, but Muraco goes low then rams Hulk into the turnbuckle. Muraco starts to work over the back of the Hulkster as Jesse says he’s going to take the suntan off his body. Hulk reverses the corner whip and backdrops Muraco, Hulk nails Heenan sending him to the cement and continues to hammer Muraco. Hogan with the corner clothesline and then follows with an atomic drop sending Muraco to the outside, Hulk follows and sends Muraco into the apron then back in the ring. Muraco fires back but Hulk unloads with rights and covers for two. Hulk shoots him in and catches him in the big bearhug, Muraco fights out with headbutt to the nose and then kicks Hulk in the ribs. Muraco drops a big leg and covers, but Hulk kicks out with authority. Muraco drops the Asian Spike to the throat of Hogan as Heenan celebrates at ringside, Muraco connects with a nice knee lift. The crowd is screaming for Hogan but Muraco drops the head into the lower mid section then rakes the boot laces across Hulk’s face. Muraco with a second Asian Spike this time from the second rope as he continues to work over the champ and covers, but Hulk kicks out and begins to Hulk up. Hogan with three rights and sends Muraco in and connects with the big boot and legdrop then covers but Heenan breaks the pin. 3.25/5 a good brawl as Muraco held his own and looked good out there, it’s too bad never got the proper push he deserved. Hogan goes after Heenan and chokes him in the air, but this brings out Bundy who nails Hogan from behind. Muraco holds Hogan in the corner and Bundy hits the avalanche multiple times. Hogan crumples to the mat and Muraco drags him to the corner, Bundy hit the big splash on the champion, Muraco rolls him over and Bundy hits another one. The heels are chased off finally by The Bulldogs and Pedro Morales, as the doctor comes in to check on Hogan. They wheel out the stretcher and load Hogan up and place him in the ambulance, Vince is all choked up. Gorilla is pushing people out of the way and jumps in the ambulance to be with Hogan.

3. Hulk Hogan over Don Muraco via disqualification ***1/4

A pretaped interview of Johnny V, Valentine and Beefcake who says they are ready to take out the British Team. Greg says they are a circus act and people will find out who are the real champions. We get footage from January of the Bulldogs beating the Dream Team in a non title match.

4. Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid v. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake

Valentine and Davey start and Greg overpowers him, Smith does the same back and then follows with the atomic drop into Kid who headbutts Greg. Headbutt from Smith and a cover, but Greg has his foot on the ropes. Smith with a suplex for another two count, the Bulldogs double team Hammer as Kid in. Valentine begs off and gets a shot in, then tags in Brutus who misses the knee and Kid unloads on him before bringing Smith back in. Smith works over the arm of Beefcake and then sends him in, Beefcake eats the elbow but falls into his corner tagging Valentine back in. Smith press slams Valentine and covers for another near fall then brings Kid back in. Kid drops a knee on Valentine multiple times and follows with a belly to back suplex then the diving headbutt. Kid gets another near fall as Valentine is in trouble, Kid drops a knee off the second rope and tags Smith back in. Smith unloads, but Valentine tries to fight back and eats a dropkick into a small package and Smith almost wins. Kid back in the match and chops Valentine in the corner, but gets caught in a reverse atomic drop which allows Valentine to tag in Beefcake. Albano and Johnny get into it at ringside and their teams come to back up the managers as we go to commercial. We come back Kid and Beefcake lockup, Beefcake gets trapped in the Bulldogs corner and they double team Beefcake. Beefcake finally tries to break free and is able to bring in the Hammer and the double team Kid. Valentine locks on the figure four, Smith breaks the move and we get a slugfest from Kid and Valentine. Valentine takes him down and follows with a nice elbow off the second rope for a near fall for the Dream Team. Valentine hits a perfect shoulder breaker for another two, Beefcake tagged in and they double team Kid, Beefcake with a snapmare and a running stomp for two. Valentine back in and drops the big hammer but gets caught on the top and slammed down hard. Kid hits a missile dropkick and covers, but Valentine gets a foot on the ropes. All four men are in the ring Valentine and Smith collide in the ring, Valentine falls on top for the win. 4/5 a really good fast paced tag match, with one of the most unusual endings to a match. After the match Valentine is still out and being helped by Beefcake and Johnny.

4. The Dream Team over the Bulldogs ****

Mene Gene is standing by at the Phoenix Hospital and is not allowed in with the cameras but will update the fans when they get information. That was pointless, but now we get the legendary Real American Music Video, which was cool back then and still holds up now. Hulk playing the red, white and blue guitar as so eighties, and clips from various Hogan matches are shown along with all sorts of American Propaganda. Even thirty plus years later this is still the most recognizable wrestling theme of all time. Hope when we get to the Piledriver era all the videos are left in, they should make a video channel on the network for all these cool videos, would be entertaining. Another pretaped interview as Gene is with Adonis and Jimmy Hart, Adonis is in full gay gimmick at this point. He’s got pastel boas and bows in his hair, as he says he hates dogs and it’s back to the fire hydrant with him.

5. Junk Yard Dog v. Adrian Adonis

Dog comes out to Grab them Cakes, which is edited from Another One Bites the Dust. Adonis taunts Dog who tosses Adonis across the ring and rams him into the steel post shoulder first, then follows with headbutts. Dog continues to toss Adonis around the ring and hits a vicious clothesline, spinning Adonis in mid air and then pulls him up slowly, this allows Adonis to fire back with slaps. Adonis tossed to the corner and he falls over the top rope to the floor, Jimmy goes to check on him and Dog headbutts Hart into Adonis. The crowd solidly behind the Dog who drags Adonis in, and Jimmy as well. JYD with a headbutt sends Adonis across the ring, he then throws Jimmy into Adonis and both tumble to the cement. Jesse calls JYD a bully as we go to commercial, we come back as Adonis struggles to get in the ring and Dog headbutts him. Dog covers and Hart puts Adonis’ foot on the rope, Dog misses the diving headbutt and Adonis holds the ref allowing Hart to tie Dog to the ropes. This allows Adonis to unload on Dog as Hart now distracts the referee. Hart gets a cheap shot in on JYD and then Adonis drops a knee across the back then goes for a chokehold. The referee pulls Adonis off JYD by the hair as the crowd gets louder for JYD. Adonis sets up the dog for a piledriver but Dog’s feet hit the referee, Adonis calls Jimmy to the apron. Adonis gets sent into the megaphone and Jimmy to the cement, Dog covers for the win. 3/5 a fun match considering who was in it, kept at a faster pace then expected. After the match Dog goes after Hart and Adonis nails him with the megaphone sending Dog to the cement floor. Adonis is having a tantrum in the ring after losing as we get replays of Hart and Adonis tumbling to the floor earlier in the match.

5. Junk Yard Dog pinned Adrian Adonis ***

Gene is standing by at the hospital with a doctor who says Hulk has injuries to his back, neck and ribs. The doctor says they will do x-rays as well, and Vince says hopefully they will be negative. Vince and Jesse recap the boxing match from earlier, can we just act like it never happened? Vince says Hogan has said he will be leaving the hospital soon and Jesse says he has more guts the brains. The show closes with Real American playing and Vince says the next episode is in eight weeks, about a month after Wrestlemania II.


1. Mr T over Bob Orton in round two of a boxing match

2. King Kong Bundy squashes Steve Gatorwolf DUD

3. Hulk Hogan over Don Muraco via disqualification ***1/4

4. The Dream Team over the Bulldogs ****

5. Junk Yard Dog pinned Adrian Adonis ***

Another SNME is in the books, and this one started out bad but quickly recovered. The boxing match was just a setup for the even worse boxing match at Wrestlemania, and the Bundy match was just a showcase to make Bundy look good. The World title match was fun and the ending set up the main event for Wrestlemania II, as did the wonky finish to the tag title match. The end match was better then it should have been, but set nothing for Wrestlemania as JYD teamed with Tito against the Funks and Adonis faced Uncle Elmer. Wrestlemania II is the next show coming up featuring Hulk Hogan looking for revenge on King Kong Bundy for tonight’s attack.


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