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WWF – December 7, 1985

A little less then a month removed from the previous WWF house show from Toronto, we travel to the Boston Gardens for another classic house show. Unfortunately this one is also clipped as it says only sixty minutes long, so only two or three matches. However the matches advertised are huge, Savage vs Steamboat and Bruno vs Piper, so that should be fantastic. I did notice WWE added another old school show from the seventies I’ll have to jump back in time for that at a later date.

We open the show with the classic opener showing the stars of the eighties. We quickly go to the ring for the first match.

1. Pedro Morales v. Cowboy Bob Orton

Pedro is the fourth WWF champion, winning the belt from the late Ivan Koloff before dropping it to Stan Stasiak. Cowboy Bob is the dad of current WWE star Randy Orton and was in the first Wrestlemania. Both are very capable athletes, so I expect a good match here. The bell rings and Orton bails right away, trips over a wire and goes after Pedro but then bails out again. Love the old yellow floor of the Gardens, miss when every arena/show looked different, unlike the homogenized sets they have now. Lots of stalling as Gorilla and Jesse talk about Bob’s cast, which he wore for years, as Bob pulls Pedro out and rams him into the flimsy barricade then unloads on Pedro. Bob breaks the count then goes back after Pedro and goes for a suplex on the floor, but Pedro blocks so Bob slams him down hard. The referee, Danny Davis, finally goes after Bob and tells him this needs to be in the ring so Bob slides in and poses. Bob goes back out after Pedro as Jesse says he’d just take the countout, again Bob goes for the suplex but Pedro reverses and it almost winds up a brainbuster as he slid a little. Both men slow to get in the ring but Pedro starts to fire up and unloads on Bob who bounces off the turnbuckle and out of the ring. Pedro quickly after him and tosses Bob through another part of the barricade, which is just a small piece of wood, which Bob tries to throw in the ring. Pedro bounces it off Bob’s head and the crowd loves it, love that the security is actual cops who are rebuilding the barricade. Pedro hammers Bob and then shoots him the corner, Bob reverses and charges but gets caught in a sunset flip for a near fall. Pedro shot in and misses the shot with cast, Pedro rolls him up for the pinfall. 3/5 a fun brawl that was not the kind of match I expected. After the match Bob cracks Pedro in the back of the head with the cast then threatens to nail Davis as well. Jesse calls it a major upset which angers Gorilla who calls Pedro a legend.

1. Pedro Morales pinned Cowboy Bob Orton ***

2. Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat

This is a rematch from the Wrestling Classic one month earlier which Randy won, using the foreign object of course. Jesse calls both guys great athletes as Savage hides behind Elizabeth, and then nails Steamboat from behind. Savage sent hard into the corner and tossed from the ring. Steamboat follows and sends Savage’s arm into the steel post before dragging him in the ring, he continues to work Savage’s arm. Savage taken down via snapmare as Steamboat continues the offense but Savage grabs the hair so Steamboat does the same. Steamboat is trying to tear the arm out on Savage as he just tosses Savage around while holding the arm. Savage tries to escape the ring but Steamboat keeps the hold of the arm and pulls him back in. Steamboat with a shoulderblock for a one and then back to the arm. Savage breaks the hold with a handful of hair and hides in the corner to slow down Steamboat. Savage to the floor and Steamboat gives chase, back in and Steamboat catches Savage in a flying hammerlock. Steamboat right back to the arm as Gorilla calls Savage not a normal individual. Savage with a handful of hair to escape and bails to the outside, and Jesse calls it a tremendous move. Savage distracted by the crowd allows Steamboat to catch him with a chop and toss him back in the ring, and right back to the arm of Savage. Steamboat living up to his nickname of the Arm-Dragon, as Savage finally catches him and tosses him out, but Steamboat comes back in. Savage clotheslines Steamboat to the floor and follows with a double ax handle off the top rope. Steamboat is in trouble now on the floor as Savage breaks the count and then back outside, Savage drives the knee into the back of Steamboat sending him over the barricade. Savage breaks the count again and continues to go after Steamboat on the floor before getting him on the apron and slingshots Steamboat back in. Steamboat fires back with chops and goes for a slam but Savage able to counter and fall back for a near fall. Savage goes for the flying elbow but Steamboat rolls away and quickly goes to the martial arts moves and then sends Savage into the buckle. Savage goes for the atomic drop, Steamboat reverses into one of his own and climbs the ropes. Savage catches him and tosses Steamboat across the ring. Savage with a big slam and ascends the ropes himself and goes for the ax handle, but Steamboat catches him with a right. Steamboat with a perfect delayed vertical suplex for two. Savage shot in and Steamboat with a series of chops staggers the champion who winds up on the apron. The referee tries to pull Steamboat back, and this allows Savage to get something for his tights. Steamboat goes for the belly to back suplex and Savage pops him with the object and scores the pin. 4.5/5 a great match which the ended the way I expected. Both guys are fantastic and can always pull of amazing matches and this was another classic. After the match Steamboat nails Savage and grabs the object from Savage, who quickly runs backstage. Jesse asks if Steamboat was hiding the weapon as we see the replay, the object looks a joint, just saying.

2. Randy Savage pinned Ricky Steamboat ****1/2

3. Roddy Piper v. Bruno Sammartino

Piper attacks before the bell and a slugfest ensues with Bruno getting the better of Piper who gets smashed into the ringpost. Piper eats a chair next as this match is out of control right from the start as Bruno pulls Piper in and sends him into the buckle. Piper is bleeding and Bruno continues the offense but gets distracted by the ref and Piper headbutts him in the groin. The referee check the head of Piper who refuses to stop, he hammers the face of Bruno. Bruno fires back with shots to the stomach but Piper with a finger to the eye and a right sends Bruno to the floor. Piper follows and rams Bruno into the barricade before breaking the count. Bruno gets back in and boots Piper and goes after Piper who leaves the ring. Bruno chases him up the aisle and throws Piper in the ring. Piper bails again and Bruno after him again and back in the ring as Piper just wants out. Bruno yanks down Piper’s tights and goes after him, but Piper with a cheap shot and hammers the former champion. Bruno with a big right to the guy knocks the wind out of Piper and Bruno continues the hammer him but Bob Orton comes out of nowhere. Bruno catches him as the bell is called, Bruno starts to rip the cast off Bob and then tosses him. Piper gets nailed and rammed into the mat repeatedly but this allows Bob to nail him with the cast from behind. 4/5 a wild brawl that was just intense and crazed which made it so much better then expected but the cheap ending was not good. I know neither guy was willing to lose but some sort of resolution would have been better. Piper and Orton continue to work over Bruno, as Piper tosses referee Danny Davis aside and then they tie Bruno in the ropes. Both men smack Bruno around and spit on Bruno before raising their hands in victory and leave.

3. Bruno Sammartino over Roddy Piper by disqualification ****

4. Jesse Ventura v. Tito Santana

This is for the Intercontinental championship and one of Jesse’s final matches. This leaves Gorilla on commentary alone and Jesse still has boa, hat and earrings on. They lock up and wind up in the corner, we get a clean break and another lockup to the ropes and Jesse with a cheap shot. Tito quickly returns fire as the crowds seems to be behind Jesse, which is funny for this time period, as Jesse bails out. Back in and Tito cranks the arm sending Jesse to the mat and maintains the arm but Jesse rakes the eyes to break the hold. Jesse with a side headlock and pops him in the face then rakes the eyes across the top rope. Jesse showing off every illegal move he knows, as he uses the boot laces across the eyes then chokes Tito on the ropes before getting two. Jesse with a side backbreaker on Tito for another two as Jesse continues to work the lower back of the Intercontinental Champion. Tito sent into the ropes and caught in the bearhug, Tito with a right to the nose to break the hold and Jesse swings wildly. Tito starts to make his comeback as Jesse begs off so Tito kicks him in the face and then rakes Jesse’s eyes across the ropes. Tito kicks the legs of Jesse and locks on the figure four and Jesse quickly makes the ropes. Jesse rakes the eyes and then pulls the tights of Tito to send him to the floor. Tito hits a shoulderblock from the apron and a slingshot splash for a cover as the bell rings. 3/5 much better match then I expected, considering must of Jesse’s matches are punch and kick affairs. Jesse wins via countout and grabs the title, which he does not win. The crowd is furious about that as the ref hands the belt back to Tito who lays it down and tells Jesse to go get it. Jesse leaves to the cheers of the crowd, Tito poses with the belt and gets booed. You’d think they were in Canada with such bizarre fan support.

4. Jesse Ventura over Tito Santana by countout ***

5. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake v. Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair

This is for the Tag Team Titles, which are held by the Dream Team who won them from Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo. Brutus has really short hair, which looks funny since he had the mullet for so long. Greg never changes though, looks same now as then. Jesse returns to commentary before the match starts as Greg and Blair start out with Blair overpowering Greg. Greg with a drop toe hold and into a rear chinlock to the hammerlock, but Blair with the fireman’s carry. Greg with a knee to the stomach but gets shot in and slammed by Blair, Brutus charges in and gets slammed. Atomic drop on Greg sends him crashing into Brutus, and the champions head to the floor. Gorilla points out that the champions manager is not there, and maybe they took the Bees lightly. Back in the ring and Blair with a belly to back suplex for two, as Brunzell tagged in and they double elbow Greg. Jim has a beard, which looks weird as Gorilla points it out, Jesse says maybe he’s tired of looking sixteen. Blair back in as they work over Greg’s leg. The less time Brutus is in the match the better, as Blair locks on a figure four but Brutus breaks it quickly. Greg slams Blair into Brutus’ leg and tags in Beefcake, Brutus with a snapmare and begins to hammer Blair, Brutus drops a series of forearms and covers for two, slams from Brutus and then tags in Greg who hits a forearm across the face. Greg with a headbutt and that staggers both men, as he tags in Brutus and they double team Blair. A series of quick tags works over Blair followed by a snapmare from Greg who tags Brutus back in. Brunzell tries to save and this allows more double teaming from the Dream Team who toss Blair to the floor. Brunzell helps Blair back in the ring and right into the arms of Greg who continues the offense. Greg with a gut buster before bring Beefcake back in, and Brutus stomps the midsection and shoot Blair in, but gets caught with his head down. Brunzell screaming for the tag and Blair makes the hot tag, Brunzell unloading on Beefcake and Greg, rams their heads together and then snapmares Brutus down. Brutus eats a big dropkick and gets covered for two, all four men in the ring as chaos ensues. Sleeper by Brunzell on Brutus, Greg nails him with the forearm and drops Brutus on top for the win. 3.5/5 a fun fast paced match, as all four really had their working boots on.

5. The Dream Team over the Killer Bees ***1/2


1. Pedro Morales pinned Cowboy Bob Orton ***

2. Randy Savage pinned Ricky Steamboat ****1/2

3. Bruno Sammartino over Roddy Piper by disqualification ****

4. Jesse Ventura over Tito Santana by countout ***

5. The Dream Team over the Killer Bees ***1/2

A fantastic show actually with five really good solid matches. When the worst match is a three star match, that’s pretty impressive as everyone really put on a solid effort. Was not expecting such a great match from Jesse Ventura and he impressed me. Overall this was probably one of the better house shows from that era. The missing matches were Paul Roma vs Barry O in twenty minute draw, Tony Atlas over Moondog Spot, Hercules over Scott McGhee and Adrian Adonis beat Lanny Poffo. Glad they didn’t include any of those matches, that would have ruined a great show. Who decided Roma gets twenty minutes, he’s as bad as Ivan Putski and Roman Reigns? The five matches we got were amazing and gave us one of the most action packed hours of WWF in a long time. Next we leave 1985 and move on to 1986 with the first Saturday Night’s Main Event of the year featuring Hulk Hogan versus Terry Funk and more.


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