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NWA Starrcade 1985 – November 28, 1985

Coming on the heels of the two previous Starrcade shows, is the 1985 edition. In 1985 the NWA was still going strong with Ric Flair as the centerpiece and main star. Dusty Rhodes was booking the shows at this point, so he winds up in the main event with Flair for the second year in a row. This was still a closed circuit program as Starrcade would not wind up on PPV for two more years, but they still put on these major shows. Wrestlemania may be called the granddaddy of them all, but Starrcade was around two years before. Coming into this show Ric Flair is the World Champion having regained the title from Kerry Von Erich way back in May of 1984, Flair was in his eighteenth month of his title reign. Meanwhile, Tully Blanchard held the US title winning it from Magnum TA back in July, and the Tag Titles were held by Ivan & Nikita Koloff who also won them in July. This sets the stage for the Starrcade 1985: The Gathering coming to us from Greensboro, NC and Atlanta, GA. Yes this show takes places in two arenas.

Of course the Network has to put the warning and rate the show MA, due to the violence of the show, since there is blood. That’s just sad, but at least they have it on here, hopefully it’s complete as it clocks in just under three hours. Tony Schiavone and Bob Caudle open the show in the Omni, in Atlanta. Over to Johnny Weaver in Greensboro as they hype up the show, this seems weird being in two places at once, just odd. Although Wrestlemania II goes to three arenas in a few months, so this must have been what gave Vince the idea. Tony and Bob send it to Greensboro to open the show. We get the National Anthem to start and they show the crowd just looking around, reminds me of when the show the crowd shots on RAW.

1. Krusher Khrushchev v. Sam Houston

Krusher would go on to find fame as Demolition Smash and Repo Man in the WWF, however at this point he’s a Russian sympathizer. Sam Houston is the half brother of Jake Roberts and had a brief run in the WWF a couple years later but didn’t do much of note other than Rumble and Survivor Series matches as filler. This match is for the Mid-Atlantic title and the championship is currently vacant. Houston gets quite the pop when he’s introduced, you’d think this was Texas. Funny that they introduced the referee as well, who’s dressed in bright yellow like a giant lemon. They lock up and Krusher overpowers the lanky Texan sending him to the corner. Another lockup and Houston hammers the Russian and the ref separates them. Krusher looks angry as he drives a knee into the midsection and chokes Houston, but misses the elbow drop. Lockup again and in the ropes, Krusher with a cheap shot and goes for a backdrop but Houston on his feet and clobbers Krusher with lefts. Both men slow to lockup and Houston with a side headlock to wear down the Russian, as Tony goes over some of the men who held the Mid-Atlantic belt. Houston goes for an armdrag but Krusher block so Sam with a nice side headscissors to take Krusher down to the mat. Krusher powers his way out but eats the knee and back to the side headscissors. Krusher lifts Houston up from the mat and places him on the turnbuckle. No clean break as Krusher goes for a cheap shot but Houston blocks and two dropkicks take the Russian down, as Sam goes to an armbar. Houston gets caught a face planting backdrop, which looked brutal and gets the crowd fired up. Krusher begins to unload on Houston and gets a near fall. Krusher with the press slam and drops Houston down hard in the middle of the ring. Houston ducks under the Russian but eats a big forearm and crumples to the mat. Krusher rams Houston into the buckle and then locks on the Russian Bearhug, and Sam fights free then catches Krusher with a knee lift. Krusher quickly comes back with a slam and climbs the ropes but gets dropkicked off the top rope. Sam finally starts to comeback and unloads on the Russian in the corner and hits the bulldog for the win but Krusher gets a foot on the ropes. Houston celebrates and doesn’t realize the match is not over, he spins around and eats a sickle to the face. Krusher quickly covers Houston and scores both the win and the title. 3/5 a pretty good little back and forth opener to start the show as both guys worked hard and it was kept short as well.

1. Krusher Khrushchev pinned Sam Houston to win Mid-Atlantic title ***

2. Manny Fernandez v. Abdullah the Butcher

This is a Mexican Death Match featuring two of the most blood thirsty men, as Abdullah is lead to the ring by manager Paul Jones. Always was a huge fan of Abdullah, just a crazed entertaining guy to watch, not family friendly at all. Manny is the former tag partner of Rick Rude and gets quite the ovation from the crowd as Paul tries to keep Abdullah back for the introductions. The bell rings and Abdullah quickly goes to the foreign object and stabs at Manny who’s already busted wide open. Abdullah tosses Manny to the apron and grabs the timekeepers hammer which he then smashes across Manny’s face. The blood is just pouring out of Manny but he tries to fight back on the monstrous Abdullah who keeps hammering the face as the crowd looks uncomfortable at the blood. Manny with a nice monkey flip sending Abdullah to the mat, Manny removes the boot and drives it into the face of Abdullah repeatedly, splitting Abdullah open as well sending the crowd into a frenzy. Abdullah ducks the boot and grabs it from Manny, smashing it across his face. Abdullah climbs the apron to grab Manny’s sombrero, I guess that’s how you win, and Manny pulls him down. They could have clarified how to win the match, what is this TNA? Manny goes for it and Abdullah smashes the boot across the back of his head. Manny pulls off his belt and wraps it around his fist and unloads on Abdullah with it, but that just angers Abdullah who hammers Manny with chops and headbutts. Abdullah goes for the big elbow but Manny rolls out of the way and this gives Manny the chance for a comeback. Manny with a flying clothesline using the belt sends Abdullah to the ropes, Manny with a vertical suplex on the massive four hundred and sixty pound Abdullah, which gets the crowd going even louder. Manny goes for the sombrero but Abdullah pulls a foreign object from his tights and nails Manny down low with it. Abdullah with a series of headbutts but misses the clothesline and Manny hits the Flying Burrito and top rope clothesline to take Abdullah down. Manny climbs the ropes in the opposite corner and goes for the big splash but Abdullah rolls away. Abdullah pulls him up and throws him to the corner, Abdullah misses the avalanche and Manny quickly grabs the sombrero for the win. 3/5 a fun brawl that was fast paced considering who was in the ring, and very bloody and violent. Something you don’t see anymore as both guys bled like pigs and went all out.

2. Manny Fernandez beat Abdullah the Butcher in a Death Match ***

Johnny is backstage with new Mid-Atlantic champion Krusher who says he’s the happiest man in the world and thanks the Koloff’s and Russia. Krusher says Russians are superior athletes and Johnny mentions that later the Koloff’s have to defend the gold against the Rock n Roll Express. Krusher says tonight the Russians will show why they are superior and Sam Houston is a great athlete but Krusher is bigger, stronger and Russian.

3. Outlaw Ron Bass v. Black Bart

This one is a bullrope match, every match is either special stipulations or title matches, and it just seems odd that Bass is a face considering how hated he was in WWF. If Bass wins he gets five minutes with JJ Dillion in another bullrope match. They tie both men to the bullrope, so I assume it’s touch the corners to win as we don’t hear any rules for it. Bass nails Bart with a knee and then cowbell to the face twice, he then grinds the cowbell into his face busting Bart open. Tony says you have to pin the opponent to win, well glad that’s cleared up, as Bass continues to hammer Bart with the bell. Bass puts the bell on the turnbuckle and rams Bart into it. Bart tries to comeback with rights but Bass blocks and hits him with the bell again, very repetitive. Bass points to JJ and says he’s coming for him, this allows Bart to get a shot in and now Bart with the bell hammers Bass splitting him open. For the second straight match the blood is pouring freely down both men’s faces, this is why the show had a MA rating. It’s not the family friendly stuff WWE does nowadays. Both men take turns hitting each other with the cowbell, Bass overpowers Bart and drives a knee into the midsection but Bart rakes the eyes. Bart goes for a clothesline but Bass ducks and Bart goes to the floor. Bass follows and continues hammering him with the bell. Back in the ring and the bell shots continue as Bass covers but Bart kicks out. Bart sends him and they both collide, as JJ looks on nervously from outside, Bart up first but misses an elbowdrop. Bart gets crotched on the rope and Bass smashes the bell across Bart’s face for another two count. Bart misses the corner clothesline and Bass drives the bell across his face from the top rope for the win. DUD just a series of shots with the bell, nothing to see here.

3. Ron Bass over Black Bart DUD

4. Ron Bass v. JJ Dillion

JJ quickly jumps in the ring and attacks Bass from behind then chokes him with his boot. JJ hits Bass with the bell and chokes Bass with the bullrope but Bass powers his way up and JJ tries to bail out but is tied to Bass. Bass yanks him back and smashes the bell across JJ’s face ripping JJ open. Bass chokes JJ with the rope and hammers JJ with the bell. The ref gets bumped and Bart slides back in and hits the piledriver on Bass. He drags JJ on top of Bass and ref counts three for the win. 1/2* same as previous match other then the ending which was entertaining at least.

4. JJ Dillion pinned Ron Bass 1/2*

5. Superstar Billy Graham v. The Barbarian

This match is an Arm Wrestling match, seriously, on a major show they’re doing this? Barbarian is lead to the ring by Paul Jones, who makes his second appearance of the night. They have a little blue table setup with orange chairs for the epic encounter, which might be better then the last two matches. Superstar back in his classic tie-die look, no more ninja gimmick, which is a plus. So they’re doing a match after the arm wrestling section, weird but whatever, let’s just get to the match. The arm wrestling portion goes on for a long time and the crowd is eating this up, seriously, this is insane how loud they are as Graham wins and then Jones nails him with the cane. Barbarian quickly unloads on Graham as the bell rings for the match. Graham is bleeding, no surprise at this point, the plasma levels are off the charts here. Barbarian with the big boot and then sends Superstar in and takes him down with another boot but misses the legdrop. Superstar fires back but Barbarian comes back with a body press and quickly climbs the ropes. Barbarian misses the diving headbutt and Superstar catches Barbarian with the bearhug and Barbarian is out. 1/5 a boring match that was about as long as the arm wrestling before it. Jones comes in with the cane and Superstar catches him and hits Jones with the cane, but Barbarian from behind clobbers Superstar sending him to the floor. Barbarian follows and smashes Superstar into the post and then hits him with a chair. The referee is trying to get in between both men, and raises Superstar’s hand. The replay shows Jones interfered before the submission, so Superstar wins via disqualification. The post match attack was better then the match itself.

5. Superstar Billy Graham over Barbarian by disqualification *

6. Terry Taylor v. Buddy Landel

This match is for the National Title, whatever the heck that one is. I think they’re just making up titles for everyone at this point. What next the Main Street championship? Anyways, these are two of the most underrated guys ever, so I expect a good match. Buddy comes out first doing his best Ric Flair impersonation, followed by Terry Taylor who is not looking like a rooster. The NWA National Title actually still exists and has been around since 1980, that surprises me. The referee is giant lemon again, as Buddy takes his time posing before the lockup. In the corner and they get nose to nose, they get to the ropes and a clean break. Lockup and to the ropes, Buddy shoves Taylor and Taylor slaps the taste out of Buddy, who is stunned. Buddy grabs a wristlock and starts screaming in the face of Taylor, who uses his leverage to flip over Buddy. To the ropes and Taylor blocks Buddy’s right and left and unloads with his own. Buddy takes over Taylor with a side headlock, Tony starts talking about the Bunkhouse Stampede, coming soon, and Bob goes over the copyright rules as Buddy runs into the big boot of Taylor. Taylor drops a knee across the face and covers for only one, Taylor goes to an armbar, but Buddy cracks him with a right to the face. Buddy sets him in the corner and unloads with rights and lefts before he snapmares Taylor out of the corner. JJ suddenly arrives at ringside for Buddy, with his head all bandaged up from the brawl with Bass earlier. Taylor blocks a right and hits on of his own, then a slam and legdrop leads to a cover, Buddy gets a foot on the ropes. Buddy suddenly charges with a big clothesline as we go back and forth, and the crowd is totally into it, as Buddy with a rear chinlock to wear down Taylor. JJ looks hilarious in his suit with the bloody bandage on his head, as Taylor breaks free and a snapmare sends Buddy down. Taylor drops a knee before pulling Buddy up, Taylor with a nice suplex gets a near fall. Terry sends Buddy to the corner and then rams his head into the buckle repeatedly, the ref pulls Terry back and Terry tells the ref to back off, Buddy gets a cheap shot in and then tosses Taylor into the ref. JJ on the apron with his shoe as Buddy whips Taylor in, Taylor reverses and Buddy collides with JJ. Taylor sets Buddy on the top rope and goes for the superplex, but JJ sweeps his foot and Buddy covers for the win and the title. 3.75/5 a good back and forth battle but the cheap ending kind of hurts the match.

6. Buddy Landel pinned Terry Taylor ***3/4

7. Ole & Arn Anderson v. Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack Haynes

This is for the National Tag Team Titles, the champions are the Andersons. Not a big fan of three of these guys, so hopefully Arn can keep this interesting but that’s asking a lot of one person. Funny how much Arn and Ole look alike when they’re not even related in reality. Billy and Arn start and Billy overpowers Arn to the corner twice. Billy with a side headlock and Arn shoots him in, but Billy just runs him over then a press slam sending Arn crashing to the mat. Ole tagged in and both men are shoving into the ropes, Billy pops him repeatedly and Wahoo gets a shot in as well. Wahoo tagged in and chops down Ole then drops an elbow before glaring at Arn. Arn tagged back in and takes his time with Wahoo, who ducks a shot and chops Arn down, Wahoo with the side headlock and takes Arn over, Ole tries to get in but the ref stops that quickly. Arn goes for the tag and they double team Wahoo in the corner, Ole starts working on the arm of Wahoo, the mat is just a mess from the blood earlier. Wahoo chops Ole who makes a blind tag to Arn who nails Wahoo from behind and continues to work the arm. Arn tags in Ole who nails Wahoo and then maintains the arm, Ole slams Wahoo and drops an elbow for the near fall. Anderson’s continue double teaming and this brings in Billy, as the ref gets Billy back the Anderson’s work over Wahoo. Wahoo fights Arn off with the chops but can’t make the tag as Ole comes in and Wahoo fights off Ole and tags in Billy. Both Anderson’s in the ring and Billy is taking care of both men, as the crowd explodes. All four men in the ring and the ref tries to get Wahoo out this allows more double team action from Arn & Ole. Billy able to tag Wahoo back in, as Billy was in for about a minute, which is long enough. Wahoo shot in and Ole trips him, this allows Arn to get a near fall. In the Anderson corner Ole trips Wahoo and Arn covers for the win. 2.5/5 wasn’t bad but nothing major, Arn is always good to watch though.

7. Ole & Arn Anderson over Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack Haynes **1/2

Johnny is with Buddy Landel and JJ Dillion, who both had huge wins tonight, JJ says this is the biggest night in his career and this event is legendary. JJ says he expected better of Bart but he was ready for the worst and took out Ron Bass. JJ says Buddy proved the experts wrong and is on his way to the NWA title. Landel says JJ turned his career around and he’s watched Arn, Ole, Tully and Flair and modeled his life after them.

8. Magnum TA v. Tully Blanchard

We’re into the big matches now as this is for the United States Title, held by Tully, and is an I Quit Steel Cage match. This match is legendary for many reasons, and is one of the only matches from this show I’ve seen before as it’s on a lot of best of tapes and dvds. Magnum is in the ring waiting as Tully comes to the ring with Baby Doll, the only way to win is by making your opponent say “I Quit” and there is no time limit. With the introduction of Magnum the roof comes off the place, it’s too bad as Magnum was primed to become the biggest star in the NWA in the eighties before the accident. They lock up and wind up in the corner, Magnum fights out, Tully backs off. Tully takes down Magnum who kicks him off and they wind up brawling on the mat. Tully rakes the eyes and punches Magnum who staggers. The cage is not much taller then either guy, which is odd because Tony claimed the cage is ten feet tall, that makes Magnum and Tully almost nine feet tall. Magnum tries to ram Tully into the cage and Tully blocks and nails Magnum with an elbow. Magnum gets slung hard into the steel cage and Magnum is bleeding as Tully with a rear chinlock but Magnum powers out. Tully drives a knee into the kidneys but gets sent in and Magnum drops Tully across the ropes. Magnum starts to work over Tully, but Tully pulls Magnum’s trunks sending him into the steel cage. The ref is checking the microphone as Tully gets slammed head first into the steel cage twice busting Tully wide open. Magnum grabs the microphone which allows Tully to get a headbutt in on Magnum. Both guys are raking at each others open cuts as we get a bleep from someone swearing, as the blood is pouring out of both men. Tully kicks Magnum is the face and grabs the microphone, but Magnum refuses to quit, so Tully hits him with the microphone repeatedly, Magnum still won’t quit. Tully slingshots Magnum into the cage wall and then climbs to the top rope, dropping a forearm across the face of Magnum. Magnum refuses to quit as Tully keeps screaming at him to say it, Magnum starts to make the comeback as Baby Doll looks on in horror outside the cage. Magnum cracks Tully in the face with the microphone and grinds it into his face as Tully refusing to quit as well. Tully with a big right staggers Magnum, but Magnum fires back with one of his own. Both men are wobbly but neither one wants to give up. As Magnum mounts the corner for the multiple punches but Tully catches him in the inverted atomic drop and then smashes the microphone across his face. Tully tosses the referee across the cage and Baby Doll tosses a chair in the cage. Tully smashes the chair into pieces and grabs a piece with looks like a spike and tries to drive it into Magnum’s eye. Magnum overpowers Tully and gets a hold of the spike and drives it into Tully’s face and Tully screams he quits. 5/5 one of the most intense steel cage matches ever with a rabid crowd made this one of the best matches of the night and still one of the greatest matches in the history of Starrcade. Just a pure brawl that showed the hatred between both men, and it worked amazingly.

8. Magnum TA beat Tully Blanchard *****

9. Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton v. Jimmy Valiant & Miss Atlanta Lively

Miss Atlanta is Ron Garvin in drag as this match is an Atlanta Street Fight. Midnight Express go for the cheap shot to start and Garvin with the powder on Bobby while Jimmy takes out Dennis. Jimmy smashes a chair into Dennis who’s bleeding, as Bobby knees Ronnie then kicks Jimmy. The Express try to double team Garvin, but Jimmy saves and drags Bobby into the crowd. Condrey is working over Garvin as Jimmy makes the save, Eaton comes in and Dennis is tossed into him. Jimmy with a sleeper on Condrey, and Eaton tries to save by gets nailed and Bobby is bleeding as well. More powder used as it’s tossed into Jimmy’s eyes, while Ronnie has Big Mama’s purse which is cracked over Eaton’s head. Condrey and Eaton strip Garvin’s tights down, this is just chaos all over the ring. The Midnight Express are getting stripped of their tuxedos but Jimmy gets tossed out. Cornette comes in and hits Garvin in the head with the tennis racket. The Express double team Garvin as Jimmy finally gets back in to make the save but gets tossed back out. Jimmy back in and gets the Express off Garvin but now Jimmy gets double teamed. Eaton gets caught off the top rope with a big right from Garvin who covers and scores the win. 3.5/5 just a fun chaotic brawl, the cross dressing was not needed, but was still a good match. After the match Jimmy and Garvin strip Cornette down to his undies. No one needed to see that. Didn’t realize Garvin was split open as well, not surprising at this point.

9. Jimmy Valiant & Miss Atlanta Lively beat Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton ***1/2

Johnny is standing by with a bloody Magnum TA who says the belt is back where it belongs and things will start over again. Magnum says anyone who wants a shot at the belt can battle him anywhere at anytime.

10. Ivan & Nikita Koloff v. Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson

This match is for the World Tag Titles and is a Steel Cage match as well. The Russians come out to the Russian anthem which is quickly cut off by the music of the Rock n Roll Express. So, this is a regular tag match in a cage? Nikita starts with Ricky and Nikita tosses him away with ease. Another lockup and Ricky with a side headlock, Ricky runs into and goes flying. Ricky comes back with a nice dropkick and Ivan tries to come in and the referee stops him. Disqualifications, in a cage match? This is just odd. Nikita slams Ricky and then tags in Ivan who begins to hammer Ricky who comes off the ropes with a crossbody for one. Ivan with an atomic drop and gets one of his own, Robert gets tagged in and Ivan eats a dropkick from Robert. A big slam and a knee drop follows and Robert gets two, Ricky back in and nails the fist drop. The Rock n Roll Express with a series of quick tags to stagger Ivan. Ivan gets rammed into the cage multiple times as Krusher on the outside tries to get in the cage. The crowd is solidly behind the Express as Ricky with a flying forearm off the top rope gets a near fall on Ivan. Robert in and gets his eyes raked, allowing Ivan to tag Nikita in, and Nikita with a bearhug before driving Robert’s head into the cage repeatedly. Nikita nails Ricky who comes in and with the ref busy, the Russians double team Robert. Just realized Ivan is split wide open, surprisingly he’s the only one in this match. Never mind as Robert is now bleeding from eating the cage multiple times, Nikita slams Robert in the middle of the ring and Ivan with another big fist drop for a near fall as Ricky has to make the save. Ivan misses the charge and crashes into the cage, but he’s able to keep working over Robert. Ricky tries to make the save and again Robert gets double teamed in the Russian corner. Ivan misses a legdrop but makes the tag to Nikita who goes to the rear chinlock. The Russian now use the rapid tags to wear out Robert Gibson as the crowd is solidly behind the All American Boys. Ricky again has to make the save and Robert finally gets a dropkick on Ivan, who crashes into the referee. Nikita nails both Ricky and Robert then tosses Ivan on Robert, but the referee is still down. Ricky tagged in and rolls up Ivan from behind for the win and the titles. 3.5/5 a good cage match but the end came out of nowhere. Ivan busts Ricky open and tosses him over the cage, as Krusher comes in and they triple team Robert. The Russians are destroying Robert as the locker room empties and the other wrestlers come to make the save.

10. Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson beat Ivan & Nikita Koloff ***1/2

11. Dusty Rhodes v. Ric Flair

This is the main event and is for the NWA World Heavyweight Title, as Dusty comes out to a massively loud ovation. The World Champion comes out second, as they always should, looking resplendent. The bell rings and both men are slow to start, as they circle before the lockup, Flair in the corner and Dusty fires out, both men exchange shots and Flair gets the worst of it. Dusty continues the offense on the champ who bails to the outside and takes his time getting back in the ring. Flair gets a knee in and a series of chops but Dusty comes back with a flurry of bionic elbows and Flair begs off before sliding out of the ring. Flair back in the ring tells Dusty to come on, and Dusty counters the headlock into a hammerlock driving Flair to the mat. Flair gets a shot in the knee of Dusty who quickly backs off, and Flair gets Dusty in the corner and chops away at him. Flair with a snapmare to take Dusty down, and drops a knee across the face which gets him one. Flair begins to work over the knee, and Dusty quickly bails to the outside and hobbles around the outside. Dusty slowly gets on the apron and Flair goes to nail him, Dusty blocks and hits a series of elbows then stomps the ankle of Flair. Dusty starts to work the leg of Ric, as some idiot in the crowd has been yelling the whole match, seriously he sounds like a wildebeest in heat and really hurts the match. Flair rakes the eyes of Dusty to make space and then goes for a suplex, but his leg gives out and Dusty with one of his own and then drops an elbow across the knee and back to the leg. Flair again to the eyes breaking the hold and locks on a sleeper, Dusty makes it to the corner, driving Flair into the buckle. Dusty slams Flair’s leg into the ringpost and continues to work the leg as the idiot in the crowd keeps going. Someone should have smacked him. Dusty unloads with the chops on Flair but misses the elbowdrop, Flair climbs the ropes but Dusty catches and slams him down. Dusty goes for the figure four, but Flair kicks him off, but Dusty may have hurt his ankle as he’s in the corner. Flair goes right after it and goes for the figure four, but Dusty able to kick him off twice. Dusty sends Flair to the corner and up and over to the floor he goes, Dusty follows and slams Flair into the post busting the champion open. Dusty drags Flair back to the apron and continues the offense, but Flair able to throw Dusty over the ropes which should be a disqualification but the referee missed it. Dusty with a crossbody for a near fall as the referee was out of position and was slow to get there. Dusty hammers Flair on the mat then pulls him up for the big elbow which gives up the classic Flair Flop. Dusty unloads on Flair with a series of shots and Flair begs off, but Dusty won’t give him the space. Dusty shoots him in and Flair up and over, but runs the apron and on the top. Dusty catches Flair coming of the top and goes for a kick, but Flair moves and Dusty kicks the turnbuckle hurting himself. Flair goes to work on the leg and locks on the figure four, Dusty screaming in pain refuses to quit. Dusty able to reverse the hold and the pressure, making Ric grab the ropes to break the hold. Flair with the chops but Dusty fires up and elbows the champion. Dusty with a clothesline and pin, Flair kicks Dusty off and he lands on the referee. Ric falls into the referee and sends him to the floor, Dusty goes for the figure four and this brings out Arn and Ole Anderson who attack Dusty from behind as another referee comes in. Dusty rolls up Flair and scores the sudden three count and the title. 4/5 a really good match, but the cheap finish hurts the overall match. The locker room empties as everyone comes to celebrate with Dusty.

11. Dusty Rhodes pinned Ric Flair to win the NWA title ****

Backstage later with Dusty, Manny, Billy Jack, Wahoo and others as they celebrate Dusty winning the NWA title. Dusty says no one can beat the people, no one can beat the American Dream. Tony and Bob go over the show as new champions were crowned. Bob says see you at Starrcade 1986 as the show closes with highlights of the matches.


1. Krusher Khrushchev pinned Sam Houston to win Mid-Atlantic title ***

2. Manny Fernandez beat Abdullah the Butcher in a Death Match ***

3. Ron Bass over Black Bart DUD

4. JJ Dillion pinned Ron Bass 1/2*

5. Superstar Billy Graham over Barbarian by disqualification *

6. Buddy Landel pinned Terry Taylor winning the National Title ***3/4

7. Ole & Arn Anderson over Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack Haynes **1/2

8. Magnum TA beat Tully Blanchard winning the US title *****

9. Jimmy Valiant & Miss Atlanta Lively beat Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton ***1/2

10. Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson beat Ivan & Nikita Koloff winning the tag titles ***1/2

11. Dusty Rhodes pinned Ric Flair to win the NWA title ****

Overall this was a pretty good show, the three bad matches in the middle where kept short at least and the final four matches were great, as were the two openers. Just a fun way to spend three hours and see what the NWA was all about in 1985. Dusty’s title reign didn’t count after this show, as they overturned the decision due to the interference of the Anderson’s and so Dusty won by disqualification and had to give back the belt. Thus the birth of the Dusty finish, a horrible way to end shows that burned out a lot of the towns back then and was one of the biggest reasons why NWA started to fall apart. The match itself was good and it it had ended clean would probably have got another half a point, but the cheap end hurts it. Coming up next we go to Boston Gardens for a WWF show from December of 1985 to finish the year.


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