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WWF – November 10, 1985

After a couple weeks of NWA television we return to the World Wrestling Federation and head to Toronto, Ontario for another classic house show. Taking place in November of 1985, eight days removed from the last SNME, sadly this house show is just a couple matches but should be good. Advertised as the main event if Hillbilly Jim and Andre the Giant facing the Heenan family of Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy, always love a good Bundy match. With that let’s head to ring for some classic WWF excitement.

Following the classic opening video showing all sorts of stars of the eighties we go to the ring for the opening match right away, and it’s the main event.

1. Hillbilly Jim & Andre the Giant v. Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy

Introduced as the team that can’t be slammed, Heenan also says he is the manager of the year, before we get the introduction of Jim and Andre. The crowd explodes for Andre the Giant, who’s sporting the brightest aqua blue shorts I’ve ever seen, sadly Jim doesn’t have his music, damn copyrights. How does WWF not have copyrights for a song that is by their own person and on their own record? Andre starts by choking Studd as Jim clobbers Bundy and the heels bail out quickly. Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura on commentary, as Jesse is not happy that the faces sneak attacked the Heenan Family before the bell. Studd back in the ring and Andre is anxious to get his hands on him, Andre chokes Studd in corner and drives all his weight in the corner. Studd gets a knee in and unloads on Andre before tagging in Bundy who continues the offense on Andre. Bundy goes for the Avalanche but Andre get the boot up and Bundy crashes to the mat, Bundy tags Studd in and Andre catches him now with a bearhug. Gorilla mentions Jesse being challenged by Uncle Elmer, as Studd fights free from the Giant who then slams Studd with ease and covers. Bundy makes the save as Jesse says that was not a real slam and should not count, as Bundy drops an elbow on Andre but Andre catches him via the throat and chokes the behemoth. Bundy breaks the choke and drops a knee before locking on the front facelock as Jim watches and wants in badly. Andre finally makes the tag and hooks Bundy from the outside allowing Andre to chop him, Jim with a series of rights but that sends Bundy to his corner. Bundy doesn’t tag but powers Jim to the corner and hammers Jim before tossing him to the opposite corner. Bundy reverses and charges, runs into Jim’s boot and Bundy tags in Studd. The crowd is just rabid here, as they cheer for almost everything, as Studd misses the clothesline and Jim headbutts him down. Jim with a rear chinlock as the crowd chants Weasel at Bobby Heenan, which Gorilla acknowledges, while Andre gets the tag in and continues to unload on Studd. Andre gets distracted by the referee and Studd clobbers him from behind and tags in Bundy, they double team the Giant. The ref gets Studd back in the corner and Bundy continues to work the injured sternum of the Giant. Andre tries to get to Jim but Bundy is relentless with chokes and stomps before bringing Studd back in. Jim has had enough and goes after the Heenan Family, and the ref gets Bundy and Jim back in their respective corners. Andre continues to get destroyed by Studd before finally headbutting Studd repeatedly then whips him in. Andre catches him with a big boor. Bundy clobbers Jim knocking him down and then the Heenan Family tie up Andre in the ropes. Studd grabs a ringside table and nails Andre multiple times with it. Jim finally makes his way to Andre, but gets tossed into the ring apron by Studd. The Heenan Family celebrate in the ring as both Andre and Jim are out cold on the cement. The ref has disqualified Studd and Bundy but the Heenan Family have destroyed Andre the Giant. A much better match then you would expect with these four. Great brawl and a surprising end, as you don’t see Andre get taken down too often. The Heenan Family happily leave the ringside area as the refs and Jim are checking on Andre who has yet to move, even Jack Tunney is in the ring concerned about Andre. After the commercial break Gorilla is now with Jim checking on Andre, who has yet to move, they’ve now brought out the stretcher as well. Finally Andre slowly makes his way to his knees using the ring apron to pull himself up. Jesse on commentary alone is really selling this beautifully, wish the idiots on WWE shows now could do this, he’s making it sound like they murdered the man. Jim and Gorilla, along with the refs, help Andre on a stretcher and finally wheel Andre to the back as the crowd gives him a standing ovation. Gorilla returns to the announce table and says Andre was not coherent at all and is not in good shape.

1. Andre the Giant & Hillbilly Jim beat Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy ****

2. Cousin Junior v. Moondog Spot

They cut matches out to make this under an hour, but they left this is? Seriously? Who thought this was good idea, as Junior chases Spot from the ring. Spot charges and eats a mule kick from Junior, Spot backs off to the corner. Junior has the armbar and Spot uses the hair to pull him down. Junior is furious and throws Spot in the corner and unloads on him. Back to the armbar and Spot goes down to one knee, as Junior bites his hand and the ref doesn’t see it. Spot shoots him in and Junior runs him over, a second attempt and Spot catches Junior with a knee. Spot drops a forearm off the middle rope across the face of Junior and gets a two count. Spot again to the middle rope and hits a second one for another near fall, before locking on the rear chinlock. Spot fights free and hits a shoulderblock but then runs into a backbreaker from Spot, who then tosses Junior out of the ring. Junior catches Spot with a headbutt and follows with a sunset flip from outside for a near fall. Spot misses the clothesline and Junior catches him with a crossbody for a second neat fall. That angers the Moondog who starts to choke Junior on the ropes and then snapmares him over into the reverse chinlock. Spot shoots him and Junior with a leapfrog catches Spot with a boot to the head and gets one. Spot drops a stomp off the middle rope and back to the chinlock. Gorilla is talking about wrestling bears as Junior breaks free via a chinbreaker, Spot backs off to the corner and Junior waits too long and Spot catches him with a kick to the gut. Spot with a headbutt but Spot gets the worst of it, Spot drives a knee in to the midsection but gets caught going for a kick and gets nailed with an atomic drop. Junior unloads in the corner with stomps and sends Spot to the opposite corner, Junior follows with a charge. Junior gets caught with his head down and Spot goes for the slam, Junior rolls through for the win. Wasn’t as bad of a match as expected, but went too long.

2. Cousin Junior pinned Moondog Spot **

3. Nikolai Volkoff v. Dino Bravo

This match is for the Canadian Heavyweight Championship, and the defending champion is Dino Bravo. Nikolai asks the Canadian fans to stand as he sings the Russian National anthem, which goes over as well as expected. Dino is the face and has dark hair and looks very muscular, he just looks so different from how I remember him with the Dream Team. Volkoff starts out fast but eats a forearm and hammers the Russian. Bravo with a dropkick sends Volkoff to the ropes and stalls. This allows Volkoff to get a knee in and unloads on the champion, Volkoff with a rear chinlock to wear down Dino but Bravo tries to power out. Volkoff with a handful of hair but gets caught, Bravo goes to the arm bar but Volkoff rakes the eyes and sends Bravo to the corner. Volkoff with a charge and hits, but second try fails and Bravo begins to work over the arm of the massive Russian. Funny how the announcers mention tag champ the Dream Team as they take about all the teams in the WWF right now, and Jesse says he and Randy Savage should get a shot. Volkoff breaks the hold and sends Dino to the corner, Volkoff charges with the knee but Bravo moves and Nikolai crashes into the buckle, Bravo hammers the challenger down. Volkoff gets a shot in and it maybe a low blow, but the ref didn’t call it, so Volkoff locks on the high bearhug and then drops Bravo down in an inverted atomic drop. Volkoff climbs the ropes and drops the double axe handle across the back for a near fall, as Volkoff almost won the title. Back to the middle ropes and again his the axe handle, Bravo sent in and eats a vicious clothesline for another near fall. Volkoff pulls him up and misses the clothesline and comes back with a sunset flip, but is not big enough to lock it in and Volkoff fights free. Bravo comes back with a series of shots and an atomic drop but misses the big legdrop. Volkoff hits the backbreaker and covers, but Bravo gets a foot on the ropes. Belly to back suplex from Volkoff and Bravo gets a shoulder up and Volkoff pinned himself. A pretty good match as both guys really had their work boots on for this one, but that ending always sucks no matter what.

3. Dino Bravo pinned Nikolai Volkoff ***


1. Andre the Giant & Hillbilly Jim beat Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy ****

2. Cousin Junior pinned Moondog Spot **

3. Dino Bravo pinned Nikolai Volkoff ***

A pretty good little show that ran about forty five minutes, with nothing really horrible. Surprised the Junior/Spot match was as watchable as it was to be honest and Bravo/Volkoff really worked hard. All in all nothing to really complain about for what we got. Considering that the WWF did three house shows on this day in Cincinnati, Columbus and Toronto, each with a different roster, really shows how big the roster was. There was four other matches on this night that we didn’t get to see as Tiger Chung Lee beat Jose Luis Rivera, Tony Parisi over Ron Shaw, King Tonga beat Terry Gibbs and The Hart Foundation defeated Tony Atlas & Ivan Putski. The graphic on the Network actually advertised the Hart Foundation, so surprised that was not included as those four matches all aired on Prime Time. Coming up next we return to the NWA for the next two shows of the final build to Starrcade to finish November of 1985.


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