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NWA Championship Wrestling – November 9, 1985

Picking up from the last episode of NWA TV, we return to the build up to Starrcade 1985. Starrcade is coming up in three weeks and we don’t know who Ric Flair will defend the NWA World title against, but tonight the announcement will be made. Also scheduled to appear are Terry Taylor, Buddy Landel and more, so let’s get started.

The opening video is followed by David Crockett and Tony Schiavone, who go over the upcoming show including Dusty Rhodes is here tonight. Also an update on Starrcade and the six man champions. Arn Anderson joins us and Tony says the Television Championship has been held up and there will be a tournament to crown the new champion. Arn says he took it from Dusty and it is his, which brings in Ole who says they will not allow anyone to do anything to the Andersons. Tony says due to Dusty’s injury he has been stripped of the belt and sends it to the ring.

1. Manny Fernandez v. Vernon Deaton

We opened with Manny last week, and here we are again. Manny with a nice dropkick and then a snapmare before dropping a big knee. Manny works over the arm and chops down Vernon, well he’s done more then last week as Vernon makes the ropes. Right back to the arm and clobbers Vernon down, as I notice Teddy Long is the referee, can’t believe he’s been around so long. Tony says Manny’s finisher is the Flying Burrito, couldn’t get away with that now, as Manny hits it. Manny slams Vernon and drops the knee off the top for the easy win.

1. Manny Fernandez pinned Vernon Deaton

Tony is joined by the National Heavyweight Champion, Terry Taylor, who says he will defend the title at Starrcade. Terry doesn’t say against who, but he’s glad to be a part of the show.

2. Ole & Arn Anderson v. Keith Freeze & Jim Blackland

Jim Blackland would later find success as Jimmy Del Ray of the Heavenly Bodies in Smokey Mountain and WWF. No clue who Freeze was, can’t find much info. Ole starts and clobbers Backlund, as Arn in and slams him down. The Andersons work over Backlund’s arm as they take turns on the youngster. Blackland makes the tag to Freeze, but that’s doesn’t help as Anderson’s work over Freeze’s arm now. Arn with a nice hammerlock slam and follows with the knee, as they are just destroying Freeze. Arn hits the Gordbuster, aka a front suplex, for the quick win.

2. Ole & Arn Anderson beat Keith Freeze and Jim Blackland

Tully Blanchard is with Tony now, and Tully has Baby Doll with him. We see footage of Magnum and Baby Doll, as Magnum kisses her and Crockett is having a coronary. She slaps Magnum who grabs at her and this brings out Tully and the brawl is on. Tully says Magnum forces himself on women and at Starrcade he’s going to teach Magnum a lesson in the Steel Cage I Quit match.

3. Ivan & Nikita Koloff & Krusher Khrushchev v. Jimmy Langston, Kent Glover & Larry Clark

Krusher would go on to be Demolition Smash, Repo Man and other great characters, no idea who the other three jobbers are. I assume this will be a quick match, as the Russians are the tag team champions. Krusher starts and slams Larry down with ease, then catches Larry in mid air into the press slam. Ivan tagged in and unloads on Larry, before bring in Nikita. The Russians are just destroying Larry Clark with ease, as Ivan back in and misses the sickle, which allows Larry to tag in Kent who gets a few moves in but Ivan just shrugs it off and tags in Krusher. Krusher tosses the kid around before bringing Nikita back in and the Russians to series of quick tags to dismantle Kent. Nikita hits the sickle and pins Kent to end the destruction.

3. The Russians destroy Jimmy Langston, Kent Glover and Larry Clark

4. The Rock & Roll Express v. Jim & Mac Jeffers

Ricky starts with Mac and arm drags him down then tags in Robert who hits a nice sunset flip. Jim tagged in and the R&R do some fast tag work to keep Jim on the mat, as the announcers talk about the cage match between the Russians and the Express at Starrcade. The Express dominate the entire match with their speed and skill but Jim tries to overpower Gibson, but that doesn’t go well, as Robert takes him down and tags in Ricky who drops the fist. The announcers don’t seem into the match as they talk about the upcoming matches and the interview with Dusty Rhodes. Can’t blame them as this is just a long armbar on one of the Jeffers, and nothing else of note. It amazes me that Ricky Morton maintained that hair style for over thirty years, that’s some serious dedication. Jeffers finally does something and tags in the brother, but the Express fight back quickly and hit the double dropkick for the win.

4. The Rock & Roll Express beat Jim & Mac Jeffers.

Time for the Starrcade 85 Update as Tony goes over the matches signed. Krusher Khrushchev will face Sam Houston, Manny Fernandez battles Abdullah the Butcher, Ron Bass versus Black Bart, Andersons versus Wahoo McDaniel and Billy Jack Haynes, R&R Express battle the Russians and Magnum TA faces Tully Blanchard. Jim Crockett joins to announce four more matches, Terry Taylor will meet Buddy Landel, Midnight Express face Jimmy Valiant and Miss Atlanta Lively, Superstar Billy Graham meets the Barbarian and Ric Flair will defend his NWA Title against Dusty Rhodes. It was nice that they actually showed footage leading up to each new match announcement so you can see the feud.

5. Billy Jack Haynes v. Thunderfoot

This is a championship challenge, as Thunderfoot tries to slam Haynes but he blocks and slams Thunderfoot. Thunderfoot rolls out to confer with JJ Dillion at ringside, before slowly getting the ring. A test of strength and Haynes overpowers the masked man and follows with a nice dropkick sending Thunderfoot back out of the ring. Thunderfoot back in and gets caught in the side headlock, Thunderfoot shoots him off and Billy steamrolls over him then follows with a pair of hip tosses into the armbar. JJ distracts the ref, but Billy smartly maintains the hold on Thunderfoot who finally makes the ropes to break the hold. Billy with a leapfrog and slams Thunderfoot before locking the armbar on again. The match goes to a commercial, maybe after the commercial something will happen. No, back from commercial and right into the armbar again, finally Thunderfoot gets a cheap shot in and chokes Haynes on the ropes. Dillion gets involved and does the same, Thunderfoot with a vertical suplex gets two. Thunderfoot unloads on Billy as Manny Fernandez joins the announcers, Thunderfoot with a front facelock. The ref chastises JJ and this allows Thunderfoot to choke Billy and covers for a near fall, as the crowd is screaming for Billy. Thunderfoot drops a big elbow but gets caught with his head down and Billy nails him. Billy starts to fight back and Thunderfoot backs off, Billy unloads in the corner and drops a big knee from the top. JJ on the apron distracts Billy, as Thunderfoot loads the boot, this brings out Manny. In the confusion Billy Jack rolls up Thunderfoot for the win.

5. Billy Jack Haynes pinned Thunderfoot

Manny & Billy are with Tony, and Manny says he would not allow JJ to cheat and says he is in the TV tournament. Billy thanks Manny for having his back and says hello to the fans in Oregon. Next week we have Ric Flair, Arn and Ole Anderson face Terry Taylor, Ron Garvin and Pez Whatley. Should be interesting, as Dusty joins Tony and the place explodes. Dusty thanks the doctors for putting him back together and thanks Crockett for signing the match at Starrcade. Dusty does the legendary “Hard Times” promo, one of the greatest promos in history and the crowd is cheering wildly. Dusty says he will take the gold from around Ric’s waist at Starrcade and he’s going to put his foot where the sun don’t shine.

6. Ron Garvin v. Paul Garner

Garvin quickly works over the arm of Garner and hammers him in the corner. A snapmare drops Garner to the mat and Garvin stretches the arms, Garner makes the ropes and Garvin just tosses him across the ring. Garvin locks on the abdominal stretch and Garner makes the ropes to break the hold, so Garvin into the front facelock to take him down. This is just dragging as all Garvin has done is hold the man down with facelock and chinlocks. Crockett talks about not trying these holds at home as Garvin transitions into the armbar. Garvin pins him with the sit down splash after a forearm to the face? That was bizarre.

6. Ron Garvin pinned Paul Garner

Tony is joined by the Russians, and Nikita says no one can defeat them. Krusher says he looks forward to Starrcade and facing Sam Houston. Ivan says no one cares about Dusty as they are the greatest tag team and the Russian people love them. Tony cuts them off for commercial, and when we come back David Crockett is with Jimmy Valiant and Big Mama. She’s terrifying as she looks like a mix of Chyna and Sherri Martel. Jimmy says he will make the Midnight Express naked at Starrcade and brings in Ms Atlanta Lively and gets a kiss from both.

7. The Barbarian v. Gerald Finley

Barbarian is with Paul Jones who’s already yelling at the ref. Gerald goes for a wristlock but Barbarian shoves him away and swats away the dropkick before slamming Gerald. Big boot lays out Gerald and Barbarian stomps him to the apron. Barbarian pulls him in and slams Gerald down then stands on him, as the announcers discuss Barbarian’s cast on his broken arm. Barbarian drops a massive legdrop followed by a series of headbutts then tosses Gerald through the ropes to the cement floor. Gerald slowly gets back in the ring and Barbarian shoots him in and clotheslines Gerald down. Barbarian powerslams Gerald and follows with the diving headbutt for the win.

7. The Barbarian pinned Gerald Finley

Tony is with Arn Anderson, who’s still holding the TV title, and says he’s worried about Billy Jack Haynes. Arn talks about the Four Horsemen holding the titles and making things happen, he promises that they will take out Dusty at Starrcade. Ole joins and says at Starrcade they will be watching Ric Flair’s match closely and they won’t hesitate taking out Dusty.

8. Tully Blanchard v. Joe Malcolm

Tully starts out with a armdrag sending Malcolm to the corner and snapmare sends him to the mat. Malcolm rolls to the outside and Tully catches him coming back in and wears down Malcolm with a rear chinlock. Slingshot suplex scores the quick win for Tully.

8. Tully Blackland pinned Joe Malcolm

Tony brings in Paul Jones as they talk about the match between Barbarian and Billy Graham at Starrcade. Paul says Superstar is still under contract and attacked him from behind, Superstar broke Barbarian’s hand and made a mistake. We see footage of Superstar calling out Paul and Barbarian and then they double team Superstar, splitting Superstar open using the cast. Paul says Crockett signed the Barbarian versus Superstar match and added in the arm wrestling match, and says it’s not fair to him or his stable.

9. Terry Taylor v. Amos Moses

Taylor with an armbar taking down Amos, Taylor pulls him up and works the arm over, sending Amos back to the mat. A lockup and Amos with a side headlock takes Amos to the mat and back to the armbar. Taylor slams Amos and drops an elbow before going back to the arm, Amos makes the ropes. Taylor back to the arm again, seems to be a trend back in 85, as Amos fights free but Taylor fires him in and hits the forearm. Amos gets placed on the top rope and Taylor hits the superplex for the win.

9. Terry Taylor pinned Amos Moses

Tony joined by the Rock and Roll Express who says they will bring the titles back to the USA at Starrcade in the cage. Ricky says he promises that they will leave the ring as the new NWA tag team champions, no matter what it takes and Tony closes the show.


1. Manny Fernandez pinned Vernon Deaton

2. Ole & Arn Anderson beat Keith Freeze and Jim Blackland

3. The Russians destroy Jimmy Langston, Kent Glover and Larry Clark

4. The Rock & Roll Express beat Jim & Mac Jeffers.

5. Billy Jack Haynes pinned Thunderfoot

6. Ron Garvin pinned Paul Garner

7. The Barbarian pinned Gerald Finley

8. Tully Blackland pinned Joe Malcolm

9. Terry Taylor pinned Amos Moses

A nice buildup to Starrcade 85 as we get more matches announced and now know who faces Ric Flair for the World Title. Eight squash matches is hard to sit through as a lot of rest holds and arm bars, but nice to see how they build up a major event. Looking forward to some of the matches at Starrcade, especially the Magnum/Tully match. Should be a great show, but coming up next we return to the WWF for a house show from Toronto.


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