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Saturday Night’s Main Event – November 2, 1985

Four weeks after the last episode of SNME, we move forward to the next one. No major changes in the title scene as Tito Santana, The Dream Team and Hulk Hogan are the IC, Tag and World champs respectively. On the previous SNME Hulk Hogan retained the World Championship defeating Nikolai Volkoff, Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff brawled to a double disqualification, we had the wedding of Uncle Elmer and Hulk Hogan saving Andre the Giant from King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd. The last match set up tonight’s main event of Hulk and Andre versus Bundy and Studd, among other matches tonight, also there is a big Halloween Party backstage which we will see clips of between the matches, let’s get to it.

We open the show with Mene Gene and Bobby Heenan practicing for the pumpkin dunk contest. Hulk Hogan comments on the rule breaking from the Heenan Family and Andre walks in and says enough talk. Jesse Ventura is standing by with Super Roddy Piper, as he is in a Superman contest, they mock the wedding of Uncle Elmer and hype up tonight’s Piper’s Pit with the Hillbilly Clan. Gene is joined by newcomers Jimmy Hart and Terry Funk, as Funk faces Junk Yard Dog tonight. Funk says he will be the World Champion and tonight he will house train the JYD then spits on the camera as we go to the opening video. Vince welcomes us to Hershey, Pennsylvania and goes over the matches as we see people in costumes around the arena, he is joined by Jesse Ventura who looks like a peacock. We see clips of Terry Funk being up the ringside attendant who made the mistake of putting on Funk’s hat. Gene asks how they can justify doing that, Jimmy says it was TV tricks to make them look bad. Funk says it’s nothing compared to what they do to JYD. More clips as we see Funk and JYD from MSG as Funk unloads on JYD with the branding iron as Jimmy dances around the ring. Comments from JYD who says every dog has his day and heads to the ring, to the tune of Grab Them Cakes!

1. Junk Yard Dog v. Terry Funk

Funk is busy yelling at the fans and JYD grabs him from behind and pulls him in the ring and hammers Funk to the mat. JYD then goes after Jimmy and Funk tries to come out and save, but gets crotched on the top rope. Funk bails out as JYD gets in the ring, Funk finally removes his chaps and gets in the ring as the bell rings. Funk with a nice slam but misses the elbow drop and JYD slams Funk and then slams him again over the top rope to the cement floor. Funk is stunned and swings almost taking out manager Jimmy Hart, he slowly gets back in the ring and they lock up. JYD powers him across the ring and another slam followed by a series of headbutts and Funk rolls out again. Funk slow to get back in the ring and JYD shot in, Jimmy grabs the ankle so JYD goes after him. This allows Funk to charge at him, but JYD backdrops Funk on the cement and gets back in the ring. JYD pulls him back in and begins to unload, but Funk comes back with the jabs, knocking JYD down. Cover gets two, Funk quickly catches JYD in the sleeperhold but JYD makes the ropes, he goes for it again but JYD reverses into one of his own. Jimmy quickly on the apron and Dog breaks the hold to go after Jimmy, while the ref is busy Funk cracks him with the megaphone and scores the win. 2.5/5 a fun brawl with a wild crowd as JYD was always a crowd favorite in WWF. Post match Jimmy pulls out the branding iron and goes after JYD but Dog catches him and powers it away from Funk and clobbers him with it. JYD grabs Jimmy and punches him in the face and Funk tries to pull him out, but JYD grabs the legs and pants Jimmy. Funk clobbered again and JYD kicks Jimmy down and brands Jimmy on the rear as Jesse screams how horrible this is. Funk finally pulls Jimmy out of the ring as we get a close up of the “branding” of Jimmy Hart.

1. Terry Funk pinned JYD **1/2

Backstage to the pie eating contest as Capt Lou, who is dressed as a Roman Gladiator, faces King Kong Bundy as Abe Lincoln. Randy Savage and Elizabeth, as Tarzan and Jane, Nikolai Volkoff and Iron Sheik as Batman and Robin, Hogan as a Roman God, Tito as Zorro and the Hillbillies as the Three Musketeers. Time runs out and Lou wins and Bundy throws a pie at him. Just some fun silliness as that was round one of three.

Time for the Piper’s Pit with the Hillbillies, who are in the ring, as we see footage from the previous SNME. Piper asks for a handshake and the Hillbillies are not impressed, Piper wisely brought Cowboy Bob Orton with him, as Piper quickly starts to mock Uncle Elmer. Hillbilly Jim slowly rises up and asks why Piper said what he said at the wedding and Piper throws Jesse Ventura under the bus. Jim calls out Ventura, who leaves the broadcast area and comes to the ring. Where’s Teddy Long to make a tag team match? Jesse says he won’t back down as all three Hillbillies are standing up, Piper asks if they want a fight as Bob gets on all fours behind Junior and Piper shoves him down. Jim clobbers Orton and Piper bails leaving Jesse in the ring. Orton cracks Junior with his cast and that allows Jesse to bail out of the ring.

Time for round two, the Pumpkin Dunk as Bobby Heenan gets ready, JYD is dressed as a mummy, as they wait for Junior who makes his way in and we’re underway. I can’t believe Savage allowed Elizabeth to wear that outfit, so much skin showing and she keeps leaning forward for the camera. Heenan pulls off the upset evening the challenge as we have the final round later tonight.

Gene is with Studd, Bundy and Heenan who call themselves the dream team and no one puts them down. Studd says tonight they will show they are the best as they head to ring and Gene is now joined by Hulk, Andre and Albano. Hulk says enough of the nonsense as Andre is the eighth wonder and Andre says enough talking let’s get this started. Gene then calls them the Dream Team, I think Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake would have a problem with everyone stealing their name.

2. Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant v. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd

Hulk and Bundy start and they collide and no one moves, Hulk with a high knee and gets one. Hulk goes for the slam but Bundy blocks and hammers Hulk. Bundy misses the clothesline and Hulk unloads in the corner before tagging in Andre, who Vince calls The Big Boss Man, and Andre chokes Bundy with his own tights. Jesse is furious with the referee who’s not calling anything as Hulk back in via a top rope ax handle. Studd finally cheap shots Hulk and gets tagged in, as Jesse challenges the Hillbillies to a six man at the next SNME. Meanwhile Hulk is destroying Big John as Andre comes in and chops Studd in the corner. Andre accidentally nails the ref and now we have chaos in the ring as all four men in the ring. Hulk and Andre send the Heenan family to the floor as we get a new referee during the commercial break. Andre has Studd in a bearhug and Studd breaks free, so Andre chokes him in the corner. Andre chops Studd and tags in Hogan who whips Studd in and hits the clothesline before tagging in Andre again. Andre pulls Studd up and shoots him in, Studd eats the big boot and rolls out of the ring, Andre goes after him but Bundy nails him from behind. Andre tied in the ropes and Studd grabs the ankles of Hulk tripping him, allowing Bundy to splash Hulk. The Heenan family then start working over Andre as the ref calls for the bell. Hulk finally makes the save and again clear the ring. 2.5/5 another fun brawl with a hot crowd, it’ll never be mistaken for a scientific classic but it was good for what it was. Andre says it’s not over as Hulk says they proved they can’t beat Andre.

2. Hulk & Andre beat Bundy & Studd by disqualification **1/2

Gene standing by with Macho Man Randy Savage, and Miss Elizabeth. Gene asks why a woman manager, and Savage says your either blind or stupid. Elizabeth says she loves sports and wants to help Randy. Savage says he is ready, willing and able and heads to the ring, as Gene can’t take his eyes off Elizabeth.

3. Randy Savage v. Tito Santana

Tito is the reigning and defending champion, but doesn’t even get an entrance but we get closeups of Elizabeth before the match. They lock up and make the ropes and we get a clean break, another lock up and Tito blocks the right hand. Savage bails to the ropes before they lock up again they fight on the ropes, Savage with a right takes down Tito. Savage with a snapmare followed by the knee drop, Tito blocks a block a hip toss and hits one of his own. Tito misses an elbow and Savage off the top with a double ax for two. The crowd solidly behind Tito who’s stuck in the chinlock as Savage overpowers Tito. Tito finally elbows free but gets slammed by Savage who ascends the ropes again, but this time Tito catches him coming down and hits a knee lift before stomping Savage down. Tito begins to fire back and slams Savage and comes off the ropes, so Savage bails to the floor. Tito follows and they are brawling on the floor, Savage slides in and back out, back in and this time Savage clocks Tito on the apron. Savage goes for the piledriver but Santana blocks and Savage hits the knee to the face as the bell rings. 3.5/5 a brief brawl to showcase both men, was a little to short but was still very intense.

3. Randy Savage & Tito Santana battle to a draw ***1/2

Clips of Mr Fuji and Ricky Steamboat preparing for their match. We go to Roddy Piper’s Halloween Special. Just a great segment of classic Piper comedy as he’s making candy, which is bricks and bowling balls. Piper does some racist native jokes, they never would have got away with that now, as Piper talks about how angry doorbells make him. Piper gets his first trick or treaters and invites them in, one is dressed as Hogan so of course Piper makes fun of Hogan. The little girl in the video is the debut of one, Stephanie McMahon as they humiliate Piper with hot pepper candy. Vince is with Hogan who says he’s proud of his Hulk-a-maniacs. We then get to see Mr Fuji breaking bricks with his karate chops, and then a board with his head. At ringside Gene is with Steamboat as we see Fuji and Muraco hang Steamboat from a house show in the summer. Steamboat says Fuji will learn to fear the Dragon tonight and heads to the ring.

4. Mr Fuji v. Ricky Steamboat

This is a kung-fu challenge match, as Fuji is with Don Muraco. The bell rings and both men block each others chops and kicks, but Steamboat gets the first shots that connect. Steamboat takes down Fuji as Jesse says he’s not impressed as Fuji comes back with a kick to the leg and headbutt tot the groin. Fuji unloads on Steamboat, who comes back with kicks and elbows of his own but Fuji gets a chop in. Fuji tosses Steamboat across the ring and maintains control of Steamboat, Fuji goes for a suplex but Steamboat reverses and takes down Fuji. Steamboat climbs the ropes and hits a missile dropkick for the win. 1/5 just a quick showcase of Steamboat, was nothing major. Muraco hits the ring and sprays the mist in the face of Steamboat and they quickly double team him.

4. Ricky Steamboat pinned Mr. Fuji *

Time for the finals of the Halloween contest, a game of pumpkin pass, which Gene demonstrates with Elizabeth. Vince and Jesse join everyone backstage for the final challenge. The faces go first as JYD passes to Tito, and then the Hillbillies as they cover up with their capes and Jesse screams they are cheating, as Lou drops the pumpkin at five passes. The heel side begins with Bundy and Volkoff, to Sheik then to Elizabeth over to Piper who’s enjoying being close to Liz but they drop at four and lose. Savage is yelling at Elizabeth and blames her for the loss. Vince, Jesse and Gene close the show as they make the six man official for the next SNME as we end the show with clips of the night’s action.


1. Terry Funk pinned JYD **1/2
2. Hulk & Andre beat Bundy & Studd by disqualification **1/2
3. Randy Savage & Tito Santana battle to a draw ***1/2
4. Ricky Steamboat pinned Mr. Fuji *

Another fun SNME with various craziness backstage and some good in ring action. Sadly the Network feed is missing Land of A Thousand Dances video, which was some fun comedy, but was still a good show. The WWF in the eighties was all about over the top theatrics and larger then life characters, and between the Halloween festivities and the tag match we got everything WWF was good at. Funk/JYD and Savage/Santana were good matches and the SNME debut of Steamboat, overall a good way to spend an hour and a little bit. Our next SNME isn’t till the new year, but we still have a NWA PPV, a WWF PPV, some NWA TV and a WWF house show before then. Next up we jump to the NWA for NWA Championship Wrestling, which aired the same day as this episode.


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