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Saturday Night’s Main Event – October 5, 1985

Following the previous episode of SNME, we just forward four and a half months to October for the second edition of SNME.  Since the last episode two championships to have changed hands first is the WWF Tag Team Titles, which actually changed twice. First Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo regained the gold from Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff in June, but lost the titles two months later to Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine. Greg Valentine was the Intercontinental Champion but six weeks before winning the tag belts he lost the championship to Tito Santana. Meanwhile Hulk Hogan is still riding high as the World Champion sitting at just over twenty months. Tonight on SNME we get a wedding with Uncle Elmer, also Hulk Hogan defends the World title against former tag champion Nikolai Volkoff in a flag match and Roddy Piper faces Wrestlemania tag partner Paul Orndorff. All this and more, on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

We open with Mene Gene standing by with Nikolai Volkoff and manager Fred Blassie. Nikolai says he will win the title and take it back to Russia. Hulk Hogan uses xenophobia to hype himself as the All American Hero and says he is red hot about Nikolai waving the Russian Flag in front of his Hulkamaniacs. Back to Gene with Hillbilly Jim and Uncle Elmer, Gene mentions the wedding of Tiny Tim. Roddy Piper interrupts and makes fun of the Hillbilly clan as we go to the opening video. Vince and Jesse welcome us to the Meadowlands Arena in New Jersey, as they go over tonight’s matches. Nikolai Volkoff and Fred Blassie are in the ring awaiting the World Champion. It’s odd how Vince and Jesse are not at ringside but on a scaffold over the entrance way. Just a bizarre looking setup.

1. Hulk Hogan v. Nikolai Volkoff

Our opening match is for the World Title and is a flag match, basically the winner gets to wave his flag. Nikolai Volkoff requests that everyone rise and honor his singing of the Soviet National Anthem, and the crowd is booing him loudly. We get another promo from World Champion, Hulk Hogan, who says he can’t stand seeing the enemies flag in the ring and tonight only one flag will stand. Hulk makes his way to the ring with different music, weird, what is up with that. On the original broadcast he came out to the American Anthem, instead he gets Sarge’s old music. We start with a flag waving battle between the champion and challenger. As Hulk hands the flag to the attendant Volkoff sneak attacks and hammers the champion down. Hogan eats the buckle and makes his way around the ring, Volkoff rips off Hogan’s shirt and chokes him with it. Volkoff blocks the buckle shot and slams the Russian in and follows with a corner clothesline and Volkoff begs off. Hogan unloads and hits the running clothesline then drops a big elbow, as the crowd as exploded. Volkoff staggers to the corner and Hogan headbutts him, which throws Jesse off, as Hogan hits the big boot and Volkoff tumbles to the outside. Hogan follows and unloads on the challenger, but gets tossed into the ring post then tossed back in the ring. Volkoff begins to work over the back as he softens the champion up for the bearhug, as Blassie cheers his man on. So weird seeing all these people sitting around the ring, as Volkoff press slams Hogan then drops him in the back breaker. Volkoff wastes time yelling at the crowd before covering Hogan, but the time gave Hogan a chance to recover. Hogan whipped hard into the corner and then gets stomped. Volkoff goes for the over the shoulder back breaker but Hogan backdrops Volkoff and begins to fire back on the challenger. Volkoff kicks Hogan in the chest and goes back to the offense, Hogan slammed in the center of the ring and a near fall. Hogan begins the Hulking up, as he shrugs off the offense and hits the three right hands but gets sent to the corner. Volkoff misses the corner charge and Hogan drops the leg for the win. 3/5 a much faster paced match then you would expect from Volkoff as he was very underrated for his size. After the match Hogan steals the Russian flag from Blassie and wipes his boots with it, they would never get away with that nowadays. He then tosses the flag on the mat and spits on it before waving the US flag proudly. Such a different era with the things they could get away with.

1. Hulk Hogan pinned Nikolai Volkoff ***

After the commercial we go to Gene with Hogan for his third promo of the night as he says if Nikolai didn’t get the message he’ll explain it slower next time. Hogan calls Volkoff Baby Doll? That is just wrong, as he then talks about the big wedding coming up and Gene is playing the organ. We see the bride in the back, and then to Gene with Hillbilly Jim, Uncle Elmer and Cousin Junior. Elmer says he’s not worried and Junior promises to dance.

2. Jerry Valiant v. Uncle Elmer

Sad that Jim is the only member of the clan still with us, as we get to watch Junior dance. The less said about that the better. Elmer was gigantic as he hugs Jim before the bell rings. Jerry charges and Elmer slams him and falls on top for the win. DUD a useless squash to get the hillbilly clan in the ring before the wedding. The record is set of six seconds beating the Bundy match from Wrestlemania, this record lasted for about a decade until Bret Hart beat Mountie in three seconds. We get to see the Wrestlemania match as they compare the times. Comments from the Hillbillies as Elmer says Jerry should not have taken his coat off if he didn’t plan to stay. We see Arnold Schwarzenegger in the crowd, whatever.

2. Uncle Elmer squashed Jerry Valiant DUD

Time for the Body Shop with Jesse Ventura and his guest Bobby Heenan. Heenan says he made Orndorff a star and that Orndorff fired him on TV because he knew Heenan was going to fire him. Some idiot has an air horn as Heenan talks about the bounty on Orndorff’s head. Heenan shows the briefcase full of money and says he would be proud to give the money to Roddy Piper and if Orndorff was smart he would retire. Gene is with Paul Orndorff who says Heenan caused all this and that Piper is not man enough to collect that bounty.

3. Roddy Piper v. Paul Orndorff

Paul says he wants Piper, as we go to Gene with Piper. Piper says if Heenan doesn’t pay him he’ll rip out Heenan’s throat too. Piper says he doesn’t need baby oil and he’s tough, he then taunts the hillbillies and the wedding. Piper comes out with his classic bagpipe entrance, much like he did at Wrestlemania. Heenan arrives at ringside and shows off the briefcase with the cash as the bell rings and we get a slugfest. Orndorff gets the early advantage but Piper comes back with a clothesline and big boot. Piper chokes Orndorff on the mat and rams his head into the mat repeatedly. Orndorff comes back with and the slug it out with Orndorff getting the advantage again and Piper shoves him off. Both men are brawling on the mat and the crowd loves it, Piper with an odd looking DDT type move and stomps on Orndorff sending him to the floor. Piper misses the chair shot and Orndorff slams his head into the table. Piper rolls in and Orndorff follows via the top rope with a forearm and then a belly to back suplex, as Jesse calls the first move of the match. Piper begs off and Orndorff continues to unloads, so Piper pokes him in the eye then drives a knee in the face. Orndorff shoves him in and both men collide,  Piper quickly back on Orndorff with the choke and goes for a splash but Orndorff pulls the knees up. Orndorff goes for a cross body and both men tumble to the floor and the brawl continues as the ref counts. They brawl up the aisle and under the scaffold that Jesse and Vince are on, as they go all the way to the backstage area. 3.5/5 a crazy fun hardcore style brawl, unlike anything you would normally see in the WWF. Piper makes it to a dressing room and closes the door, Paul pounds on the door but nothing happens.

3. Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff brawled to a double disqualification ***1/2

We come back from commercial as Gene is playing the organ and the bride makes her way to the ring. Andre and Hogan  hold the ropes open, love how everyone is in suits expect Andre who’s in his gear. The crowd is bored right from the start as Jesse is just ripping the whole thing apart, basically saving the segment. She gets beaned from something from the crowd and Jesse is just killing himself laughing. Jesse asks if the ring goes on the finger or through the nose, he’s just brutal as Vince is trying hard not to crack up. She does her vows and Jesse calls her the greatest liar ever, as suddenly Elmer points down the aisle and Jesse screams I didn’t do it. We see Piper coming down the aisle as he says this is garbage and that everyone in the wedding stinks. Hogan on the apron threatens Piper, who leaves as Andre starts to approach. The crowd finally was interested while Piper was there. The preacher says they can kiss and Jesse says it looks like two carp in the river going after the same piece of corn. Jesse asks for the slop bucket as he is going to be sick. Jesse saved that segment from sheer death, as we see pigs at the reception and Jesse says the family is already there. Gene is with King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd with Bobby Heenan, who makes fun of Gene on piano. Studd says he is the giant of wrestling and Andre is number three. Bundy says he will put a stop to Andre and Studd makes fun of Andre and talks about cutting his hair.

4. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd v. Andre the Giant & Tony Atlas

We’re shown footage of the Toronto show where Bundy and Studd double teamed Andre with multiple splashes but not the haircut. Andre and Bundy start and Andre just towers over Bundy, he grabs Bundy by the throat and chokes him in the ropes. Andre then chokes Bundy with his own strap, then squashes him in the corner. Bundy gets chopped in the corner then back to the choke, Tony headbutts Bundy then gets tagged in. Atlas takes too long and Bundy hammers him but misses the elbow. Atlas with a headbutt sending Bundy to the corner where he makes the tag, Studd comes in and Atlas leaps over him and headbutts Studd. Atlas goes for the slam but too close to the ropes and now Studd gets sent in, Atlas misses the dropkick and Studd drops and elbow. Studd unloads but gets too close to Andre who headbutts him, but Bundy sneaks in and splashes Atlas. Atlas struggles to the corner and makes the tag to Andre, Studd a little trepadatious as Andre hammers him on the ropes and then headbutts Studd. Andre chokes Studd then sends him in, Studd eats the boot and falls to the floor. Bundy quickly in and unloads on Andre as Studd drives Atlas into the ring post hard and now it’s two on one on Andre as they double avalanche him. The bell rings as Andre tries to fight off both men as the garbage flies into the ring. Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring to save Andre and the faces chase Bundy and Studd from the ring. DUD more of a storyline then a real match as all Andre did was choke.

4. Andre the Giant & Tony Atlas beat King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd by DQ DUD

Gene in the ring with Andre, Atlas and Hogan and Hogan says the Heenan family took cheap shots on the faces. Hogan still in his wedding gear says they have an announcement for later. We go to a pretaped video of Mene Gene at Detroit Zoo as he is looking for the most cunning and elusive creature, George Steele. Gene finds Steele at the camel exhibit, as he calls it Sheik. We get clips of the six man tag from the previous SNME, and the electro shock therapy from TNT. Steele and Gene do a tour of the zoo, as they find an elephant and Steele does his best impersonation. They go to a tiger exhibit and George calls it a Detroit Tiger. Now the lemur which they compare to Heenan, then the hippo which they compare to Bundy. George runs off into the bushes as we go back to ringside. It was a good way to reintroduce George Steele as good guy after many years as one of the most feared wrestlers in the world, better then teaching him how to bowl.

5. Lanny Poffo & Tony Garea v. Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine

The new champs and Johnny V are with Gene, and Greg says they are the champions and will face anyone. Johnny tries to ignite Gene’s mustache, as we get clips of the title change where Brutus uses Johnny’s cigar on Windham. Windham and Rotundo will be at ringside for the match as we come back from commercial as the bell rings. Greg and Poffo start and Greg smashes Poffo in the face then snapmares him over. Greg with a side headlock takeover but Poffo rolls though as we see the former champs at ringside. Greg gets a knee in and slams Poffo down before tagging in Brutus who gets caught coming and and eats a dropkick. Poffo slams him and hits a second rope moonsault for a near fall. Valentine makes the save and now Brutus is on the offense as he unloads in the corner. Greg tagged back in and they double team Poffo who needs a tag. More fast tags from the champions as they work over Poffo in their corner, but Poffo makes the tag and Garea unloads on Brutus. Garea with a hip toss and dropkick, and one for Greg. Garea gets a near fall with a crossbody, but misses the corner charge. Greg back in and drops a hammer on Garea then quickly locks on the figure four and Garea submits. Poffo tries to get in and Brutus tosses him, they then beat down Garea after the bell. 1/5 almost a squash but Poffo got a few good moves to save it from being a dud.

5. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake beat Tony Garea & Lanny Poffo *

We go backstage for the wedding reception, funny seeing Hogan and Orndorff sitting together. Vince and Jesse join them as Jesse is writing a poem, Hulk says it was a beautiful wedding as Jesse complains about the food. Albano is with Cousin Junior, as Albano is teaching him how to eat. Lanny Poffo at the same table looks nude sitting there, that is just wrong, as he reads a poem for the couple. Gene smashes a glass as he brings in Jim, Gene looks wasted, who does a toast to the new couple. Gene brings in his surprise guest, Tiny Tim, really, as Tim thanks Gene as this won’t be the last time we see Tim in the WWF. Tim talks about his wedding and how it didn’t work out, but gives Elmer some advice and presents to them his ukelele. Jesse then stands up to read his poem which starts out all nice but quickly turns ugly and starts insulting everyone. Jesse tries to run away and Jim shoves him into the cake, same thing that happened to Moolah at the previous SNME. After the break Vince announces that Hulk and Andre will face Bundy and Studd in four weeks at the next SNME. More important question is who goes into the cake in four weeks and who keeps paying for these cakes? Vince thanks the fans as the credits roll.


1. Hulk Hogan pinned Nikolai Volkoff ***
2. Uncle Elmer squashed Jerry Valiant DUD
3. Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff brawled to a double disqualification ***1/2
4. Andre the Giant & Tony Atlas beat King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd by DQ DUD
5. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake beat Tony Garea & Lanny Poffo *

The second episode of SNME ran similar to the first one with a couple good matches and some not so good. The good matches were long at least, while the Elmer match was short. The silliness of the wedding was at least some quality entertainment, something WWE has forgotten how to do. Jesse saved that segment from being a bomb with his cracking up. The Andre match was just a vehicle to hype the upcoming match for the next episode, which would begin the build to Wrestlemania 2. The tag title match was a chance to showcase the new champions and Poffo showed he could go, it’s too bad he never got a chance. While the brawl between Orndorff and Piper was fun and very unlike what WWF was doing at this time, very NWA like. Hogan and Volkoff did the typical Hogan style match, which worked for many years, so no complaints. All in all a fun hour of wrestling, and coming up next we move to the NWA for the first NWA Television show on the Network. That should be interesting as I’ve never seen these.


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