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WWF – April 21, 1985

Coming off the first ever Wrestlemania, we head to Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens for our next show. About three weeks removed from the biggest night in the WWF’s history, tonight’s show is headlined by Hulk Hogan defending the WWF World Championship against Paul Orndorff. Being that this show is only fifty two minutes, I assume we get maybe two other matches and that’s it. Either way, Hogan and Orndorff were always able to bring the excitement levels up, so let’s head to the ring and get it started.

1. Bret Hart v. George Wells

George Walls is a former football player who came up through the Stampede area with Bret, probably the reason they booked them against each other. Jesse Ventura is on commentary with Jack Reynolds, Jesse debuted as a commentator back in January and was still new to it, but would quickly become one of the best. They lock up and in the corner, we get a clean break, as Jimmy Hart is with Bret Hart and Jesse points out this is a new combination as Wells takes him down and Bret complains of a hair pull. The arena is lit up a more then at Wrestlemania, as Bret again complains that now George pulled his tights and then goes to confer with Bret. Jesse asks if they might be related, as George with a hammerlock but Bret reverses. George really looks like Apollo Crews as he uses Bret’s momentum to launch him to the cement floor and Jimmy quickly comes to check on him. Bret slowly gets back in the ring and the lock up, with George going back to the hammerlock and Bret tries for the same thing, but George lands on the ropes. George takes Bret down with a flying head scissor, which was impressive. Bret comes back with a cheap shot to take George down and Bret drives the knee in the midsection then drops the elbow for two. Bret drives an elbow into the top of George’s head then chokes him before raking his eyes across the ropes. Jesse loves the viciousness of Bret Hart as he unloads on George and gets another near fall. Jimmy outside is cheering on his man who’s wearing down George with the side headlock. George powers out with a nice back breaker but Bret sweeps the legs and drops the boot as Jimmy is screaming at him. Bret catches George with the back elbow and follows with a back breaker of his own, then climbs the ropes. George catches him and slams Bret hard from the top as the crowd explodes, George connects with a series of rights. Bret gets headbutted and Bret is stunned but catches George low, Bret then runs into a powerslam netting George a near fall. Bret shot in and George with the spear, George then makes the mistake of going after Jimmy Hart. George blocks Bret’s shot and rolls up, but Bret reverses and grabs the trunks for the win. 2.5/5 a pretty good showing from both guys as George used his power to counter Bret’s speed and technical ability.

1. Bret Hart rolled up George Wells **1/2

2. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake v. Tito Santana & Ricky Steamboat

Gorilla Monsoon replaces Jack on the commentary, which is for the better as this should be a great match with these guys. Jimmy Hart at ringside for Greg Valentine, I don’t think he managed Brutus, so I wonder where Johnny V is? The crowd is loud for the face team, no surprise as both Steamboat and Santana were among the most popular guys in the WWF. Brutus and Steamboat start the match, and the crowd is all over Brutus, he tries to jump Steamboat but Steamboat to smart for that. Brutus stalls as he is not happy with the crowd, side headlock and Brutus shot in and hip tossed. Greg runs in and same for him, Steamboat with a springboard forearm on Brutus. Brutus rammed into Santana, who’s tagged in and they drop the elbow. Santana rams Brutus’ face into the mat and the crowd is just vicious tonight. Brutus makes the ropes and Santana back off, Brutus slow to get up and gets to his corner but doesn’t tag. Greg taunts Santana and we get a lock up, Brutus rakes the eyes and slams Santana before tagging in Greg who misses the elbow. Santana unloads on Greg who bails out and Jimmy goes to check on his team. Greg gets back in and they exchange forearms, which Greg gets the better as he unloads but Santana fires back, Greg misses the clothesline and Santana comes back with one of his own. Steamboat chops Greg from the outside and Tito begins to work over the legs of Greg, then goes for the figure four and Greg powers his off. Greg drops a big forearm and cover for one, Greg with a shoulder breaker and then slaps Santana before bringing in Brutus. Brutus with the choke as Santana tries to fight back but Brutus clobbers him. Referee busy with Steamboat allows Brutus and Greg to double team Santana. The heels continue to work on Santana, as Greg clobbers Steamboat sending him to the floor. Steamboat tries to get up and Brutus on the floor goes after him, in the ring Greg continues the offense on Santana. Greg locks on the arm bar and cranks hard on Santana’s arm, Brutus tagged and the double team Santana who is in trouble. Brutus taunts Steamboat, drawing him and allowing more double teaming, but Santana gets away and tags in Steamboat as the crowd explodes. Steamboat chops both men and then a big suplex on Brutus followed by the sleeper, Brutus rakes the eyes to break and tags in Valentine who quickly unloads on Steamboat. Valentine and Brutus again go back to the double team moves on Steamboat, as the heels are back in control. Brutus nails a brutal clothesline on Steamboat and covers, but Santana breaks it. Valentine comes in via the top and nails a forearm across the head of Steamboat, he then hits it again as Steamboat is being brutalized. The legs of Steamboat begin being softened up, as Valentine readies for the figure four. Steamboat tries to fight out of the heel corner, and makes the hot tag bringing in Santana who takes out both heels. Santana hits the flying forearm on Valentine but Beefcake makes the save and all four in the ring. Steamboat tossed over the top and Valentine and Brutus take liberties with Santana, Steamboat comes back off the top with a chop and sends Brutus out. The ref tries to get Steamboat out as Santana locks on the figure four and Greg submits for the finish. 4.75/5 a great tag match with non stop action and an electric crowd. Really nice glimpse into the future of the Dream Team, as we see how good a team they would be very soon. After the match Steamboat chops Brutus Beefcake all the way back to the dressing room as Valentine and Hart are still in the ring. Jimmy tells Greg he’s still the champ as they make their way back slowly.

2. Ricky Steamboat & Tito Santana beat Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine ****3/4

3. Paul Orndorff v. Hulk Hogan

Orndorff is in the ring, as we take a long time to get the introductions started and Gorilla wonders if something is wrong. Hulk comes out and the crowd is loud right from the minute he comes through the curtain. Hulk catches Orndorff from behind as he is yelling at crowd and suplexes him down the connect with a clothesline, and Orndorff bails out. Orndorff finally gets back in the ring and then leaves again which is aggravating Hogan. They finally lock up and Hogan with a side headlock, Orndorff shoots him off and gets taken down from a shoulder block sending Orndorff to the floor. Orndorff back in and Hogan rakes the eyes them hits a corner clothesline followed by the atomic drop. Hogan gets caught with a knee and Orndorff quickly drops a series of elbows to the back of the head of the champion. Orndorff follows up with knee drops and then tosses Hogan to the floor and quickly goes after him. Hogan tossed into the steel railing and then gets stomped on by Orndorff who goes back in the ring to break the count, then right back after Hogan. Orndorff breaks the count and goes after Hogan who’s still down on the floor, Hogan slowly back in the ring and Orndorff with a nice suplex. Orndorff drops a knee and covers for a near fall, Orndorff continues to work over the stunned champion. Hogan blocks the slam into the buckle and rams Orndorff in multiple times then follows with a running elbow. Hogan slams Orndorff but misses the big elbow drop and Orndorff quickly back in control. Orndorff climbs to the top and hits a crossbody, Hogan rolls through and scores the win. 1.5/5 a lot of stalling but a unique finish to a Hogan match. After the match Orndorff offers the handshake to Hogan and Hogan is not sure what to do. Orndorff is no longer with Heenan, says Gorilla, as Hogan then shakes his hand and Orndorff gives him the thumbs up and leaves. I guess that was the official face turn of Orndorff, as Hogan is shocked.

3. Hulk Hogan pinned Paul Orndorff *1/2


1. Bret Hart rolled up George Wells **1/2

2. Ricky Steamboat & Tito Santana beat Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine ****3/4

3. Hulk Hogan pinned Paul Orndorff *1/2

Well, we got three matches of the six that took place this evening. We missed out on Jim Neidhart over Rick McGraw, Don Muraco over Steve Lombardi and Ivan Putski over Jimmy Valiant. I think that’s for the better as those would not have been very good. What we did get was a fantastic tag match, a solid Bret/Wells match and a Hulk Hogan title defense which ended the Orndorff/Hogan feud for the time being. It was nice to see the beginnings of the Dream Team as well, as they would soon become a dominant tag team in the WWF. We roll on to the next show, which is the very first Saturday Night’s Main Event, which I have recapped before but will do over as it’s been six years. Besides I want to see how different the network version is compared to the original broadcast.


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