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WWF Wrestlemania – March 31, 1985

This Sunday night is Wrestlemania 32, and looks to be one of the least exciting Manias of all time. Today though we go back thirty two years, to where it all began, Wrestlemania. Emanating from New York City in Madison Square Garden the WWF begins to march to becoming a National company instead of just running the North East. Hulk Hogan was just a little more then a year into his World Title reign and had turned back challenges from Greg Valentine, Big John Studd and David Schultz. Roddy Piper had been running his mouth for the last few months calling out Hogan and at a previous MSG show attacked Hogan along with Bob Orton and Paul Orndorff. This lead to Mr T, who was front row, to jump in the ring and make the save, thus setting up our main event. Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo had won the Tag Titles from Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch two months ago and were ready for a lengthy title reign, but first they have to defeat the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff. Greg Valentine was able to capture the Intercontinental championship from Tito Santana, and in the process injure the former champion. Tonight Greg must defend against the very tough Junkyard Dog. Wendi Richter ended the title reign of Fabulous Moolah the previous summer, but was upset by Leilani Kai one month ago, tonight she looks for retribution. Andre the Giant and Big John Studd have been feuding over who is the true giant for some time, tonight they meet in the bodyslam challenge. If Andre win he get fifteen thousand dollars, but if he fails to slam Big John, Andre has vowed to retire. All this and more, tonight at Wrestlemania.

The opening theme song has been ripped out of the Network version in favor of some horrible guitar music. That’s disappointing, I have a feeling lots of music will be missing on here, my original closed circuit version has everything the way it was. Anyway, they show pictures of everyone on the card, but no voice over due to the music. Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura welcome us to Wrestlemania and send it to Howard Finkel. The building is really dark but looks packed, as Howard introduces Mene Gene to sing the national anthem. The original singer, who has never been named, supposedly no showed so thus Gene was sent out. Considering Cyndi Lauper was backstage why wasn’t she given this shot, would’ve been better? Just a strange choice from WWF, as Gene gets the crowd to sing along. Shockingly this is not the worst version of the anthem to be performed at Wrestlemania. Jesse compares Gene’s singing to Robert Goulet as we’re sent to Lord Alfred Hayes who’s at the entrance way to do interviews. We get prerecorded promos from Tito Santana, who says he  respects his opponents but he has goals and no one will stop him, then the Executioner. The Executioner is Buddy Rose, who stumbles a little but says he will go after Tito’s injured leg.

1. The Executioner v. Tito Santana

Thus begins the lengthy streak of Tito Santana matches at Wrestlemania, sadly not as good a streak as Undertaker. They lock up and side headlock sends Executioner into the ropes, we get the criss cross followed by a backdrop and dropkick by Tito sending Executioner to the floor. Executioner gets back in the ring as Jesse compares Wrestlemania to Woodstock, Tito goes back to the side headlock and Executioner gets to the corner but Tito walks the ropes and takes him over, very impressive. Tito was an impressive wrestler and never really got the respect in the eighties, as he was very bland but a solid worker. Executioner catches Tito and rams him into the buckle then drives a knee into the stomach. The ringside area is packed with camera men, which looks cool, as Executioner goes for a leg lock but Tito rolls him up. Tito comes back with shots and Executioner backs up, Tito unloads in the corner and whips Executioner to the opposite corner. Tito gets caught and backdropped down, Executioner slams him down and climbs the ropes. Tito catches him and slams Executioner off the ropes and goes for the splash, but Executioner raises the knees. Executioner goes back to working over the injured leg, but Tito sends him to the floor. Tito slams Executioner in from the apron and hits the flying forearm. Executioner dragged in the middle of the ring and Tito puts the figure four on Executioner for the win. 3.25/5 a very nice opener, fast paced and got the crowd fired up as Tito was always good for that.

1. Tito Santana beat the Executioner via submission ***1/4

Alfred Hayes goes over the next match, and over to Gene with SD Jones in prerecorded comments as we see SD Jones head to the ring behind Hayes. SD says he is ready and today is the day. King Kong Bundy and Jimmy Hart join Gene and says the biggest man should be there and SD needs to think about the avalanche and five count.

2. SD Jones v. King Kong Bundy

Bundy was managed by Jimmy Hart at this point, and is huge, SD is one of the most famous jobber wrestlers ever, he even had two LJN figures. The bell rings and SD off the ropes, gets caught in the bearhug. Bundy drives him in the corner and follows with the avalanche and big splash for the quick pin. DUD was just a quick squash to get Bundy over as a monster and it worked. They announce the match as being nine seconds but was actually twenty four seconds, still a big deal.

2. King Kong Bundy crushed SD Jones DUD

Backstage to Gene with Matt Borne, who was known as the maniac, and says tonight he is there to win and beat up Ricky Steamboat. Steamboat joins us and says it’s a big test tonight and in a few minutes he will show him meanness.

3. Ricky Steamboat v. Maniac Matt Borne

Matt Borne was another unappreciated wrestler back then, was really good in the ring but never seemed to get a proper push. The bell rings and they lock up, with both guys jockeying for position. Steamboat shoots him in and leaps over Matt twice and hits the chop. Steamboat snap mares him over and locks on the headlock again. Borne goes to backdrop him over but Steamboat lands on his feet and goes back to the headlock, we repeat the spot and this time Steamboat catches Borne with the atomic drop. Borne uses his power to lift up Steamboat and slams him down then unloads in the corner. Borne takes to long advancing on him and eats the big karate chop as Steamboat takes control again. Borne powers him to the corner and drives the knee into Steamboat’s ribs repeatedly then hits a nice belly to belly suplex. Borne hits a snap suplex and gets a two count, both men start exchanging shots and Borne gets the worst of it. Steamboat connects with an impressive belly to back suplex then drives the knee into the face for his own two. Borne tries to come back but misses the clothesline, Steamboat hits a double ax handle to the face. Steamboat climbs the ropes and hits an amazing crossbody from the top for the win. 3.25/5 another great back and forth match, but would have been better had it been longer. Steamboat’s first big match in WWF was impressive and showed what he could do.

3. Ricky Steamboat pinned Matt Borne ***1/4

Over to Alfred Hayes, who’s holding the Wrestlemania program, who goes over the next match. We see Steamboat go behind him, and then Brutus Beefcake and Johnny V pass Matt Borne in the aisle as we go backstage to Gene who’s with David Sammartino. David is with his father Bruno, he mentions Brutus injuring Hillbilly Jim, who actually slipped on a wet spot and broke his leg. Johnny V won’t let Brutus talk, as he runs his mouth and says he will get Bruno if he has to.

4. Brutus Beefcake v. David Sammartino

David looks nothing like his father, he’s squat and muscular and had none of his father’s ability. Brutus is still pretty new to the WWF, only about six months into his career, as Bruno gets the loudest ovation of the four. The bell rings and Johnny takes his time slowly removing Brutus’ jacket as we get a look at the Living Legend, Bruno Sammartino. They finally lockup and Brutus powers David to the corner and struts about it, both men talk to their corner men. Another lockup and now Brutus to the corner, he charges out and David with a drop toe hold. David with a go behind and Brutus reverses and takes down David, David sits out and Brutus slides out to the floor. Johnny is screaming about David being oiled up as Brutus gets back in the ring and David quickly takes him down with a front face lock.  Brutus makes the ropes and we get a break, as Johnny keeps screaming at the referee. David goes after the arm and Brutus slams him down, but David maintains the arm. The leg dropped across Brutus’ arm, and Brutus makes the ropes to check with Johnny, so David talks to Bruno. Brutus with a side headlock takeover, making Johnny happy, as he wears down David. David powers back up and sends him in, Brutus comes back with a shoulder block and a nice hip toss. David catches a cocky Brutus with the drop toe hold into a leg grapevine. Brutus kicks him off, but David goes right back to the leg, this match is very slow paced as expected with David. Brutus rakes the eyes with the studded forearm pad, and sends David to the ropes. David gets backdropped down and Brutus drops a series of forearms on David, then gets slammed hard in the middle of the ring. Brutus working over the lower back and then drives him into the corner with an elbow to the face. David crumples to the mat and Brutus celebrates in the ring, Brutus hammering David in the corner, but David reverses the whip in and backdrops Brutus down, both men are hurting. David starts to make the comeback and fires back with a series of shots and the knee to the face. A well executed suplex gets David a near fall, as the crowd has come to life, Brutus sends David out of the ring. Johnny slams David on the floor and this brings Bruno in and we have chaos in the ring. Bruno and David clear the ring of Brutus and Johnny. 2/5 wasn’t a bad match, just felt long for the cheap ending we got. Both guys worked hard and tried to cover the limits they had, but would have worked better as a tag match. Should have clipped five of this match and given it to Steamboat/Borne.

4. David Sammartino and Brutus Beefcake battle to a draw **

Gorilla and Jesse go over the first four matches of the night and send it to Alfred. Alfred is passed by Jimmy Hart and Greg Valentine who head to the ring for the Intercontinental match. Backstage to Gene with Hart and Greg, who says he is the greatest IC champ and hits harder then anyone. JYD says this is his biggest opportunity of his life and he needs a bone to chew.

5. Greg Valentine v. Junkyard Dog

This is our first title match of the night, as Greg defends his Intercontinental title and is accompanied by Jimmy Hart. The swap out JYD’s music as he comes to Grab Them Cakes instead of Another One Bites the Dust, since GTC didn’t come out till later in the year. We get a close up of the belt, and it’s so small as the bell rings and Valentine hides in the corner. How many times does Gorilla call this a happening? JYD gets a hold of the arm and begins cranking it, and then punches his in the armpit, that was unique. Valentine sends him in and goes for the boot, but JYD catches him and pops him in the chin. JYD tries to advance on Greg, but he’s in the corner and he catches him with a knee and misses the forearm. JYD delivers the headbutts and Greg to the apron, as Jimmy consoles him and tells him he has to get it done. Gorilla mentions Jimmy’s stable of Valentine, Bundy and Neidhart. Valentine nails JYD with a forearm to the back of the neck and begins to work the legs, getting JYD ready for the figure four. JYD in a lot of trouble as Valentine keeps going for the legs, but JYD finally kicks him off and makes the corner. Both men exchange forearms and JYD makes the comeback sending Greg back. JYD with a pair of big headbutts and Greg does the classic flop, this brings Jimmy Hart on the apron which distracts JYD. JYD grabs Jimmy and Greg charges but JYD moves and Jimmy crashes to the cement. JYD unloads in the corner, but Greg pulls the legs out and pins him with his feet on the ropes. This brings out Tito Santana who’s telling the ref what happened. The ref restarts the match and counts out Greg who refuses to come back in the ring. 2/5 not as bad a match as expected, both guys did their best, but the finish was dumb as the champ loses via countout after pinning the guy. Not a good showing for the IC title, would have been better had Greg won and ended there.

5. Junkyard Dog beat Greg Valentine via countout **

Alfred Hayes hypes up the tag title match, as Sheik, Volkoff and Blassie pass by him. Gene gets comments from Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff and Fred Blassie. Sheik calls him Gene Mene and says it’s a great day. Blassie calls them the next tag champions. Lou Albano, Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham are ready, as Lou says they will do their bests and the champs say they are heading to the ring.

6. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff v. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo

Rotundo and Windham are defending the tag titles here tonight, as Volkoff sings the Russian National Anthem which the crowd is not happy about. Windham & Rotundo make their way to the ring, with manager Captain Lou Albano, and their music is cut so no Born in the USA today. Instead we get more generic guitar rock garbage, couldn’t they at least get something that sounded similar? Love the referee with a broom sweeping all the crap out of the ring the fans threw at Volkoff when he was singing. Rotundo the father of Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt, neither of whom get any respect in the current product, is easily the smallest guy out there, other then Blassie. Sheik and Rotundo start the match with Sheik applying the side headlock, Rotundo sends him in and he shoulderblocks him. Sheik off the ropes and eats a hip toss and dropkick followed by a big slam into the headlock takeover. Rotundo tags in Windham who comes in via the top with a big elbow and drops a leg on Sheik. Windham in the ropes and Sheik powers him in his corner, Volkoff holds him and Sheik off the ropes, Windham moves and Sheik dropkicks Volkoff. Sheik apologizes before tagging in the big Russian, and Rotundo tagged in and takes down Nikolai with a spinning elbow before tagging in Windham who comes in the same way. Now it’s Rotundo’s turn as he does the same, Volkoff pulls the hair and then rams Rotundo into Sheik’s boot. Sheik tagged in and backdropped Rotundo before dropping and elbow for a near fall. Sheik with the perfect gut wrench suplex followed by an attempt at a vertical suplex, but Rotundo blocks and hits his own. Sheik able to make a tag to Volkoff who drops Rotundo across the top rope and works over the back. Rotundo rolls through into a hammerlock but Volkoff overpowers him and the crowd is loud chanting USA. Volkoff drives a knee into the midsection then stomps the stomach of Rotundo before bring Sheik back in. Sheik unloads on Rotundo as the managers are arguing at ringside, Sheik locks on the abdominal stretch. Rotundo fights out and both men make the hot tag. Windham hammers Volkoff and hits a dropkick followed by the bulldog, Sheik breaks the pin and all four in the ring. Rotundo has the ref as Sheik nails Windham with Blassie’s cane and Volkoff covers for the win. 3.75/5 a hot tag team match with no down time and both teams kept it exciting. We crown new tag champions and the crowd is irate.

6. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff defeat Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo ***3/4

Over to Gene who’s with the new tag team champions, Blassie says there is no controversy and had no cane. Sheik says they proved it that Iran and Russia are the best. Gorilla says he doesn’t like it and Jesse says all is fair in love and war as we go to Alfred who hypes up the battle of the giants. Gene is with John Studd and Bobby Heenan, Studd has a WWF gym bag filled with cash. Studd says he will prove he is the true giant and this is the end of Andre. Heenan says for fifteen grand and a haircut they
will get rid of Andre as no one will touch his money.

7. Big John Studd v. Andre the Giant

Bobby Heenan has changed outfits since the promo just a minute ago as he’s now all in black. The rules are if Andre slams Studd he wins the money, if he can’t do it Andre has to retire. Andre comes through the curtain and the place just goes crazy for him. Studd taunts Andre with the money before handing to the referee, as the crowd begins the weasel chants. Studd attacks Andre before the bell rings and begins hammering him in the corner, Andre comes back with chops that stagger Studd. Andre with a headbutt and Studd rolls to the outside to break the momentum of Andre. Studd comes back in over the ropes and gets backed in the corner with the choke hold and Heenan is furious screaming at the referee. Andre punches Studd right between the eyes and then squashes him in the corner. Studd gets a low knee in on Andre and goes for a slam, but doesn’t work and Andre locks on the bearhug. The crowd  starts chanting Slam for Andre, as they are solidly behind him. Love the picture in picture with Heenan showing concern at ringside as Studd breaks the hold but then gets caught in the rear chinlock. Andre moves to a side headlock and Studd makes the ropes to break the hold but Andre is relentless as he headbutts Studd. Studd catches Andre with his head down, but Andre catches the foot and punches him in the face. Andre ties Studd up in the corner and chops him some more and then slams Big John Studd for the win. 1.75/5 a fun spectacle, but not much of a match. Judged by current standards this would be a dud, but back then this was a huge deal and the crowd was into it. Andre gets a hold of the cash and starts tossing it to the crowd, Heenan runs in and grabs the bag of money and runs.

7. Andre the Giant slammed Big John Studd *3/4

Gene is standing by as Andre comes backstage and congratulates him. Andre says he doesn’t know where the money is and doesn’t care as he showed Heenan and Studd that Studd can be slammed. Andre says he’s not ready to retire and gets cut off as we go back to Gorilla and Jesse who call it the slam heard round the world. To Alfred Hayes who gets a kiss from Moolah and Leilani Kai as they head to the ring for the next contest, but first Gene with Cyndi and Wendi. Cyndi says she has powerful words for a powerful woman. Wendi says she didn’t lose to one person and will get the belt back. Moolah and Leilani Kai are with Gene, and Leilani says she will do whatever she has to do win tonight.

8. Wendi Richter v. Leilani Kai

This was a huge part of the Rock n Wrestling connection, and a huge part of the build to Wrestlemania thanks to Cyndi Lauper and MTV. The whole deal with Cyndi pushed the WWF to the mainstream and is part of the biggest boom of wrestling, alongside Hulkamania. Wendi’s music gets dubbed over, so no Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, as same crappy music Windham and Rotundo came out to. Gorilla says he loves Jesse’s pink tuxedo, suits the glamor of the night, as the ladies get ready for this huge match and the crowd is loud. The bell rings and Wendi powers Kai to the ropes but Kai pulls the hair, so Wendi does the same. Wendi blocks the punch and nails Kai then slams her hard, arm drag from Kai countered to a hammerlock from Wendi. Kai gets tossed down hard as Wendi maintains the hammerlock, but Kai snapmares her twice using the hair. Kai uses the hair to take Wendi down and works the arm, as you can hear Cyndi and Moolah screaming at their charges. Wendi comes back with a big right but Kai fires back and rams her head into the turnbuckle. Kai pulls her up by the hair and Wendi smashes a right across the face but eats a knee to the face. Another snapmare from Kai sends Wendi to the mat again as Kai pulls her up and sends her to the corner. Wendi gets her feet up and Kai smashes into her, Wendi gets her in the corner and Moolah attacks Wendi through the ropes. Cyndi comes to make the save and Kai shoots Wendi in and hits the big boot. Wendi comes back with a series of rights into the slam and a splash for a near fall. The crowd is loud as Wendi charges the corner but runs into the knees of Kai and Kai nails a nice back breaker on the challenger for a two. Kai slams her down and climbs the ropes and hits a crossbody, Wendi rolls through for the win. 3/5 a good match as they kept it competitive and very fast paced. After the match Moolah tries to attack but gets taken down. Wendi and Cyndi celebrate in the ring as the crowd cheers wildly for the new champion.

8. Wendi Richter pinned Leilani Kai ***

Gene is backstage with Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper, Wendi says this the happiest second of her life. Cyndi says she knew Wendi had it in her and fumbles Leilani’s name. Lou Albano is in the background, he comes in to hug the ladies as we go back to Howard in the ring to introduce all the celebrity involvement. Guest ring announcer, baseball star and manager of the Yankees, Billy Martin. Martin takes over the introductions and introduces Time Keeper, Liberace, as Howard is coaching him. Liberace has his music replaced as well, which kind of kills his big entrance as he comes out with the Rockettes. Next out is the enforcer for the match, Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time. He will be the outside referee, inside the ring is the first Intercontinental Champion, Pat Patterson.  Billy introduces the participants for the main event and Piper’s music hits.

9. Hulk Hogan & Mr T v. Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff

Roddy, Orton and Orndorff come out to massive boos and a huge band playing the bagpipes. I think all these introductions are going to take longer then the match itself. Both teams have a second, as Piper has Cowboy Bob Orton, the father of Randy Orton, while Hogan has Jimmy Snuka, the father of Tamina. I still can’t believe Roddy Piper is gone, he was one of the best at promos and could fire up the crowd like no one in history. Real American hits and the place explodes as Hulk, T and Snuka make their way to the ring. I thought Hogan still had Eye Of the Tiger at this point, and a quick check online confirms that, so more music cuts. The Wrestling Album didn’t come out till the winter so Hogan still had his old music. Can barely hear Gorilla and Jesse over the crowd as they are rabid now. Liberace rings the tiniest silver bell to start the match, and Piper starts the match with Hogan, but T wants in so Hogan obliges and T is in the ring. Piper and T get nose to nose and Piper smacks T, T fires back and Piper kicks him and takes down T. T has no idea how to get out of the grasp of Piper, but finally breaks the hold and both men go to their corners. A lockup and T pushes him off, T scoops up Piper in a fireman’s carry and drops him. Piper is angry and shoves T in his corner all four men in, the seconds get in as does Ali who nails Piper. Chaos breaks loose in seconds and the crowd is going crazy for it. Piper, Orton and Orndorff say screw it and head to the locker room, which angers the crowd as Patterson counts. Hogan grabs Patterson and breaks the count, Hogan tells them get back in the ring and they slowly head back and all four in the ring again. Hogan and T clear house again and Piper tossed to the corner then rams both heads together. Hogan with an atomic drop then rams Piper’s head into the mat. T tagged in and they double team Piper with a clothesline, Piper slammed and then Orndorff runs in and gets hip tossed. T takes down both guys before tagging Hogan back in, and Piper eats Hogan’s big boot which sends him out of the ring. Hulk distracted by Piper gets caught by behind by Orndorff who clotheslines him out and Piper throws a chair at him. Orndorff throws Hogan back in the ring and Piper continues the advantage on the World Champion. T tries to get in and Patterson forces him back, this allows the heels to triple team Hogan in the corner. Hogan gets hit with a double atomic drop and Ali charges the ring again, as Orndorff maintains the beating on Hogan. Orndorff suplexes Hogan down as the crowd has not stopped since the match started, serious heat on the heel team as Piper comes in. Piper opens up on the champion and gets a near fall before tagging Orndorff back in, Orndorff with an elbow off the top rope on Hogan. Orndorff with a back breaker and then climbs the ropes, but misses the flying knee drop. Hogan makes the hot tag to T who takes out both heels but gets caught in the corner and they double team T, and the crowd is chanting for T. Both heels in the ring and they again double team T, Piper then applies the face lock and T powers out to tag Hogan. Hogan takes it to both heels with a double noggin knocker and unloads on Orndorff, but Orndorff gets a suplex on Hogan and Orton tries to get in, so Snuka charges in and headbutts him. Patterson busy with Snuka as Orndorff applies the figure four, Orton off the top with the cast but Hogan moves and Orton knocks out Orndorff. Hogan tosses Orndorff and pins Orton for the win as T and Piper continue to fight. 4/5 a chaotic wild brawl which was way better then it ever should have been considering T had no experience. The crowd was loud and rabid from beginning to end and helped make this match as good as it was. After the match T is checking on Orndorff who is groggy and struggles up then realizes he’s been abandoned by Piper and Orton, Patterson explains what happened and Orndorff has no idea what happened. Orndorff is angry and leaves the ring, as Hulk, T and Snuka celebrate in the ring. Liberace and Muhammad Ali in the ring with the faces as everyone shakes hands.

9. Hulk Hogan & Mr T defeated Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff ****

Backstage to Gene as he is joined by Hogan, T and Snuka. T says he trained hard and it was rough, he took no one lightly and it’s not for wimps. Hogan says he was turned on training with T and now everyone knows what it’s about. Snuka says it was a pleasure to be in their corner tonight and that he’s proud to have been involved. Back to Gorilla and Jesse as the crowd is slowly streaming out of the arena, Jesse says they have not seen the last of Piper and Orndorff. Gorilla thanks the fans for watching the show and so long from ringside. The closing video shows highlights of the matches, and credits for the people who do all the work. I wish they would still do that, it’s nice to see the cameramen, sound guys, and all the other people get credit for the work they do.


1. Tito Santana beat the Executioner via submission in 4:50 ***1/4
2. King Kong Bundy crushed SD Jones in 24 seconds DUD
3. Ricky Steamboat pinned Matt Borne at 4:38 ***1/4
4. David Sammartino and Brutus Beefcake battle to a draw in 11:44 **
5. Junkyard Dog beat Greg Valentine via countout at 6:55 **
6. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff defeat Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo at 6:56 ***3/4
7. Andre the Giant slammed Big John Studd in 5:54 *3/4
8. Wendi Richter pinned Leilani Kai at 6:12 ***
9. Hulk Hogan & Mr T defeated Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff in 13:24 ****

Well, that’s the first ever Wrestlemania and what a start to one of the greatest night of wrestling each year. Five really good matches out of nine, with one only being a showcase for Bundy. Even the Brutus/Sammartino match wasn’t as bad as it good have been. All in all a fun show and a great way to introduce fans to what the WWF was in 1985 as every major player was involved with no real time kill matches. Seems odd having a Wrestlemania with no World Championship match, but the celebrity involvement was the most important part at this time. WWF needed to score a major win here to keep the company alive, if Wrestlemania had failed the WWF would have failed as well. Two hours plus of great action, new tag champions crowned and a fantastic exciting main event. Our next show comes from Toronto and is three weeks after Wrestlemania and is headlined by Hulk Hogan defending against Paul Orndorff, should be great.


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