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Starrcade 1984 – November 22, 1984

Starrcade, the true granddaddy of them all, began almost two years before Wrestlemania and ran for eighteen shows in all. The original Starrcade took place the previous year and was headlined by Ric Flair defeating Harley Race for the NWA Title in the steel cage. This would end up being the last time Harley Race would hold the NWA title, at a time a record seven times, something that should be historical. Sadly in this day and age we get guys who are ten, twelve or fifteen time champions in a decade. Thus negating something as amazing as seven time champions, which is a shame as when Ric Flair was going for that eighth title reign it was a big deal, now title changes are not such a big thing. Tonight’s show is headlined by World Champion, Ric Flair defending the title against The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. Ric had lost the title briefly to Kerry Von Erich back in May but regained it three weeks later. Dusty and Ric had a legendary feud in the NWA and this was one of their biggest matches, so let’s get it started.

We open the show with the final moments of last year’s main event as Ric Flair hits the cross body of Harley Race and wins the NWA title. Bob Caudle and Gordon Solie welcome us to the Greensboro Coliseum and go over some of the matches. Gordon sends it down to ringside for the opening contest and the crowd is rabid right out of the gates, let’s see if they stay that way for three hours.

1. Denny Brown v. Mike Davis

This is for the Junior Heavyweight Championship and Earl Hebner is the referee. Mike Davis is the defending champion, and the title is tiny. Both men circle and lock up, Denny taken down by a shoulder block, he catches Davis with a hip toss and into the arm bar. Denny goes for a roll but Davis holds the ropes and goes back to the arm bar. Davis tries to fight free but Denny maintains control of the arm, as Bob goes over the card for tonight. Davis shoots him in and trips Denny, sending him crashing to the cement floor and Davis follows. Denny helped to the apron and Davis holds the ropes to help him back in, that was classy. Davis slams Denny in the middle of the ring twice and follows with a back breaker for two. Denny reverses the Irish whip and hits the forearm but gets rolled up for another near fall. Davis gets him in the corner and unloads, shoots him to the opposite corner but gets caught in a crossbody. Denny comes back with a back drop, as Denny gets fired up and hits a nice dropkick, love that the announcers are impressed with the high flying and mention the names of the cameramen. Meanwhile both men collide head to head and are slow to get back up, Denny up first and begins to hammer the champion, but Davis shoots him in the corner and hits the belly to back suplex into a bridge. The referee counts three and awards the title to Denny Brown, as Brown got his shoulder up at the last second. The announcers are confused but, Denny is champion and Mike congratulates the new champion. 3/5 a solid opening match between two evenly matched stars who kept it clean and worked well together.

1. Denny Brown pinned Mike Davis ***

We go backstage to a very young Tony Schiavone with Ric Flair who is pacing like a caged animal. Tony says he’ll be back later and that is the whole segment.

2. Mr. Ito v. Brian Adidas

Brian was a pretty big name in WCCW and was pushed pretty good, but the name seems to be wrong as it should be Brian Adias, but anyway. Mr Ito was a star in Japan and was on a game show for a while. Brian gets him to the ropes and we get a clean break, into a side headlock to the hammerlock and Ito with a drop toe hold breaks it. Ito with the headlock and Brian shoots him in and catches him with a dropkick into the headlock takeover. Brian cranks on the pressure but Ito powers out and uses the hair to take down Brian with the arm bar. Bob goes over what happened in the last match to clear up the confusion as Brian reverses the arm bar and controls Ito. Ito slams Brian but Brian maintains the hold, but a couple shots to the gut release the hold. The exchange shots and Brian catches Ito in the airplane spin for the quick win. 1/5 a quick finish to a match that was mostly an arm bar, nothing major here.

2. Brian Adidas pinned Mr Ito *

3. Mike Graham v. Jesse Barr

This match is for the Florida State title and Jesse is the champion. Jesse would be later known as Jimmy Jack Funk, the fake Funk. They lock up and get to the ropes and a clean break, Graham with the arm drag, Barr fights out and gets takes down with a drop toe hold into a knee lock. Barr is screaming in pain as he grabs the chin of Graham to break the hold and into the chinlock. Graham fights to his feet and hip tosses Barr down, Barr counters into the wrist lock. Lots of impressive chain wrestling and submissions so far, as Barr pulls the hair to take Graham down and maintain the pressure. Graham finally breaks free and hits a shoulder block but Barr catches him back in the wrist lock. Barr forces him to the corner and unloads on the challenger, then uses the ropes to work the wrist. Barr gets sent hard to the corner and Graham follows with the drop toe hold into the Indian Death Lock. Graham goes for the figure four but Barr rolls away and now wants the test of strength. Barr powers Graham to his knees, Graham fights up and flips Barr over back to the arm bar. Barr shoots him in and misses the clothesline, Graham chops him down and gets the figure four on, but too close to the ropes. Barr back in and applies the side headlock to Graham put can’t take him over, finally does on the third try. This has been a really old school style with the submissions, which is impressive but would never work nowadays. Graham powers his way up and finally breaks the hold and begins to work over the knees of Barr. Graham finally cinches in the figure four but again Barr gets the ropes and is able to send Graham in, Barr with a sunset flip for two. Graham accidentally crashes into the ref as Graham gets a small package and the ref down. A quick pair of roll up for two each, Barr in the corner sweeps out the legs and pins Graham using the ropes for leverage. 3/5 a very good back and forth submission style match with a Barr doing the heel pin.

3. Jesse Barr pinned Mike Graham ***

We get footage of the Bill Irwin, Black Bart, Ron Bass and JJ Dillon tying up Dick Slater and attacking Ricky Steamboat. The revenge for that vicious attack is coming up later tonight, as they show replay of the ending of the previous match.

4. The Zambuie Express v. Assassin 1 and Buzz Tyler

The Express is Kareem Muhammad and Elijah Akeem, and they we’re supposed to a military Muslim team, and they are huge. The Assassin is Jody Hamilton, the father of Nick Patrick and Buzz Tyler was a big star in the mid Atlantic area. This is an elimination match, as Assassin and Buzz fire up the crowd being the faces in this match, they taunt the Express manager Paul Jones. All four men start as chaos ensues and the faces send the Express to the outside. The ref finally gets order restored and Buzz starts with Kareem who hammers Buzz but misses the clothesline and Buzz sends Kareem flying out of the ring. Kareem slow to get back in, and Assassin and Elijah tagged in, Elijah gets Assassin to the corner and shoots him out, but Assassin reverses and pops him. They double team Elijah who flees the ring, as it’s been all Assassin and Buzz so far. Kareem and Buzz back in, and Kareem with a side headlock and begins to work over the back of Buzz and then chokes him on the ropes. Buzz sent into the elbow of Elijah, who then gets tagged in and headbutts Buzz who’s in trouble early. Buzz fires back with a series of rights and covers, which brings in all four men and the ref has lost control again. Buzz and Elijah continue fighting on the floor, while Kareem and Assassin collide in the ring. Assassin falls on top for the pin eliminating Kareem. Elijah left alone with both faces, as the crowd is loud, and we find out Buzz and Elijah were counted out before the pin was made. DUD was just a big mess and no one had any idea what was happening. Had no idea about the countout until everyone left the ring and even Bob and Gordon were not sure what was going on.

4. The Assassin and Buzz Tyler beat the Zambuie Express DUD

Gordon and Bob go over the first four matches and then send it to Tony who is joined by Dusty Rhodes. Dusty looks cool, calm and collected as he says people have to find out who is the greatest man alive and the talking is over. Dusty says shortly he will win one million dollars and the NWA World Title tonight, and advises the referee Joe Frazier to stay out of his way. Tony sends it back to the ring for match five.

5. Manny Fernandez v. Black Bart

This is for the Brass Knuckle championship, no seriously that was a thing, this is different. Bart is the defending champion while Manny is one half of the tag champions. Bart has JJ Dillon in his corner, as the announcers warn anything goes and this could get vicious. They lock up and Bart unloads on Manny who shakes it off. If this is a Brass Knuckle match, shouldn’t they both be wearing Brass Knuckles? Manny starts to unload on Bart with rights, and Bart down in the corner, he slowly gets to his feet and another lock up. Bart drives the knee in the gut but Manny comes back with a series of shots to the midsection. Bart with a side headlock and then pops him in the head, but Manny comes back and they exchange shots. Manny is split open as Bart unloads on Manny with multiple shots to the head, and the blood is pouring out of him. Dillon cheers on Bart as Manny makes his comeback with right hands sending Manny over the top rope to the floor. Manny dives off the apron right into the face of Bart, Dillon helps his man back up and sends him back in. Bart is now busted open as well, and that just fires up Manny who works over the open wound. Manny drops the fist off the top rope and gets a near fall, as both men are bleeding everywhere, Bart gets a cheap shot in and tries for the pin but Manny powers out. The crowd is solidly behind Manny, as they are still loud, Bart continues to pound the face of Manny, we get the overhead camera shot as Bart drops a big elbow for a near fall. Bart drops Manny across the top rope throat first and calls for his bull rope, but this distracts him long enough for Manny to roll him up for the win. 3.25/5 a brutal brawl for it’s time and a rabid crowd makes it even better.

5. Manny Fernandez rolled up Black Bart ***1/4

Gordon says we have intermission right now, and we get the replay of Flair pinned Race from last year again. Wondered if they would leave in the intermission, makes it feel like it’s live. Tony is backstage with Ricky Steamboat as we again see the attack from Bass and company. Steamboat says everyone has been talking about tonight since last year, and goes over the last year and that is back is bothering him but he’s not going away. Gordon and Solie talk about the Steamboat story among other things and then back to Tony with JJ and Tully Blanchard. JJ says he’s in a bad mood as Bart got ripped off and now people are trying to make Tully look bad. Tully says Steamboat is going down and then it’s either Flair or Rhodes but he is on a path of destiny. Tony sends it back to Gordon and Bob who says Tully better be careful with Steamboat as he is going to turn it loose and not to look past him. Gordon sends it back to the ring as the show continues.

6. Paul Jones v. Jimmy Valiant

This is a tuxedo street fight, Jones is out with Kareem Muhammad while Jimmy has Assassin with him. The crowd is insane for Valiant as you can barely hear the ring announcer over the screaming. Bob says this is the first ever tuxedo street fight, and I expect the seconds to get involved. Jimmy is fired up but Paul is already begging for mercy, Jimmy goes right after him with a rope around his neck. Jimmy has Paul tied to the top rope and removes his jacket before unloading on Jones who’s already out on his feet. Paul gets his flower shoved down his throat and then Jimmy rips off parts of Jones’ tuxedo and the crowd loves it. Gordon says we may have to cut away from the match, as Jimmy rips off the pants of Jones as he’s down to his underwear and white shirt. Jimmy rips the shirt off as well as Kareem gets involved and Jimmy is distracted. This allows Jones to get a few shots in, but Jimmy dances them off and takes Jones down. Jones split open and Jimmy locks on the sleeper hold and Jones fades away ending the match. Kareem nails the ref before he calls for the bell and this brings in the seconds, as chaos ensues. Jimmy and Assassin take out Kareem, but JJ Dillon out of nowhere nails Jimmy with something and throws Jones on top, the ref crawls over and counts three. 2/5 a fun brawl that was quick and had a loud crowd which made it better then it should be. Jones winning means Jimmy has to leave the NWA, which never happened as this feud kept going for a quite long time.

6. Paul Jones pinned Jimmy Valiant **

Backstage to Tony with World Champion Ric Flair, who says people like him or dislike him they know he’s the best wrestler. Flair says tonight he is gunning for the win and Dusty better be half the man he claims to be. Tony says Flair is once again ready for tonight before sending it back to Gordon and Bob.

7. Dick Slater v. Ron Bass

This match is for the Mid-Atlantic championship, there sure were a lot of titles back in these days, as Bass is the reigning and defending champion. They quickly start slugging it out and Slater with a back elbow before going after manager JJ Dillon, sure was a busy night for JJ. The lockup and Slater shot in, Bass misses a clothesline and Slater again goes after Dillon. Bass tells the ref to get Slater back in the ring, and Slater relaxes in the corner, calls in Bass who misses the corner charges and catches him in the headlock. Bass shoots him and catches Slater with a elbow but misses the elbow drop and Slater back to the headlock. Bass powers up and rakes the eyes, but Slater comes back with the atomic drop sending Bass to the apron. Slater drops to the mat and headbutts Bass on the apron then snap mares Bass back in the ring. The ref catches Slater’s boot as he was going to stomp Bass, and this allows Bass to clobber him and drives Slater’s head into the turnbuckle. Bass quickly unloads on Slater and Dillon gets a cheap shot, as Slater reminds me of Dean Ambrose with the facial expressions. Bass with a nice suplex for a near fall, he follows with a bulldog in the middle of the ring. Slater starts to fight back with shots to the head and snap mares him again then grinds the boot across Bass’ face. Bass comes back with the eye rake and tosses Slater to the floor, right into JJ who stomps on him before tossing Slater back in. Bass works over Slater in the corner but Slater trying to fight off the shots and catches Bass in the corner and unloads on him. The ref gets involved again so Slater tosses him away and belly to back suplex on Bass. JJ comes in and Slater slams him down before hammering him, Slater then slams Bass and drops a leg for the cover and the ref comes over and pulls him off. 3/5 a good brawl with a different ending then expected. Bass was so underutilized in WWF, as he was really impressive here. After the match Slater attacks Bass and Dillon and they bail out of the ring.

7. Ron Bass beat Dick Slater via DQ ***

Between the matches we get the National Anthem, should that have been done at the start not half way through the show? Just seems weird, but here comes the Russians, so I guess that’s the reason.

8. Keith Larson & Ole Anderson v. Ivan & Nikita Koloff

Larson is the storyline brother of Don Kernodle, who is carrying the flag for Keith and Ole. Is there anyone in the business who actually likes Ole, never hear anyone say anything good about the guy. Ivan is the former WWF World Champion who ended the seven plus year reign on Bruno Sammartino in 1971, while Nikita could have been huge but the loss of his wife at a young age ended his career. Ole and Larson attack the Russians right as the bell rings and rip the USSR shirts off them as all hell breaks loose. Larson backdrops Ivan and just clobbers him, as Ole and Nikita fight on the floor. We finally get some order as Ole and Larson double team Ivan, before Ole comes in legally. The American team continue to work over Ivan with quick tags. Ole nails Ivan with the hammerlock slam, as the crowd is still loud, they’ve been loud through every match, as Ivan has been bounced around the ring like a pinball. Larson looks like Buddy Landell, as Nikita has yet to get in the ring. Ivan tries to hip toss Larson, but he reverses and brings Ole back in and more double teaming on Ivan. Ivan never looks different, even ten years after winning the WWF title, he still looks the same. It’s funny he’s French Canadian, plays a Russian and before that he was supposed to be Irish. He’s like a United Nations by himself, as it’s been just non stop arm bars on Ivan but the crowd is electric. Ivan finally rakes Ole’s eyes and brings in nephew Nikita who unloads on Ole. Nikita sends Ole in the corner and buries the shoulder in the midsection. Ole comes back with rights, but Nikita catches him in the bearhug. Ole tries to fight free, so Ivan starts to come in to lure Larson. This distracts the ref, allowing Ivan to drive a knee into the back of Ole without being caught. Ole is fading but the cheers of the crowd help him break the hold, Nikita tags in Ivan who maintains the pressure on the back of Ole. The Russians use quick tags to work over Ole and Nikita goes back to the bearhug. Anderson again breaks the hold and makes the hot tag to Larson, who hammers the Russians, ramming their heads together. Larson misses a dropkick, allowing Nikita to clothesline him down and tag in Ivan. Larson rolls up Ivan and almost gets the fall, as all four men in the ring. The referee push Ole out, but Ivan gets a cheap shot on Kernodle. Nikita gets the clothesline on Larson for the win, while Ivan had Ole distracted. 1.5/5 a slow paced match, with lots of arm bar and bearhug time. The finish was great and saved the match. After the match the Russians try to kill of Larson, but Kernodle makes the save with the crutch.

8. Ivan & Nikita Koloff beat Keith Larson and Ole Anderson *1/2

Bob and Gordon go over the remaining matches, as they clear the ring from the chaos of the last match.

9. Ricky Steamboat v. Tully Blanchard

This is for the Television Title, with twenty thousand dollars on the line and no disqualifications. Blanchard is the defending champion, as the crowd rains down the boos on him. They lock up and make the ropes, Tully goes right at the injured ribs, but Steamboat comes back with chops. Tully gets tosses around the ring as Steamboat continues working him over with flying chops. Tully makes the ropes, and the ref count, why, it’s no disqualification. Steamboat breaks the hold and hits a knee to the face of Tully, but he’s hurting and has to catch his breath. Tully slow to get up and both men  slow to lock up, Tully goes for the ribs again and hammers the injury. Steamboat sells the injury like no one else can do, he is one of the best in the business ever. Tully keeps driving the knee into the injured ribs and drives Steamboat hard in the corner. Steamboat uses the legs to kick Tully off and hits a headbutt, which gives a second to catch his breath. Steamboat comes back with the chops and Tully crumples to the mat. Tully tangled in the ropes and Steamboat breaks the hold, which allows Tully to nail him in the ribs again. Tully with a nice belly to back suplex and cover for one. They exchange some nice amateur moves before winding up in the ropes. Tully backs off in the corner, as Steamboat tries to get in close, both men apprehensive at this point. Blanchard spits in the face of Steamboat which angers Steamboat, Steamboat shoots him in and hits a nice powerslam for a pin attempt. Steamboat drives Tully into the turnbuckle and another near fall as Steamboat unloads on the champion. Tully in trouble now as Steamboat hammers him all over the ring, splitting Tully open. Steamboat spits in the face of Tully now, and chops away in the corner then hits a nice spinning neckbreaker for another near fall. Blanchard is stunned, and Steamboat is relentless as he hits Tully’s move, the slingshot suplex and almost wins the gold. Steamboat with a standing dropkick and more chops send Tully to the apron, Steamboat refusing to give him space so the ref pulls him back. This allows Tully to get something from his tights, but he misses the big swing. Steamboat with a belly to back suplex and Tully cracks him in the face with the object and both men are staggering. Tully with a crossbody and gets his own near fall, as the crowd is screaming for Steamboat. Tully sets Steamboat on the top turnbuckle and follows up, but Steamboat shoves him off and hits a big splash for another near fall. Tully sends Steamboat in and Steamboat goes for the sunset flip, but Tully smashes him in the face for the pin. 4.5/5 a fantastic back and forth battle between two amazing athletes. Tully was so under appreciated, as this was a great match.

9. Tully Blanchard pinned Ricky Steamboat ****1/2

Bob and Gordon talk about Steamboat getting ripped off, and mention the two remaining matches. The United States title match and then the World title match as we go to the ring.

10. Superstar Billy Graham v. Wahoo McDaniel

Superstar was in his kung-fu gimmick at this point, and is built like a brick wall, meanwhile Wahoo is another one who never looks any different. Wahoo is the current champion, as he comes out to generic music much like Steamboat did. Wahoo is almost fifty years old at this point and wrestled for another decade after this! Graham is ten years younger, but sadly his career would end in about three years due to hip issues. We start with the test of strength and Wahoo gets the advantage, Wahoo just shoves Graham away. Graham does the same thing as both men show off their power. They wind up in the corner and Wahoo goes to the eyes, I thought Wahoo was the face? Wahoo with the chops but Graham slides behind and locks on the full nelson. The hands are not locked but Wahoo makes the ropes to break the hold. Superstar sends him in and hits a double chop to the throat and back to the full nelson. Graham breaks the hold and covers Wahoo for a near fall. Wahoo eats a big elbow to the face and then Graham drops another across the chest for a two count. Graham with a shoulder block, but Wahoo comes back with a chop for the pin? DUD that was just bad as Wahoo did nothing but chops and the pin came out of nowhere.

10 Wahoo McDaniel pinned Superstar Billy Graham DUD

Again we get the replay of Flair pinned Race for the title, as Bob and Gordon talk about the upcoming main event. Backstage to Tony who’s with the judges for the match if it goes the time limit and Tony gets some words from each of the three.

10. Ric Flair v. Dusty Rhodes

This is the main event of the evening and Ric Flair is the defending champion with boxing legend Joe Frazier as the referee. We get some really bad soft-rock garbage for Dusty Rhodes, I assume this was edited music, who comes out in a purple robe and the loud ovation of the crowd. Ric Flair comes out to his classic music in a hot pink robe, which actually works for him. The ring announcer introduces the three judges first, then Dusty Rhodes and finally the World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. The bell rings and they lock up, Dusty powers Flair to the corner and a clean break. Lockup to the ropes and Dusty sent in, comes back with a shoulder block. Dusty hits an elbow and into the headlock from Dusty, Flair drops to one knee but finally makes the ropes. Flair with a chop and works Dusty in the corner but Dusty with the jabs knocking Flair to the mat. Dusty back to the side headlock and Flair again makes the ropes, Dusty hits a shoulder block and then the running elbow. Flair gets a kick in and chops Dusty in the corner, Flair snap mares him out and drops the knee across the face for a one. Flair begins to work over the former champion and again snap mares him but misses a second knee. Dusty quickly locks on the figure four and Flair screams in pain, Flair struggles to make the ropes and breaks the hold. Dusty yanks him off the ropes hard and goes to work on the knee of the champion. Flair fights free and pulls himself up with the help of the ropes as Flair is hurt. Dusty gives him a chance to get up, Flair applies the wrist lock but Dusty easily powers out and takes down Flair, who’s having lots of issues. Flair gets him in the corner, but Dusty turns it around and hammers him. Flair off the ropes and Dusty catches him with a scoop slam and chops Flair, who flops to the mat. Dusty with a bionic elbow, but gets caught in the corner and Flair unloads with chops. Dusty fires back with shots of his own and tosses Flair to the opposite corner, sending Flair up and over the ropes to the floor. Flair struggles to make it to the apron and Dusty suplexes him in and covers for a slow two count. Dusty misses the elbow drop and Flair pulls him up, but Dusty blocks the chop, however Flair catches him in the sleeper. Dusty runs around the ring and the momentum sends Flair to the outside, he drags Dusty out via the ankles and they are slugging it out and Dusty eats the ring post. Flair slowly back in the ring as Dusty is down on the cement, Flair challenges the ref while Dusty pulls himself up via the barricade and he is split wide open above the eye. Referee Joe Frazier checks the cut and Dusty does not want to stop so Flair like a shark smelling blood goes right after the injury. Rhodes comes back with the elbows as Flair chops him and continues to hammer the injured eye. The referee shoves Flair back, Flair goes right at him as Joe talks to the judges at ringside and again checks the eye. Joe calls for the bell and raises the hand of Ric Flair, as the match has stopped due to Dusty’s injury. 3/5 was a good match but cheap ending which kills the match and it felt short. Dusty goes after Joe and the empty the locker room to hold him back. Jim Crockett at ringside hands Ric Flair the million dollar check and his title as Manny Fernandez wraps up Dusty’s cut.

11. Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes via ref stoppage ***

Tony backstage with Flair who shows off the check and says it’s unfortunate that the match ended the way it did but he went in to make sure he left with the title and the check. Flair says he’ll be back again next year as Tony sends it back to Gordon and Bob who says Tony and the crew has done a fantastic job tonight. As Bob and Gordon talk some guy looks in the commentator’s booth. It’s funny that they were all the way at the top of the arena, not ringside as we go to Tony with Dusty and Manny. Tony says he does not want to do this interview, as Dusty screams at Joe and says he’s never had a match end like that and that he will get Joe Frazier and make him pay. Dusty says if Flair calls this a victory, it’s not over and to spend the money well as the American Dream lives and shoves Tony away. Tony quickly sends it back to Bob and Gordon as we see the crowd leaving the arena, they close out the show and invite the fans to join them next year. We close with a musical montage of the endings of each match. Cool way to end the show and remind everyone of how each match finished. After the music Tony is standing by with referee Joe Frazier who says the cut was really bad and bleeding into his eye and he says he talked to the other judges before the match. Joe says Dusty was in bad shape and he had to stop the fight. Tony closes out the show, and nothing else came from the whole Joe Frazier thing. We don’t see Frazier in wrestling again until Wrestlemania 2 when he’s in the corner of Mr T for the horrible boxing match, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.


1. Denny Brown pinned Mike Davis in 5:38 ***
2. Brian Adidas pinned Mr Ito in 4:00 *
3. Jesse Barr pinned Mike Graham in 11:43 ***
4. The Assassin and Buzz Tyler beat the Zambuie Express in 5:26 DUD
5. Manny Fernandez rolled up Black Bart at 7:35 ***1/4
6. Paul Jones pinned Jimmy Valiant at 4:35 **
7. Ron Bass beat Dick Slater via DQ in 9:12 ***
8. Ivan & Nikita Koloff beat Keith Larson and Ole Anderson in 15:28 *1/2
9. Tully Blanchard pinned Ricky Steamboat at 13:17 ****1/2
10 Wahoo McDaniel pinned Superstar Billy Graham in 4:18 DUD
11. Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes via ref stoppage at 12:12 ***

Overall a really good show, even with two DUD matches, six matches at the three star or above is pretty good. The DUD matches were ten minutes total, so that’s not too bad. However the Koloff tag match was too long, could have lost five minutes to give to the main event. Still a fun way to spend three hours and see how the NWA was in 1984 as the WWF was about to go national with Wrestlemania in a few months. Speaking of Wrestlemania, that is coming up next as we enter 1985 and the birth of Wrestlemania. Wish I had watched it today since today is the thirty first anniversary, but we’ll get to it tomorrow.


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