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WWF – October 21, 1984

Time for some more classic WWF programming, as I decided to skip the remaining TNT shows since the matches are clipped and it makes it very hard to enjoy so we’re moving on. We head to the House Shows and move forward to October 21, 1984. Hulk Hogan is currently ten months into his World Title reign and shows no sign of slowing down, meanwhile Greg Valentine has captured the Intercontinental Championship from Tito Santana. The match took place a month earlier in London, Ontario but only aired eight days ago. The Tag Team titles are being held by Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch, aka the North-South Connection, who defeated Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson back on April seventeenth of this year. The Rock and Wrestling connection was underway as back in the summer MTV hosted the Brawl to End it All featuring Wendi Richter battling Fabulous Moolah for the gold, with Wendi ending the lengthy reign of Moolah. Surprisingly this is the only match that aired from that night in New York City, but this was the catalyst to Wrestlemania, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Tonight’s show takes place in Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario and is headlined by Kamala facing Andre the Giant in a cage, it should be a classic. Let’s head to the ring.

We get the real cool opening video on the network showing the stars of the seventies, eighties and nineties and the big arenas like Madison Square Garden, Spectrum and Maple Leaf. From there we go right to the ring.

1. Greg Valentine v. SD Jones

Our opening match is for the Intercontinental Championship, as SD Jones gets a crack at the belt. Greg Valentine was a very impressive worker, and the more old stuff I see of him the more I like. We got Jack Reynolds and Billy Red Lyons on commentary, I always liked Billy Red as he was mainstay on the old WWF shows that aired on CHCH from Hamilton. The arena is really dark, so different from the brightly light shows we get nowadays, can only see about three to four rows back. SD gets caught in a hammerlock but quickly counters into one of him own, as Jack calls him Reggae man and he loves to dance, is that racist? Whip in and SD takes him down with the shoulder block right into the wrist lock. Into the ropes and SD sends Valentine in and backdrops him down, Valentine rolls out of the ring for a breather as the commentators talk about Greg winning the title from Tito last month. Valentine slowly back in, I love the old ramp they used in Toronto and Hamilton for shows, as SD slams Valentine down and he begs off. Valentine tries to boot him, but SD blocks and atomic drops Valentine and follows with a pair of headbutts, and Valentine does his classic flop. SD unloads in the corner but gets sent to the other corner and Greg misses the charge as SD back to the wrist lock. SD maintains the hold while headbutting Valentine in the back. Valentine able to take down SD and begins to work the knees to soften SD for the figure four. It’s such a charge hearing calm relaxed commentary, as opposed to the idiots on RAW these days, as SD kicks Valentine away and tries to get to his feet but Valentine kicks him back down. Valentine continues to work over the knee, using the ropes and gets warned by the referee. Strange to hear them call the ref by name, another thing missing now. Valentine signals for the figure four, but SD yanks his tights down to stop him and now SD comes back with chops and a headbutt sends Valentine to the floor. Both men fighting on the floor as SD rams him into the barricade and tosses him in, but gets caught coming in. Valentine back suplexes SD back in the ring and scores the win. 7.5/10 a really good back and forth match with a surprising ending. Nice seeing a match end without a roll up or a finisher just an out of nowhere finish.

1. Greg Valentine pins SD Jones ***3/4

2. Nikolai Volkoff v. Rocky Johnson

Nikolai graces us with his singing of the Russian National Anthem, as the crowd jeers loudly, so we get the longer version. Nikolai says the people have no class as his opponent makes his way to the ring. Nice to hear when they announce the time limit, as the last match being a title match was sixty minutes, this one is twenty. Rocky Johnson is course best known as the dad of the Rock, while Nikolai was trained by the legendary Stu Hart. The bell rings and they lock up, but Rocky keeps ducking, angering Volkoff. Lockup in the ropes and Nikolai gets a shot in but Rocky answers back with a forearm of his own. Rocky with a side headlock and Nikolai pulls the hair to get to the ropes and goes for another cheap shot but Rocky blocks and fires back. Nikolai reaches in his tights as the ref is busy with Rocky, a little foreshadowing, as Nikolai uses his head to take down Rocky and then begins choking him. Rocky powers back up and hammers Nikolai, then comes off the ropes with a shoulder block, but a second time and he gets back dropped. Nikolai goes for a big knee drop but Rocky moves and Volkoff crashes down. Another shoulder block and both men are down, Rocky goes for a slam and Nikolai shifts and lands on him for a near fall. Rocky shot in and comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall of his own. Rocky goes for the Boston Crab, but too close to the ropes so he’s forced to break it. Billy talking about Ken Patera, didn’t realize he was still in WWF at this point. Volkoff wants the test of strength, a classic old school maneuver, and powers down Rocky, but Rocky makes the comeback but Nikolai powers him back down. Rocky back up again and powers Volkoff down, but Volkoff breaks it with the boot to the gut and another one to the jaw. Volkoff continues to unload on Rocky before sending him to the corner, but he misses the blind charge and now Rocky takes control. Volkoff rolls out and tries to get back in the match and slow things down, he slowly gets back in the ring and is yelling at the ref. Now we got a boxing match as Rocky goes for the jabs and takes down the big Russian. Volkoff clobbers Rocky as he argues with the ref and then drops the double ax handle to the back of the neck for two and a half. Volkoff pulls him up and shoots him in again, misses the clothesline, Rocky connects with a pair of dropkicks. Rocky comes off the ropes and Nikolai catches him and drops Rocky across the ropes throat first and scores the win. 7/10 another good back and forth match, as both guys worked really hard and had a good match.

2. Nikolai Volkoff pinned Rocky Johnson ***1/2

3. The British Bulldogs v. Goldie Rogers & Bobby Bass

Bobby Bass was actually the commissioner of our local promotion about seven or eight years ago. Goldie was a journeyman who worked all over the place and was most famous in Stampede. The Bulldogs were new to the WWF at this point having debuted only two months earlier, where Dynamite was originally teamed with Bret Hart. This will probably be a quick squash match to showcase the newcomers. Goldie looks like Jimmy Valiant with that giant beard, as he takes his time removing his ring jacket. They lock up and Dynamite flips around dropkicks Goldie twice sending him to the apron. Bass tagged in as is Davey who applies the side headlock on Bass who sends him to the ropes and Smith comes back with the shoulder block sending Bass flying, then slams him hard. Bass has his head smashed into Dynamite’s, and Goldie refuses to tag in. Can’t blame him, the Bulldogs had a reputation for being rough in the ring, as Goldie gets headbutted by Davey who then slams him down and follows with a missile dropkick. Davey Boy slams Dynamite Kid on Goldie Rogers as they continue to dazzle the crowd with all sorts of new stuff. Kid takes out both guys by himself as the crowd erupts, Kid unloads on Goldie and follows with the best snap suplex in the business. Davey back in and powerslams Goldie down for the near fall. The commentators are having trouble figuring out what to call the moves, as Bulldogs continue to dominate. The match is slowed down a bit as Davey Boy with a chinlock on Goldie, and Goldie flips out of it and tags in Bass who comes in from above with a knee to the chest. Bass with a trapezius hold to wear down Davey, who powers out but runs into the knee. Davey in trouble, but this brings in Dynamite and with the ref distracted the heels double team and do a switch off. Davey catches Goldie with a clothesline and tags in Dynamite who unloads on Goldie and now Bass refuses to tag in. Dynamite tosses Goldie out on the entrance ramp and goes for a piledriver, but gets back dropped. Goldie tosses Kid in and tags in Bass who drops an elbow the climbs the ropes, Bass misses the big splash. Kid tags in Davey who unloads on Bass and misses the clothesline but Bass misses the crossbody. Davey hits the piledriver and tags in Kid, Goldie sneaks in and Smith scoops him up. Kid off the top bounces off Goldie who was on the shoulders of Smith and drops the headbutt on Bass for the win. 5/10 a fun squash match as the Bulldogs showed off all their unique offense.

3. The British Bulldogs defeated Goldie Rogers and Bobby Bass **1/2

4. Andre the Giant v. Kamala (Cage Match)

This is our main event, as Kamala comes out with Friday, and Kamala looks unsure of the cage. This is going to be good as I am a huge fan of Kamala, it was such a tasteless gimmick but was done so well. Kamala barely fits through the cage door, he’s actually taller then the opening. This was Kamala’s first run in the WWF as Andre makes his way to the ring and struggles to get in the cage. Andre attacks before the announcer even makes the introductions as he sits on Kamala and just pummels the Ugandan Giant. Andre pulls him up and Kamala rakes him eyes, the announcer does his job from the ramp as Kamala sends Andre into the cage but Andre catches him and squashes him in the cage multiple times. Andre is just destroying Kamala in there as Friday is screaming at the referee, but there are no rules in the cage. Kamala tries to escape but Andre is relentless, Kamala rakes the eyes again and is pulling on the cage, but has no clue how to get out. Kamala starts to chop Andre and hits the big splash, Kamala follows with a second one and wants the count but there is no referee. Friday tells Kamala to come out through the cage and he tries but Andre pulls him back. Kamala slams Andre’s head into the cage and continues to pummel the Giant in the corner. Friday directs Kamala from the outside as Andre is busted wide open and Kamala keeps choking him. Kamala tries again to escape but Andre kicks Kamala in the back of the leg and gets in front of the door. Andre gets pulled to his feet and Kamala ties him in the ropes and chops Andre’s head repeatedly but runs into a chop. Kamala down as Andre makes the comeback with the chops and Kamala is stunned. Andre forces Kamala in the corner and hits the avalanche on Kamala. Kamala rams Andre’s head into the cage and tries to escape but Andre catches him again. Friday tries to pull the door open and the referee shoves Friday back as Kamala keeps chopping Andre’s bloody face. Andre hooks the ankle of Kamala as Kamala tries to leave, Kamala tries to break Andre’s grip but not working as he gets to close and Andre catches him by the throat. It’s funny that Friday can reach the top of the cage, as Andre continues choking down Kamala. Andre pounds on Kamala who’s staggered, and Andre with a series of headbutts. Andre slams Kamala with ease and then climbs the ropes and hits the butt drop from the top rope. Kamala is quivering in the ring as Andre climbs out the cage for the win. 4/10 was a spectacle but not much of a match basically chops and chokes. Sends the fans home happy though as they exploded when Andre won.

4. Andre The Giant defeated Kamala in the cage **


1. Greg Valentine pins SD Jones ***3/4

2. Nikolai Volkoff pinned Rocky Johnson ***1/2

3. The British Bulldogs defeated Goldie Rogers and Bobby Bass **1/2

4. Andre The Giant defeated Kamala in the cage **

A fun little show, as we only got four of the matches out of eight. We didn’t get to see Rene Goulet versus Nick DeCarlo, David Sammartino versus Moondog Rex, David Schultz versus Rick McGraw and Angelo Mosca versus The Iron Sheik. I guess we got the better four matches as they were some good matches actually, especially Valentine’s. Overall a nice little house show from Toronto, as our next show is from Madison Square Gardens the next night. That would be the A Show tour, making this the B show, so probably all the guys that weren’t at this show are on the next one. Average match quality is just under three stars, so nothing to complain about, went a lot faster then the average current show.


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