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WWF TNT -May 29, 1984

I’m back with more WWE Network programming. I waited to see if they were going to fill in any of the gaps for the territories and it doesn’t seem likely, so I’m just to skip those and focus on WWF, NWA/WCW and ECW. So that brings us to TNT tonight from May 29, 1984. So, we are about ten months away from the first Wrestlemania and four months into Hulkamania which started in January when Hulk Hogan won the World Title from Iron Sheik in the last show we recapped. The Tag Team titles are being held by Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch, who won the gold Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas only a month earlier. Tito Santana is the current reigning Intercontinental Champion, having regained the gold from Don Muraco on February 11th. This leads us to TNT, aka Tuesday Night Titans, which is not your standard WWF program as they tried to make it more of a talk show style with occasional matches. Let’s head to the ring for the very first episode.

Cool old school opening video with Lord Alfred Hayes doing the voice overs and various clips of WWF Wrestlers in the background. Alfred sends it over to the host, Vince McMahon who welcomes us to the first episode of TNT. Instead of being at ringside we’re in a cheap looking studio, looks like a rip off of Johnny Carson’s old set. They immediately go to commercial and when we come back Vince and Alfred talk about the first match of the night and we send it to the match in progress.

1. Paul Orndorff v. B Brian Blair

Vince and Mene Gene are on commentary as Blair reverses the hammerlock and has Paul down on the mat. Blair able to roll Orndorff over into a pin attempt, but only gets one. Orndorff powers his way to his feet and sends Blair into the ropes but Blair catches him with a shoulder block, Blair off the ropes again and Orndorff catches and tosses Blair through the ropes. Blair struggles back on the apron but Orndorff pulls him down and slams Blair’s face into the ringside barrier, then drops him throat first on the barrier. Orndorff poses on the top rope proud of himself as the boos cascade down on him, he quickly goes back after Blair and drags him into the ring to continue the offense. Blair finally fights back with a shoulder block into a sunset flip for a near fall. All that did was anger Orndorff who again tosses Blair to the floor and poses for the crowd. As Orndorff poses Blair sneaks back in and unloads on Orndorff, following up with a nice dropkick as the crowd is loud for Blair. Orndorff gets a knee in and goes for a slam but Blair slides behind and rolls him up, Orndorff reverses and gets the pin with a handful of tights. 6/10 a very good match, would have liked to have seen the whole match but what we got was impressive.

1. Paul Orndorff pinned B Brian Blair 6/10

We head back to the studio with Vince and Alfred who talk about the match and wonder if there will be a rematch. After the commercial they talk about David Schultz, best known for slapping around a 20/20 reporter who asked if wrestling was fake. We go to Mene Gene who interviews David, who talks about getting on the cover of the WWF program. He offers to autograph it for Gene, and says he is looking for a fight with anyone in the company, he wants a decent fight and some competition. Gene cuts him off and sends it back to Vince and Alfred, as Alfred makes fun of Schultz’s accent as we head to the ring for the next match.

2. David Schultz v. Billie Travis

We’re again joined in progress as Schultz is unloading on the youngster. This is just a squash match as Schultz sends him to the outside, Travis makes his way on the apron and gets suplexed back in the ring. Gene calls it correct as he says this is complete domination, as Schultz follows up with a dropkick. Travis has yet to do anything but bump like a pinball for Schultz who slams Travis and follows with the diving elbow for the easy pin. No rating, just a quick squash match. Schultz says the same thing will happen when he gets his hands on Hogan.

2. David Schultz crushes Billy Travis NO RATING

Back to Vince and Alfred who send us to Nashville, Tennessee at the home of David Schultz. We go to a log cabin as someone knock on the door and David opens the door and welcome the cameraman into his home. David introduces his wife and kids and he gets mad at his wife and tells her to go make dinner. It’s sad seeing all this hype for Schultz and he’d be gone by the end of the year after the 20/20 controversy. After being released by WWF after that happened he retired shorty after, I really think he could have been a big deal if that had not happened. The man has a lot of charisma and played his character perfectly, as continues to lambast his wife who instead of making dinner ordered pizza. He then threatens to smack his kid as well, this would not have aired in this day and age, as he is just ruthless screaming at his wife and kids. The youngest kid spills his drink and Schultz just about kills him as he runs upstairs terrified, he then throws the cameraman out of his house as well. That was very different, as we go back to Alfred and Vince and Alfred says Schultz hurts his family to make himself look better and calls him an awful person.

We come back from the commercial as Tito Santana has joined Alfred and Vince, and Tito says the way Schultz treats his family is disgusting and he doesn’t like it. Vince sends us to video of a contest winner who won the opportunity for lunch with his favorite wrestler, and he picked Tito? Tito? Really? Why would anyone pick Tito over Hogan, Snuka, Andre, or any other big name? We get pictures, not video, of Tito and the kid having dinner together and shockingly it wasn’t Taco Bell. Now we go to a match of Tito’s.

3. Tito Santana v. Adrian Adonis

As usual, joined in progress as Tito is on the floor and slowly makes his way back in and gets nailed by Adonis. Adrian not nearly as big as he would get in later years, as Tito gets a kick in to stagger Adonis, but Adrian comes back with a vicious chop and then slingshots Santana into the ropes. Adonis pulls Tito up and Tito tries to fight back, but one chop sends him back down, Adonis follows up with the bulldog for the pin, but Tito was under the rope and that saves Tito’s title. A second bulldog fails as Adonis gets launched into the turnbuckle and now Tito makes the comeback. Adonis eats the turnbuckle multiple times and continues to lay a beat down on Adrian, but Adonis gets a shot in to slow down Tito. Adrian to the top rope but takes too long and Tito catches him up top, crotching Adonis on the ropes and he falls to the floor as the bell rings. Adrian escapes the wrath of Tito as the announcement is a time limit draw. 6/10 was good what we got, would love to see the full thirty minutes of the match.

3. Tito Santana and Adrian Adonis went to a draw 6/10

We return to Vince, Alfred and Tito who talk about the match as Tito says he has recovered from the match and is ready to defend the title. Vince sends it to commercial as a bag is tossed at Alfred, Vince says the mailbag has arrived. Vince actually says the WWF network talking about what they now call the Universe. First question is if Vince was ever a wrestler and wants a picture of Tonga Kid. Next one is for Alfred and he doesn’t want to read it, as he looks shocked by what is written, is this real or what? Third one is from Chicago and talks about wrestler from other company who wear makeup and is this allowed, was that about the Road Warriors? That was just odd as we go to the archives for an Arnold Skaaland match.

4. Arnold Skaaland v. Joe Turco

Wow, this is old school as the video is very yellow and hard to see as Vince and Alfred do commentary from the studio. Someone in the front row is smoking and Vince says that’s from a cigarette not from Arnold’s rear end. Turco looks like Albano with the big hair and pot belly as he hammers Arnold in the corner then snapmares his out, he then hits a second one. Turco goes for a neckbreaker but it’s countered into a backslide for the win. 4/10 well that was different at least.

4. Arnold Skaaland pinned Joe Turco 4/10

We return to the studio as Alfred is asking what the smell is as we go to commercial, when we come back we find out the odor is the Wild Samoans who have a full kitchen set up. Sika is of course the father of Rosey and Roman Reigns, but I won’t hold that against him. How Sika has so much personality while Roman is about as entertaining as watching paint dry is beyond me. Sika pulls out a giant fish as Alfred is still on the couch with his nose plugged, Vince tells him to come over. They chop the head off the fish and throw the head in the pot and then start pulling out the insides. Alfred looks like he’s going to loose his lunch as the Samoans continue to chop the fish and throw stuff in the pot. This is so not politically correct, but that’s what makes it hilarious, as they continue to grunt and makes noises while making whatever it is they are making. They hand Alfred a piece of raw fish with hot sauce and want him to eat it, and Alfred is horrified but does and makes the worst faces. Alfred says he is learning how to not to make food, as he asks if this is what the missionaries went through. They finally finish cooking and everyone moves to the couch as the Samoans hand out bowls to Vince and Alfred, as Alfred is just disgusted by this whole ordeal.

5. Wild Samoans v. Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson

Joined in progress as Rocky is getting destroyed by Afa in the corner, and the crowd chants Rocky. Vince and Pat Patterson are on commentary for this one, as the Samoans double team Rocky and Captain Lou looks on proud of his team. Rocky ducks under the clothesline but eats a big fist to the gut as the Samoans continue to pummel Rocky. Pat Patterson asks why Albano is not getting involved as this is a no disqualification match, it’s nice that the commentators are quiet once in a while and let the match go, and not scream constantly like they do now. Rocky finally takes down Afa and tries to make the tag, but fails and Sika tagged back in and goes back to work on Rocky. The hot tag finally made to Atlas as we have all four in the ring and Rocky and Afa outside as Tony slams Sika but the ref is down and Albano gets involved. Albano comes in with a chair and swings at Rocky but misses and clocks Sika, this allows Tony to score the pin and win the gold. 5/10 a good match considering who was in the match but the crowd was really into Atlas.

5. Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson beat The Wild Samoans 5/10

We return to the studio with Vince and Alfred, as Vince says Atlas and Johnson are no longer champs as they lost the belts to Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis. Captain Lou Albano has joined his Samoans on the set, Vince asks Lou if the Samoans still trust him after they lost the belts and Lou is lost for words. After the commercial Lou says he doesn’t feel responsible at all, and the Samoans claim to be tough they should have come back from the chair shot. He calls the Samoans crybabies and complainers, anyone who is three hundred pounds should not be begging for sympathy. Alfred says Lou costs them the belts and that is inexcusable, Vince says Lou probably thinks he was doing what was best for the Samoans. Albano says he should hit Alfred with a chair, Alfred says he needs to be able to face the music. Vince asks Lou if he is chasing Adonis and Murdoch to become their manager, and Lou says he has had meetings with them and Vince has no idea what he has done. We get some clips of Albano at ringside during matches taking cheap shots to help his charges. Albano goes over all the teams he has lead to the championships, as he had lead fourteen teams to the titles at this point. In the future he would lead two more teams to the titles, Windham and Rotundo & the Headshrinkers. Albano then starts talking about being the reason for Cyndi Lauper’s career being where it is, and his high IQ and starts spouting medical terms. After the commercial break Albano is gone as Vince and Alfred send it to a fake press conference with Albano, Roddy Piper, Sargent Slaughter and Fred Blassie. It’s basically a bunch of people taunting the heels who call them out, just goofy as we then go to the ring for clips of Andre the Giant versus three guys. Andre quickly squishes all three in the corner and that’s it, lasting about thirty seconds. We then get a quick clip of Hulk Hogan destroying the Masked Superstar, aka Demolition Ax. The clip parade continues as we see Jimmy Snuka in action with Greg Valentine. When we come back Alfred has a look like he’s swooning over Snuka, as Vince throws it to the former champion, The Iron Sheik who shows off his fantastic suplex skills and the camel clutch. Alfred says this is the most exciting time in pro wrestling and Vince says in weeks to come there will be more insight into the WWF superstars. Vince says we will be back in two weeks with another episode of TNT and thanks this weeks guests as the credits roll.


1. Paul Orndorff pinned B Brian Blair 6/10

2. David Schultz crushes Billy Travis NO RATING

3. Tito Santana and Adrian Adonis went to a draw 6/10

4. Arnold Skaaland pinned Joe Turco 4/10

5. Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson beat The Wild Samoans 5/10

Well, going in I didn’t expect much wrestling and that’s pretty much what we got. For a two hour show there was maybe twenty minutes of in ring action, as most of the show took place in studio. Might not be the best show, but it was entertaining at least and something different. From what I can find online, most of the episodes contain no more then two matches, and those are joined in progress. Still a nice way to see what the WWF was becoming as Vince started to change the company from sports to entertainment and move away from the old style. We have eleven more episodes until we get to the next house show, hopefully they will fly by, as coming up next is episode two.


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