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WWF TNT – June 12, 1984

Here we go with episode two of TNT from the WWF, this episode aired June 12, 1984. Two weeks after the previous episode, which seems odd going biweekly but here we are. After watching the first one I can tell this series is going to be low on action and high on talking, so these reviews may not be as long as others. I’m assuming we’re not going to get any real good matches on these shows until we get to Prime Time in 1986, but we shall trudge through the mire of TNT anyways as there are some hidden comedy gems in here, just got to find them. So with that, let’s head to the studio and see what Vince and Alfred have in store for us this week.

Alfred goes over who we will see this week before throwing it to Vince in a horrible brown suit, well at least it’s not the pastel pink, yet. Alfred talks about how big John Studd is, but are his hands as big as frying pans? Well, we’re hyping up an SD Jones match, that’s strecthing things as we go to the ring.

1. Paul Orndorff v. SD Jones

SD quickly starts the crowd chanting Paula at Orndorff, and Orndorff is furious and stalls before removing his robe. Someone in the front row has a blow up doll that says Paula on it, that is just bizarre. Paul misses a clothesline an SD with a crossbody and a pair of armdrags sending Orndorff to the floor. The crowd is just tearing Orndorff a new one with the taunting, as SD continues to egg them on. Amazing how popular SD was considering he never really won, was basically Zack Ryder level, but the fans loved him enough to have two WWF LJN figures, in an era when not everyone had figures. Orndorff finally gets SD down and rakes the eyes before stomping SD. Orndorff rakes SD’s eyes across the ropes and begins to threaten the crowd as he drives SD’s head into the buckle which does nothing and SD fires back but eats a right hand. SD off the ropes with a sunset flip but Paul blocks and drops an elbow across the face. Orndorff goes back to dirty tactics to keep SD down as he chokes him on the ropes and drops a pair of elbows. Paul climbs the ropes but gets caught by SD and slammed down, SD follows up with the big headbutt and Orndorff begs off. Orndorff eats turnbuckle and gets shot it, but SD gets caught with his head down and gets piledrived for the finish. 4/10 a much more competitive match then I expected and the crowd heat on Orndorff was impressive, but nothing much to it.

1. Paul Orndorff pinned SD Jones 4/10

Back to Vince and Alfred who take about the match and then we get a video clip of Orndorff and his training methods. Basically it’s just Orndorff embarrassing people as they work out and showing off for the camera. This whole segment just keeps on going as we get the point, he’s got a body builder physique and everyone else is fat. It finally ends after what felt like forever, this was like watching a Roman match, just boring and pointless. Back to Vince and Alfred who talk about how tough he is but he’s a dedicated athlete and that’s why he is at the top. We’re now joined by Salvatore Bellomo, another guy who was popular but never really won much. He did a have a cup of coffee in ECW in the early days as a Gladiator.

2. Salvatore Bellomo v. Ron Shaw

It’s a battle of the jobbers as neither guy was anything more then fodder for the big names, as Shaw takes the early advantage hammering Salvatore then slams him but misses the elbow. Salvatore making the comeback with a nice standing dropkick and Shaw rolls to the apron but gets tossed back in. Salvatore controls Show with a headlock, countered to the head scissors but Salvatore breaks free and both men circle. Shaw with the side headlock, counted to a side suplex for a near fall as Shaw gets a foot on the ropes. Shaw hip tosses Salvatore and drops an elbow, Salvatore sweeps the leg and starts to work over Shaw’s leg. Shaw fights free but Salvatore comes back with the crossbody for the pin. 2/10 was competitive and fast paced for a four minute match but not much to see.

2. Salvatore Bellomo pinned Ron Shaw 2/10

Vince wishes Salvatore the best of luck in his career and then talk about his ship building hobby. Salvatore is so soft spoken it’s hard to understand a word he says. Alfred has all the parts for making the little ships and is surprised a wrestler can do it. We now get to watch Salvatore put together a wooden ship, smell the excitement. We’re coming back with our feature match, really with an hour to go? Going to be a lot of fluff in the remainder of the show.

3. Ivan Putski v. Roddy Piper

Oh no, not a Putski match, he’s worse then Paul Roma. Even Piper can’t save this match, as Piper comes out with the full Scottish band as only the Hall of Fame legend can do. 2015 was a sad year losing Piper and Dusty, two of the best promo men in history. Putski attacks Piper before the match as Piper was on the top rope yelling at him, not very face like. Putski goes right back after him and Piper bails to the floor. The bell finally rings and Putski corners Piper and unloads on him but Piper fires back as we have a boxing match. Piper runs out of the ring but Putski follows, Piper rolls back in and catches Putski with forearms with he shrugs off and hammer Piper. Piper rakes the eyes but Putski continues to hammer Roddy who’s getting destroyed as the music swells again for Piper as the band stayed at ringside to help fire up Piper. This helps bring back Piper, who got something from his tights and clocks Putski then continues to clobber him, sending Putski to the floor. Putski staggers to the apron and gets popped as Piper poses. The ref gets in the middle and gets clobbered by Putski and the bell rings, Putski gets disqualified. 4/10 well at least it was short, but really nothing worthwhile to the match.

3. Roddy Piper beat Ivan Putski by DQ 4/10

Vince says not a popular ending for the match, as Alfred says Piper does whatever he has to do. The mailbag suddenly flies into view as we get mail time. First one from White Plains, NY asking if Lou Albano will manage the Samoans and will Hulk Hogan ever face Don Muraco? Vince wonders if the Samoans will forgive Lou, and that Muraco went home for a while and will need to climb the ladder again. Number two, from San Diego, CA asking if Hulk wrestled there five years ago and played guitar with his band, Vince says Hulk is a great musician. Alfred grabs another one, but Vince instead introduces Freddie Blassie. Freddie says he’s a self made man as he shows off his expensive ring as we get clips of Freddie Blassie in action. It’s really old black and white footage, looks to be from fifties maybe. We get the “Yes, sir we promised you a great main event” line that plays at the start of the WWE shows. They come back Freddie says that was from 1952, as he is holding a title, the Pacific Coast Heavyweight title which he was the last man to hold. Now we get video clip of Sheik versus Hogan from MSG when Hulk won the title. Back to the studio and Blassie says Sheik was jobbed out, as they were told they were facing Backlund and instead they got Hogan. Suddenly a gong rings and Blassie is screaming about being cut off as we go to commercial. We see Salvatore still building his ship as Mr Fuji has joined Vince in the studio. Clips of Fuji in action as he faces a jobber from Hamilton not named Mike Sharpe. Fuji wins in short order with a Vader bomb, Alfred says Fuji smiles and laughs and enjoys other people sorrow. Fuji says he has a surprise and Vince says his surprises are unpleasant as we get to see some Japanese girl dancing. Vince and Alfred are escorted to the girl who removes Vince’s shoes and coat, bet this isn’t the first time a young girl removed Vince’s clothes! They Vince with a kimono as Vince gets a foot rub and then she puts his socks and shoes back on for him as it’s now tea time. Things go downhill quickly as she spills the drink on Fuji and he almost hit her, as Vince had to grab his arm. Two episodes in and we’ve had two times where a man was going to hit a woman, well it was a different time I guess. Back to the couch with Fuji as Salvatore is still ship building, as we go to video clip of Fuji in his managerial role with Don Muraco. Don Muraco quickly squashes Billy Travis, who we saw on the previous episode, as Fuji taunts Billy from ringside. We come back from commercial and are joined by Big John Studd who towers over Alfred Hayes. Studd says there are only two wrestlers, Hogan and Andre who are qualified to be in the ring with him as we go to video of Studd.

4. Big John Studd v. Salvatore Bellomo

Really, two Salvatore matches on one show, really? This should be quick and painful, as Studd is alone at this point, after Fred Blassie but before Bobby Heenan. The bell rings and Studd tosses Salvatore across the ring with ease as Studd is just playing with Salvatore. Studd misses the elbow as Salvatore has a hammerlock on the big man, who backs Salvatore in the corner crushing him but misses the splash. Salvatore tries to unload but Studd tosses him and drops the elbow for the easy win. 2/10 was quick at least.

4. Big John Studd pinned Salvatore Bellomo 2/10

Back to the studio as Vince asks if Salvatore would have won if Studd tried to wrestle scientific. Studd says he did what he had to do, as Salvatore says something and Studd ignores him. Studd says he will destroy the myth of Andre the Giant as Andre has never been in the ring with a man of his stature. Vince asks Studd about Hogan, and Studd says people tell him people think Hogan is him but then realize how much smaller Hogan is. Studd says luck has nothing to do with anything in this business as Salvatore keeps mouthing off to Studd, this won’t end well for Salvatore as Studd gets up. Studd gets in Salvatore’s face and says he will destroy Salvatore if they ever get in the ring again, he then gets in Alfred’s face and then Vince’s. Vince tosses it to commercial as Studd is still screaming at everyone. We come back to some clips from various stars. First up is Jesse Ventura who was near the end of his in ring career at this point. Next up is Rocky Johnson, the former tag champion and father of the Rock, as we get clips of him and Atlas versus Adonis and Murdoch. Finally we get footage of the current tag champions, Adonis and Murdoch battling Garea and SD Jones. Each clip was about a minute long, so nothing to recap. Salvatore brings the ship he built up to the desk for Vince, and it looks good. Vince and Alfred shake his hand as they wrap up the show and be back in two weeks with the next episode.


1. Paul Orndorff pinned SD Jones 4/10

2. Salvatore Bellomo pinned Ron Shaw 2/10

3. Roddy Piper beat Ivan Putski by DQ 4/10

4. Big John Studd pinned Salvatore Bellomo 2/10

The second episode of TNT has come and gone, and it wasn’t bad as Fuji was entertaining and Studd is surprisingly soft spoken for such a big man. The Piper match was a letdown as it was so short and almost pointless. Still for what the show was, it wasn’t a bad show, this is more of a introduction to the wrestlers then a true wrestling show. Either way, I’ll be back for episode three, stay tuned.


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